Emily Deschanel vs. Annie Wershing by Puyol17

Annie Wersching was one of those people who, when they have some spare time, almost invariably go to the gym. She focused on trying to make her body as appealing as possible, partially just because she wanted to look attractive but also, largely because she felt that it helped her to get parts in particular films and tv shows. It was on a visit to the gym that she heard that Emily Deschanel was almost certainly going to be cast, in what was likely to be a massive hit TV series, as a woman who keeps the street clear from crime by working as something of a vigilante, outside the law. When she heard that from her partner who was lifting weights with her, Annie was shocked. She’d known about the series for a long time and had been approached by the makers. She’d read some of the scripts, loved what she saw and thought that she was going to have a very lucky break and get the part. She’d been for an interview and had thought that everything had gone very well but now apparently her part was going to be given to someone else.

"What? No. No, you must be wrong."

"I heard it from the director himself."

"Well, why didn't he tell me? The bastard! I'm going to go and see him right now, I demand uhh...an explanation," She gasped as she struggled with and dropped the dumbbell to the floor.

She went outside and quickly into her car. Panic was setting in somewhat. She hadn't been promised the job, nothing of the sort, but she assumed it. And as filming started next week, she’d turned down three other roles in recent months with rather nasty replies about how she was better than what was being offered; that she would be in a much bigger show; and wouldn't go near something so far beneath her. She couldn't get those roles back, she needed this one and was going to get it.

As she got out of her car, at the TV studios where she’d first met the director, she realized that she was still sweating from her time on the treadmill and that she was wearing only a tank top and a pair of gym shorts, hardly ideal for a business meeting but it couldn't be helped. She sprinted upstairs two at a time and as she approached the top where the director's office was she ran straight into Emily Deschanel herself.

Emily's long legs, supported by a pair of high heels stood firm as Annie ran into her. She staggered slightly but managed to stay on her feet. Annie immediately recognized her foe and, enraged that her Intel seemed to be reliable snarled quite unfairly at Emily, "Watch where you're going, you dumb cunt!"

"Excuse me?"

"I said watch where you're going if you know what's good for you."

"What on earth does that mean?"

Annie was so enraged by the situation and so fearful of losing her part that she’d totally lost her cool. As Emily stood there, clearly confused and angered with her hands on her hips Annie decided to act. She grabbed Emily by the hair. Emily was staggered and began whining and gasping as Annie led her back down the hall in the direction of the director's room. When she reached it she kicked the door open and, still with Emily in hand shouted to the director,

"I'll show you who can play a kick ass vigilante."

She threw the taller woman away and Emily couldn't keep her balance and landed with a bang on her bottom.

Annie had feared that the director would step in and he did. He got between the two women and said,

"Wait Annie, wait. Are you OK Emily?"

Emily slowly got to her feet before putting on a suffering face and nodding at the man.

"Good," he declared. “I think this could be exciting." Emily raised her eyebrows perplexed. "Yes, very exciting. If you are going to play a woman who beats up men, I suppose you ought to at least be able to beat up smaller women in real life. Annie was my second choice for the part. Fight her for it; that way I know that I got the right girl."

Emily was visibly distressed, "You said, you promised! I was to sign the contract tomorrow morning."

As one woman looked crestfallen the other couldn't believe her luck. She was grinning from ear to ear as her rival pleaded with the director. Wanting to ensure that he did not change his mind Annie went over and sat on the knee of the director. Emily now quite furious but even more upset came towards the man too. Perhaps she felt that by getting closer he would listen to her pleas but as she came over, Annie kicked her in the stomach and as she doubled over, gave her another kick to the face that sent Emily staggering back holding her nose. Her back banged into into the wall, her head snapped back with a THUNK, then she slid down the wall and landed on her ass once more.

Annie quickly turned to face the director and ‘dusted off’ her hands as she said, "Boss, I'm just going to clean up the trash." She put her hands on the arms of his chair and did a couple of ‘push ups’ in front of his face, then spun round to the still slumping Emily, "Get up bitch and show me what you've got."

Emily once more struggled to her feet and came toward Annie. As she got nearer, Annie grabbed her arm and pulled her towards her kneeing Emily in the stomach. As Emily fell forward, Annie pushed her away, holding onto her arm and dragged her back once more kneeing her in the gut. She repeated this move twice more before dragging her into her knee one last time, letting go of Emily's arm and seeing the taller lady flip over the knee and for the third time land hard on the floor.

Emily just stayed down, breathing heavily and massaging both her stomach and her ass. As she glanced up, she saw to her horror that Annie wasn't going to let up and was marching in her direction. Annie grabbed Emily's long right arm once more and yanked her upwards. Emily half tried to stand but in the end settled for getting in a kneeling position before getting to her feet. As she knelt there, awaiting Annie to pull on her arm once more at which point she would get to her feet, her arm was suddenly released from the extremely tight grip it had been in. For less than a second Emily felt relief. Next thing she new, Annie whipped a kick straight into her stomach and she fell from her knees, face first back onto the floor.

Annie now positioned herself on the back of Emily. She climbed onto her and grabbed her hair, lifting her face right off of the floor. Emily was now letting out gasps and pleas between attacks while Annie was enjoying her dominance. She suddenly pressed Emily's face down into the hard, cold floor, pushing it against it without restraint. The arms and legs of her victim flailed while her face was being crushed under Annie's strong hands. Somewhat distressed by her opponent's struggles, Annie climbed off of Emily. She’d felt that holding her down would be a little easier and wanted to ensure that next time she put her down the struggles would be lesser.

Again she reached down to Emily's hair and pulled her up, this time much further, allowing her opponent to get back on her feet. She slapped her with the back of her hand and once more knocked the taller woman down. Convinced she now had her woman down and out she climbed atop Emily once more and was now face to face with her. She grabbed Emily's nose with one hand and used the other to cover her mouth. As she did this though Emily struggled wildly trying desperately not to be incapacitated. Annie had to let go of her nose and mouth and just try to maintain her position. She held onto Emily's shoulders as she attempted to readjust and attack again but the struggles wouldn't stop and suddenly Annie was losing control. Emily had managed to force Annie to let go of her and now grabbed the shorter woman by her shoulders. Annie tried to stop it but Emily suddenly shifted their positions, turning both women over so that she was now on top. She pressed her body down hard onto her opponent squashing her and, when she grew tired of it, used her long nails to claw at Annie's face.

Both women were screaming now; Annie in pain and Emily in anger.

"Want to attack me do you? You foul little whore! You're gonna pay big time"

"Uuuuuuuh! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh! Yowwwwww! Get get get off, pleeeeeease. Uuuuuuuuuuuuh!"

But Emily wasn’t for letting up now. The only problem that she was having with holding down Annie was that her opponent was dripping with sweat and as such keeping a grasp on her was difficult. She seemed to have renewed strength and it was seemingly more than enough to keep control of the arms which Annie worked on so regularly.

Annie decided that she’d to go for a new type of attack and tried to engage the two women's legs. In this, she was successful. Not seeing the new attack coming, Annie's legs wrapped around the left leg of the unsuspecting Emily and began to squeeze with everything she’d. Emily's right leg though was then brought between Annie's legs and she began to push outward with both her right and left leg, pushing Annie's shorter legs further apart. In this contest, there was no competition and before long Annie's legs were almost out of strength as they got pushed further and further apart.

Emily saw the pain in Annie's face as the legs got unnaturally far away and shouted, "That's right bitch; I think you're going to cry, huh?"

However, Emily had now become so focussed on the battle of legs that she’d lost all focus on holding Annie. Annie managed to slap her opponent in the face as her hands got free but at first couldn't focus her attack as her body was in such pain from the leg stretching. Emily though didn't learn from the first slap and before long Annie's hand was able to strike again, this time though by grabbing a hold of the top of Emily's dress and squeezing through down hard on one of her tits. Annie kept a tight grip and held as long as she could, hoping that Emily would stop her attack before she’d to. Indeed, Emily stopped focussing on the legs almost instantly and reached down to take Annie's hand off of her chest. But Annie wouldn't let go and, holding on tightly, began to slide herself up the floor with the intended outcome of being able to slip out from under Emily.

Annie pressed her legs together again in something of a scissor hold around Emily's stomach. She held this for a few seconds, and then released both Emily's stomach and chest. The weary Deschanel didn't even try to keep Annie under her, just let her squirm free so that she could tend to her own injuries.

Both women lay there in pain; Emily rubbing her body while Annie, totally covered in sweat, tried to call on the stamina which seemed to be letting her down. Emily got to her feet first, came over to the seemingly helpless Annie and aimed a kick at her. As she swung her leg though, her planted leg was kicked from under her and she dropped onto Annie who raised her knee and it caught Emily square in the face.

Emily was going to fall over backwards, but Annie shook her head "Not likely!" and wrapped her legs around Emily's head, forcing the taller woman's face forward into her crotch. Not for the first time, Emily's arms and legs flailed as her face was forced into an opponent. Emily now wrapped her hands around her own legs and Emily's head and began to move the face in and out as she swiveled her body getting increasingly turned on.

Emily's muffled cries, "Oh God; Oh God!" were wholly useless. Annie was rocking against Emily's face with increasing urgency; taking pleasure from it. Before long, her juices had soaked through her thin gym shorts onto the red, flushed, teary face of the mightily embarrassed Emily Deschanel.

Annie signed the contract five minutes later while Deschanel was still scurrying around looking for a place to clean herself up.