Desert Island Tango: Ginger vs. MaryAnn (w/Kari Wuhrer & Rose McGowan) by TNT

"Have some pie; it's coconut creme, your favorite!" the tall gorgeous redhead snapped as she squashed the sweet creamy concoction down into the cute, struggling brunettes face.

MaryAnn squirmed frantically as the delicious goop covered her face. "Stop it Ginger, I can't breathe," she screamed in her mind, as her open mouth was now full of her favorite dessert. She kicked her legs furiously as her arms flailed and her fingers sought to grab a handful of red hair, her rivals dress, anything.

"What's the matter, don't like my cooking, huh?" Ginger said as she tightened her legs around her roommates waist. She giggled as she watched the beautiful lithe brunette struggle as she continued to press the remains of the pie down hard into her face.

"Good thing I wore the gown with the long slit in the side," Ginger mused as she tightened her leg scissors. She had planned this little event well. The other castaways were back sleeping soundly; she had lured MaryAnn down to the beach to taste her new secret recipe for a delectable coconut creme pie concoction. MaryAnn was amazed that Ginger would even try to cook. The two had been bickering for several weeks. Ginger decided it was time to take MaryAnn down a few notches. She waited till a perfect full moon lit night, and had even given some of the Professors secret sleeping potion pills to the others to make sure she could teach MaryAnn a good lesson. She had enjoyed catfights back in Hollywood, and had been "itching" for another one for some time.

"My, my, looks like you ARE enjoying my dessert," Ginger cackled; "You sure are a messy eater," she continued, noting the sticky goo in MaryAnn's silky dark hair, and on her skimpy top. The moons light glistened off the ocean waves, and fully lit the erotic scenario almost like daylight.

"Mmmppphh! Umpppphhh!" MaryAnn's loud angry groaning protests brought sheer delight to the redhead who was now staring at her captives beautiful firm breasts bulging out of her low-cut top. A stiff dark nipple made a brief but delightful appearance; Ginger's fingers gave instant acknowledgment with a painful pinch.

"Mpppppfhh! Uhhhharggggh!" MaryAnn kicked and twisted with all her might as her hands found red silk. She pulled hard and fired a wild punch that amazingly found a prime target - Ginger's jaw. The blow stunned her; she relaxed her legs. Another full body twist, with the continuing hair pull and MaryAnn was free and on her feet.

"Oh noooo!" Ginger closed her eyes as she waited for MaryAnn's angry furious assault. She well knew her roommates feistiness. Nanoseconds passed ever so slowly. Nothing. Gorgeous eyes opened slowly. Whewwww! Ginger sighed with relief as she saw MaryAnn at the oceans edge, kneeling down, washing the remains of the tasty dessert off her face.

"Good!! Now I can continue my lesson," the redhead thought as she stood up, brushed herself off and looked down at her tight low-cut gown to where her feet were wobbling in the soft earth. "Maybe I should ditch the heels," she mused. "Nah! These are sooooo hot. They make my luscious long legs look soooo beautiful. I'm gonna wrap 'em around that brunette wench and squeeze her slowly. Maybe I should push that cute face into the ocean. Maybe I should rip that cute little top right off of her. Maybe..."
"What the hell did you mess with that stupid time machine for anyway, bitch?" the beautiful redhead shouted at her brunette friend.

"Me? You're the one who was so curious, doofus," the brunette said as she looked down staring in unbelief at her cute, revealing outfit. Kari Wuhrer was as stunned as Rose McGowan. One moment the two were standing in Rose’s' apartment watching an old TV show, laughing and talking about how sexy the two actresses were.

"Ginger's, my favorite," Rose said. "As you know I have red, red hair, just like she does, I mean did, well you know."

"MaryAnn's my favorite; she's so innocent, so cute, and she's built too," Kari said. The two continued their talk as they guzzled wine and mixed drinks. They were delighted to realize there was a "Gilligan's Island" marathon on TV and soon were debating everything from the deserted islands location, to which gal, Ginger or MaryAnn could win a catfight.

"Ginger would win, cause I know that I, as a redhead could easily whip your ass," Rose said as she suddenly reached over and grabbed a handful of Kari's hair and pulled hard.

"Ouccccch!" Kari yelled as she grabbed for Rose's blouse and tore it open, exposing her overstuffed lace bra.

"Why you little bitch, I'll show you what redheads can do," Rose snarled as she kicked outward hard, caught Kari's leg and brought her down. In a flash Rose was on top of her and had buried her talons into Kari's tight T-shirt and was squeezing her firm breasts hard.

"Ding-dong!" The unwanted doorbell broke up the "debate." A very surprised but pleasantly delighted delivery man stared at the two babes as they signed for and accepted the surprise package.

"Don't mind us, our torn clothes, or our messed up hair, or our scratches; we were just having a catfight, ever seen one?" Kari giggled. She and Rose noticed the growing bulge in the dudes tight uniform, broke into laughter and quickly shut the door.

"What the heck is it?"

"I don't know; I don't even know who its from."

"See it says, 'Time Machine'; Press here to go to your favorite place. This’s gotta be a joke, but I'm gonna push the button.,"

"Its cold out here," Kari said as she dipped the oar into the water and began to row feverishly.

"Yeah, and just where the hell is here?" Rose said. "And this stupid gown, where the hell did it come from? Its so tight."

"But it does look good, I mean you look fantastic, even if you do have red hair," Kari teased as she took in Rose’s beauty. Suddenly she had the urge to reach over and grab a handful of that lovely red hair."

"Don't even think about it, or I'll toss your ass overboard," Rose warned. "Look out, here comes a huge wave!"

The two lovelies straightened the small boat, braced for the wave. Strangely it seemed quite gentle and carried them fast towards the apparition that looked like an island.

"Land, land, land!" Kari shouted.

"Look, see there's somebody on the shore."

"Ginger, do you see what I see?" MaryAnn shouted with stunned surprise as she saw a small boat in the moonlight, slowly coming towards the island.

"Nice try MaryAnn, you see only moonlight now; when I'm done with you tonight, you'll be seeing stars; I'm fresh out of coconut creme, but I have a knuckle sandwich for your cute little pouty lips, sweetie," Ginger said as she walked slowly deliberately to MaryAnn who was now standing, waving expectantly at the fast approaching boat.

"What the heck is that? Maybe its our rescuers, MaryAnn, how's my hair? My makeup? My lipstick?" Ginger asked excitedly, all but forgetting their tiff.

"Look, two women! Fat chance they're gonna rescue us. Their boat doesn't even have a motor," Ginger said as the mysterious vessel drifted closer.

"Why look! That redhead's wearing the same exact gown as me! The nerve, the gall of that hussy," Ginger snarled as she stared at Rose.

"What's the big deal, Ginger? So what? Wait a second; the other woman, she's dressed just like me! That wench, that evil, evil tramp!" MaryAnn said, her voice filling with disgust and anger.

"Ahoy! You there on shore! Who are you? Where are we?" Rose shouted at the top of her lungs as the boat steadily approached.

"Ahoy? What the hell kind of talk is that? You've been watching too many old movies, girl," Kari said as she steadied herself for the landing.

"Oh, my it looks like Ginger and MaryAnn! You don't suppose....."

WHOOOOOMPHHH! SHHHHHHSPPP! WHOOOOMPHFFFH! The boat suddenly surged forward as if by magic and slid into the wet sand, then slowly came to an abrupt stop. The sudden movement caught the women off guard, they lost their balance and tumbled into each other.

"Look out! Watch it clumsy!"

The rude exchange of words was normal. The voices were not. Rose and Kari stared at each other with stunned amazement, slowly realizing that their voices were now perfect imitations of their favorite actresses, Ginger and MaryAnn. They picked themselves up and slowly stepped out of the boat onto the sand with most unsteady feet.

"Well just what do we have here, two lost hussies who want to imitate us? To mock us? Maybe to take our places? Where do you come from? What do you want, huh?" Ginger and MaryAnn's angry questions and irritation were quite evident. They were very suspicious of the women, angry, no furious that they were being mocked and full of growing rage that these two strangers were wearing their exact same clothes. Even there hairstyles matched. The two redheads' heels matched. And like MaryAnn, Kari was barefoot.

"Just wait a minute, we can explain, I think, well I'm not sure myself what's really going on here, but we do like you, you're both very beautiful and nice and wonderful," Kari found her words were coming faster than her racing thoughts. She looked at Rose.

"What MaryAnn means, I mean, urrr, ahhhh, why did I call you MaryAnn? "What my friend means is that she and I Ginger, no I'm not Ginger, my real name is Rose; look Ginger, please accept our apology for any misunderstanding here; Ginger why are you looking at me like that? We want to be your friends, we like you, don't you want to be our frien...Aieeeeee! Uhhhhhhh!"

Ginger's fist shot out like a rocket, her knuckles slamming into the apologizing Rose’s' jaw like a small hammer sending the younger woman flying backwards and sprawling in the sand.

"Get her MaryAnn!" Ginger shouted as she watched with delight as the lovely intruding redhead landed with a flop, her long legs kicking out. "Lucky she's wearing the gown with the long slit in it," she mused as the famous movie star admired her rivals luscious legs. She smiled as she watched Rose struggle to her unsteady feet. She remembered how long it took her to get used to wearing heels on the island, in spite of how impractical it was. After all, Ginger was a first class, classic, gorgeous, glamorous movie starlet. Rose's full breasts bulged out of the top of her gown. Suddenly her embarrassment turned to rage. She had tried to be nice. After all, Ginger was her favorite old-time classic actress. 'Nice time' was over. She balled her fist as she turned to face the snickering redhead.

"Uggggh...Uhhhhhhh!" MaryAnn lunged towards Kari with the ferocity of a lion. Kari met her rival with open upraised hands as she crouched in a defensive stance. The two grunted and groaned as their hands slapped together, their fingers instantly intertwining and their bodies slammed together. Their chests exploded in tingling pain as their breasts slammed together. They gasped as one, stepped back, fingers still locked and began a test of strength.

Bare feet darted and shifted for position in the wet sand as they jockeyed for a better firmer stance. Sexy grunts and groans pierced the night air. Four full firm breasts bulged out of sexy tops. Pretty faces grimaced, beautiful eyes blazed with determination as each brunette tried to gain control and bring the other to her knees.

"Ohhhhhhh! Uhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh, noooooooo..." MaryAnn moaned as she felt her muscles weakening. Kari smiled as she felt her lovely rival slowly giving in.

"You're goin' down MaryAnn, I'm winning," Kari found herself enjoying every second.

She felt a strange warm turn-on as she forced MaryAnn to her knees. The struggle in the moonlight seemed to be full of sheer sensuality. She stared at the older woman's beautiful twin bulging breasts.

"Uhhhhhhh...OK, I give," MaryAnn groaned. Kari gave her rivals fingers a final painful twist, released them, danced in, slipped behind MaryAnn, reached down, slid her fingers into the loose top, cupped the two twin mounds and squeezed. "Argggggh! Uhhhhhhmphhh! Let goooooo, pleaseeee!" MaryAnn bawled as her hands shot up and she grabbed Kari's wrists, digging her nails into her tormentors flesh.

"Amazing boobs, guess I've always had a hankering to do this. I wonder if Ginger's ever done this to you, huh, MaryAnn?" Kari taunted as she milked her newfound rivals firm mounds and began to pinch and twist the stiffening nipples that soon became rock hard.

"Ginger, HELP.....pleaseeee," MaryAnn bawled as she dug her sharp nails deep into Kari's wrists.

"MaryAnn, MaryAnn, learn to take care of yourself, I'm busy," Ginger muttered as moved in fast to finish cleaning Rose's clock.

"Yaieeeeee!" THUNK! "Uhhhhhhhh!"

Rose spun around, leaped forward and fired a punch to the tall redheads face, snapping her head back. Ginger gasped in pain as her legs buckled. Rose echoed a painful gasp as well due to her ankle twisting and giving way. Losing her balance, she grabbed at the nearest handy thing to steady herself which happened to be the front of Ginger's gown.

RIPPPPPP. "AIIIIIIEEEEEE! Noooooooo," Ginger shrieked as her gown tore clean to her waist. Two beautiful milky white breasts bounced free, the pink nipples stiffening instantly in the cool night air. "How dare you, you stupid little tramp," Ginger screamed as she reached down and grabbed a double handful of Rose’s silky red hair. The downed Rose angrily grabbed Ginger's legs and pulled hard bringing the snarling glamour babe down on top of her.

SLAP! "Uhhhhh." WHAP. "Argggggh." WHAM! "Opppfffhh" The two beauties exchanged slaps, punches, groans, moans and hair-pulls as they went at each other tooth and nail. Erotic sounds of sheer fabric being ripped to shreds filled the night air. To Ginger's dismay and disgust it was her gown that was being shredded as Rose's fast fingers accomplished their mission.

"My, what a hussy you are," Rose sneered sarcastically as she stripped Ginger down to her bra, panties, sexy garters and stockings. Ginger barely managed to rip open Rose’s gown and expose but a bit of her sexy lace strapless black bra before two long strong legs wrapped around her waist in a breathtakingly tight scissors.

"My dear, dear Ginger, how valiantly yet futilely you doest fight," Rose teased as she wrapped her arm around her favorite actresses' throat, grabbed her chin and jerked her lovely head back. Her free hand slipped around and cupped Ginger's full right breast and squeezed the mound firmly, painfully.

"Awwwwwck, get off me, let go of me, now!" Ginger rasped, half demanding, half pleading.

"Sorry Ginger girl, maybe your dear MaryAnn can come rescue you, now wouldn't that be nice?" Rose taunted as she tightened her legs around her squirming captives waist, jerked her head back painfully and pinched the captive nipple. She leaned forward, stuck out her tongue and pushed into the squealing redheads ear, then nipped at her ear lobe. She giggled as Ginger's face turned beet red with angry embarrassment.

"Poor, poor MaryAnn, Ginger can't come rescue you, she's too busy losing her clothes and her glamorous movie star look, to a real redhead," Kari whispered in her captives' ear as she continued to work over the brunettes lovely twin treasures.

"Oooooooh! Let go of me, right this minute!" MaryAnn shouted, her sweet voice morphing into rasping anger. She heard Kari's reply of sickening sweet confident laughter. Her blood boiled.

"EYYAAIAH!" The sudden loud bloodcurdling combination yell, scream and shriek startled Kari; the cute little MaryAnn had turned tigress in a split second. MaryAnn's body jumped up, her arms fired up hard and fast; angry fingers buried into Kari's hair; another angry savage yell; a hard pull, Kari's body was airborne, heels over head.

KERWHUMMMP! The stunned brunette MaryAnn imposter's body landed hard in the sand. A fist slammed into her jaw, another smashed into her stomach.

"AIEEEEEYAHHH!" A third savage cry shattered the night air and blasted against Kari's eardrums. WHUMP.

"Uhhhhhh," Kari moaned as the entire weight of one lovely, but solidly built MaryAnn landed on her stomach.

"How's that feel Miss Fake MaryAnn?" MaryAnn snipped as she jumped to her feet and jumped again. Another groan escaped Kari's beautiful lips as fingers grabbed her hair. Thump. Thump. Thump. The sound of a lovely head bouncing against a sandy but oh so hard beach filled the air.

"You are a nasty woman who does nasty things, aren't you stranger?" MaryAnn asked her beautiful moaning captive, whose lovely eyes seemed impossible of staying focused.

"I can do nasty things too," MaryAnn cackled with a mischievous gleam in her eyes; she leaned forward and grabbed a double handful of Kari's firm breasts. She squeezed the twin mounds hard, digging her nails through the thin fabric, poking her thumbs into the hard nipples.

"Bet you thought I was just a cute, sweet innocent girl on a deserted island, huh?" MaryAnn. "Well, I guess I am, but I can be tough too, understand?"

Kari nodded, as she tried to focus. "I'm gonna kill this sweet little bitch, even though she's so cute," she thought. Her hands moved ever so slightly as her fingers grabbed a handful of wet sand.

"EYAAAH...Umppphhhh!" Kari's hand shot up fast; her wrist bent, her fingers released. Wham. MaryAnn ducked and slammed her fist hard into Kari's hand. The sand intended for her rivals eyes dropped harmlessly to the beach once again.

"Gonna teach you some manners," MaryAnn snapped as she fired a solid punch to Kari's chin, then backhanded her hard.

RIPPPPPP. Before Kari's head stopped bouncing, MaryAnn had grabbed the front of her top and ripped it open exposing her beautiful breasts.

"Its boobie payback time," she taunted as she grabbed Kari's firm breasts, squeezed them hard then pinched the erect nipples. Kari screamed, squirmed and pleaded for MaryAnn to stop.

"Your wish is my command," MaryAnn giggled as she suddenly stopped, then fired a solid punch to the whimpering Kari's jaw.

"Oh, I'm sorry, I should have wished you good night, Mary…I mean impostor…fake MaryAnn. How dare you come to our island and try to be me."

"Noooooo…stop it…MaryAnn, MaryAnn…please HELP!" The desperate screams were loud and clear. MaryAnn looked down into the face of her conquered foe. "Nighty nite," she whispered, then jumped to her feet. Her mission was clear. She knew what she had to do.

"Let me go, I demand you to let me go. I'm a star, a glamorous rich MOVIE STAR," Ginger snarled her voice full of exasperated rage as she struggled against Rose’s erotic holds.

"Oh, yes and you are, I mean you were, I mean you are my favorite actress; I'd have never dreamed I'd be fighting you, not in my wildest imagination," Rose replied as she tried hard to keep a her wildly struggling captive under control.

"Just WHO are you, you impostor; where did you come from?" Ginger rasped as she struggled. She heard footsteps. Was that the real MaryAnn or the impostor? She had to escape. "Someone's coming," she moaned.

"Yeah, right Miss Ginger; My friend is winning, and she is still having fun with lovely MaryAnn; I bet she even strips her naked, what do you bet?" Rose taunted.

"Sure, Ginger, somebody's comin'...yeah, righ...AIEEEEEE!"

Rose's unbelief and taunting burst into shocked surprise and sheer pain times two. Ginger sunk her sharp nails into Rose’s tender calf muscle as MaryAnn fired a punch to the back of her neck, grabbed a double handful of her hair and jerked her sideways.

"What the hel...OPPPPPFHHHH!" Rose’s neck and upper back burst into fiery pain as one angry MaryAnn wrenched her head back and forth. Ginger raked her sharp nails down her captors legs, digging through the sheer thin gown on one side and directly into the exposed skin of the other leg.

"Awhhhh, stand up you two bit hussy," MaryAnn shouted as she jerked Rose to her feet, via a vicious hair pull. Stunned and in pain, Rose tried hard to ignore her hurt and fight; she grabbed MaryAnn's left hand, caught the fingers and bent them back as she twisted her body away, breaking the other hands grip on her hair.

"YEOWWWCH!" MaryAnn yelped. She swung wildly at Rose, who skillfully ducked, and cocked her arm backwards ready to fire a wicked blow.

"Aaaawckkk!" Rose groaned as an arm shot forth, open fingers grabbed her arm, stopping her attack.

"Oh, no you don't woman," Ginger's angry words slammed into Rose’s ears as her lower back burst into pain. Ginger's fist smashed into her kidneys. "C'mon MaryAnn, lets teach my impostor a lesson, but good," Ginger snarled.

"NNNNNNNOOOOOO!" Rose groaned as she felt fingers at the back of her gown, grab, tug and pull downward hard.

RIPPPPPP! Rose reached back to grab at Ginger's hands only to see MaryAnn dart in, grab the front of her gown and rip it down hard too.

"Yeah, lets strip her," Ginger shouted as she tore the back of Rose’s gown clean down to her waist. As MaryAnn ripped what remained of the front of the gown, Rose grabbed for MaryAnn's hair.

"You stupid hussy, you're going down lady," Ginger snipped as she wrapped her arm around Rose’s throat and bent her backwards. Her free hand slipped up, her fingers skillfully unsnapped her red-haired captives bra as MaryAnn tore it off.

"I'll hold her, you can pretend you're on the farm again, MaryAnn," Ginger laughed as she watched her fellow castaways face light up.

"Nooooooooo," Rose moaned as MaryAnn's hands cupped her breasts, her fingers captured the long erect pink nipples and the "milking" began.

"This is what happens to mysterious impostors," Ginger whispered into her squirming, squealing captives ear.

Rose managed to escape once, but was tackled by an overzealous MaryAnn who pulled her into the ocean and dunked her repeatedly until she was breathless and quite submissive.

"MaryAnn, how did I teach you your lesson last week?" Ginger asked as she realized that MaryAnn was getting quite bored. MaryAnn's eyes sparkled as she remembered the lesson. Soon Ginger was sitting on a coconut tree log, Rose was bent over her, her lovely derriere halfway exposed, and MaryAnn was gleefully administering the cheek blistering "lesson."

"Please, no more, please, oh please," Rose bawled and pleaded. MaryAnn finally persuaded Ginger that she had probably learned her lesson. The two marched the almost totally naked red-haired intruder to the boat and threw her in.

"Now, how about your impostor, MaryAnn?" Ginger asked. They both raced toward Kari who was slowly recovering but still in a daze.

"I think she needs a good lesson too," MaryAnn chirped as she pushed Kari towards Ginger. Back to the downed coconut tree.

SWAT! "Waaaaah..." SWAT! "AIEEEEE!"

"She's got such a nice hard hiney," Ginger laughed.

"Better give her a few extra!" MaryAnn happily obliged.

"Now, don't you two ever come back! Go back to where you came from, hear!" Ginger and MaryAnn shouted in unison as they shoved the boat out to sea. Strangely, as it floated several yards from the shore, a huge wave rolled in, picked up boat up and after it slid down the back side, it had simply....disappeared!

"Strange...very strange," MaryAnn mused.

"But quite fun!" Ginger grinned as they watched the spot where the boat disappeared.

"Ginger, oh dear Ginger," MaryAnn whined. "I'm hungry for something sweet. You got any more coconut creme pie. I dare you to try and feed me again."

"OK! Take this you hussy!" SMOOSH!


Well, it looked like things were back to 'normal' on Gilligan's Island!