Cameron Diaz vs. Shannon Doherty by Rob

The crowd is rowdy for the big boxing match between blonde Cameron Diaz and brunette Shannon Doherty. These two don't like each other and the crowd senses a tremendous battle in the making. Shannon enters first, wearing a black jogging bra and lycra shorts. She is accompanied by her boyfriend, a guy who used to date Cameron before Shannon stole him away.

Cameron enters the ring, wearing a thin pink top and a white mini-skirt. Her outfit looks almost like that of a high-school cheerleader.

"So, Cameron, are you ready to be beaten and humiliated in front of all these people?" the slim brunette asks sweetly.

"Hey, I can't wait to tear your pale ass apart," Cameron replies. "When I'm finished with you, I'll be leaving with your boyfriend. Of course, you'll be kissing the canvas, out cold, so you won't know it!"

"OOOO, you bleached-blonde cunt, let's get it on!" Shannon hisses.

And the fight begins! Soon, the leather is soon flying. Cameron is bigger and stronger and uses her advantage to bully Shannon around the ring, hurling hard blows to the stomach to wear Shannon down. She traps the brunette in the corner and flails away, hurting the smaller girl with some low blows. Finally Shannon slips down to her hands and knees and the referee begins the count. Cameron uses the time to saunter over and flirt with Shannon's boyfriend.

"How did you like that, huh? she asks with a big grin. "Looks like the little wimp can't take it!"

When the count reaches nine, Shannon looks up to see the big blonde rubbing the guy's crotch with her glove. With a growl like an angry cat, Shannon springs to her feet and charges her foe. The blonde just smiles and puts up her gloves again, thinking she's in for an easy win, but Shannon seems to explode on her, driving her across the ring one step at a time.

Rights and lefts land with abandon on Cameron's pretty face, then Shannon works her way down to the blonde's boobs and belly. A wicked combination to the jaw leaves Cameron all wobbly and weak, her legs trembling and that fine ass quivering. Ms. Diaz raises one glove and tries to throw a punch, but it's so weak it couldn't break a soap bubble. Shannon laughs out loud, knowing she has the blonde bimbo at her mercy.

Pulling off her gloves, Shannon relieves Cameron of her top, exposing her gorgeous tits. She then proceeds to punch those luscious breasts until Cameron is groaning and weeping like a baby.

"Ohhh, Goooodddd! I quit!" Cameron sobs. "No more! No more! Just let me fall!" she pleads.

"This is what you get for messing with me and my boyfriend, you slut!" Shannon tells her groggy foe.

With that, she winds up and fires a crunching haymaker to Cameron's jaw that stands her up on her toes. Then Cameron's knees knock together and her feet begin sliding apart. She has a goofy look on her face, almost smiling and her arms hang limply at her side.

Shannon has a big grin as she leans in close and whispers, "Nighty night, you cunt!"

Then Shannon blows on her victim and Cameron falls over backward, landing with a crash completely out. The crowd goes wild as the ref raises Shannon's arm in victory and her boyfriend climbs sheepishly into the ring to give her a hug and a big, wet kiss.