Cameron Diaz vs. Shannon Elizabeth by Interac

With many big movie openings coming up, there are the usual ways to advertise your movie; billboards, commercials, interviews, etc. Then there's having one female star going against another female star, stuff being said between the two women in interviews to get the people to go to one movie rather than the other.

'Vanilla Sky' with Penelope Cruz, Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz was opening soon, and Cameron was the first to make the rounds of shows. Telling how great the movie was and bad mouthing the competing '13 Ghosts' with Shannon Elizabeth in the starring role was not only fun for Cameron, but surprisingly easy to do.

In an interview on Leno, Cameron came out and said, "Honestly, why are they putting that movie in the theaters at all? Every movie Liz had a 'starring' role in.......realllly didn't do that great. Still, she wants to keep starring, I guess it is a good thing the big thing about the preview is telling you before hand there will be nudity. But don't you just find her so pathetic, I mean she got big by what, getting naked and fingering herself like some porn star? It's just too pathetic!"

Jay then spoke up, "Now I can't say anything because tomorrow night Shannon's on the show to plug '13 Ghosts'."

Cameron smiled at Jay, "Oh your such a sweetie, Jay. I know you think the same as me and have fun getting through to the VERY overrated Shannon Elizabeth."

Jay shrugged, "You know, ever since the whole Hugh Grant thing people say I lost my edge with guests. To prove they're wrong, the first question I am going to ask Shannon is what she thinks of you."

Cameron stayed quite for a second, then said, "I'll be listening to hear what she says."

The next night Jay welcomed Shannon to the show. He kissed the beautiful brunette as he always does and then as they sat down, he asked the question about what she thinks of Cameron.

Shannon grinned, "I'm sorry Jay, are you blowing bubbles at me, or just asking me about dumb blonde bubbles."

The crowd started to laugh but got quiet when Cameron Diaz came out from the back. Leno was shocked at seeing her as were the crowd.

Cameron walked right past Jay who got up again to see what she was doing here.

Cameron put her hands on her hips and looked down at Shannon, "That's pretty funny."

Shannon cut her off.

"You had your chance to say everything you had to say last night, none of these people really want to see you two nights in a row.."

Shannon then stood up, and she and Cameron were both a little surprised they were the same height.

"I mean really, your best performance was when you were an animated cartoon. And that whole 'Charlie's Angels' thing, not only was there not much acting with you being a dumb blonde who likes to shake her ass but everybody knows Lucy Liu carried you and Drew both in that one."

The crowd started cheering Shannon for putting down Cameron who was getting red in the face.

Cameron huffed, "Well it's better than being professed to loving dorks, and ruining the roles that make your career like 'American Pie 2' now isn't it. That was a greattttttttt accent by the way."

Shannon pushed Cameron, "Well I've seen the trailer's for 'Gang's of New York' and you really shouldn't talk 'bout bad accents, dearie."

Cameron got up and pushed Shannon back before Jay got in the middle of the battling beauties.

Jay put up his hands and said, "Ladies there's no need for this here and now."

The two women pushed Jay aside and grabbed each other by the hair as they tumbled around the sound stage. Cameron finally turned Shannon and Shannon nearly lost her balance, going over the musical area. Cameron nailed Shannon with a knee then, with her hands still wrapped in Shannon's hair, Cameron then threw Shannon clear across the stage.

As Shannon slid, Cameron pulled her hands free of the black hair, just ripping out a handful from Shannon's head. Cameron played to the cheering fans with her arms up, flexing her muscles before she went back to Shannon. But Shannon ran and speared Cameron in the stomach. Shannon crawled back the body of the curled up Cameron who was holding her stomach, picked her up by the hair and ripping the shirt completely off her.

Cameron pushed forward on Shannon though sending her to the ground and Cameron followed going down with her. Shannon however, got her feet in-between the two of them and kicked Cameron away. As she fell back, Cameron kept her hold on Shannon's shirt and ripped it completely off her body. Both women got to their feet, and as the two women stood face to face it surprised many that Shannon's body wasn't that different from Cameron's - aside from her bigger boobs.

Shannon stepped in and slapped Cameron right in the face. Cameron's head turned to the side. She slowly reached up to feel her cheek, then replied with a slap of her own. Cameron's eyes were wide and a close-up camera showed an expression like she was saying, "I took your best shot."

Shannon immediately fired back, landing another slap. Cameron came back with a second slap and the two women just stood there face-to-face trading slaps until Shannon hit two in a row, left-right, that made Cameron take a step backward. Cameron responded with another slap, this one a backhand that dropped Shannon to her knees. She reached down, grabbing the back of Shannon's hair and yanking back, eliciting a cry of pain from the brunette.

Cameron looked down at Shannon's face, flushed from the slaps. She smiled and as she raised her hand to put Shannon out but Shannon turned her shoulder into Cameron and uppercut her right in the pussy. Cameron whimpered as she slowly dropped to her knees, tears welling in her beautiful blue eyes.

Shannon leaped into another slap, getting her whole body into it and putting the beautiful blonde actress down on her back, her eyes wide and her mouth open in an "o". Shannon straddled Cameron's firm stomach grinding her ass into her belly.

"Well, do you give up... or do I start getting serious?" Shannon purred as she grabbed hold of Cameron's chin and squeezed.

Cameron threw her fist up from the floor, crashing it into Shannon's cheek. Shannon nearly lost her position but squeezed her thighs on Cameron's waist to keep her seat. Then she came down with a punch of her own, rocking Cameron's head. She followed that by grabbing Diaz's hair and banging the back of her head into the floor. Then Shannon let go of Cameron and, arching her chest, reached her hands behind her and unclasped her bra to oohs and aahs from the audience.

As Shannon's bra slid down her arms, Cameron's hands shot up as if they were laser guided. They unerringly found their Large Targets; the big boobs of Shannon Elizabeth! The utter force Cameron put into her arms sent Shannon toppling off of her backward. As Shannon fell, Cameron sat up with her until she was kneeling between Shannon's long legs.

Shannon screamed in pain and arched her back, but Cameron held onto her breast squeeze although she was riding a little to high because Shannon had enough angle to lock on a body scissors around Cameron's waist and squeezed with all the strength her long legs could muster.

Cameron gasped as she felt the power in Shannon's legs constricting her torso. Finally, she had to let go of her breast squeeze as she lost her footing and fell forward between Shannon's boobs. Shannon kept the scissors on Cameron while she grabbed the back of her head and pulled it down until Cameron's red face was buried deep in her large bosom.

Shannon was laughing and refused to let Cameron go. Cameron's arms flailed around and everyone could see she was in deep trouble. Eventually, her arms went limp as did her entire body. Shannon let go, unlocking her legs and pushing Cameron's head away from her bosom.

Shannon raised her arms in the air in victory when all of a sudden Cameron's head popped up. Before Shannon could do anything, Cameron kneed her in the groin and then bit down on her left breast. Shannon started shaking Cameron's head but that only made things worse for her. Shannon was screaming in pain as blood started to ooze from her breast.

Cameron finally had to let go of her bite, but she grabbed at Shannon's boobs and pulled her up by them, dragging her toward Jay's desk. Until Cameron dug her nails into the open wound in Shannon's left breast and forced her to release her breasts.

Cameron let Shannon go and stepped back to get some space between them, then she unleashed a inside roundhouse kick like she used in Charlie's Angels, knocking Elizabeth on her back on top of Jay's desk.

"Time for ME to end this," Cameron said as she picked up Shannon's head and slammed it down on the table.

Cameron unfastened her pants and shook them down her legs. When she stepped out of them, the men again were cheering as her unbelievable ass was right there for them. She was wearing a red thong.

Cameron climbed up the desk atop Shannon and planted her ass on Shannon's face, grinding it in a perfect ass smother. Shannon was kicking all over the place but Cameron latched onto Shannon's enormous boobs to get more grinding action on the America Pie starlets face.

Still, Shannon refused to give in and used her long legs, kicking straight up and nailing Cameron in the head and dazing her for a second. Shannon quickly y hit another kick, knocking Cameron off the desk and onto the floor. Shannon lay sprawled across the desk, panting hard as she tried to suck in much needed air. Her black hair was matted on her face, giving her a wild, untamed look.

Both women's bodies glistened with sweat, and they looked like they had gone to Hell and back. Shannon heaved herself up off the desk as Cameron was getting to her feet. They stood there, chests heaving, leaning slightly forward staring daggers at each other for what seemed to the audience like an eternity.

Then Shannon ran in and tackled Cameron, knocking her back over the guests chairs., But Cameron rolled into it and as they struggled on the floor, Shannon got a grip on the back of Cameron's bra and unclasped it as she rolled away. The bra slipped off but Cameron either never realized or never cared. With both on their knees, Cameron lunged for Shannon who caught her arms and tried to hold her off. Shannon kept her grip on one arm but let go of the other and reached for Cameron's hair.

Cameron grabbed Shannon's arm and two beauties battled on their knees to see who was stronger. Cameron was trying to push Elizabeth back, and Shannon was doing everything in her power to get Cameron over on her back. For several minutes they twisted and pushed but neither could get an advantage as they were seemed equally matched in arm strength.

Their bodies drew closer to one and another until Cameron pushed her smaller but firm breasts into Shannon's. She responded doing the same and her larger breasts, though damaged, began to win the contest. Even though she was in pain, Shannon ignored it as she forced Cameron to the floor. But Cameron immediately rolled the hurting Shannon over and stated to grind her breasts into Shannon's even harder, forcing a scream from the aching Shannon.

Cameron had to spread her legs to wide for better leverage which gave Shannon the opening to nail a knee lift that lifted Cameron's body a good foot in the air. Shannon turned Cameron over and slid down her body, biting Cameron's right boob until it was bleeding. Cameron was screaming bloody murder, ripping hair out of Shannon's head to try to make her release her bite and get off of her.

When that didn't succeed, Cameron stopped struggling and Shannon sat up for a moment with Cameron's blood running down from the corner of her mouth. Shannon got off Cameron and dragged her up by the hair, then marched her toward the band, hitting belly punch after belly punch en route. Taking her over to the drums, Shannon slammed Cameron's face off of the snare drum.

Then Shannon lifted Cameron's head up to do it again but Cameron grabbed one of the drumsticks and spun around, hitting Shannon in the lower abs. Cameron used her last bit of strength to grab Shannon's hair and whip her around before she threw her into the bass drum headfirst.

Cameron staggered and fell backward, completely exhausted. But when she looked over at Shannon, she wasn't moving. After a few minutes, Cameron struggled to her feet and pulled Shannon out of the drum. Shannon's face was covered in her own blood and Cameron had a cut on her forehead, but as she looked down on the semi-conscious Shannon she stood over her, pumped her fists in the air, looked out into the audience and screamed, "WHO WON?"

They screamed back, "YOU DID!"

That was when Cameron dropped her ass down on Shannon's stomach and, as Shannon gasped for air, shoved her breasts over Shannon's face humiliating her. Cameron's smaller breasts were the last thing Shannon saw as Cameron put her out with a breast smother to a standing ovation from the studio audience.