Cameron Diaz vs. Salma Hayek (I) by Coyotte88 (Delphi's Coyotte's Tournament 18-Jun-99)

Place: Cannes France
Salma Hayek wearing a white 2 piece bikini with her new hair style straight and parted. Cameron Diaz wearing a powder blue 2 piece bikini with white ruffles.

In France Cameron was an unknown. The tall blond struck first and with well planed strikes. Elbows and kicks. Salma kept going. Backed against the wall Salma struck with a perfectly placed punch between Cameron's legs. Salma continued her strikes back.

Placing Diaz against the wall with solid body punches. The fight appeared to be coming to an early end when the tall blond body slumped into a position that Hayek was set for a punch to the jaw. Salma made the mistake of telegraphing the punch and instead hit the wall as Cameron ducked.

Cameron was quick to come back. Bringing the Mexican down to the carpet. The wrestling was fast and furious. Most of the fight Cameron put painful holds on Salma. For 10 minutes Salma avoided defeat and on some occasion gain the advantage for short periods of time. The fight ended in controversy.

To avoid a schoolgirl pin, Salma twisted and turned so that Cameron caught her on her stomach. Cameron's left forearm went across Salma's chin, while her right arm twisted Salma's right arm around her back. Salma resisted by rapid movement of all her limbs. It appeared as she was escaping when the Ref ruled that she had tapped out 12 minutes into the fight. Cameron had her hand raised in victory as Salma slowly got up.

Post Fight comments

SH I was trying to escape not give up. Her arm wasn't around my throat enough for me not to be able to surrender verbally.

CD What was the difference? So it would have taking me three more minutes.
Cameron Diaz vs. Salma Hayek (II) by Coyotte88 (Delphi's Coyotte's Tournament 28-Jun-99)

Two weeks after Cameron Diaz defeated Salma Hayek for Queen of Net the two were again slotted against each other for Theme team battles.

The scene L.A California (Hollywood)
Cameron wears a gold one piece. The challenger promotes her new movie by wearing a light purple and white one piece with white fish net panty hose And goes back to her long curly hair style.

Pre fight comments

SH (With very heavy Spanish accent said angrily) I am going to kick her tall skinny ass. She was lucky last fight.

CD (With smile) I know I could whip her again. This time she will pay for that dirty shit she did before. Now I know what she is all about.

The two woman come to the center of the apartment style set up with no furniture. They look each other in the eye and talk to each other for close to a minute. Salma appears mad while Cameron looks worried. They both grab each others hair.

The two went into a tussle. Diaz gain the advantage with a head lock having Hayek release her hair. Salma first attempted to escape by lifting the blond up by her right leg. After that failed Salma reached back and got a hold of Cameron's hair with her left hand. Cameron's face was a mask of pain and anger, as she maintained the hold.

Salma then used her right hand to punch Cameron in her upper stomach. Cameron mouth popped open but instead of releasing head lock Diaz held it and went down to a knee. Tightening the grip. Salma nearly dropped to her knees but managed to keep her balance. Salma then pushed Cameron down, continuing to move forward. She pushed upward the now down Diaz's body. Her legs pushed forward until her head was beyond Cameron's causing the head lock to be released.

Salma now had her legs over Cameron's chest and sitting on the downed blond. Reflexively Diaz sent her legs upward under Hayek's armpits. Due to Salma's luck Cameron only caught one arm, Salma shuck it off and moved up Diaz's body. Salma maintained control landing two punches to Cameron's face. With new found fury Diaz managed to buck the shorter brunette off her.

Both raced to their feet. Salma managed to tackle Cameron from behind. after rolling around several times. Diaz couldn't get Salma from her back. Salma failed a few attempts at placing a scissors lock around Cameron's waist. Diaz just moved too rapidly. Salma appeared to be in trouble until she invested all her effort into a sleeper hold while Diaz stomach was on the floor. Cameron was spent the fast pace movement to avoid Salma's compromising holds had took it's toll on Diaz. Diaz now knew one way out off this hold. She would rise to her feet. She had little trouble pushing up and getting to her knees. Cameron had figured she could get to her feet and have control of her much shorter opponents body.

Diaz had pushed upward but couldn't get fully to her feet. Salma managed not to allow Cameron's complete rise. Diaz took a knee and tried again. She struggled up then her knees buckled again. This time she went down on both knees. Salma now had a perfect sleeper on.

The pressure was great first Cameron said softly "I Give."

No one herd it then she screamed "I Give" 2 more times.

Hayek released the hold and Diaz flopped to the floor. Salma jumped for joy. Cameron slowly struggled up gasping for air.

Post-fight interview

SH I knew I could do it. She don't have nothing for me next time I'll kick her ass worst.

CD Tearfully had no comment.