Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Cameron Diaz (2 fights) by Shanahan

Meeting at an up-scale posh Hollywood party, hot blonde actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz immediately decided they really didn't like each other. Each of them was afraid the other would be prime competition for future roles in major motion pictures, and they decided to fight things out to settle their differences. Neither woman was afraid to show off her fabulous body to the other, so they decided to wrestle nude at Cameron's home, just the two of them, until one woman conceded defeat or was rendered unconscious.

A few days later, it came to pass. As soon as Gwyneth arrived, the two blonde beauties immediately stripped to the skin and began grappling, fighting to a no-holds barred standstill with each giving as good as she got. The naked female fight seesawed back-and-forth across the spacious living room, with neither woman able to gain the upper hand until Cameron finally did.

The hostess was nearly immobilized in her guest's crushing bearhug, Gwyneth's slender arms wrapped about Cameron's trim waist - but nearly was the key word. Grasping her enemy's shoulders for support, Cameron pushed off the hardwood floor with the soles of her bare feet until she was positioned several inches above the ground. In a flash, Cameron then wrapped her long, tapering legs about Gwyneth's midsection and squeezed them about the other blonde before applying the coup de grace. Removing her hands from Gwyneth's shoulders, the airborne woman fastened them about her foe's throat and began choking her mercilessly, shaking Gwyneth's head back and forth while maintaining her murderous stranglehold.

Gwyneth gasped in shock and pain, her mouth agape and her eyes wide as she was scissored and strangled at the same time. She stumbled back and forth, straining under the weight of her foe for a moment before crashing to one knee and then the other. She shut her eyes and emitted a strangled cry from her oppressed throat as Cameron began to pour on the pressure, legs winding tighter, fingers squeezing harder. Releasing her bearhug even as the breath was squeezed from her lithe body, Gwyneth reached up and clawed viciously at Cameron's eyes and face with her fingers, scratching and slashing like a caged animal to free herself from those twin grips. Even as she felt saliva rising in her throat while her windpipe and waist were being crushed, Gwyneth kept on poking and prodding until she heard Cameron howl and those terrible hands fall away from her thin neck. She opened her eyes just enough to see Cameron rubbing madly at her own eyes, which had been jabbed hard by sweaty, groping fingers. Gwyneth then smashed her fists into the inside of Cameron's thighs, causing Cameron to yelp and loosen her long legs from about Gwyneth's midsection. Gwyneth pushed then Cameron away from her before backing off herself to rub her wounded throat. She desperately wanted to pound the other blonde senseless with her small fists, but she also knew she had to recover first. If Cameron managed to get those hands around her neck again …

Her worst fears were realized as an enraged Cameron, red eyes and all, bellowed like a wild beast before launching herself bodily across the space between the two women and seizing Gwyneth by the throat with both hands. Gwyneth grabbed Cameron by the wrists as she was knocked backwards, and began coughing hoarsely as Cameron's thumbs again pressed deep into her windpipe. Cameron then began driving Gwyneth back further, trying to force her enemy down onto the floor where she could straddle her and finish her in a cruel, lingering fashion. Grunts and groans emitted from both fighters as they strained against each other, one woman determined to escape, the other determined to strangle her prey. Gwyneth managed to push back with all her strength, until they faced each other on their knees; but still those terrible hands tightened about her neck with each passing second. In a desperate gambit, Gwyneth balled up her right fist and slammed it into straight into Cameron's throat, before striking likewise with her left. The hands again fell away as Cameron clutched her own throat, choking and sputtering from Gwyneth's attack. Leaning back on her elbows, Gwyneth pressed the soles of her bare feet against Cameron's sweat-slicked breasts before thrusting out with both legs and shoving her enemy away against the couch.

Both women spent the next minute or so recovering from the damage they had inflicted upon each other. A weary Gwyneth then ambled over on her knees and pushed the exhausted Cameron back onto the main couch before she grasped her foe's lovely breasts with both hands and began crushing them mercilessly. Cameron moaned briefly and tugged at Gwyneth's wrists, trying to loosen her adversary's grip, before deciding she could perhaps finish the fight by again shutting off Gwyneth's breathing passages. Releasing Gwyneth's wrists, Cameron licked the palms and fingers of own sweaty hands before reaching up and latching them onto Gwyneth's face. Cameron's right hand clamped fully over Gwyneth's mouth, while the first two fingers of her left hand pinched Gwyneth's nostrils shut to form a pair of perfectly-airtight seals.

Gwyneth's eyes went wide as she labored to breathe - and found no air coming in. She squeezed Cameron's breasts even harder, flesh oozing between her fingers, but still the other blonde's smothering hands held fast. She tried pinching Cameron's nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, but still no escape, even as Cameron wailed and cursed out loud. Panicked, Gwyneth released Cameron's breasts and clawed frantically at her foe's hands, trying to dislodge them, but Cameron refused to submit. To make matters worse, Gwyneth could feel Cameron's long legs sliding up and about her waist, trying to entrap her. Her fears were again founded as she felt Cameron's ankles lock behind her back, preventing any possible flight from barehanded suffocation. Steeling herself for one last struggle, Gwyneth reached down and clamped her hands about Cameron's throat, thumbs pressing down hard on Cameron's windpipe in a maniacal, last-ditch effort as Gwyneth sought to strangle her way free.

Gwyneth slammed Cameron's head hard against the leather couch as she tried to take control, but the other blonde held fast with her smotherhold. Panicking, Gwyneth had no choice but to keep up with her choke/slam attack, her oxygen supply running out, her head beginning to swim and the room beginning to spin around her ... until she felt Cameron's hands peeling off her pretty face and seizing Gwyneth's thin wrists weakly.

Now it was Cameron's turn to suffer in a stranglehold, the blonde desperate to escape as she sought to breathe again, but Gwyneth would have no part of it. She continued slamming Cameron's skull against the sofa, before going for the finisher.

With Cameron's legs still wrapped about her waist, Gwyneth yanked her enemy up by the throat until she held her foe suspended over the hardwood floor of the living room. She choked her in midair for a few moments, hands gripping and squeezing, her victim's struggles growing ever feebler, before she knocked Cameron's head against the solid oak paneling once, twice, three times.

That did it. Cameron slumped from Gwyneth's grip, her legs unfastening and her hands falling away, as she was all but out cold. Gwyneth took full advantage of the situation, straddling Cameron's prone nude form and squeezing her hands ruthlessly about her foe's neck just to make sure. Gwyneth squeezed hard until Cameron was still before squeezing Cameron's breasts savagely with both hands with no response from the defeated. Gwyneth then dismounted the naked loser, bore Cameron's body aloft in her arms, and unceremoniously deposited her hostess outside the house for all to see.
Gwyneth Paltrow vs. Cameron Diaz - The Rematch

Gwyneth lay completely naked on her couch in her penthouse, lazily watching television, when she heard the doorbell ring behind her. Wondering whom it could be, the beautiful blonde actress got up and made her way to the door to see her rival, Cameron Diaz, standing there barefoot in a white robe.

"What the hell do you want?" snapped Gwyneth at her old foe whom she had bested in a no-holds-barred catfight some time ago at Cameron's Hollywood home.

"What do you think?" remarked Cameron coldly as she pushed her way in and ripped off her robe, exposing her stark naked form directly in front of the other woman. "Revenge!"

Before Gwyneth could mouth a reply, her equally naked foe lunged forward to seize Gwyneth by the throat with both hands and begin choking her, just like last time. Gwyneth coughed and tugged at Cameron's wrists, but her enemy drove her backwards until Gwyneth was bent over the back of the couch, with Cameron strangling her from above. Cameron's face was a mask of maniacal glee, her eyes wide and her tongue licking her eager lips as she poured on the pressure and throttled Gwyneth with all the might in her shapely form.

"Payback time, bitch!" cried Cameron, the sting of her defeat at Gwyneth's strangling hands months ago still fresh in her mind. Gwyneth gasped and coughed below, her eyes shut tight in agony as she gagged and choked, unable to pull her attacker's hands free as they tightened relentlessly about her throat. Feeling herself blacking out, Gwyneth reached up with both hands and clutched Cameron's hanging bare breasts before digging in with her nails and wrenching her foe's fleshy globes left and right as hard as she could until Cameron was screaming out loud. Cameron peeled her hands off of Gwyneth's throat, and then plunged them downwards to return the favor, squeezing her hands hard about Gwyneth's ample boobs, alabaster flesh oozing between Cameron's fingers as she painfully jerked Gwyneth upright by the breasts to a standing position. Tears welled up in both women's eyes as they mauled each other's mammaries mercilessly, squeezing each other's tits as if they were party balloons they intended to pop.

The two beauties sank to their knees as they continued their tit-squeezing stalemate, neither one ready to give in, until Cameron jerked her head forward to ram it against the bridge of Gwyneth's nose. The blonde babe yelped at the blow, but refused to relinquish her grip even as blood began to trickle down from her nostrils. She let go a moment later, however, when a left hook caught the Oscar-winning blonde flush on the right cheek and sent her sprawling backwards onto the hardwood floor.

Gwyneth shook her head as she tried to clear the cobwebs, but next thing she knew she was being seized by the ankles, her legs being lifted high in the air, until a heel came crashing down hard between her legs. Gwyneth cried out as Cameron stomped her crotch twice more, and she tried to cover up her wounded womanhood with her hands, only to feel a pair of knees collide with her soft stomach as Cameron dropped down on top of her. Gwyneth let out an exasperated breath as Cameron made contact, and could do nothing with her hands pinned beneath her foe's crotch, as Cameron clamped her own hands over Gwyneth's mouth and nose and began to smother her like last time. Cameron once more licked her lips in anticipation, watching Gwyneth struggle futilely to breathe, feeling there was no way out this time for her enemy - until she felt Gwyneth's hands squeezing hard between her legs. Cameron screamed and released her hold, and then slapped Gwyneth repeatedly across the face until Gwyneth let go below. Both women then backed off to recover from their injuries before renewing their struggle.

Rising shakily to their bare feet, they faced each other woman to woman and locked up in a test of strength, but again neither of them was able to take control. Breaking off, they glared at each other furiously, standing just a few feet apart, their sweated busts heaving and falling repeatedly as the two combatants inhaled and exhaled rapidly.

"You're dead, bitch!" spat Cameron.

"Go for it, whore!" shot back Gwyneth.

They glared at each other for a moment longer, sizing one another up for weaknesses, before wailing at the top of their lungs and charging each other. Hands found throats and squeezed hard, and the chokeout contest was on, each woman determined to win. Fingers crushed the backs of necks and thumbs stabbed deep into windpipes as both women went for broke, their eyes shut tight and their teeth gritted in both agony and resolve. Their mouths became dry, they saw spots and starbursts, and they became woozy as they deprived each other of oxygen. Both women teetered on the edge of senselessness as they dropped to their knees, but both still held on tight to the other's neck.

Summoning all their strength, they both squeezed as hard as they could in a last-ditch effort; but it was Cameron who held on just a little bit longer, who dug down deeper, and who ultimately triumphed. Feeling herself passing out even as she kept on choking her adversary savagely, Cameron readied herself to go to sleep - and then felt the intense pressure on her throat yielding as instead Gwyneth went under, the host blonde having given a valiant effort but finally falling short.

Gwyneth's hands fell away from Cameron's neck as the blonde beauty fell unconscious in her foe's cruel grip. Cameron breathed in and out raggedly, a faint smile creasing her cracked lips as she saw Gwyneth was out cold, and The Mask girl came to the realization that she had won her revenge bout. Cameron held her two-handed embrace of her rival's throat for a minute longer, making sure Gwyneth wasn't just faking, before dropping her oblivious opponent to the wood floor with a dull thud.

Regaining her bare feet, a grinning Cameron ran a hand through her matted hair, placed her bare foot between Gwyneth's smooth naked breasts, and struck a nude victory pose - her fists clenched and her biceps bulging, her smile radiant in the now-still penthouse apartment.