CWC fight: Cameron Diaz vs. Gwen Stefani by Catfight Contributor

Not long ago, Cameron doubted her fighting ability. A one-sided beating by petite powerhouse Salma Hayek left her wondering whether she was in the wrong game. But after taking out Jennifer Lopez and then destroying Piper Perabo, Cameron was again feeling good about herself. Now, she was about to go up against a women who'd been manhandled by little Christina Aguilera - how scary could she be? Entering the ring in white panties and cropped T-shirt, Cameron was all smiles as she bounced on the balls of her bare feet

"C'mon, Gwen," she called out. "Come and get me!"

Gwen strutted to the ring in a white thong, showing off a gorgeous ass, and a white bra. She slid under the bottom rope popped up on all fours, thrusting her derriere up erotically. She got to her feet, walked over to Cameron and slowly ran a hand through Cameron's hair.

"Any rules, hon?" Gwen purred in a sultry low voice.

"The only," Cameron said sweetly. "I'm allowed to kick your ass any way I want. When you beg me to stop, I've won."

Cameron gave the petite blonde a hard shove to the chest, sending Gwen stumbling back as she struggled to maintain her balance. When she managed to right herself, Gwen glared at Cameron with a mean look. Stepping back up to the blonde, Gwen lashed out with a kick that connected right between Cameron' legs.

"You're gonna regret that no rules thing, babe," Gwen said as her bare foot connected. A low moan escaped Cameron's lips as she dropped to her knees. No sooner was Cameron on her knees than another kick, this time to her side, knocked her flat on the mat, sprawled on her stomach. Gwen continued to kick, now into Cameron's side as the taller blond flopped around on the mat.

Showing surprising determination, Cameron fought through the pain and managed to get to her knees even as Gwen continued to kick. Cameron pivoted and threw her body into the startled Gwen's legs, wrapping her arms around her thighs and tackling her. Gwen tried to keep her balance, waving her arms over her head until she crashed to the mat. She propped herself up on her elbows, kicking her feet trying to free her legs. She eventually succeeded, then clamped her thighs on Cameron's head. Gwen had Cameron' face buried into her thong-covered crotch and Gwen was sporting a satisfied smile on her face.

Cameron squirmed, her legs thrashing in frustration as her face was pressed against Gwen's panties. Gwen giggled, probably from the stimulation of having her pussy stimulated by Cameron's nose; Cameron's thrashing increased along with her frustration, growing angry at herself for letting Gwen take control of her so easily. Luckily for Cameron, Gwen had forgotten to secure her arms and, reaching straight up, she pounded her fists into the surprised blonde's flat belly. Gwen's body jerked in surprise, her legs kicking up somewhat, inadvertently freeing Cameron's head. Quickly, Cameron scrambled back and got to her feet at the same time as the slightly winded Gwen.

As they approached each other again, Cameron raised her hands for a test of strength, one she thought she had a good chance of winning. But to her surprise, Gwen accepted the challenge and the two women locked arms. Gwen tried to bend Cameron's arms back in an uncomfortable position, but instead, she herself was being overpowered. Gwen panicked and lashed out with a quick kick to Cameron's belly that forced Cameron to drop her arms which allowed Gwen to force her to her knees. Still holding Cameron's hands, Gwen jumped and fell backward, wrapping her legs around Cameron's neck on the way down as she kept her tight hold of Cameron's hands.

"Let's try this again," Gwen said.

"Aaaghhh, you bitch!" Cameron screamed, her head once again trapped in Gwen's legs.

Cameron tried to pull her hands free, but she had no leverage in her position. Squirming on her stomach, she tried to wrench her head free, but even though she managed to get back to her knees, she couldn't break loose. Finally, out of desperation, Cameron sunk her teeth into Gwen's thigh! The singer yelped in surprise, and instinctively grabbed her leg with her hand which freed up Cameron's hand.

Reaching out, Cameron latched onto Gwen's breast through her skimpy bra, hoping if she squeezed hard enough she'd get her head free. But as Gwen screamed, she also gritted her teeth and fought through the pain Cameron's bite was causing in her thigh. With Cameron grabbing her tiny breast and squeezing, Gwen's scissors wasn't as strong as before, but she stubbornly continued flexing her tight, taut thighs as she tried to squeeze the life from Cameron.

Knowing she had the advantage, Gwen refused to let up but she had to do something to stop Cameron squeezing her breast for if it went on much longer she would be forced to release her hold. Gwen grabbed Cameron's hand at her breast and, after quite a struggle, managed to pry her fingers away from her chest. Gwen fell back, holding Cameron's hands away from her chest as she continued to squeeze with her sexy legs.

Cameron moaned in discomfort, tears of frustration filling her eyes. She managed to force Gwen's arms down, but couldn't free her fingers so she could reclaim her grip on the singer's petite breasts. She did succeed in driving one of Gwen's hands back into her own stomach a couple of times, but it wasn't nearly enough to gain her release.

Cameron's bare legs thrashed as she grew more desperate. Gwen was squeezing with everything she had, sensing victory, but she was also exhausting herself. Cameron saw that gradually, Gwen's hold was loosening slightly. Rather than maintain it at an even level, Gwen was pumping her thighs to try to keep the pressure on. But it gave Cameron brief respites and, in a final, last-gasp effort, she jerked her body up just at the moment Gwen's hold eased. At long last, managed to break free!

Hurriedly, Cameron rose and threw herself forward on Gwen. Needing time to recover from her brush with defeat, Cameron simply lay on Gwen, pinning her arms and trying to buy some time to rest. Gwen was shocked by the sudden turn of events; seconds before she was in total control and now she was being pinned by the actress. She tried to free her arms, but Cameron was pinning them too strongly. She lifted her legs and thrashed, flinging them to the side. Her entire body turned except for her shoulders and her arms, which remained pinned. After an uncomfortable moment, she rolled her body to its previous position.

Cameron continued to rest on Gwen, panting as she tried to get her breath. Thankfully for her, Gwen wasn't strong enough to throw her off, so she had the chance to think and plan her next move...or so she thought! Gwen, realizing she'd be in even more trouble if she stayed in this position much longer, suddenly jerked her head up and butted Cameron on the chin. The taller blonde, stunned more than hurt, toppled to the side holding her jaw, then scrambled to her feet at the same instant as Gwen. Cameron was still feeling confident.

"You little bitch," she said, advancing toward the retreating singer. "I tried to lock up fair and square, but you knew you were too weak so you got cheap on me. Well this time, I know what to watch for...and I'm going to beat your ass silly!"

Gwen kept backing away from the taller blonde, knowing she'd angered her. Pretty soon, though, Gwen was going to run out of room and she didn't want to have to lock up again because she knew she wasn't strong enough. Thinking quickly, Gwen dropped to one knee, swung her other leg around and tripped Cameron face-first to the mat. She jumped on top of her and slammed her ass down on Cameron's back. Settling onto her lower back, Gwen reached around and clasped her hands under Cameron's chin, then pulled her head back up off the mat.

"Wanna give up now, bitch?" she crowed as Cameron screamed when her body was twisted.

Gwen was proving far more resourceful than Cameron had expected - no matter what she did, she constantly seemed to be in one mess or another. Her feet beat the mat, her arms flailed in front of her, but most of her body was immobilized under Gwen's ass. Still, despite the pain, she wasn't close to being ready to concede.

"There's not fucking way I'm giving up to you," she said through gritted teeth. "You're not strong enough to make me."

Reaching her arms backward over her, Cameron took advantage Gwen was leaning too far forward and grabbed her hair. Tugging with as much strength as she could in that position, Cameron tried to force Gwen off her back. Gwen stayed seated as long as she could, fighting the pain of having her hair nearly ripped from her skull. Finally, she couldn't take it any more and fell off beside Cameron. But Gwen didn't want to lose her advantage and was again quick to try a new attack.

Gwen had fallen with her crotch still pressed against the back of Cameron's head. She sat up, pressing Cameron's face down into the mat with her crotch and sitting on her shoulders. An upside down front face sit, more or less. Once more, Cameron found herself squirming and writhing beneath the singer, trying to get out of yet another unpleasant situation. Her screams were muffled with her face driven into the mat, and because Gwen was sitting on her shoulders Cameron couldn't even move her arms enough to counterattack. To make matters worse, Gwen reached back and grabbed the rear of Cameron's panties, pulling them up into a wedgie as the fabric cut into her ass and pussy.

Then, adding insult to injury, Gwen then started to spank Cameron’s bare butt cheek with her free hand. Cameron was powerless to stop it and could only moan in humiliation as her butt grew redder and redder while she grew weaker and weaker. She was having trouble breathing with her face pressed into the mat. Twice she tried to rise, but she wasn't strong enough to lift Gwen's weight. Then, she stopped moving altogether and Gwen raised her arms in triumph and slowly dismounted, giving a final slap to Cameron's ruddy ass. But now, with Gwen bending over her, Cameron shocked the singer, quickly rolling over and lunging up to land a fist directly to Gwen's belly.


Gwen let out a sexy grunt as Cameron's punch buried itself in her soft belly. Gwen had thought the fight was over, and with good reason - she'd kicked the uppity blonde bitches ass! Now, she was caught totally off guard as she doubled over clutching her aching belly, then dropped to one knee, groaning. Cameron scrambled to a seated position, still feeling drained and disoriented from her various ordeals. She mustere as much power as she could and landed a solid slap to Gwen's face that knocked her to her hands and knees.

Gwen tried to crawl back, knowing she needed to regroup; but Cameron was in hot pursuit. They met on their knees facing each other. Cameron grabbed Gwen's hands and this time they engaged in a test of strength Gwen couldn't get out of. The question was, could Cameron, in her exhausted state, still overpower her? Gwen was shocked Cameron was still fighting back...and not only that, but she was fighting back quite well as she felt herself being forced back.


They both grunted and groaned as they struggled to gain the advantage. Gwen tried mightily, but Cameron was simply too strong. After a long, hard struggle, Gwen finally toppled over backward and Cameron fell over on top of Gwen again, pinning her arms to the mat. Hoping to drain Gwen of energy, Cameron began lifting her body and smacking it back down onto Gwen. But she couldn't get enough impact while still holding Gwen's arms - but she didn't want to release her grip for fear Gwen would fight back. Instead, she suddenly leaped off the surprised singer, jumped to her feet and sent a hard kick to her side just as Gwen tried to sit up.

Another kick knocked her over onto her stomach. Reaching down, Cameron grabbed Gwen with a hand in her hair and another on the back of her bra. With a yelp, the petite blonde was jerked to her knees, then to her feet as Cameron controlled her from behind. In a flash, Cameron opened the snaps of Gwen's bra and pulled it off in an attempt to humiliate her. Gwen tried to take advantage of the opportunity and escape to regroup, but Cameron caught her by the hair again, spun her around, and pulled her into a chest-to-chest bearhug.

"Mnmnunghrg!" Gwen gasped a sexy grunt as her bare breasts flattened on Cameron's still clad chest; her nipples hardening at the eroticism of the body-to-body contact. Gwen's arms were free and she used them to grab two fistfuls of Cameron's hair but Cameron squeezed harder until Gwen's arms dropped back down at her sides.

"Mnghgungh!" Gwen grunted again; her arms hung loose at her sides; her head tilted back; pain and exhaustion clear on her face.

Cameron squeezed and squeezed, pleased to see Gwen rapidly fading. She even gasped a few words to taunt her opponent, "It doesn't...take beat you...does it?"

Cameron was exhausted herself with the bearhug, but Gwen was in even worse shape. Finally, the taller blond tossed Gwen in the corner, where Gwen leaned on the turnbuckle, nearly out on her feet. Cameron approached with fists raised, ready to dish out a beating until she saw Gwen's erect nipples.

"What? Gwen, you LIKE getting your ass beat?" she asked. "Well, then THIS should really turn you on..."

Gwen's eyes had been closed but they snapped open as she realized Cameron was wasting time and that it had given her an opening. She was slumped in the corner, her arms over the top ropes to hold her up. She pushed herself up on her feet, her back still against the ropes. She still wasn't aware of how weak her body was until she let go of the ropes to make a move and her knees buckled. Gwen fell on her butt, landing with her head back on the middle rope, moaning.

Pushing her legs out, she struggled just to get up, "Uuuunnggghh..."

"Oh my," Cameron laughed. “That wasn't too impressive at all."

After struggling for so much of the fight, Cameron was secretly happy to see Gwen evidently couldn't take as good as she gave. With the singer still struggling to get up in the corner, Cameron sent her back down on her ass with a relatively soft kick to the belly. Reaching down, Cameron grabbed Gwen's ankles and spread her legs. She planted her bare foot on Gwen's panty-covered crotch and leaned in, eliciting a squeal from the blonde.

"Mmm...Oh, Goodddddddd!..." Gwen screamed, shaking her head NO as Cameron's foot pressed down on the sensitive area.

Gwen reached down between her legs and grabbed Cameron's foot, trying to lift it off and push it away. But she had no leverage in her position and despite all her grunting and shoving, Cameron’s foot remained where she’d put it.


Gwen bent her knees up and pushed out, hoping to upset Cameron and send her stumbling back. It was sad to see her attempt didn't even caused Cameron to flinch or even teeter slightly.

"You poor little thing" Cameron said with another giggle, forgetting the shape she herself had been in only minutes earlier. "You just couldn't fight your way out of a paper bag, could you?"

With a defiant sneer, Cameron ran her tongue over Gwen's instep, then continuing to trail her pink tongue up the inside of Gwen’s trembling leg to her crotch.

"You like that, hon?" Cameron asked. "Well, I'm not going to make this fun for you, not just yet anyway."

Dropping Gwen's legs, Cameron stepped over, reached down and grabbed her by both nipples, then yanked her to her feet in the corner.

"Either you give up right now," Cameron hissed direly. “Or I'm going to pull these little nubs off and give you a beating you'll never forget."

Gwen looked at Cameron and she had a beaten expression on her face. She tried to straighten herself up, but her body - exhausted from being beaten and manipulated - didn't move much, making it look like she'd barely even tried. Still, Gwen knew she was tougher than Cameron and she refused to submit. In fact, if it hadn't been for the actresses little trick, the fight might well have already been over and Gwen would be on the winning side of the outcome. Remembering she’d had Cameron beaten, Gwen offered a few choice words.

"Screw you, bitch!!!" she spat, then let her head fall back and rest on the corner padding.

Almost as though she could read Gwen’s mind, Cameron laughed again, "You think you're some bad ass ‘cause your cheap-ass tricks almost beat me? Notice," she reminded Gwen. “That once I got square with you, woman-to-woman, you didn't stand a chance!"

She continued tugging Gwen's nipples, trying to force her to stand upright, but the singer wasn't moving. Finally, Cameron reached down, collected Gwen under her armpits and tried to pull her to her feet. She failed the first time, but with considerable effort, she managed to drag Gwen up until she was upright, but still slumped in the corner.

Cameron grabbed Gwen's tiny left breast with her right hand to hold her in place and with the left, she landed a cuffing slap to her face...then another...and another!

"Give up, you bitch," Cameron demanded. “This is only gonna get worse!"

Gwen's face snapped sharply to the side with each slap, her cheeks growing red from impact, and embarrassment...and maybe even anger at her inability to fight back. Her body wanted to collapse, but she was being held up by a dominant Cameron. Still, perhaps stupidly, she was too proud to admit obvious defeat...despite the already humiliating display which Cameron was promising to make even worse.

"No.........way.......," she managed to mumble between groans.

"Wrong answer, bitch," Cameron snapped, then drove her fist deep into Gwen's stomach. "But that's YOUR problem, not mine."

Gwen doubled over from the punch, but Cameron straightened her up, then landed another punch to her tummy. As Gwen hunched over again, Cameron pulled her face into her panty-covered crotch.

"Kiss my pussy, hon," Cameron snarled. "I mean, I know you wanna, but if not, you could always just submit to me!"

"Unmgnghmfnf,." Gwen garbled as she dropped down to her knees and tipped forward until her face was buried in the dominant blonde's crotch. The embarrassing feeling of Cameron's panties pressed against her face deepened the already dark red color in her cheeks. Gwen tried to pull away, but Cameron just pressed harder on the back of her head. Gwen put her hands on Cameron's thighs, but they just slipped down and fell at her sides.

Gwen’s face had been pressed firmly into Cameron's crotch for nearly 30 seconds, but she still hadn’t given in to Cameron's demands, nor did she plan to. But she couldn't breathe in that position and there was no way to escape in her condition. Fearing that much more would make her pass out, Gwen screamed - or rather she tried to scream.

All that could be heard was a muffled, "Mmmmffffffff!"

Cameron loved having the once-cocky Gwen on her knees and at her mercy. She was enjoying it so much, she was thrusting her crotch rhythmically against Gwen's face as her breathing became faster and harder. As much as Cameron was enjoying herself, Gwen still wasn't submitting to her and Cameron didn't want Gwen to just pass out; she wanted her to know and admit who was the better woman!

Pushing Gwen's head back a bit, Cameron suddenly leaned down and shoved her hard, knocking her over backward, onto her back. The next thing Gwen knew, Cameron was on the canvas as well, facing her feet with her knees on either side of Gwen’s head. Cameron lowered her crotch onto Gwen's face and began scrubbing back and forth, grinding it on her nose and mouth while her hands grabbed Gwen's petite breasts and began pulling and pinching. Cameron delighted in hearing the grunts Gwen made as she abused her breasts.

Gwen had been totally humiliated; beaten to the point where she was so battered she couldn't fight back. She was under Cameron's crotch in a humbling reverse facesit, her nipples were being pinched and pulled, and she powerless to stop it! Worst of all, what little strength she could muster went for naught as her scream was muffled again, coming out sounding like, "Mnfnmffmnnnnfnfnffnn!"

Gwen realized her stubbornness had only gotten her into increasingly more trouble.

"Mnfnfmf..I..mfnf..give...mfnfm," she babbled from beneath Cameron’s rapidly rotating panty crotch.

Cameron was so into what she was doing, she didn't even hear Gwen’s muffled cry of submission. Instead, she continued grinding herself on the blonde singer’s face, panting harder and heavier as she became more and more aroused. With a hand still on Gwen's breast, she pushed the other down inside front of Gwen’s panties and began fingering her with increasing force. Gwen's legs lifted and her feet kicking frantically in the air in reaction to Cameron’s invasion but it was herself Cameron was mostly preoccupied with...particularly when she came to a shuddering, unstoppable orgasm all over Gwen’s flushed face.

"You're miiiine!" Cameron screamed to the barely struggling blonde as she climaxed.

Somehow, the fact that Gwen had actually submitted to her finally dawned on Cameron. She slowly dismounted from the beaten singer’s face. Gwen just lay on her back, breathing heavily as the dominant actress knelt over her laughing. Bending her head down, Cameron slowly ran her tongue over the face of her conquest, then down her neck. Cameron took Gwen’s tiny nipple in her mouth, swirling her tongue around the dark fleshy bump until it swelled and came erect. Then she moved on, flicking her tongue down over Gwen’s heaving tummy.

Rising up on her knees, Cameron grabbed Gwen's panties at the hip and pulled them down, intending to keep as a souvenir. Standing, she lifted Gwen's legs in the air and tugged her panties up her legs, over her feet and off. She lifted Gwen's feet to her mouth for a moment, sucking briefly on her toes, then dropped her feet on the mat.

Looking down at her naked - and now rather moist - Gwen, Cameron giggled with the pleasure of victory.

"That was loads of fun, hon," she told her as she gave Gwen’s ass a little poke with her foot. "We *must* do this again soon."

With that, Cameron turned and pranced out of the ring, grinning about the ass-kicking she'd handed out and the reward she'd reaped.