That's The Way The Cookie Crumbles (Cameron Diaz vs. Catherine Zeta Jones) by Brontoshavlasky (30-Aug-99)

"Nooo…please stop. Please… my pussy is going to get ripped in half…please…" Cameron Diaz's pleas faded to a low whimper of tears as Catherine Zeta Jones low guttural laugh rose.

"Tuff luck bitch. You should have fought harder. That's the way YOUR cookie crumbles!" snarled Catherine as she pushed her both hands down on Cameron's face and arched her back in sync with a wicked frog like flex of her legs.

Catherine had a double leg grapevine locked over the top of Cameron's legs and snagged inside her calves. The ladies were pussy to pussy with only a scant two or 3 millimeters of Catherine's red lycra thong separating her black thistle pie from Cameron's light brown honey patch. She had stripped Cameron's thong earlier after giving her a super-wedgie. She realized that Cameron liked have her clit wedgied so she ripped the thong off.

An astute wrestling observer would notice the extra power she was generating. Catherine was flexing her legs as she pushed Cameron's head against the mat. The push-flex gave her added leverage that was multiplied as she powered it through to her strong legs.

Cameron's inside thighs burned and her pussy ached. It felt like she was being fucked by a WWF wrestling champion non-stop for 8 hours. She realized that she had one move left, grab for one of Cat's perfect tits and try to rip the silicon out of her. Madly she swung a claw out and around trying blindly to find the tit. She missed as Cat laughed a low savage laugh.

"No way cookie. You are finished. Submit, say it! Say, 'Catherine Zeta Jones can have Matty's cock anytime anyplace.' Say it bitch or I'll snap your weak pussy in two!" snarled the raven-haired vixen.

Cameron lashed out again and this time nipped at one of Cat's tits just scrapping her nipple. Cat realized that having her tit snagged in a desperation move would be nasty. She pulled one hand off Cameron's face and clasped her fingers into Cameron's left hand. She leaned forward and pounded her pussy down hard onto her rival. She clasped Cameron's other free hand. She now had her trapped. She moved up arching her back but snapping more power into her leg lock. About then she noticed a moistening coming through her thong. She was hot and sweaty but not that hot. She realized that Cameron was turned on from the pussy breaking that was happening.

"Cum for me Cookie. C'mon, Did wittle missy Cameron loose her cookie….( she arched her back with a savage grunt)….Camm-ee, Matty loves my tits. Too bad your flat. That's so un-sexy. Going through life FLAT and dumb is so sad. So have a taste of a real tit."

Cat snarled and pushed her tit onto Cameron's face. Cameron sucked the nipple in with a moan.

Cameron cried…Cat's tits were real…and she knew how much Matt loved real tits. She knew that further resistance would only rip more of her pussy apart.

"Catherine…Matt belongs to you….uhhhh huhhhhh…(sobs)" Cameron cried, giving in totally.

Catherine exerted one last savage flex and then leaped to her feet and stood triumphant over Cameron. She reached down and grabbed Cameron by the hair pulling her up.

"One last thing. I'm going to give you my autograph!"

With her free right hand Catherine pounded a wicked right hand shot directly onto Cameron's nose flattening it with a muffled thud.

"Who would want to fuck you, a flat nosed, flat-chested, broken down whimpering looser…."

As she watched the MTV Fashion awards with Matt she laughed at the announcer…

" Missing tonight was Cameron Diaz…accepting her people's choice award for Something About Mary…her good friend Lauren Holly."

Matt leaned forward, "Wow Lauren is a babe. She has been working out."

Catherine sucked on his dick as hard as she could and then she stopped.

"Lauren Who?" she smiled as she looked up at Matt.

Matt narrowed his eyes with chagrin, " Babe, don't stop…Lauren's not in your league…now get back on it or I'm going to call Gwyneth"

Cat sucked Matt's pickle down to the bonus spot just at the bottom of his root. She didn't want to face Gwyneth again. At least not yet…so for now she wanted to give her man everything she had.

MATT laughed. Life was good at the top.