Janice Dickinson vs. Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth by Bob

“Back off bitch!” Janice hissed.

“Make me, cunt!” yelled Omarosa.

“Did you say I should MAKE you?” the supermodel bitch asked incredulously.

“What? Did I stutter?” Omarosa sneered.

“Get serious Omarosa, I’m a supermodel, you can’t beat me!”

“Well I was unaware that being a supermodel meant that you were automatically tough.”

Janice laughed and shook her head. When she finished laughing, she said, “You’re all talk and no action. I think you’re trying to scare me because you’re scared.”

Hearing Janice’s words, Jose Canseco could no longer listen to the two diva bitches and huffed, “Omarosa, what the hell are you waiting for; hit her already!”

Omarosa looked at Jose, which turned out to be a big mistake because as soon as she took her eyes off the black-haired bitch, Janice reached out with both hands and clamped onto Omarosa’s throat. The dark-skinned former Apprentice had been caught by surprise. However, she had expected Janice to attack her when she was not ready and she had had several fights as a youth growing up in the projects. Turning her palms inward, she prepared to slip her hands between Janice’s and slap Janice’s hands away. However, as she started to slip her hands between the black-haired model’s hands, Janice was one step ahead of hated rival and brought her knee up quickly, catching the African-American beauty square in her snatch. Omarosa’s legs immediately turned to spaghetti. Omarosa was about to go down and Janice knew it. However, because of her deep dislike for Omarosa and the fact that Omarosa had been challenging her to a fight on more than one instance, Janice decided to torture her arrogant foe. If anyone deserved a good beating and a good humiliation it was someone who tried to fuck with a supermodel.

Squeezing Omarosa’s throat with as much force as she had, Janice kneed Omarosa two more times in the former beauty queen’s mound. Omarosa was in big trouble and everyone in the house knew it. When Omarosa opened her mouth and blood started trickling out, Janice looked at Jose and smiled. “Thanks for egging her Jose, I didn’t think she would ever fight.”

Uncomfortable with the thought of Janice thinking he was helping her, Jose looked down at the ground.

Although Janice knew that Omarosa was virtually finished, she had not inflicted enough pain on her hated foe. She quickly let go of Omarosa’s throat and grabbed Omarosa hair. Stepping back and jerking Omarosa’s head forwards, she threw her right leg up and kicked Omarosa in the chest. Despite still holding Omarosa’s hair, the dazed former Apprentice went down to her knees. Janice lifted her foot high in the air and chopped down on the back of the neck of the house guest she wanted out of the house. As Omarosa fell to her stomach, Janice held up the lock of hair that had been pulled out of Omarosa’s hair that she had pulled out as Omarosa’s head while she was falling to the floor.

The black-haired model laughed as she flipped the hair to Jose. “After I kick her ass, I’m going to give you a second thrill. We are going to bed and have sex like you have never had it, and it is going to last all night. Kicking her ass is getting me excited and I guarantee after I’m done with her and then the sex with you, I’m going to become Janice Canseco, world’s first Super Model. Jose shuddered at the thought of sex with the Queen bitch.

Omarosa struggled to get up. Seeing her trying to get up, Janice grabbed Omarosa’s hair and started kicking her in the face, landing four hard kicks. Once again the former Apprentice fell to the floor. Janice put her heel on Omarosa’s back and pushed down as hard as she could. She then flexed her muscles, looked at Bronson Pinchot and ordered, “Get me a beer oddball, or I’ll kick your ass next.”

Bronson did as he was told. When he handed the beer to Janice, she took a sip, then bent down and poured the beer all over Omarosa’s hair. At first Omarosa screamed. However, because she did not like have beer poured over her coiffure, she suddenly managed to get to her knees, which caused Janice to tumble backwards. The cold beer seemed to awaken Omarosa and it was time for a little payback. Omarosa quickly mounted Janice, sitting on the small of her back and started throwing punches, hitting Janice on the back of her neck and head, the side of her face, and on her upper back. Omarosa was throwing her punches with the fury of a hurricane and her lightning quick punches were causing Janice to scream every time one of Omarosa’s thunderous punches landed. After landing about twenty punches, Omarosa stopped throwing punches and grabbed Janice’s black hair. She then started pulling Janice’s head towards her body. Janice was in incredible pain as she was forced to arch her back. She was sure she could hear the bones in her neck and back cracking and was afraid Omarosa was going to break her back.

Despite being in a lot of pain, Janice was sure that she could rally back, regain the advantage and batter Omarosa into submission. However, Omarosa was not finished giving her a beating. As she continued pulling Janice’s hair, the Super Model could feel her opponent’s weight was lightening. Suddenly she was able to get to her knees. Once on her knees, Janice knew that she would be able to get up so that she was standing. However, Omarosa had a plan and her plan did not include Janice getting off the ground. She suddenly wrapped her legs around Janice’s large, well shaped breasts and wrapping one of her arms around Janice’s throat. Once the former Apprentice locked her powerful legs around Janice’s chest and her arm around Janice’s throat, she leaned forwards, putting all of her weight on Janice’s head. Janice quickly tumbled to the floor, her face hitting the floor. Quickly blood started flowing from Janice’s nose. As Jose watched blood cover the carpet, he turned to Bronson and said, “I think Omarosa broke Janice’s nose. That’s one supermodel isn’t gonna look so super when this is over. “

Bronson smiled and said, “I wish Omarosa did this to the psycho several weeks ago.”

Caprice looked at the two men and said, “Omarosa is one bad girl. She’s tougher than any women I know.”

Omarosa continued to apply pressure to Janice. Janice was having trouble breathing, but she was fighting as hard as she could to stay conscious. Suddenly there was a strange popping sound and Omarosa’ legs felt wet and sticky. Looking up at her friends she smiled and said, “I think I popped her implants. The girl’s going to need new taa-taas.”

Despite the fact that Janice was still conscious and had not submitted, Omarosa released her hold and got off Janice. Much to Omarosa’s surprise, Janice got up. She looked at her chest, which was suddenly flat. Looking at Omarosa, she said, “You’re going to pay for this,” and charged at Omarosa.

As she neared the Black beauty, she suddenly left her feet and leaped high into the air. Suddenly Janice’s feet flew out so that she was parallel to the ground. Her feet caught Omarosa squarely on her jaw, causing her to fall backwards until she hit the ground. Both of Omarosa’s eyes blackened almost immediately and began to tear. Janice had leveled the playing field and was sure that she was in control again!

All of the house guests looked at each other and shook their heads. They couldn’t believe that Janice was still fighting, let alone on the verge of victory after taking a savage beating. Walking towards Omarosa, she was in a lot of pain, but she intended to make sure Omarosa was NOT getting up! She was standing over her sobbing foe but despite her crying, the black-skinned beauty wasn't ready to submit just yet

Quickly, Omarosa threw her legs in the air and planted both of her feet on the point of Janice’s chin. Janice could feel her caps cracking. As she started to tumble forwards, Omarosa timed Janice’s fall and at the last second wrapped her legs around Janice’s neck, twisted slightly and watched the Super Model fall to her side. Janice was now lying on the ground with Omarosa’s legs wrapped around her throat. Omarosa had very powerful legs and she knew that Janice was not going to escape. Despite being in Omarosa’s scissors, Janice somehow maneuvered her body with the skill of a contortionist and started kicking Omarosa in the face and shoulders. Although Omarosa could feel Janice’s kicks, they were not forceful enough to make her release her hair. Omarosa reached out and grabbed Janice’s hair with her right hand and started throwing left hands.

Despite getting hit by several hard punches, Janice kept on kicking Omarosa. Although Janice was not kicking her hard, the number of kicks Janice had landed was taking its toll on Omarosa. She knew her face and tits was starting to swell and the winner of this fight would be the one that could outlast the other. Janice was in a lot of pain, but she was sure that she was kicking Omarosa’s ass. She was also sure that if she could somehow roll Omarosa off, she could put her away in a matter of seconds. She stopped kicking Omarosa and reached for the Black diva’s hair.

After groping around for several seconds, she somehow managed to get her hands in Omarosa’s long wavy hair and started to yank it for all she was worth. Suddenly Omarosa was on her back. Janice, despite still be locked in Omarosa’s scissors had a big advantage regarding leverage. She landed two hard punches to Omarosa’s eyes. Omarosa screamed as her legs flew open. Once free, Janice smashed a foot down on Omarosa’s tits and the Black Beauty screamed as she grabbed her chest and curled into the fetal position.

“Give up bitch!” screamed Janice. When Omarosa didn’t answer, she got up and looked at all of the house guests. Looking at Bronson, she threw her head back, put her hands on her shapely hips and arrogantly said, “With the exception of Bronson, everyone give a hug and kiss to the first supermodel and the winner of this fight.”

Suddenly, however, Janice found herself on the floor as Omarosa swept her legs and once Janice’s head hit the floor, Omarosa quickly mounted the surprisingly tough supermodel again, wrapping her legs around Janice’s neck. This time Omarosa intended to end the fight and she squeezed as hard as she could. Seeing the face of her opponent, Omarosa knew Janice was in pain so she increased the pressure until Janice’s body began to shake uncontrollably. Janice shook more and more violently until her eyes fluttered shut and she went limp. With Janice finally out, Omarosa released her and rolled her off her leg. Tired and not ready to get up, she fell back so that she was lying on the floor.

Omarosa rolled on her side, turned to Jose and asked, “Did you enjoy the fight?”

Jose nodded and said, “Great fight, although there were a few times in which I thought you lost.”

“There were a few times I thought I was going to lose too,” Omarosa admitted. “That bitch was a lot tougher than I expected, but a win is a win and I won.”

Just then, Charlize Theron and Sunny McKay walked in holding hands. Omarosa looked up, licked her lips hungrily and winked conspiratorially at Jose who grinned and started toward the two unsuspecting blondes.