Madhuri Dixit vs. Carmen Electra by Dedeo 06-Jul-2000

Carmen arrived to the ring first. She wore a blue stringy bikini that strained to hold her tits in. Her ass cheek jiggled as she strutted down to the ring. Playing up to the crowd, she went to the ring side and danced and bumped her ass. At the same time, he reached a finger into her bikini bottoms and stuck a finger up her cunt, twirling it round and then sucking on his own finger. Carmen got into the ring, and was adjusting her bikini bottoms and arranging her tits in her top, pulling more of it out to show more tit flesh when the crowd started cheering again as Madhuri came running to the ring in a black bikini. Her tits flapped wildly on her chest as the top was unable to hold them in, both tits flopping bare by the time she hit the ring.

Carmen attacked Madhuri as she came through the ropes, hammering fist into Madhuri's head and her back. Pounding her down to the mat, Madhuri was caught halfway in the ring and halfway out. Her barely covered ass and pussy was sticking up on show to the crowd as her naked tits and upper body was in the ring. Carmen started stomping on Madhuri's head and did it at least three times but Madhuri seemed not to notice. Madhuri was really pumped up for this match.

Springing from her knees, Madhuri lunged at the dark-haired beauty and forced her onto her back. A wild wrestling melee now broke out as they each sank her hands into the other's hair and pulled. As their busty bodies rolled back and forth across the mat, they screamed and cursed as hair was viciously pulled. Their fit, tanned sexy legs locked and unlocked around legs and waists as their bikini bottoms, bare enough as they were, started creeping up even more, driving up their ass cracks and exposing their round buttocks even more.

"Cunt," grunted Madhuri as she straddled Carmen's waist and begin to slam the back of her head against the mat by the hair. Carmen's brain rattled in her head with each thud, but her hands found Madhuri's naked swinging breasts and quickly clamped her fingers across them.

"FUCK!" shouted Madhuri as pain shot through her tits.

Letting go of Carmen's hair, Madhuri slapped Carmen across the face before she too reached out at Carmen's tits and pressed them roughly together with all her might. Carmen moaned loudly as Madhuri forced her tits out of her skimpy top and began bucking her hips up and down underneath Madhuri's ass as she continued her assault on Madhuri's boobs. Madhuri gave Carmen's mouth a wicked backhand just before she was bucked off. Just as quickly, she got up and pulled Carmen up by the hair and slammed a hard right into Carmen's gut knocking the wind out of her.

She whipped Carmen into the ropes and when Carmen came off, Madhuri met her with a devastating flying clothes line that turned Carmen round 180 degrees and Carmen landed on her chest and big tits with a thud and she turned over onto her back clutching her neck and chest. Madhuri lay on the mat as well, catching her breath as her flying clothes line landed her on her own tits on the mat as well. Madhuri got up slowly as Carmen lay on the mat, clutching her tits and rolling slowly from side to side, her face a mask of pain.

Not giving her a rest, Madhuri pulled Carmen up again by the hair and this time with both her hands, scratched straight down Carmen's chest tearing her bikini top off and putting 10 red welts straight down her chest to her stomach. Carmen wailed in pain and covered up bending over and Madhuri dropped a hard elbow to the back of Carmen's head sending her down on her knees.

Madhuri then pulled Carmen up again and pushed her to the ring ropes. Trapping her against the ropes, causing them to cut into Carmen's lush body, Madhuri then switched to cupping Carmen's D cups from behind and squeezing them and twisting them as Carmen tried to cover up. She then bent Carmen over backwards, putting Carmen's upturned face under her arm pit. In this position, Carmen's tits and hard nipples were trust out and her belly exposed. Madhuri proceeded to drive hard rights into Carmen's tits and stomach.

"Oh you fuckin' bitch!" yelled Carmen as she struggled.

"Fuckin' slut!" yelled Madhuri as she took Carmen's pink areolas in her fingers started some violent twists, turns and pulls as Carmen was screaming at the top of her lungs and begging her to stop. But Madhuri was pissed and would have none of it.

"Shut up you fuckin' cunt!" she yelled as she raked her nails across Carmen's breasts, leaving a ragged trail of deep, red scratch marks.

Then Madhuri grabbed hold of Carmen's legs and lifted Carmen's legs off the floor and brought Carmen down hard to the mat in a side suplex!!! Carmen immediately covered up her aching tits as Madhuri stood up. Madhuri then picked Carmen up and threw her out of the ring straight down to the sand where Carmen landed in a heap, grabbing her tits still. Madhuri came out after her and picked Carmen up and body slammed her to the sand sending her tits jiggling all over her chest from the impact. Then picking her up again, she stripped Carmen's bikini top off and choked her with it. As Carmen struggled under the choke, Madhuri released it and pushing Carmen to the sand, stripped off her bikini bottoms, exposing her hairy twat to the crowd. She then hauled Carmen up again and dropped her on top of the ring barriers. Carmen's neck hit and she bounced off, rolling around on the sand, clutching her neck.

Madhuri then picked up Carmen again and threw her over the railing into the crowd. Carmen's naked body disappeared almost straight away as guys in the crowd took advantage and started to squeeze her tits, ass and generally get a feel of any part of the prone and almost unconscious Carmen. Madhuri came over the barrier pushed the guys away, ignoring the feel of hands on her lush sweaty body as well. Pulling the beaten Carmen up again by the hair, Madhuri proceeded to body slam Carmen on top of the steel chairs!!!!

It was an erotic sight as Carmen was on her back over a chair arching her back, legs down on one side, her black pussy fur on show and mattered and her head and tits hanging down on the other, her face in agony and her sweaty voluptuous body covered in sand. Madhuri kicked over the chair and Carmen fell to the sand on her tits, her rounded ass facing up.

Picking up a chair and folding it, Madhuri brought it down hard with a loud TWACK on Carmen's sweaty and bare back.

"How do you like the feel of that, bitch" she screamed.

Carmen's back glowed red and she arched her body, clutching her back in pain. Pulling Carmen up to all fours by the hair, Madhuri hoisted Carmen up onto her shoulders and walked to the surf and water. Reaching the surf, she body slammed Carmen's naked sand covered body into the water. As Carmen came up gasping for air, hair all over her face, Madhuri grabbed Carmen by her hair on the back of her head and proceeded to push her head under water. Carmen's arms were flaying out from the water as Madhuri pulled her head out.

Carmen with her hair all over her face was gasping and coughing as Madhuri screamed, "You fucking cunt, like that?" and pushed her head under again and released her.

As Carmen came up for air, Madhuri standing over her started throwing lefts and rights into Carmen's face stunning her. She pulled Carmen up by the hair and dragged her up to the surf edge. Carmen was still fighting and was able to kick Madhuri's feet out from under her and Madhuri fell face first straight into Carmen's naked crotch. Without a second thought Madhuri bit down hard on Carmen's cunt.

Carmen with a cry of agony bucked hard, making Madhuri let go and fly upward. Madhuri's naked tits slammed into Carmen's face, and it was Carmen's turn to bite. She dug her teeth deeply into Madhuri's titty flesh. Madhuri screamed out in pain, grabbing hold of Carmen's hair to try and pull her head away from her tits. This caused more pain for Madhuri as Carmen's teeth held firm. Carmen moved up and sat on Madhuri's heaving stomach and grabbed two handfuls of tits and started squeezing drawing more screams from Madhuri.

Releasing her bite on Madhuri's tits, she then started punching Madhuri's tits one by one measuring her shots. Carmen slapped Madhuri across the face and got off, allowing the buxom slut to roll over in the surf, clutching her bashed up tits. Then with Madhuri on all fours, Carmen came up behind her and kicked her right in her bikini covered cunt drawing a howl of pain from the half naked beauty and causing her to curl up.

Carmen proceeded to stomp all over the curled up Madhuri. Pulling Madhuri up, Carmen put her in a full nelson and shook Madhuri's limp body around, making her naked tits swing all over. Dropping Madhuri's limp body to the surf, she then pulled down Madhuri's bikini bottoms and grabbing a handful of pussy fur, yanked it out hard and Madhuri gave a blood curling scream slumped down. Carmen then sent a few heel shots into Madhuri's exposed pussy.

She ripped off Madhuri's bikini top leaving her naked as well and choked her with it, the two women's naked bodies struggling in the surf. Releasing the choke, Carmen got Madhuri up on her shoulder into a pile driver position and pile drived Madhuri's head into the sand. Madhuri's limp body landed with a splash into the surf, her body spread-eagled, her heavy tits sliding to the side.

Carmen was tired and battered and while she wanted to punish Madhuri further, she knew this was her best chance to win this match and advance to the next round. Stepping back, Carmen then splashed down onto Madhuri, driving her firm tits into Madhuri's tits pushing her ass further into the surf and sand. Carmen stood over Madhuri and turned her body over onto her front, her face in the surf.

Madhuri started coughing and tried to sit up. Carmen then got on top of Madhuri and applied the camel clutch. Carmen screamed for Madhuri to surrender, but she wouldn't. Carmen sat back, settling her naked ass against Madhuri's naked ass, hauling Madhuri's face upwards, bringing Madhuri's naked D cups off the sand. Carmen felt Madhuri start to loose control as drool started coming down her chin into her hands, mixing in with all the water as the surf continued to hit their naked bodies.

"Arghhhhhhhh" Madhuri cried as her fingers dug into the sand as she tried to hold out from the pain.

Madhuri finally passed out from the pain and the officials jumped in and pulled Carmen off, declaring her the winner.