Madhuri Dixit vs. Carmen Electra (Rematch) by Horny 10-Jul-2000

A match held at in a cage which was highly anticipated by the mainly male crowd there. Included there was Carmen's basketball star husband. The lights shorn down brightly into the cage rising the heat level already present. The cage had steel bars on two sides and wire mesh on the other two. The floor was solid steel. Both girls wore bikini's for the match. Madhuri wore a white stringy thong bikini and Carmen a blue one. As the girls made their way down to the cage, both girls ass cheeks jiggled as they walked and their respective mega tits swayed under the flimsy tops. Hard nipples were visible on both girls. Sweat was visible on both girls lusty bodies as they had warmed up heavily before the match. Because of the sweat, Madhuri's white bikini was translucent and her areolas and pussy lips were visible. The girls both wore their hair loose and looked forward to locking up with each other.

The girls faced off at the start, hands on their hips as they stared each other down. Their D cup tits bumped slightly into each other as they trashed talked each other.

"Hey slut, let's make this match a little interesting" Madhuri to Carmen.

"What have you got in mind you slut has been?" spat back Carmen.

"A bet in addition to my expected victory over you, I get the services of your husband for the night. At the same time, you watch or do whatever I want which includes licking my asshole if I please."

"Fine but when I win, I want you for the night with my husband. I'll have him fuck you up the ass and tear your insides. Then you lick my asshole," said Carmen.

"Fine slut, you have a deal" replied Madhuri as she felt her pussy juice up.

Madhuri was happy with this arrangement as she loved to have her ass filled and she was going to have it done even if she won.

Madhuri started the action grabbing Carmen's shoulders and slamming a knee into Carmen's firm stomach.

"OOFFF" gasped Carmen as she clutched her stomach and bent over.

Stepping back, Madhuri slammed her foot into Camen's tits sending the beauty back down with a loud CLANG to the steel floor. "URGH" groaned Carmen holding her tits as she rolled on the floor.

Madhuri grabbed two handfuls of her hair and brought her to her feet again and slammed another foot into Carmen's lush body sending her down again. Madhuri felt her cunt juice up more as her foot squashed Carmen's tits. Grabbing her hair again, Madhuri hauled her forward and slammed her head against the steel bars.

There was a CLANG sound as Carmen's head hit and she fell back, landing on her ass holding her head. Madhuri laughed and hauled Carmen up to her feet again by her hair and scooped her up into a body slam position. Holding Carmen there, Madhuri walked around the cage before slamming Carmen down hard to the steel floor, a loud sound being heard as Carmen's sweaty back slammed against the steel floor. Carmen arched her back in pain, trusting her tits out as she clutched her back and rolled over to her side.

Madhuri knelt down and holding Carmen's shoulders started kneeing Carmen in the back bringing more grunts of pain from her. After several knees into Carmen's back, Madhuri pulled Carmen to her feet again by her bikini top strap. The top was already bursting holding in Carmen's tits as Madhuri pulled her up by it, the strap snapped and Carmen fell back to the steel floor face first. She rolled over clutching her tits in pain as Madhuri laughed. Reaching down, Madhuri pulled Carmen's ripped bikini top off exposing her big tits with their erect nipples to the crowd. She threw the top to Carmen's husband and blew him a kiss. He licked his lips in anticipation as he was in a can't lose position. Madhuri then mounted Carmen, placing her rounded ass on Carmen's heaving stomach.

Madhuri grabbed two handfuls of Carmen's sweaty bare tits and squeezed them, feeling with great satisfaction Carmen's erect nipples poking the palm of her hands. Carmen's screamed out loud grabbing Madhuri's wrist to try and get them off her tits. Madhuri laughed again and squeezed harder, twisting her wrist and Carmen's tits back and forth. Madhuri felt slightly light headed as she felt her cunt juices soak her bikini bottoms as she played with Carmen's firm tits.

Carmen wailed in pain and felt like her tits were about to explode from the pressure of Madhuri's fingers. Not being able to pry Madhuri's hands off, she reached up to Madhuri's swaying tits still loosely held by her flimsy bikini top and clamped on bringing a howl of pain from Madhuri. Carmen's husband rubbed himself in the crowd as he watched his lusty wife in a tit squeezing stalemate with the always lusty Madhuri Dixit.

He anticipated his participation in this action later tonight. Both girls stayed in this position, both refusing to release the other woman's tits. Madhuri with her head thrown back in pain grabbing onto Carmen's bare tits and Carmen lying below Madhuri howling in pain. Carmen started bucking under Madhuri while holding onto her tits and eventually, she was able to buck her off and both girls retreated away from each other, both on their knees clutching their own tits in pain. Carmen was topless and Madhuri still had her bikini on even though one tit had popped out of the top from Carmen's fingers.

"You'll pay for that slut" spat Carmen and Madhuri responded by digging her hand in the front of her bikini bottoms and fingering her wet gash and giving Carmen the finger.

Both girls got to their feet and then charged at each other, both reaching for the others hair as their wet bodies slammed together with a SPLAT sound and they meshed their tits together. Carmen was quicker off the mark this time and lifted a quick knee which slammed in between Madhuri's legs.

"GAKKK!" groaned Madhuri in pain as Carmen lifted a second knee into Madhuri's wet cunt, lifting Madhuri's feet off the floor. As Madhuri threatened to slump down, Carmen lifted a third knee into Madhuri's cunt and the pushed Madhuri backwards and Madhuri felt to the floor, clutching her cunt and rolling around in pain. Carmen pulled Madhuri up by her hair and ran forward slamming Madhuri's head into the steel mesh.

The busty slut's head bounced off the mesh and she fell back to the floor clutching her head. Carmen pulled her up and ran her head into the other steel mesh wall but held onto the hair on the back of Madhuri's head so she couldn't fall. Then she ran her into the steel bars on the third wall and Madhuri fell back, her forehead cut open as blood started flowing down her face.

Carmen pulled Madhuri up and completed the journey holding onto Madhuri's arm and whipping her into the final hard steel bar wall. Madhuri hit hard, her tits taking the brunt of the blow against the wall, her head jerking back and her hair flailing and she staggered back in pain, holding her tits as Carmen met her staggering backwards by putting a hand under Madhuri's firm ass and lifting her up and then smashing her ass down on Carmen's knee in a atomic drop.

Madhuri bounced off Carmen's knee and her head smashed against the steel bars again and she crumpled to the floor in pain clutching her head. Carmen grabbed Madhuri by the hair and scooped her up and body slammed her hard against the steel floor, Madhuri's mega tits shaking in the process as she arched her back in pain. Her hair was all over her face and strands were red from the blood on her face. Both her tits were now exposed as the second one slipped from the top.

Carmen reached down and untied Madhuri's skimpy bikini top letting her D cups burst free and put the bikini top round Madhuri's neck and strangled her with it. "GAK" grasped Madhuri as her fingers reached and tried to pull the strings away from her neck. Carmen hauled her to her feet using the choke hold and pushed Madhuri forward and slammed her into the steel mesh again, Carmen helping by meshing her D cups into Madhuri's sweaty back. Standing there against the mesh, Carmen grabbed one hand of Madhuri's slut hair and started slamming Madhuri's head into the mesh.

The crowd counted along as Carmen slammed Madhuri's head into the mesh, her slut hair flying all over and stopped at the count of ten as Madhuri's legs gave way under her and blood splattered from the cut was on Madhuri's forehead. Carmen reached down and grabbed hold of Madhuri's skimpy bikini bottoms which were up her ass and pulled them off, the crotch sticking momentarily to her wet cunt, leaving Madhuri naked and bleeding.

"You horny slut, this is pussy juice," grinned Carmen as she held the bikini bottoms and sniffed them and then threw them to her husband.

She cupped her own tits and shook them at him.

Carmen bent over the fallen slut star and Madhuri struck quickly reached up and grabbed Carmen's hanging hair with one blood stained hand and with the other, raked Carmen across the eyes. Carmen screamed out, clutching her eyes as Madhuri's blood stained her face. As Carmen stumbled back, holding her face, Madhuri struggled to her feet, but fell back again as the blood from her forehead trickled down her face, bits landing on her heaving naked tits.

Both girls stayed in opposite corners of the cage till Carmen could clear her eyes and Madhuri staggered to her feet, blood now down her face and neck and chest. Carmen charged at the still staggering Madhuri and slammed her foot up into Madhuri's naked unprotected cunt and Madhuri's feet and body left the floor and she landed in a heap on the floor, her body spasming as she clutched her cunt in pain, her face screwed up in pain and her hair on her face.

Carmen pulled Madhuri to her feet and hoisted her body up and slammed her to the steel floor. Madhuri hit hard and arched her back in pain as Carmen again hauled her up and hugged Madhuri's naked tits to her own, Carmen belly to belly suplexed Madhuri to the steel floor. Madhuri's body spasmed someone from the punishment as Carmen again pulled her to her feet and hugged Madhuri's sweaty blood stained tits to her own sweaty and now bloody ones also from Madhuri's ones and lifted Madhuri's feet off the floor and then smashed her naked wet cunt onto Carmen's knee in a reverse atomic drop.

"GAAAHHHH" cried Madhuri as she crumpled to the floor, curling into a ball and cupping her cunt.

Carmen made her way out of the cage and grabbed a folded steel chair and re-entered the cage. Madhuri was at this point on her hands and knees, crawling away as the blood stained her slut hair and dripped to the floor. With a cry, Carmen brought the chair up over her head and smashed it down hard onto Madhuri's back with a loud CRACK.

"ARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH" cried Madhuri as her body slammed to the floor.

It was quite a sight as the half naked Carmen Electra stood with her legs apart, holding the chair while her mega tits heaved up and down on her chest, Madhuri's blood staining her tits while Madhuri was lying flat on her stomach and tits, her naked ass twitching, blood staining her slut hair as she tried to again crawl away from Carmen.

"You're ass is mine slut" yelled Carmen.

She got the shaky Madhuri to stand up, her tits heaving and blood flowing down her face and neck and tits, her hair mattered, her eyes glazed. Madhuri's arms hung limply by her side and her body swayed.

Carmen picked up the steel chair and cried, "His cock in your ass is going to hurt more than this."

With a CROCK sound, she smashed the chair down onto Madhuri's head!!

The crowd cried out loudly at the sound the chair hitting Madhuri's head made as Madhuri crumpled to the floor onto her back, her arms splayed out and her legs opened obscenely, her head rolling to the side. Carmen stood over the unconscious Madhuri and let the dented steel chair fall to the floor. She put her foot between Madhuri's bloodied tits and took the three count.

Carmen smiled up at her horny husband and smiled lustfully and late that night, Madhuri Dixit's screams could be heard from Carmen and her husband's suite as he took her up the ass over and over again.