Madhuri Dixit vs. Salma Hayek by Dedeo 10-Jul-2000

Madhuri Dixit stood in the ring in a white bra and matching panties, waiting for Salma Hayek to come down the aisle. The curtain opened and Salma began to strut down the aisle in a big fur coat. She slid into the ring and removed her coat for a second, revealing a blue bra. She then flashed it open for a quick second again, this time showing her blue g-string. Madhuri was annoyed and she snuck up behind Salma and ripped the coat off. She grabbed Salma by the hair and smashed her head into the turnbuckle 5 times before she flung her to the mat. Salma rolled up into a ball covering her head and Madhuri shot a kick to her ribcage. Salma was on her knees begging, and Madhuri turned her head to look at the cheering crowd.

This secondary lapse gave Salma an opening and she flung her fist between Madhuri's legs. Madhuri fell to the floor in pain as Salma began to smile as she grabbed Madhuri's panties.

She leaned forward and whispered into Madhuri's ear, "Kiss your ass good-bye."

Madhuri's eyes got VERY wide as Salma jerked them up her ass crack. She yanked them harder, pulling Madhuri to her feet and then above the floor as the wedgie went very high up her ass, so high that it exposed part of her pussy. Madhuri was crying as Salma walked her around the ring before she dropped her in the center of the ring.

"What;s the matter, is the big mean bully hurting your big butt?"

Madhuri swung at her, but was stuck on her back like a turtle, frozen with pain because every move that she made dug the panties higher and higher. Salma dropped her leg down over Madhuri's neck, totally immobilizing her. Salma kneeled down next to her and began to stroke her face, infuriating and turning on Madhuri. She moved her hands lower towards Madhuri's bra, which she slowly removed.

She began to massage her breasts, and Madhuri's nipples began to harden,

much to the delight of Salma. Madhuri was all excited on being fucked by the Mexican Bitch Salma Hayek.

Salma lowered her head and pressed her lips against Madhuri's left nipple, and began to suck on it, her tongue licking the tip. Madhuri began to moan in pleasure and Salma began moving even lower down her body. She pulled out the wedgie and slid her hand down the front of Madhuri's panties. Salma began to finger Madhuri, bringing her close to orgasm. Madhuri's moans got faster and faster and faster and then she screamed as Salma yanked out a small clump of hair. Salma then decided to really humiliate Madhuri some more. It was not enough that she almost brought Madhuri to orgasm, but now she wanted to use a facesit. She slowly pulled down her g-string to the delight of the fans. Madhuri was screaming out loud, so Salma stuffed the g-sting in her mouth. Rather than go for it, she decided that she wanted to beat Madhuri while nude, so she slowly removed her top. She then removed the g-string from Madhuri's mouth and hovered her ass over Madhuri's face. She lowered it slowly, until her perfect ass was over Madhuri's perfect face. She began to grind her ass all over Madhuri's face.

While she was grinding, she began to squeeze Madhuri's tits. When her ass covered every inch of her face, she stood up and saw that Madhuri was still somehow conscious.

"Now it's time to REALLY hurt your ass, because you've been a bad girl."

The defenseless Madhuri was draped over her knee as Salma slowly slid down the white panties and began to gently caress her silky smooth ass.

"Beg and I won't."


"Fine. Enjoy."

Salma raised her hand and lowered it down on Madhuri's ass. Madhuri never realized just how much it hurt and she began to cry. Salma squeezed her ass and smacked it again. Madhuri whimpered again as she lay defenseless. The 3rd blast turned her ass bright red and Salma was content. She laid her on the floor again and decided to smother her out for good with her cleavage. She began to lower it when Madhuri bit down hard on her nipple, causing blood to ooze out. Madhuri mustered up enough strength to nail Salma between her legs. The now nude Madhuri decided to repay her, and lowered her mammoth juicy breasts down on Salma, smothering her out. She put on Salma's coat and walked back to the dressing room, hurt, humiliated, but the victor.