Madhuri Dixit vs. Madonna by Horny 06-Jul-2000

They stood in front of each other like gladiators, Madonna standing looking awesome as she compared herself to Madhuri Dixit who had a equally awesome figure. they were very evenly matched and both looked forward to crushing the other to defeat! Each lady grabbed a handful of titflesh or at least tried too at first and began pulling each other around the room, each one's mouth twisted in pain as they tugged and twisted the pliable flesh between their fingers, the slightly taller Madonna glaring daggers at Madhuri's equally furious looking eyes!

Madonna had insisted on a no punching fight, only tit squeezing and cunt attacks and Madhuri had reluctantly agreed, not too keen on having her boobs subjected to unabashed punishment, but she wanted a piece of Madonna real bad after all the shit she had said about her online in the catfighting chat room earlier in the week! Madhuri cried out as Madonna smashed her tits against one another and ground them together painfully, thankful that at least the leather gloves they each wore kept green eyed hellcat's nails from piercing her flesh.

Madhuri shifted her attack lower and gave a mighty tug on Madonna's hairy bush, getting some relief as Madonna released her right boob from her rough grip to try and pull Madhuri's hand from her now aching cunt!

Madhuri managed to drive her foe back first, slamming her against the wall and pressed her attack, twisting Madonna's left nipple and her tit as she again gave a hard tug on her bush! Madonna's face twisted in pain and she renewed her attack on Madhuri's chest, her face lighting up with glee through the pain as Madhuri cried out as her left tit was twisted then pushed upwards towards her face.

"I'm going to rip these balloons right off your fuckin' chest, you cow!!!" Madonna yelled in her hurting rival's face!

"AHHHHHH", Madhuri cried out again.

Madonna's other hand found her pussy hairs and she gave a few tugs on it before reaching back up and getting a good grip on the right tit and pulled both down at the same time, Madhuri's face showing the agony of the move as her knees started to buckle and she was slowly forced downwards to her knees, an anguished moan emanating from her lips!

"Get a good look at a pair of stupendous tits Honey!" Madonna purred as she buried Madhuri's face in her titflesh and tried to smother her with them, rubbing her face deeply into her expansive cleavage.

Already Madonna had Madhuri in trouble, her tits throbbing in pain and she struggled hard trying to push away and get her rivals tits out of her face, but Madonna was too strong and had her wedged tightly against her chest! When Madhuri's struggling became weaker Madonna, overconfident of a fast victory soon, suddenly tugged up on both of the huge tits she had pieces of crushed in her hands, getting a cry of pain out of her rival's lips as Madhuri's sensitive breast's were ripped upwards and she was forced to follow.

"Up we go", she said while pulling, the muscles in her shoulders and arms bulging from the exertion!!!

As Madhuri gulped in needed breathes of air Madonna yelled, "Now lets see how you like this!!!"

Her fingers burrowed deep into the already swelling flesh and she stepped back locking her arms straight out, pushing forward with both feet as she drove her hands even deeper into the yielding flesh. Madhuri's boob's were flowering out around her rival's hands as she yelled in pain at the savage move!

Madhuri grabbed at her rivals wrists to alleviate the pressure, but to no avail!

She cried out, "ARRHhhhhh, my fucking TITTTSSSS........!!!!"

Madhuri desperately reached out and grabbed Madonna's tit's by the nipples and started twisting and pulling with all her might, getting a small cry from Madonna which gave her all the incentive she needed to tear away even harder!

"Bet that don't feel too good HUH, you slut, How do YOU feel NOW???!!" Madhuri spit venomously at her now apparently also hurting rival between gulps of air her face twisted in agony as her own boobs ached severely from Madonna's utterly torturous attacks.

Still Madhuri was getting completely ravaged and just about ready to quite from the tit attacks her foe had already heaped upon her! But luck was with her for the moment and soon it was Madonna, her face showing the agony of her rival's nipple assault, who was forced to step back her face a mask of pain. With a cry she ripped Madhuri's tenderized boobs out and then pulling a screeching Madhuri with her by them, she tugged her foe's boobs outward and all but tossed her by them to the floor, freeing her aching nipple's from further pain being inflicted by Madhuri.

Madhuri fell to the floor and clutched at her swollen and utterly aching breasts as she lay on her back, Madonna's finger marks bright red on her ravaged boobs! Before she could even think of recuperating and try to get to her feet, Madonna was suddenly behind her head and reached down as she stepped on Madhuri's hair and she grabbed a good piece of titflesh in each hand before she tugged them up by it. Madhuri bellowed out in utter agony as her back left the ground.

"You're mine now bitch, I am going to keep pulling till I all but tear them off your fuckin' chest and stuff them up your ASS!!" a near triumphant Madonna yelled down at her aching and hurt foe!!

Both ravaged ladies knowing she could not take another such tug, Madhuri , her face a mask of utter pain, tears now streaming down her eyes and at the end of her rope, frantically tried to reach out through teary eyes and grab a handful of pussy hair.

"Ohhhhh,. no you don't," Madonna cried out as she swatted her rival's hand away and crushing the nipple of Madhuri's left tit in her palm tightly, then gave it the strongest tug upwards that she could.

Madhuri's shoulder blade left the floor as she grabbed at the wrist of her foe with both hands, screaming in agony at the immense pain.

"You think that hurt's bitch, how does THIS FEEL!!!!" Madonna said as she smashed her hand downward, fingers splayed outward, deeply into the right tit then grinding her hand back and forth as she put her weight behind it. The huge breast mushroomed out around her hand and fingers as she twisted the other breast around clockwise in her tight grip, Madhuri's screams reverberating off the walls.

"AAAAHHHHHHHH.........., OOHHHHHH.........ARRRRRHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!, PLEASSSEEE , NOO MOREEEE....!!!" she cried at her now triumphant foe.

Madonna slammed the bruised and swollen boobs together, enjoying more cries from her defeated foe as she rubbed them into each other, the flesh oozing out between her fingers as she gave them all she could and then finally released them while her foe sobbed at the cruel punishment she was dishing out to her.

"I guess we know whose tits are better now, don't we little girl!!!, she said with a huge smirk!!!

Madonna walked around and straddled Madhuri, grabbing her head by the hair and proceeded to breast smother her.

"Hope you enjoy this as much as me, Honey!!!" she purred as she ground Madhuri face deep in her cleavage, her face glowing in triumph and little irritation at the soreness emanating from them. She got a little overly enthusiastic in her boob smothering. When she had enough she released Madhuri and stood up, planting her foot between her foe's tits and held her arms above her head in a victory pose!!!!!!