Madhuri Dixit v/ Sophie Marceau by Horny 06-Jul-2000

Sophie climbs into the ring to wild applause, wearing a simple grey cotton athletic bra and matching bikini briefs below. Her powerful shoulders and chest are topped with two nice breasts, each displaying a hardened nipple barely hiding below the thin cotton of her bra. Her firmed butt is hardly covered by the small briefs she wears.

Madhuri, on the other hand, arrives ring side all show biz, wearing a garish set of black stockings and garters, red satin panties and a red satin bustier busting at the seams. Before the crowd can even sit down, Madhuri slowly lowers her stockings in a strip tease for the crowd, who responds with racaus applause. Flipping her stockings to the crowd, Madhuri slowly pops open each catch on the front of her bustier, each snap revealing more and more of her huge tits.

After the final button goes, Madhuri slowly slides out of her top, dropping them on the canvas in front of Sophie. Madhuri motions to Sophie, telling her to drop her top too, but the Italian is silent, ready to lock up. By this time the crowd has gone nuts and is ready for action, as are the two young ladies.

Madhuri and Sophie meet in the center of the ring without so much as a seconds hesitation, locking up and pushing their way around the ring. Madhuri's pendulous breasts swing and sway, as the two dance and shove their way around the ring. The two girls break with a flourish in the center of the ring, Sophie obviously taken aback by the stocky little Indian slut's powerfully built body.

Madhuri snarls at her Italian opponent, a thin sheen of sweat forming on her huge bosom.

Sophie's nipples proudly stand tall under her bra, threatening to poke their way through the material, but Madhuri derisively points at the comparatively small hooters, cupping her huge mammaries in a mocking fashion. Enraged, the two lock up again, and stagger their way around before breaking again.

Madhuri smiles, "That all you got, honey?"

Now totally infuriated by the buxom Indian slut, Sophie crashes into her opponent in the middle of the ring, meeting like rams butting heads. Madhuri takes advantage of Sophie's fury, locking up, then sliding inside to deliver a crushing knee lift to the belly, dropping the Bond girl to all fours with a loud huff.

Her wind now gone, Marceau tries to crawl away, one hand over her injured stomach, but Madhuri seizes the back of the drawers, pulling Sophie back toward her, and then giving the tights a good tug up Sophie's butt and crotch. Giggling as Sophie lets out a yelp of pain, Madhuri gives Sophie no rest, grabbing the back of her briefs again and picking her up by them, and then hefting the Italian girl up with surprising ease. Sophie's cotton briefs wedge themselves farther up her fine ass and crotch as Madhuri gleefully pulls and tugs on them.

Sophie tries in vain to keep her own tights from splitting her in two, but the cotton bikini goes higher and higher up her groin, exposing her pubic hair and then her pubic lips. Madhuri ends the tights tugging by jabbing Sophie with an extended thumb to her exposed cunt. Sophie lies motionless on the mat, collecting her self and moaning softly as Madhuri walks a slow circle around her injured opponent.

Following the wedgie, Madhuri picks up Sophie like a rag doll and takes two steps forward before dropping to one knee, delivering a spine snapping back breaker that would make a chiropractor wince. Groaning softly, Sophie makes it back to all four before Madhuri drops her rather large butt across the Italian's lower back, sending Sophie face first into the canvas. Madhuri rolls her over before dropping her butt again, this time crushing Sophie's belly and lower ribs.

Still straddling the crushed model, Madhuri carefully raises Sophie's bra, pulling it up over her head and throwing it aside, asking, "Bond Girl? There's nothing super about these little titties, girl. Now these on the other hand...."

Madhuri leans forward slowly, gently cupping her huge mammaries. Lowering her huge bosom into Marceau's face, Madhuri goes for the early smothering submission. Picking up the helpless Italian and nestling her head into the cleavage of her huge breasts, Madhuri begins rocking Sophie forward and pressing her head into the sweaty crevice between her tits.

Muffled screams can be heard as Madhuri calmly talks to Sophie, "There, there, just quite down. It'll all be over in a few seconds."

Sophie quickly begins pushing her way out, pressing her hands against Madhuri's large gut, but the big Indian slut wraps both arms around Sophie's head with crushing strength, hugging her opponent's face into the smother hold between her pillow sized tits. Marceau's struggle begin to lose their ferocity, and Sophie begins to flail hopelessly, before finally breaking free with a few blindly thrown fists connect with Madhuri's stomach. Madhuri releases Sophie in a huff of pain, grasping her belly. Her face covered with a mixture of her own sweat and Madhuri's titty sweat, Sophie tries shaking her head to clear the cob webs.

"Now there, that wasn't very nice," coos Madhuri as she rises to deliver a fist to Sophie's still aching crotch.

Madhuri then hefts Sophie to her feet by the hair. Once both girls are on their feet, Madhuri lifts Sophie's arm and carefully aims a strong titty punch into the left mammary. Bent over and gasping for air, Sophie meets a swift knee lift to the chest and face. Taking Marceau by the hair, Madhuri deposits her in a corner, pinning her there with her powerful arms and chest. Madhuri follows with a few shoulder blocks to Sophie's lower abdomen, dropping her shoulder and ramming the last one into Sophie's groin. Madhuri slowly peels the cotton underwear out of Sophie's crotch, making sure that Marceau feels every inch of it.

The crowd watches in stunned silence as the hereto untouchable Bond girl is pummeled again, this time, Madhuri raining fists all over Sophie's firm breasts and taut belly. Turning the Italian around, Madhuri does an equal number on her lower back and butt, using her fists and a few knee lifts that part Marceau's thighs. Facing out to the crowd, Sophie's face is a mask of pain as her back, butt and groin are violated in every way imaginable. Madhuri, using her feet, fists, knees and thumbs, works the Italian over from butt to back, cunt to cranium. Madhuri turns Sophie around again, and snap mares her nude body into the center of the ring. Madhuri slowly stalks the prone Italian, stopping right over her face to slowly drop her red satin panties.

"This is it Honey! Lights out!"

Madhuri then slowly drops her ass into Sophie's face. Working the backward face sit, Madhuri faces down toward Sophie's torso, while her butt and crotch do the real work, smothering the Italian out. Madhuri's hands roam Sophie's chest, pinching and twisting her tanned breasts, raking her fingernails across her sweaty belly, and finally mauling Marceau's mammaries. In torturing Sophie's chest, Madhuri fails to secure the Italian's hands, which soon find their way up to Madhuri's large melons. The unexpected pain from Sophie clawing and squeezing her breasts, sends Madhuri forward, breaking the facesit, and allowing Sophie get away. Marceau is so disabled that she can't even roll over and make any attempt at escape.

Turning around massaging her mammaries, Madhuri mutters, "Well, then, we'll just have to try it from this side."

She slides her crotch across Sophie's semi lucid face in a forward facesit, using her knees and shins to pin Sophie's shoulders and hands to the mat. At the last second, Sophie realizes what is happening and tries to fight her way out, but Madhuri is just too large.

Madhuri uses her weight advantage and drops her dripping wet cunt square onto Marceau's nose, not quite smothering out the screaming Italian's cries for help. Madhuri snuggles down pinning the weakened Bond girl's hands down to the canvas, getting as comfortable as she can while fending off Marceau's blind kicking attacks. Slowly drawing her knees together, Madhuri completes the smothering front face sit, completely muffling Sophie with her sweaty crotch and thighs. Madhuri leans forward smiling broadly, again letting her weight do the dirty work, cutting off Sophie's air. After a few seconds, Madhuri begins to enjoy her domination, releasing Sophie's hands and adding a slow pump to her front facesit.

Just as Madhuri begins to enjoy her victory, she gets a pained look on her face, and suddenly her hands shoot down to groin. With a agony filled scream, Madhuri grabs at her crotch, and then rolls to the side again freeing up the Italian beauty. Sophie doesn't even move for a few seconds, simply lying nude and spread eagle in the center of the ring, gasping, hacking and coughing. Climbing out from under the incapacitated Indian slut's large bulk, Sophie crawls to all fours, her face covered in sweat, her hair plastered to her head. After getting a few deep breaths, Sophie pulls a few Indian slut pubic hairs out of her teeth. Still, devastated by the long periods without air, Marceau manages to spit out a few more Indian slut pubic hairs into Madhuri's pain racked face. Sophie takes her first look at Madhuri face while is still rolling on the mat with her hands buried in her groin.

"Nasty Bitch!" spits out Sophie, picking another curly pubic hair out of her teeth. "I'll show you how its done!"

Sophie rises to her feet, and delivers a forceful stomp to Madhuri's forehead, dropping down to rake the shoelaces of her high boot against Madhuri's eyes. After prying Madhuri's hand away from her face, Sophie plops her butt into Madhuri's face for a front facesit, quickly riding and pumping her butt cheeks into Madhuri's face a few seconds before rising over the crushed wannabe Playboy cover girl.

Still standing spread eagle over the Indian slut, Sophie reaches down with both hands and latches firmly onto both of Madhuri's large tits, grasping the mammaries in her hands and pinching off each nipple between her thumb and the inside of each hand.

"Are you ready for this?" asks Sophie slowly jogging each huge breast to the left and then the right.

As Madhuri tries to pry away Marceau's iron grip, Sophie begins savagely twisting and turning both breasts, while vigorously shaking and ripping the large tits from side to side. Madhuri lets out one long bellowing scream as Sophie shakes her tits from side to side.

After only a few seconds of the titty torture, Sophie asks Madhuri if she has had enough. With tears streaming down her face, Madhuri slowly nods her head, gently grasping her aching globes as soon as Sophie releases them. Madhuri quickly rolls onto her stomach, sobbing in pain.

"That's what we call an Italian milkshake back home!"

Quickly rolling Madhuri onto her back again, Sophie mutters, "Time to Finish this right."

Sophie again quick sits on Madhuri's face, using the backward facesit while holding Madhuri's hands down. After a few seconds, Madhuri's struggles cease and Sophie stands. Without even looking back, Sophie leaves the ring. Sophie climbs out of the ring, stiff and sore, but victorious