Madhuri Dixit vs. Cindy Margolis by Dedeo 07-Jul-2000

Cindy was a vet of many catfights from her years in the movie business. She had taken loads of bimbos and starlets on and had seen all of them off. She was deceptively strong and knew how to fight. Madhuri too had been in enough scraps although not as many as Cindy. In the cut throat world of the business, one learnt to watch ones back.

Madhuri came to the ring clad in a leotard type outfit.. Pink tube top and leotard. Fairly conservative. Cindy on the other hand loved her own body and knew that the guys at the ring did too. She came to the ring in a thin white tank top that was stretched tight over her tits. Her nipples poked through and her areolas were visible as well. She wore cut off jeans that showed her ass cheeks. In the ring, she stripped off her jeans to show a pair of g-string panties. Not bikini bottoms, but lacy panties. The crowd went bananas and Madhuri fumed.

When the bell went, the girls locked up in the middle of the ring till Madhuri broke the lockup and slapped Cindy across the face. Cindy was shocked at this and felt intense pain on her cheek. Only when she felt her cheek did she realize why. Madhuri had actually scratched her and drawn blood, two slashes across Cindy cheek and blood flowed. Madhuri grinned wildly at Cindy's shocked reaction and before Cindy could recover, Madhuri kicked out catching Cindy in the stomach bending her over. Madhuri put an elbow to Cindy's neck and Cindy was on her knees.

"You like your body so much, slut, let the crowd see more" said Madhuri as she ripped off Cindy's tank top and wrapped it round her neck strangling her.

Madhuri had the choke on Cindy from behind so as Cindy got to her feet to try and break the hold, her C cups shook wildly on her chest. Madhuri then used one hand to hold the choke and reached round with the other, palming Cindy's firm tit and squeezing.

"You got big ones , honey" breathed Madhuri to Cindy as she squeezed Cindy's tit.

Madhuri released the tit and concentrated on staying behind Cindy and keeping the top choked around her neck. Cindy struggled and both bodies turned round as Cindy tried to loosen the grip. Her face started turning pale as the choke took effect. Madhuri instead of maintaining the choke, used the top to start swinging Cindy around. Before she got to two rounds the top snapped and Cindy went flying off into the corner hitting the top turnbuckle with her tits. The impact knocked her backwards onto her back where she lay groaning, trying to rub her neck which was bruised totally by the top and her tits which ached . Madhuri with an evil grin came round and started stomping the fallen Cindy. Cindy cried out and tried to cover up. Madhuri then hauled Cindy to her feet by the hair and Cindy in desperation poked Madhuri in the eyes.

"You cunt" yelled out Madhuri as she staggered backwards towards the ropes while holding her face and rubbing her eyes.

Madhuri was bent over at the ropes trying to clear her eyesight when she stood up straight and removed her hands from her face. Her eyes opened wide in shock and fright as the next second, Cindy had met Madhuri's neck with a clothes line sending Madhuri up and over the ropes to land in a heap on the sand.

Madhuri lay on the sand groaning as Cindy shook her head clear and came out of the ring onto the sand. Her tits bounced as she landed on the sand. She hauled Madhuri up by the straps of her leotard and the straps snapped. Because of the elastic, her bottoms stayed on. Cindy straightened Madhuri up and punched her hard in the stomach bending her over. As she was standing bent over, Cindy reached for Madhuri's tube top and pulled it off over her head and threw it into the crowd. As Madhuri straightened up, Cindy used both hands to scratch straight down Madhuri chest and tits drawling a wail of pain from Madhuri as some of Cindy's nails actually punctured Madhuri's skin leaving ten nail scratches down her front, the punctured one's bleeding.

Cindy smiled at the turning of the tables and scooped up Madhuri and then dropped her neck over the guard railing !! Madhuri jumped off holding her neck as she choked on the sand. Cindy then hoisted her to her feet again and holding the hair on the back of her head and the back portion of her leotard slammed Madhuri, head first into the railing. Madhuri hit head first and crumpled to the ground, groaning, her legs splayed open obscenely. Cindy then pulled Madhuri up and threw her back into the ring.

Cindy got up to the apron and went to the corner turnbuckle when she went to the top. Then as the dazed Madhuri got to her feet, Cindy came flying off with both fist clutched landing the blow on top of Madhuri's head sending her down to the mat again. With Madhuri on her front, Cindy reached down for Madhuri's leotard and started pulling it off her. Being tight, Cindy struggled slightly as she rocked Madhuri's body around trying to get the leotard off leaving Madhuri in only a pair of g-string panties. Cindy ripped these off too throwing them into the crowd leaving Madhuri naked on the mat. Cindy pulled Madhuri up and slapped on a bear hug keeping Madhuri arms pinned by her side. Madhuri screamed out loud as Cindy applied the pressure, driving her C cups into Madhuri's tits. Cindy then started shaking Madhuri's body around like a rag doll as Madhuri slowly faded.

Unable to break out of the hold, Madhuri spat in Cindy's eye causing her to cry out and release the hold, Madhuri slumping to the ground. Unfortunately, this just pissed Cindy off. As Madhuri struggled to her feet, Cindy met her with a massive clothes line sending Madhuri 180 degrees over landing on her tits on the mat. Pulling Madhuri up again, Cindy got Madhuri up into a pile driver. Before executing the pile driver, Madhuri's wide open cunt was staring Cindy in the face and she couldn't resist, first slurping her cunt like a cat would a bowl of milk - driving sparks through Madhuri's body and then chomping down hard on her cunt lips drawing a muffled scream from Madhuri as Cindy dropped to her knees driving Madhuri's head into the mat. She dropped Madhuri's limp body to the mat where it laid spread-eagled.

She pulled the naked and sweaty body of Madhuri up again to her feet and clamped her head between her legs. She wrapped her arms round Madhuri's waist and with an "arghhhhh" hoisted her limp body up and power slammed her down to the mat where Madhuri's body started spasming from the impact.

The match was over and Madhuri lay on her back on the mat out cold. Cindy in final humiliation, stood over Madhuri's face. Then the porn star started grinding her body and swiveling her hips and cupping her tits. She slowly peeled down her panties off one leg then the other before throwing the soaked panties into the crowd. She then lowed herself over Madhuri's face, holding Madhuri's hair and ground her hot wet cunt over Madhuri's face. ...but Cindy didn't get off straight away continuing her grind on Madhuri's face till she orgasmed all over her face. Only then did she get off, leaving Madhuri naked and lying spread-eagled on the mat, her face wet with Cindy's cum.