Madhuri Dixit vs. Jenny McCarthy by Dedeo 07-Jul-2000

Evenly split, one half of the crowd went for the beautiful Madhuri Dixit who showed good catfighting skills and surprised many by beating her Maria Grazia Cucinotto so easily. The fact that she was beautiful and had an almost perfect body didn't hurt. The other was for the lusty Jenny McCarthy, who had used her body and sex very efficiently on her opponent. A porn star who looked at sex as something she really enjoyed rather than as a requirement for her job, she also had a vicious streak in her.

Jenny was the first to arrive in the cage and she wore a thigh length robe tied tightly around her body. She stayed that way while waiting for Madhuri who came into the cage in a black bikini which barely covered her firm tits and taunt ass. Her tits jiggled in her flimsy bikini top as she walked. In the cage, both girls stopped to look at each other from their respective corners. Jenny looked at Madhuri through hair which had partly fallen across her face and grinned at her while licking her lips. Madhuri found Jenny attractive.

This there was no doubt. Jenny radiated sex and Madhuri could feel it.. Her thoughts turned to her own date after her last match who was well hung and plowed her pussy like it hadn't been fucked for a long time. Her thoughts of sex made her nipples hard and she could feel her pussy starting to get moist as she stood there. She quickly shook her head to clear her thought to try and concentrate on the match. Jenny at this point untied her robe and shook it off, her bare tits swinging and pussy fur on show. Jenny was naked under the robe. Madhuri took one look at the voluptuous body and her heart fluttered and she could feel her pussy getting even wetter.

"Take it off baby" said Jenny to Madhuri pointing to her bikini. "I'm going to strip you anyway so might as well save me the trouble," Jenny said and grinned.

Madhuri ignored her and the bell was rung. The girls locked up and immediately, Jenny slipped behind Madhuri and slapped on a full nelson, trusting Madhuri's tits out and bringing her chin down to her chest. Jenny then rubbed her tits back and forth across Madhuri's back as Madhuri struggled to break the hold. Jenny released the hold on her own and reached down quickly and cupped both of Madhuri's tits, squeezing them through the bikini top. Madhuri pulled away at this point.

"Excited are we?" laughed Jenny.

She had felt Madhuri's rock hard nipples. Madhuri was slightly annoyed with herself here and set her mind on just destroying her opponent as quickly as possible. The girls came together and locked up again, each getting a hand on each other hair, moving each other around as Jenny's bare tits swung back and forth with each movement!! As her hair was pulled Madhuri let out a yelp and grabbed at the blonde's hair and savagely kneed Jenny in her naked pussy twice as Jenny collapsed to the ground in agony as Madhuri tugged on her hair and dragged her up again. Madhuri smiled cruelly as she kneed Jenny's right breast repeatedly, till she released the brunette to fall to the ground holding her tit and groaning in pain. As Madhuri leaned over to pull Jenny up again, Jenny slammed the top of her head into Madhuri's face cutting her lip and bleeding her nose. With a curse, Madhuri kicked Jenny in the cunt again causing her to fall back to the ground on her knees holding her sex.

Jenny reached up suddenly and ripped her nails across Madhuri's chest, pulling her bikini top away releasing Madhuri's tits with their rock hard nipples, bringing a yell of pain from her Madhuri's full lips. Her mouth dripping blood on Jenny, Madhuri's face blazed with fury as she grabbed one hand full of hair and in the other, a handful of tit flesh as she squeezed Jenny's right tit with all her might, her fingers crushing and kneading the soft flesh horribly as Jenny's face twists in agony, unable for the moment to defend herself.

Madhuri purred into her foe's ear, " This is it you slut, your just desserts!"

With that, she released Jenny's hair and grabbed both of Jenny's orbs in her hands and twisted the flesh hard back and forth, pulling and squeezing as Jenny cried out in utter agony. Her foes cries of anguish music to her ears, Madhuri dug her nails in deeper as her foe bellowed in agony. Reaching up with her hands, Jenny "returned the favor" and latched onto Madhuri's erect nipples with her nails, squeezing it and causing cuts as she ground her nails in, almost severing the nipple in half!

Madhuri wailed, "My nipples, arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," as she started twisting her body to try and escape from Jenny's nails.

Jenny released one nipple and with a mean upper cut, threw a solid punch into Madhuri's groin feeling her fist sink into the soft folds of Madhuri's wet cunt. Madhuri released her hold on Jenny's tits and staggered back, bent in half and cupping her groin. The blonde used the time to recuperate and raised up off the floor and tackled Madhuri to the ground and straddled her, trapping her arms under her knees.

She grabbed at the bikini top and ripped it off exposing both of the brunette's lovely tits totally. She sank her fingers into each one and began to twist and squeeze as Madhuri bellowed out in pain and struggled frantically to free her arms. Jenny could feel the tit flesh ooze through her fingers and the hard nipples press against her palms. Jenny got off Madhuri pulling her to her feet by her hair and throwing a hard punch into Madhuri's stomach.

"Ooofffffff," cried Madhuri as she clutched her stomach and bent over in pain.

As she straightened up, pain all over her face, Jenny nailed Madhuri in the face with a running dropkick sending Madhuri flying face first into the steel cage, her nose now bleeding profusely. Madhuri stood, front against the steel wall and leaned against it to try and catch her breath. Jenny came up to her, turning her around and began sending her fists flying into Madhuri's tits left and right several times bruising up her melons. Madhuri covered up and sank slowly down the wall. Jenny stood back from the fallen Madhuri and grinned. Sweat poured down her chest, over and around her tits, down her heaving stomach and into her blonde pussy fur.

She reached down and pulled Madhuri's legs out from under her, the back of her head slamming into the steel wall as Jenny pulled her to the middle of the cage. Spreading her legs apart, Jenny looked down at the sweaty topless body of Madhuri Dixit, her tits raising heavily, nipples hard as Madhuri held up her hands to ask for mercy. Jenny licked her lips as Madhuri had a great body and this was a position that Jenny liked to see it in. Jenny steeped forward and dropped her knee into Madhuri's exposed groin.

"Awwwwwwwww" screamed Madhuri as Jenny released her legs and allowed Madhuri to roll on her side cupping her groin. Jenny reached down and pulled Madhuri's bikini bottoms off, the groin area sticking to Madhuri's wet cunt momentarily before coming loose. Jenny put it to her nose.

"We ARE excited aren't we" cooed Jenny as she smelled Madhuri pussy juices. Jenny took the bottoms and ran it along her own cunt, then wiped her sweaty tits with the bottoms before throwing it to the crowd as a souvenir. Madhuri was still curled up in a ball as Jenny pulled her to her feet and slapped on the full nelson again. She rubbed her own full tits into Madhuri's naked sweaty back making her own nipples hard. She also ground her groin against Madhuri ass.

Madhuri was hardly fighting back here, her chin pressed against her chest, her hair all over her face. Her body shuddered as she felt Jenny's hard nipples poke into her back. Her legs weakened and her pussy leaked juices down her inner thighs. As Jenny continued to run her tits against Madhuri's back, she could feel her own pussy start to leak juices. Then Jenny released one arm from the full nelson and reached down and cupped Madhuri's wet sex.

Madhuri moaned "owwwww. I'm so horny,.uh." as Jenny's middle finger penetrated her wet gash.

Jenny stuck a second finger in and then a third at the same time releasing the full nelson totally and cupping Madhuri's right then left tit with one hand while she rotated her fingers in Madhuri's cunt. The crowd grew wild at this act of pure sex. There was no fighting here, just one horny woman getting another off. Madhuri could feel her legs grow weak as her juices flowed down Jenny's fingers.

"Oh don't stop..oh.harder.. I'm coming," moaned Madhuri.

Jenny slammed her fingers in and out of Madhuri, making obscene squelching sounds, her other hand pulling at Madhuri's nipples. As Madhuri orgasmed on Jenny's fingers, Jenny grinned!! She released the weakened Madhuri who slumped against the wall, her chest heaving, hair all over her face and her eyes half closed. She rubbed her own hand unconsciously over her mound. Jenny cupped her own full tits in her hands and rubbed her own hardened nipples back and forth across Madhuri's nipples drawing a further moan of ecstasy from Madhuri. Jenny then released her tits letting them hang heavily and cupped Madhuri's face in her hands. She then kissed Madhuri and let her hands wander into Madhuri hair. Madhuri responded to the kiss and continued rubbing her own mound and her other hand reached up to cup one of Jenny's heavy tits.

Without warning, Jenny suddenly broke the kiss and grabbing Madhuri's hair, slammed her head back against the steel wall shocking Madhuri and the crowd. Before Madhuri could reach up to cover her head, Jenny slammed her head back again against the wall viciously. Madhuri slumped down to her knees, her head bowed and her heads cupping the back of her head. Jenny with a wicked grin reached down and pulled Madhuri to her feet by her hair.

Slapping her head under Jenny's left armpit, Jenny fell backwards hard slamming Madhuri's head into the steel floor in a devastating DDT. Madhuri's body flipped over limply like a rag doll, ending up on her back, spread-eagled and nude, her tits heaving. She was barely conscious and sweat poured down her lush body. Jenny sat on her ample ass next to the prone body of Madhuri, seemingly in reflection. Her head was hanging down on her chest, hair all over her face. Then she looked up, brushed the hair away and grinned at the crowd.