Madhuri Dixit vs. Anna Nicole Smith by Dedeo 07-Jul-2000

Both women were dressed in micro bikinis. Madhuri winning the initial fight of the "sexy bodies" with her gorgeous beasts and juicy ass Still Anna was no way put to shame her awesome body being also totally on show. Madhuri wore a white stringy bikini, her hard nipples poked through the material on top and her dark pubic fur was visible through the bottom. Anna wore a red bikini which also allowed her hard nipples to show through the top. Her ass cheeks jiggled as the thong bottom cut into her ass. The girls locked up straight away in the middle of the living room.

They locked hands in a test of strength their hands eventually ending up above them as they pressed their tits into each other, all the while grunting as they struggled for position. Anna suddenly relaxed falling onto her back, the momentum carrying Madhuri forward. Anna put her feet into Madhuri's belly flipping her over to land heavily on her back, knocking the wind out of her. Quick as a cat, Anna was on her feet and hauled Madhuri to her feet by her hair. Anna sent a devastating punch into Madhuri unprotected belly bending Madhuri over.

Dropping an elbow onto the back of her head, Anna sent Madhuri to the carpet again. Anna jumped onto Madhuri's back driving the wind out of her again and squashing her tits into the carpet. Hooking her arms, Anna slipped her hands under Madhuri's chin and slapped on the camel clutch. Madhuri moaned in pain as Anna sat backwards, her thong covered ass against Madhuri's thong covered ass. Madhuri grunted in pain but did not give, frustrating Anna who broke the hold, stood up and stomped on Madhuri's back, drawing a cry of pain from her. Anna pulled Madhuri to her feet by her bikini bottoms, driving it up into Madhuri's hairy wet cut, her cunt lips poking out of the bikini which now cut into her gash.

"OOOHHHH" she cried as she cupped her groin, trying to extract the material from her snatch. Anna grinned and pulled harder at the thong driving it further in. Anna then also pulled at the bikini top from behind, pulling the cups into Madhuri's tender tits. Madhuri groaned again not knowing whether to see to her cunt or tits. Anna put her foot into Madhuri's back and pulled both Madhuri's top and bottoms.

It was a sight with Anna on one leg, bits of her pubic fur starting to poke out of the crotch area of her bikini, sweat drenched her voluptuous body as she put her foot into Madhuri's back, arching her body. Madhuri had pain all over her face, her eyes closed as she had her right hand trying to pull her bikini top forward, to relieve the pain on her tits and her left hand in her bottoms, trying to pull it out of her cunt which was really on show now, her c--- lips on both sides of the bottom and her thick bush poking out.

Suddenly, Madhuri flew forward to the carpet as her bikini top snapped, her tits slipping out. She groaned, lying tits down against the carpet. She rolled onto her back in pain, one hand massaging her bare sweaty tits, red marks around her tits from the pressure of the bikini top and her other hand snaking down to her bikini bottoms, reaching into her juicy cunt to get the bottom out. Anna reached down, holding up Madhuri's legs in a wishbone. Madhuri saw what was coming and begged for mercy, forgetting about pulling the bottom out of her gash. No mercy was shown by Anna as she stomped on Madhuri's almost naked pussy.

"URGHHHHH" cried Madhuri, cupping her groin and rolling on her side. Anna could sense the fight almost won as she hauled Madhuri to her feet again by her hair.

Madhuri was bent over still cupping her cunt. Making her stand straight, Anna hugged Madhuri to her, crushing Madhuri's luscious breasts and bare tits against Anna's still bikini covered ones. Lifting Madhuri's feet off the carpet, Anna proceeded to front atomic drop Madhuri, sending her wet gash against Anna's knee.

"ARGHHHHHH" Madhuri groaned, bouncing off Anna's knee, falling backwards on her back and cupping her groin.

Anna loved it, she could feel her own gash soaking up. The thrill of catfights and beating up on a beautiful woman like Madhuri turned her on. As Madhuri rolled on the carpet in pain, Anna sat back on the carpet, pushed her bikini bottoms aside showing off her wet dripping slit to the crowd and started rubbing her own clit. Within seconds, Anna's cunt exploded in a violent orgasm and she feel back on the carpet, her cups heaving. As she slowly recovered, she got to her feet, her bikini bottoms still pushed aside exposing her still wet cunt, juices coating the inside of her thighs. Madhuri was still on her side, cupping her groin. Anna reached down and pulled Madhuri's bikini bottoms off, the crotch area sticking momentarily to her wet groin.

Anna put the bottoms to her own nose, smelling Madhuri's sex all over it. Opening Madhuri's legs, Anna rammed two fingers into Madhuri's wet cunt causing her to moan. Three fingers in and Madhuri cried out feeling her orgasm coming on. Anna started to slam her fingers into Madhuri's cunt, bringing her off. At the same time, she cupped Madhuri's tit, squeezing it and then pinching the erect nipple. Madhuri's orgasm hit her hard and she felt herself passing out. Anna grinned, laying down onto Madhuri's shaking body, lifting one of her legs exposing her wondered gash more to the crowd and getting the three count for the pin. Anna loved it, she got off and she got everyone's favorite sex slut off .