Madhuri Dixit vs. Sharon Stone by Dedeo (May 20, 2000)

Madhuri lashed out with her open palm toward Sharon's face. She saw the blow coming and pulled away, but Madhuri's fingernails raked her cheek anyway.

"You fuckin' cunt!" Sharon screamed as her hand went to her cheek and came away with a few drops of blood.

Enraged, she lowered her head and charged Madhuri's belly with her shoulder. The two women went down in a heap with Sharon on top and she quickly grabbed the front of Madhuri's blouse with both hands and pulled. Buttons popped in all directions as the front of the shirt opened from neck to waist. With a cry of triumph, Sharon dug her fingers into the woman's twin mounts which were protected only by a thin bra. The actress pulled and tugged at the lacy material in an effort to get at Madhuri's breasts. Surprised by Sharon's unexpected attack, Madhuri was slow to respond. But grabbed a double handful of Sharon's long blonde hair and tried to pull the crazed actress off of her. Both women were successful. Just as Madhuri managed to throw Sharon on the grass, Madhuri's bra parted and as she fell, Sharon pulled the bra away with her.

For an instant both women lay still, staring at their opponent. Sharon started to rise, but Madhuri was quicker and got to her feet while Sharon was still on her knees. Madhuri lashed out with her foot and it landed square in the actress's stomach. Sharon pitched forward, landing on her chest. She gagged as she tried to catch her breath and Madhuri drew back her foot and kicked her again, this time in the breast. Sharon screamed in pain and rolled across the ring in an attempt to escape, but Madhuri pursued her with her blouse flapping in the breeze and her bare breasts bouncing. With each step she kicked Sharon in the side, hip or ass, whatever was within reach.

"You disgusting tramp," Madhuri screamed.

Sharon's only response was to grunt as Madhuri's foot buried itself in her belly. Madhuri repeated herself and drew back her foot once more. Once more her shoe landed on Sharon's breast. She held the battered tit in both hands and began to sob her surrender.

"OK, OK. You win. Don't kick me anymore."

Sharon slumped to the ground and buried her face in her arms, her body shuddering as she cried. Madhuri stood over her and glared down at her slim body, feeling a sense of accomplishment she couldn't remember having felt before. But Madhuri wasn't satisfied with mere promises, she wanted to ensure that Sharon would stay out of her life forever. She picked up the actresses bikini top from where it had fallen and straddled the actress's body.

Sharon tried to push herself up with her arms, but Madhuri put a knee in the small of her back, pinning her to the ground.

"Not so fast," she hissed as she grabbed the actresses wrist and twisted her arm behind her back. "I want you to stay here and listen to what I have to say."

When Madhuri started to wrap the bikini top around her wrist, Sharon realized what she was trying to do and struggled to frustrate her plan. But Madhuri was too heavy and with her entire weight pressing down on her back. Sharon couldn't stop Madhuri from tying the strip of cloth to her wrist. When Madhuri tried to grab her other wrist, however, Sharon managed to escape from under her.

She rolled away and scrambled to her feet and charged at Madhuri, who had begun chasing after her. They slammed together belly to belly and breast to breast, but it was Sharon who had the advantage. When their bodies hit, Sharon's superior conditioning gave her a brief opportunity as her flat, washboard stomach jammed against Madhuri's soft belly. Madhuri had been unprepared and Sharon heard her gasp at the impact. Quickly, the blonde grabbed Madhuri's hair in both hands and twisted. Off balance, short of breath and surprised by the actress's move, Madhuri slipped and fell to her knees in front of the actress. Sharon drew back her leg and drove her knee into Madhuri's chest between her breasts.

Madhuri's mouth formed an "O" as the air in her lungs was knocked out by the blow. Sharon still had a handful of Madhuri's hair and she used it to shove the woman over backwards so she could straddle her chest. Sharon dropped all of her weight on Madhuri's chest and pinned her to the ground, flat on her back. Madhuri was still gasping for breath as Sharon shook her head from side to side.

Sharon had trapped one of Madhuri's arms beneath her as she forced her to the ground and while Madhuri lay gasping for air it was an easy matter for the actress to grab her other arm as well. Now that Madhuri was unable to defend herself, Sharon ripped out clumps of brown hair with both hands and tears streamed down the older woman's cheeks.

"Well, Miss Dixit," Sharon gloated as she paused to rest, "who's got the upper hand now?"

When Madhuri didn't respond, Sharon cuffed her cheek with her palm and followed up by backhanding the startled woman across the mouth, smearing her lipstick in the process.

"I asked you a question," she snarled, "and I didn't get an answer."

Madhuri kicked her legs in the air and bucked her hips in an unsuccessful effort to unseat the actress. Sharon squeezed her thighs against Madhuri's heaving chest and rode out the brief storm as Madhuri soon exhausted herself without unseating the woman. Finally, Madhuri's struggles subsided and she lay still with her legs apart and her chest heaving. She was having trouble breathing because of the weight of the actress on her chest. Sharon smirked at how fast Madhuri's resistance had ended and she slapped both of Madhuri's cheeks sharply with her hands.

"That's better," she said softly, "You just lie there and rest. Let me do all the work. All this exercise must be very tiring. Besides," Sharon grinned as she reached behind her and put her hand on Madhuri's heaving stomach, "It doesn't feel like you're in very good shape."

She gathered a fold of flesh in her hand and squeezed it between her fingers. Madhuri let out a strangled yelp as the actresses fingernails sank into the soft flesh. Pleased by the reaction, Sharon did it again, but this time Madhuri bit her lip, refusing to give Sharon the satisfaction of knowing how much she had hurt her.

The actress smiled and slowly slid her hand down the smooth skin on Madhuri's belly until she reached the waist of her skirt. Sharon released the buckle and pulled the thin leather belt from around Madhuri's waist and draped it over her shoulders. When Sharon began to unbutton the front of the skirt, Madhuri's eyes widened in panic as she realized what Sharon was about to do.

"No! You can't...."

Desperately, Madhuri twisted her torso, hoping to throw the actress off of her chest and she almost succeeded. Sharon reached down, however, and braced herself with one hand on the ground. After she righted herself, with a quick thrust, she pushed her hand into Madhuri's dress and grabbed the front of her panties. A hard yank on the fabric pulled the material between the lips of Madhuri's pussy.

Sharon began to pull, stretching the material and pulling it against the sensitive flesh. Madhuri couldn't suppress a groan from her tightly pursed lips. Sharon smiled cruelly as she imagined the pain Madhuri was feeling. Finally the panties gave way, allowing Sharon to pull them through the crack between Madhuri's tightly clenched legs. Sharon held them to her nose and sniffed.

"Why, Ms. Dixit," she cooed, "You're excited aren't you! What do you have to say now?"

Sharon laid the torn crotch of her panties over Madhuri's face so that they covered her nose and mouth. She shook her head in an effort to escape the offending odor, but Sharon simply clamped her hand over Madhuri's mouth, holding it in place. Then, in a burst of inspiration, she pinching Madhuri's nostrils together. Unable to breathe, Madhuri frantically shook her head, her eyes filled with panic. With her air supply cut off, her face rapidly turned bright red. Madhuri was lightheaded and seeing stars when Sharon removed her hand and allowed her to suck fresh air into her burning lungs.

As Madhuri fought for her breath, Sharon cleverly opened her legs and drew Madhuri's breasts between her thighs. Then she squeezed her legs together, causing Madhuri's firm breasts to bulge between her thighs, the dark nipples pushing up, directly at Sharon's face. She took the nipples between the thumb and index finger of each hand and toyed with them. They were hard and as blood filled them they grew longer as well. This just made it easier for Sharon to grip them and as Madhuri's head cleared, she realized what the actress was doing.

"So you were going to tie my hands, eh? Why was that? Were you afraid I might do ... this?"

As she spoke, Sharon pinched Madhuri's nipples as hard as she could while twisting them. Despite her efforts not to, Madhuri cried out.

"Oh God, no! Please Sharon, don't do this."

Sharon responded by repeating the motion, bringing another anguished sob from the woman. Sharon released her nipples and cupped Madhuri's breasts. She squeezed them, digging her fingernails deep into the sensitive flesh. Tears filled Madhuri's eyes as the young woman calmly tortured her. Sharon knew that Madhuri had to be near her breaking point and she thought she knew just what to do to push her over the edge. Sharon had done a similar thing to another actress two years before. Then, the actress had been so humiliated when Sharon finished with her, she had quit the picture. Sharon didn't want to run Madhuri out of town, however. She did want to ensure that Madhuri knew what would happen to her if she ever dared to interfere again.

"Are you enjoying yourself so far?" she asked.

Madhuri couldn't stop herself from shaking her head from side to side as she begged, "Please Sharon, stop this. You're just making it harder on yourself."

That wasn't the answer Sharon wanted, so she pinched the woman's nipples again before she told her, "Madhuri, I don't care what you want. I am the best. A whore like you cannot challenge me"

"You're sick Sharon," Madhuri muttered. "When I get up, I'm going to give you the whipping of your life. Then, I'll decide whether or not to send you away for help."

Sharon shook her head slowly, "Tsk, tsk, you still haven't gotten the point. You have nothing to say about it any more. You're irrelevant. Here's just a sample of what will happen to you if you ever try to come between us."

With that, Sharon leaned back and slid her hand along Madhuri's belly until it disappeared beneath the waistband of her skirt. Madhuri's panties no longer protected her and the young woman's fingers easily found the tangle of thick hair covering her pussy. Madhuri squeezed her thighs together as hard as she could and for a few minutes she was successful at preventing Sharon's attempt to insert her fingers in her cunt.

But her legs tired rapidly and after a few minutes her muscles were burning. When the leg cramps began, she had to open her legs to relieve the strain on her muscles. As soon as she felt Madhuri's legs open, Sharon grinned as she slid her hand on Madhuri's pussy and cupped it.

"That's better. Why, I bet you're going to enjoy this as much as I am. Aren't you?"

Madhuri blushed furiously, but she refused to dignify the question with an answer. Sharon rubbed Madhuri's mound of Venus before she slowly slipped her middle finger into the moist opening. Both of them were surprised at how wet it was!

"Why you sly dog," Sharon gushed, "You like it, don't you?"

She laughed as her finger penetrated the moist cavern until she found the hard button of Madhuri's clitoris. Madhuri groaned as Sharon flicked the swollen organ with her fingernail. She stroked the sensitive nub and Madhuri couldn't help herself. She found herself strangely excited by the situation and within moments her hips had started to move in rhythm with the actress's fingering.

Each stroke brought Madhuri closer to the orgasm that the young actress knew would devastate her psyche. When she had finally dominated the older woman, Sharon was going to continue to humiliate her until she wouldn't dare stand up to her again.

She felt that after she had pleasured Madhuri to orgasm, Madhuri would lose any moral authority to preach . The mere threat of revealing she had frigged her to orgasm would be sufficient to keep Madhuri under control. Sharon was considering how far to push Madhuri after weakening her with an orgasm, or two, or three. That would cement her victory. If she forced Madhuri to satisfy her, it would make for an interesting relationship after she won the role. She thought maybe she'd have Madhuri co-star as her 'best friend.'

Unfortunately for Sharon, while she was daydreaming, Madhuri made her final attempt to escape. Madhuri knew she couldn't hold out much longer. Sharon was evil incarnate and it was obvious she knew how to use her fingers. Madhuri was about to climax when she saw an opening.

Sharon had leaned back to reach her pussy and Madhuri managed to slip one arm from under the actress's knees. She reached up and grabbed a handful of long blonde hair and pulled, hard. Sharon's eyes were closed and she didn't realize what was happening until she felt Madhuri's hand in her hair, by then it was too late. Sharon slid on her face beside Madhuri and before she could get away, Madhuri rolled on top of her. Sharon's startled expression brought a smile to Madhuri's face as she swung and landed a wild, roundhouse punch to her jaw. Sharon's head snapped to the side, her eyes rolled back and she lapsed into unconsciousness. Madhuri resting on her hands and knees until she caught her breath, her bare breasts heaving. They gently brushing back and forth over Sharon's as her chest rose and fell. Madhuri finally gathered her wits, rolled Sharon over and finished tying her hands behind her back with the bikini top. Then she pulled down the actress's bikini bottom and used it to tie her feet together. When Sharon came to, her eyes fluttered open and she saw Madhuri, sitting with her legs apart and rubbing her clit.

"I'll be glad to finish what I started," Sharon offered flippantly, knowing full well Madhuri couldn't risk taking her up on the offer.