Madhuri Dixit vs. Shania Twain by Shanahan (July 12, 2000)

Trapped underneath her foe on the floor, Madhuri screamed aloud as Shania squeezed her hands about the Indian beauty's big breasts before snapping her head downwards to sink her sharp white teeth into Madhuri's left mound. Madhuri screamed again as the Canadian singer bit down hard, engulfing as much flesh in her greedy mouth as she could, jaws clamping down with a vengeance. Madhuri pulled frantically at Shania's long, silky-smooth brown hair, desperate to be free, her legs coiled about the Canadian cutie's waist and squeezed, but the pain in her chest persisted as Shania fastened her fangs deeper into her opponent's soft skin, determined to win this model-beautiful, model-built celebrity catfight ...

Madhuri continued to cry out in agony as Shania sank her teeth into the Indian beauty's left breast, the singer's hands also squeezing hard about the actress' melons. Madhuri wrapped her bare hands in Shania's silky tresses and began to pull like mad, desperate to pry those fangs loose from her flesh, and a few moments later she succeeded, yanking with all her might until Shania herself was shrieking in anguish.

Pressing her new advantage, Madhuri then released her right hand to latch it onto Shania's left breast and squeeze, her fingertips then pulling mercilessly at the brunette's thick nipple until Shania screamed even louder than before. Grinning at her adversary's plight, Madhuri then clamped her left hand over Shania's mouth to stifle the singer and also shut off her breathing. Shania's muffled cries emanated from beneath Madhuri's hand as the singer still maintained her own dual breast holds, squeezing with all her strength with both hands until Madhuri's smile was wiped away and her countenance was again colored with agony. Her beautiful left breast was still colored with ugly purple marks made by Shania's jaws.

They struggled against one another in this fashion for long moments, neither woman able to take control but both badly in pain. Growing lightheaded from lack of oxygen, Shania pulled hard at Madhuri's left wrist to no avail, the Indian lovely's hand still cemented over the Canadian's breathing passages. Desperate now, Shania freed up her right hand and began slapping it back and forth across Madhuri's pretty face, reddening both of her cheeks as flesh made contact upon flesh with loud, sharp cracks, until finally Madhuri twisted away from her enemy's punishing blows and let go of Shania's face and breasts. Shania gasped for much-needed air as she rolled away in turn, and then they both lay on their backs, just a few feet apart, assuaging their various injuries while trying to regain their strength.

A few moments later they both regained their bare feet and began circling each other wordlessly, hands and feet spread wide, neither wanting to waste her breath on meaningless talk when action was all that counted now. The padded room in which they were fighting allowed ample space for them to stalk one another, the two women trapped inside the cell with no hope of escape until one of them was victorious. Their unknown promoter, who had set them up against one another in a no-holds barred nude celebrity catfight to the finish, would only reveal herself at that point, opening the outer door to freedom only when one of them was out cold - or worse.

But if the opening round had been any indication, it would be a long while until one woman could declare herself champion over the other. Their eyes locked together in icy glares, Shania and Madhuri suddenly stopped circling and lunged at each other. Arms wrapped about slender waists and trim upper bodies, and fabulous firm breasts squashed together erotically as they trapped each other in a mutual bearhug and began squeezing one another methodically, each beauty trying to outlast the other. Their squeals and groans filled the small space around them as they savagely crushed the fight from one another, the outcome of their naked bout still a complete toss-up ...

It soon became apparent that Shania was getting the worst of her mutual bearhug with Madhuri, the Indian beauty beginning to squeeze the Canadian singer senseless by wrapping her arms tighter and tighter about the songbird's waist. Groaning aloud as she felt herself being crushed, Shania relinquished her own grip on her model rival to seek an avenue of escape, beginning by pushing both her hands hard under Madhuri's chin. The Indian actress began groaning herself as she felt her head and neck being forced backwards, but still she kept tightening her hold, still she kept squeezing the life from Shania.

Getting nowhere fast as all the agony she could imagine compressed about her trim waist, Shania suddenly switched tactics and began alternately ramming the heels of hands against Madhuri's chin, one right after the other, harder and harder, growing more and more frantic. At last, though, Madhuri's arms slipped from about the singer's waist, and the Indian woman slumped forward into her foe's grasp whereupon Shania wrapped her own arms about her rival's upper body and began squeezing her in a renewed bearhug. She began to bounce Madhuri up and down in her grip, their four fabulous breasts jiggling up and down as they pressed together, Madhuri moaning all the while and unable to break free with her arms pinned against her sides.

Shania grinned at her enemy's predicament, perfect white teeth flashing and dazzling in the ambient light of the cell, but that grin soon dissolved as Madhuri snapped her head forward to smash it against Shania's nose. Shania yelped at the blow, and her hold softened just long enough for Madhuri to flex her arms and break loose. The Indian actress wasted no time in pressing her advantage, belting Shania with a right and then a left before launching out with a right kick that caught Shania in the stomach and slammed her hard against the far padded wall with a heavy thud. Shania groaned in agony, an agony which only increased as Madhuri rushed her opponent like a freight train and drove a soft shoulder hard into Shania's ample chest. The Indian lovely backed off slightly to view the fruits of her handiwork, the Canadian beauty clutching her newest injury, gasping for air, mouth agape, as Madhuri rushed in once more to finish the fight.

She rammed into Shania again, but then pressed her own body up against the singer's, trapping Shania up against the wall before making her final move. Shania tried to twist free from beneath her foe, but it was too late. She shuddered slightly as she felt Madhuri's hands grope for her throat, find their hold, and begin squeezing ...

Madhuri laughed out loud as she tightened her soft hands about Shania's throat, the Indian actress squeezing with all her strength as she brutally choked her beautiful adversary up against the padded cell wall. Shania tried to thrust against her foe bodily and topple her over; but each time Madhuri would simply slam Shania back with both hands about her neck, until Shania was forced to look for another means of escape and began pulling at her attacker's wrists to no effect. Madhuri laughed again as she squeezed even harder, joyfully telling Shania how she was going to squeeze the breath from the equally naked Northern brunette with her bare hands. Shania could only gag and gasp in her foe's grip, her assailant's hold as strong as any chokehold Heather Graham had ever clamped upon Shania in one of their many nude catfights of the past year, a move that had often rendered Shania unconscious.

Now it was happening again, albeit with a different opponent. Desperate to breathe as her face began to redden, Shania still pulled at Madhuri's wrists with one hand while clawing at the Indian beauty's face with her other hand, but still her enemy's grasp did not soften upon her windpipe. Feeling herself passing out as the room began to spin about her, Shania steeled herself for one last effort - and then rammed her knee hard up between Madhuri's legs.

The crack of bone upon bone was unmistakable, as was Madhuri's wail of anguish. Shania smiled coyly as Madhuri's hands loosened just enough about her throat to allow the Canadian songbird some measure of air again, before she slammed her knee into the Indian woman's crotch again, and then once more. Each attack prompted louder and louder wails from the wounded Madhuri, almost deafening, until she released Shania altogether to cover up her wounds with both hands, the Indian beauty bent over at the waist as she mouthed a silent scream.

Rubbing her sore throat gingerly as she coaxed oxygen back into her heaving chest, Shania then growled audibly before clasping her hands together and bringing them down hard upon Madhuri's back, just behind the neck between the shoulder blades. Madhuri cried out once more and slumped to her knees, still caressing her crotch as Shania stood over her, the singer regaining her strength as she planned her next painful move for her enemy.

She didn't get a chance to make it, as Madhuri turned the tables on her once more. As Shania moved in closer until she was right standing above the fallen Indian beauty, Madhuri suddenly reached up and behind Shania to sink her fingers into the singer's tight ass cheeks. Shocked and surprised, Shania stood there motionless for the next second or two as Madhuri then shot her head forward and began lapping eagerly at Shania's furry bush with her tongue, licking methodically and deliberately as Shania began to shudder and moan, the attack as erotic as it was unexpected ...

Shania began to sway slightly underneath her foe's attack, Madhuri's tongue flicking viper-like in and out of the country singer's snatch and driving her mad, fingers spreading Shania's lips wider and wider as the Canadian beauty's moans grew louder and louder, her defeat almost imminent until ...

Shania steeled her will and rammed her clenched fists down into either side of Madhuri's temples, once, twice, three times, the songbird desperate to break free before she was totally helpless. Madhuri screamed at the blows, her head reeling, but she recovered almost instantly while Shania was still shaking off the throes of ecstasy. Wrapping her arms about Shania's legs at the knees, Madhuri suddenly pulled upwards, toppling Shania onto her ass and back where in a flash the Indian actress straddled her opponent's stomach, clamped her hands about Shania's beautiful white breasts, and began squeezing them pitilessly.

Shania cried out and gripped Madhuri's wrists, trying to stave off her enemy's newest attack, but her opponent's fingers only sank deeper and deeper into the soft flesh, crushing the twin mounds like ripe melons. Unable to break her foe's grip, Shania resorted to going on the attack herself and began slapping Madhuri wildly, palms cracking against the Indian woman's cheeks even as Madhuri squeezed Shania's globes with all her strength. Enraged at this new pain, Madhuri responded with several short but hard right jabs to Shania's jaw that had the singer seeing stars, and thus she was unable to defend herself as Madhuri broke off her breast attack and went for the coup de grace.

"And now I finish you!" snarled the actress to the groggy Grammy winner, who twisted from side to side trying to regain her bearings, but it was too late. Reaching forward, Madhuri wrapped her strong hands about Shania's throat and began squeezing with no remorse, determined to choke the singer lifeless as Shania gasped and gagged and breathed what she felt was her last...

Shania gasped for air, air that wasn't coming in as Madhuri sat on the singer's tight little stomach and squeezed her strong bronze hands about the songbird's alabaster throat, choking the life from the Canadian star. Shania gripped Madhuri's wrists and pulled with all her remaining might, but still Madhuri's fingers encircled her neck, still those thumbs pressed down harder and harder on her windpipe, still her consciousness and existence kept slipping away ...

Her enemy's throat felt good in Madhuri's hands as her fingers crushed the singer's neck mercilessly. She reveled in the gasps and coughs of her opponent, was filled with glee as the sight of her foe's anguished face, her mouth wide open and her eyes shut tight. Madhuri reared up and back as she continued to ruthlessly choke Shania, the Indian beauty finally in control of the fight. Now it was Madhuri in charge, and she was going to make Shania suffer for as long as she could before finishing her off.

Madhuri could feel Shania's shapely, tapering legs arching up around her body and locking together behind her, entrapping the Indian woman; but Madhuri had no desire to escape, not when she was on the verge of victory. She wanted to enjoy her triumph, the sweet prospect of victory over her foe, the sublime thought of squeezing the life from Shania slowly, once and for all. Lost in thought and joy, Madhuri reared forward and down over her hapless foe, bare breasts jiggling up and down reflexively as she squeezed harder with her hands, dark eyes closed in ecstasy and anticipation ...

... until she soon realized her error as a bare hand clapped shut over her pretty mouth, and fingers pinched her nostrils shut, and suddenly her whole world became breathless. Looking down, Madhuri could see and feel her bare hands still nestled tight about Shania's lovely neck, choking the songbird lifeless, but the actress could also see and feel Shania's pretty hands closing off her breathing passages with an expert two-handed smother-hold.

Madhuri tried to cry out, but the only audible sound beneath the flesh of her foe's hands was an anguished "mmmppph". She began to pound Shania's head against the soft cell floor, trying to make the singer let go, but if anything Shania only pressed and pinched tighter, determined to suffocate the life from Madhuri before she herself was strangled into oblivion. Shania's thighs now also squeezed vise-like about her adversary's waist, further entrapping the Indian wrestler. Flight was no option - she had to fight ...

"How's ... that feel ... bitch?" smiled Shania through anguished lips, the breath still being violently squeezed from her throat, but not quite as savagely as before. Madhuri was suffering with her now, both brunette beauties struggling to breathe as the fight headed towards its finish.

A fight only one of them would win.

Madhuri kept on strangling, Shania kept on smothering, but the singer was fading in her foe's grip. Madhuri had had the head start, and even though she was getting close to passing out herself, the Indian actress had the upper hand - or hands, as she squeezed hers harder and harder about Shania's throat.

Shania knew her end was near - her throat was sore, her lungs ached for air, her sight grew hazy and her muscles weak. It was time for one last effort. Still keeping one hand over Madhuri's mouth, she released her enemy's nose to reach around and grab Madhuri by the back of the head, even as Shania herself still suffered in a stranglehold.

Her hold established, Shania began to pull Madhuri down by the head, slowly but steadily, more and more, until the Indian beauty's face was close as could be - at which point Shania released her other hand and belted Madhuri straight across the chops, hard. Madhuri cried out at the blow, and then was staggered by another, and another, until she hung there dazed in mid-air. Quick as a flash, Shania tore Madhuri's hands away from her throat, and then wrapped both her own hands in the Indian woman's hair before slamming her down face-first into the singer's heaving, sweaty bust.

Madhuri pounded the floor with both hands, tried to push out, but Shania only held her in place, smothering her foe with her magnificent breasts as she squeezed her shapely thighs about Madhuri's waist and further entrapped her. Madhuri's cries were muffled by Shania's firm flesh, her consciousness began to ebb as her oxygen was completely cut off. Shania gulped in much-needed air herself as she recovered from being brutally choked by her Indian opponent, and began rocking side-to-side as she smothered and squeezed her victim.

Madhuri twisted and bucked, moaned and clawed at Shania's white shoulders as she strained to free herself, but she was rapidly using up her energy, and her struggles grew feebler and feebler, her hands falling away from Shania's shoulders, her thrashing softening, until finally she stopped struggling altogether. But still Shania held her in place, determined to make sure Madhuri was down and out before even thinking about releasing her hapless adversary.

The moments passed quickly, until finally Shania was satisfied that Madhuri was not playing possum, that the fight was truly over and the victory was hers at last. Releasing her grip and unwrapping her legs, she pushed Madhuri off and away to her right and lay there for a moment, wiping her face with the back of her hand while basking in her triumph. Breathing in deeply, she then fondled her fabulous breasts, slick with sweat, the breasts that had enabled her to triumph, before rising wearily to her knees and looking back at her unconscious enemy.

The smile faded from Shania's face as she saw Madhuri stirring, the Indian lovely not as out as the singer had believed. Frowning, an exhausted Shania knew she had to put Madhuri down for the count fast lest their struggle flare up again, with Shania having nothing left to give. She had to think fast ...

... and smiled again as the solution came to her. Shuffling over quickly as Madhuri continued to stir, Shania reached out with both hands and grabbed Madhuri by the ankles. Rising up slightly, Shania then shuffled over once more and dropped straight down on Madhuri's face with her sweet, succulent ass. Rearing back and pulling Madhuri's legs back with her, Shania then pumped and ground her cheeks against Madhuri's countenance, smothering her weary rival once more. She mashed and crushed and suffocated and stuffed, harder and harder, giving it every thing she had until she knew that Madhuri had to be out cold. Releasing her opponent's ankles and rising to her bare feet, Shania saw that that was indeed the case, that Madhuri was totally motionless and truly out cold, ass-smothered into oblivion by the shapely Canadian songbird.

Taking several steps forward, an exhausted Shania then tumbled bodily to the floor, totally spent, ready to rest. Not seeing that the door to their padded cell was slowly opening ...