Alesha Dixon vs. Kaley Cuoco (I) by Knowlesey

Kaley Cuoco, the 24 year old blonde American actress is in the UK for a 2 week promotional tour, partly aimed at raising her profile in Europe, but privately she is looking for a couple of good fights against British girls, and has heard about the brutal arrogance of the 30 year old R&B singer, Alesha Dixon.

Alesha hears Kaley is looking for fights, and lets it be known that she is more than willing to take the young blonde on. Arrangements are quickly made for the contest to take place at the same venue where Alesha gave Sarah Harding a beating, but the American has insisted that the walls and floor are padded with rubber matting, a demand that Alesha reluctantly agrees to.

"Typical! Give the bitch what she wants, 'cos she's gonna take a beating anyway, padding or no padding, I'll bust her up!"

Kaley hears about the black singer's remarks, and promises, "That piece of nothing is just about ready to be taught a real lesson from a real fighter - and that's me!"

The afternoon of the fight soon arrives, and a very keen and sexy Alesha paces the squash court in her sexy back outfit, soon to be joined by Kaley, wearing a turquoise bikini, but covering her briefs with denim shorts. The British singer sneers,

"Those shorts are gonna come off by the end of today, bimbo!"

Cuoco just laughs, "You said it bitch! Your lips and tongue are gonna get a nice close-up of what's inside!"

Kaley's two minders leave the court, and the confident blonde moves towards Alesha, snapping, "Come on bitch! What you got!"

The cagey Ms Dixon sneers, "Nah! You're the baby - try to get one shot off before I kick your ass all round this court!"

Shaking her head, the blonde just mutters, "I gave you your chance, bitch! Your one and only chance!"

Kaley dummies to throw a right hook to Alesha's head, the singer raises her arm to block it, but the super-quick American has switched the attack, the punch slamming into the Brit's ribcage, followed by a left to the gut. Alesha's lips puff out air, Kaley grips her by the hair, and rams her backwards against the padded wall before crashing the sole of her foot straight into the singer's belly, laughing as the older girl slides down the wall.

Alesha knows she will have to recover quickly from that first assault, and she scrambles to her feet, straight into Kaley's waiting arms, then finds herself being turned around, smacked face first against the wall, before the blonde's knee thuds into the small of her back, clearly hurting her as she squeals out, arching backwards, easily allowing Kaley to grip her flailing arms.

Alesha writhes her body, but Kaley has a firm grip on those arms, and - oh the arrogance - she walks the black girl around the court, calling out, "Look at your champion, now, Britain! Champion of what? She looks about ready to take some pain! You ready bitch?"

The actress wraps her arms around Alesha's neck, then runs across the court, smacking the girl face-first into that padded wall, stunning her. Next she catches hold of her ankles and pulls them back, a loud SMACK ringing out as the singer lands on the floor, helpless.

Kaley drops onto her back with both knees; Alesha crying out, "Oh shit!"

Kaley is in total control of this fight now, sits astride the older girls back, puts her arm around her neck and pulls her head back sharply, leaning back herself and arching the singers back so painfully that the tears well up in her eyes and start dribbling down her cheeks, and she is relieved when the blonde lets her go again, her face smacking that rubber mat as she hears the younger girls voice.

"This is what I love about beating up a big-mouthed bitch like you! You just can't fuckiní take it! You can hand it out to a coupla little wannabes, but boy do you blubber when you're in the presence of a real star!"

The actress pulls Alesha up by her hair, then, showing ridiculous strength for such a slight girl, she lifts the black singer up in her arms like she's cradling a baby before dropping her on her back over her knee - the older girl screaming in pain at the superb backbreaker.

Kaley would normally slide her victim onto the floor at this stage, but she maintains the hold! She's pressing Alesha's shoulders to the mat on one side of her knee with her arms and gripping her across the midriff with her spare leg, putting the poor singer into a Torture Rack, just laughing as the older girl screams, "Enough! Oh, please Kaley! I give! I give! Shit, please! I beg you!"

The blonde cruelly maintains the hold for a few more painful seconds, then rolls Alesha onto the mat, giving her body a swift kicking for fun. The singer is lying on her back as Kaley picks her ankles up again, the audience baying as she cocks her long leg over Alesha's nylon-clad pins, turning her onto her front.

The Brit wails, "Please, no!"

She knows what is coming - a cruel, brutal Boston Crab! Alesha's screams and sobs are almost drowned out by the cheering audience - she might be on home soil, but they have no time for the way she has battered some of their favorite girls, and enjoy seeing her get her comeuppance.

As the cheering dies down, Ms Cuoco drops Alesha's legs, strolls around and stands in front of her. The black singer knows what to do, and does not hesitate to kiss the blonde's feet, afraid of what might happen next.

A grinning Kaley drawls, "You said these shorts were coming off, bitch, didn't ya?"

Alesha closes her eyes as the blonde slowly removes her shorts, then her knickers, rolls her onto her back, and sits on her face, asshole over the nose, pussy over the mouth, demanding, "Make me come, bitch! Lick me with all you fuckin' got!"

The blonde feels Alesha's tongue slip inside her , wriggling to find her waiting clitoris, and she rides the singers face like a racehorse, arching her back and panting when she comes, smearing her juices over the black girls pretty face, before sliding fully over that nose and mouth, the singer's arms flopping to the mat as she passes out.

Kaley casually wipes her crotch with her shorts, pulls on her bikini briefs and waits for her minders to re-enter the court. She looks up at the audience, grinning, "I'm here for another week - want me to beat this pussy-licking bitch again next Friday?"

A resounding "YES" makes her laugh.

Kaley looks at her minders and says, "She's all yours, boys!" They drag the recovering singer from the court. From there, she is bundled into a waiting limousine, taken to the hotel and given the most exhausting and rampant night of repeated sexual intercourse imaginable. The following day, when she is told about a rematch, she just collapses in tears.