Alesha Dixon vs. Kaley Cuoco (boxing) by Knowlesey

Alesha took such a savage beating from Kaley in their last fight that she wasn’t keen to take up the challenge of a rematch, yet she knew full well she had no choice. She trained hard for this boxing match and became more confident as the week wore on; aware that Kaley was spending her time partying and attending promotional events.

This time the fight takes place in a boxing ring, with a proper referee. The crowd consists of over 100 - all female; all celebrities; almost all rooting for Cuoco.

Alesha came first into the ring wearing a red lace top and black briefs. She had to wait for Kaley, who came bouncing in to join her in a white top and black shorts; her top bearing the legend: "Alesha licks Pussy!" Across the seat of her shorts was written, "Kiss this, Dixon!"

The girls meet at mid-ring where, just like seasoned prizefighters, the glared at one another savagely. Kaley muttering, "I'll make you eat me again, bitch!"

Round 1: Alesha starts well, flicking a nice left jab into Kaley's face, the American unworried, making the singer do all the legwork, and looking for a chance to unload her own punches. Kaley shows her ringcraft by closing the Brit down, trapping her in a neutral corner, then smacking a couple of good right hooks into her body. The singer drops her left glove to cover up, only to be punished with a right to the mouth, then a left to the body, another to the body, spanking right to the mouth again, straight left to the face, then a right to the cheek. The actress has Alesha at her mercy, but she backs off - she's admiring her handiwork and taking a breather, smiling to see a trickle of blood dribbling from the singer's right nostril.
Kaley drops her arms, inviting Alesha to punch her, but the black girl is hurt already, and is happy to circle the American, using up time. She gets closer, lands a neat left jab to the blonde's face, then gets a couple of digs to the blonde's body before retreating. Almost at the end of the round, then Kaley's back into action, clipping Alesha's jaw with a left which sends the singer against the ropes. The blonde girl slams a thudding left to the older girl's body, follows up with a right to the gut, and grins as she hears her squeal in pain before giving her another couple of straight lefts to the face as Alesha struggles to stay upright. The bell sounds and poor Alesha almost collapses onto her stool.

Round 2: Alesha winces as she gets to her feet, but Kaley is not looking to press home her advantage as much as she could, and she just clips Alesha's mouth with a couple of left handers - hard enough to jolt her head back, but not really hard blows.
Kaley is taking her time, wearing Alesha down. Every time the singer gets close enough to land her left jab, the blonde clips her with those damaging short punches, and her pretty face is beginning to show signs of wear - she is bleeding from the nose and mouth, and her left cheek is swelling, but she is still catching Kaley occasionally, her corner girls urging her on with 30 seconds remaining.
Now Alesha responds - she's on her toes, flips a neat jab into Kaley's face, then a good right to the body, another right to the body and the blonde is struggling to catch her breath. Not much time left in the round, but Alesha peppers the American's face with punches as she crouches, and the bell saves her from more punishment.

Round 3: Kaley has been shocked by that onslaught from Alesha, and now her face is showing battle marks - a graze under her right eye which is seeping a little blood.
Alesha is on her toes again, those left jabs smacking into Kaley's face as the blonde begins to look tired - those parties have taken their toll - and she hurts her with a right to the ribs. Kaley is breathing hard, but Alesha is enjoying herself at last, smacking a couple of nice jabs into the American's face, following up with a right hook to the jaw, and she has the actress in trouble on the ropes, landing to the body again, then rocking her head back with a lovely left to the mouth.
This is all going wrong for Kaley Cuoco - how much more can she take? Alesha throws a right, but Kaley - incredible - blocks the punch with her left glove and smashes her right into Alesha's face, and again, the black girl sent stumbling backwards across the ring. But the Brit's punches have taken their toll, and Kaley does not follow up immediately, allowing her a few precious seconds. Now the blonde attacks - a lovely right to the ribs half turns the singer away from her, and she smacks a gorgeous left hook into that battered face, and Alesha can't take it - she goes down.
The count reaches “Seven!” and a dazed Dixon slowly hauls herself to her feet. There are only seconds left in the round, but Kaley is looking to finish her off and crashes a left into her body again, then rocks her back against the cornerpost with a straight left. The bell rings, saving the battered Brit beauty from more punishment - for now.

Round 4: Kaley looks exhausted as she sits on her stool, her right eye cut as well as grazed under the cheek, her mouth is also swollen. Poor Alesha looks even worse! Blood is constantly dribbling from her nose, her lips are badly split and swollen, and her eyes are both half closed. If Kaley can find the energy, she can knock the singer out.
The round starts badly for Alesha as Kaley lands a barrage of punches to her face, the Brit seemingly unable to keep her guard up due to the pain in her ribs, and she is soon on the ropes, taking a lot of punishment. The American rips a huge right into Alesha's body; follows with one to the face and the singer goes down again! Sobbing and squealing; on all fours, Alesha’s face is wet with a mixture of her tears, sweat and the blood which is dribbling onto the canvas.
Bravely, the British singer somehow struggles to her feet at “EIGHT!” but surely the fight must be stopped? The referee speaks to Kaley who nods - clearly she’s been told the next knockdown will be the last. She looks at Alesha and sees that right hook has split her eyebrow and realizes she can barely see to defend herself.
In comes Kaley, looking for a big finish. She thumps that left into Alesha's face again and again; then nails her with a right - the Brit's defenseless; propped up against her own cornerpost! A left to the body has the singer slumping forward, then a huge right uppercut explodes onto her mouth. Senseless, Alesha hits the canvas facedown for the third and final time.

Afterward: Kaley is too exhausted to celebrate - and poor Alesha is too badly beaten to face humiliation. Alesha is taken to hospital where she spends several days in recovery. There is already a queue forming; women wanting to take revenge on Alesha Dixon - but remember, this was BOXING, not a catfight, and that is where her skills lie.