Alesha Dixon vs. Jennifer Ellison by Knowlesey

Jennifer Ellison is thoroughly fed up with hearing what a great singer/dancer Alesha Dixon has become and decides to prove she is the bigger ‘star.’ Jennifer has appeared on stage in the West End in ‘Chicago’ and considers Alesha’s popularity has arisen simply because she won ‘Strictly Come Dancing.’ At the small confrontation after a TV chat show, during which Alesha was introduced as ‘a star in the making’ and Jen was described as ‘that well-endowed lads mag favorite.’

After the show Jennifer finds Alesha and tells her that she will never be a ‘big star’. Alesha sneers, looks at Jen’s large breasts and says, “Are you a big star, then; or just another big-tit star?”

The girls with Alesha laugh, and an angry Jen retorts, “You’ll be sorry you said that, tart!”

As Jennifer turns away, she becomes even more angry as she hears Alesha’s friends mocking her.

Jennifer vows to herself that she will teach Alesha a lesson, and finds out where she will be the following week, and when, so that she can give her the beating she feels the girl deserves.

One afternoon, Jennifer follows Alesha to the gym she uses, hides whilst the lovely girl goes through her routines, then, having paid the caretaker to make himself scarce for an hour or so, she struts into the gym, locks the door, and calls,

“Well, well! The big star on her own! Wonder if you’re so mouthy now?”

Alesha turns to look at the blonde, responding, “Oh! Hi Jen! Surely we aren’t gonna fall out over that spat are we?”

Jennifer sneers, “Oh, it’s a ‘spat’ is it? You made me look a fuckin’ idiot, you tramp! I’m gonna wipe that smug grin offa your face with my fists in a minute!”

Alesha shakes her head, “No Jen! That would be a silly thing to try! I’ve seen you fight and you’re just a bully! A few good kicks and you blubber like a baby! So just turn around, piss off to the whorehouse, and we’ll try to forget you ever dragged your chubby ass in here! Go on - get!”

The blonde cannot let this rest now, and she moves towards the pretty black girl, puts her hands on her shoulders, and pushes her back against the gym wall before punching her hard in the stomach, enjoying the grunt of pain puffing from the girl’s lips. Alesha doubles over as she tries to get her breath - a big mistake - and she soon feels Jenny’s knee smacking upwards into her face, sending her sprawling across the floor.

Jennifer is even more confident now, and she stoops to grip Alesha by the ankles, but the sexy singer, getting leverage by pushing her back against the wall, kicks out, both heels ramming into the blonde’s big breasts, and she is now the one in pain, hugging those tits and howling.

Alesha is back on her feet, moves towards Jennifer and catches hold of a handful of hair. She ignores the blonde’s attempts to punch her body, and lands two good hard kicks to her ribs, making her scream, “Oh shit! Something broke then! We’ve gotta stop!”

A smiling Alesha slaps the blonde across the face, “No, no, no! You fat faced whore! We’ll stop when I’ve thrashed your filthy fat ass!”

Alesha slaps Jen again, grabs her by the throat and slams her against the wall. Then, pinning the blonde firmly with her left hand, the slim singer smashes her right fist into the actress’s midriff again and again, before slamming her knee up and into her crotch, the colour draining from the blonde’s face as Alesha lets her fall to the floor.

Jennifer is in agony and unable to defend herself as the black girl kicks her ribs, gut and thighs until she seems bored with the whole event, and snarls, “What am I, you fat whore?”

Poor Jennifer’s voice is little more than a whisper, “You’re a big star, Miss Dixon.”

Alesha pulls Jennifer up by the hair towards her, spits in her face and snaps, “And what are you?”

Jen feels the singers saliva dribbling down her face, mixed with her own tears and sweat, and she gasps back,

“A big-titted whore, Miss Dixon.”

Alesha stands up straight and parades around the gym, before sneering, “Get over here, whore!”

Jennifer crawls on all fours across the floor, looks up at the lovely black singer and sobs, “I’m very sorry Miss Dixon! I know my place now!”

Without waiting to be told, the battered blonde lowers her face presses her lips onto Alesha’s foot and starts to kiss and lick it in homage.

After both of Alesha’s feet had been kissed, sucked and licked to her satisfaction, she pulled Jenny up by the hair, wrapped her lovely slim thighs around her face and smothered the blonde unconscious with the beaten actress’s nose and mouth starved of air by her sweaty crotch.

Alesha let Jenny fall to the floor when she knows the blonde is fully out, snaps open her mobile phone and grins into the mouthpiece, saying to the caretaker Jen was so keen to pay off, “There’s some trash to take out Dave. Help yourself to anything you want!” She’s still smiling as she sees a middle aged man enter the gym, wander over to the recovering Jennifer and remove her knickers. She doesn’t bother to watch, just showers, changes and then goes home.