Alesha Dixon vs. Sarah Harding by Knowlesey

The five pop princesses who make up Girls Aloud have heard rumors that Alesha Dixon would be happy to join their group, and has criticized them for each wanting a solo career. She has said that she could handle the inevitable catfights which would take place, and has made it quite plain that she would love to fight Sarah Harding, the well built blonde band member.

The girls have no idea where this rumor started, but a fight with Alesha definitely appeals to Sarah, and is swiftly arranged. The fight will take place in a squash court, watched by an invited audience of thirty, all girls. Alesha is dressed in a black outfit, as usual, and she waits for her blonde opponent to enter the court.

Her gorgeous tan body is barely concealed by a white outfit, as she struts around the court, pointing at her crotch, “Your lips are gonna feel so good on my pussy, bitch! You’re gonna shove that tongue of yours way up me, then I’m gonna whip your ass!”

Sarah removes a thick white belt, and hangs it by the door, then struts across to Alesha, who sneers a response, “How many of you blonde bimbos do I need to beat up before you understand? You ain’t fit to be near me! You’re trash!”

The blonde shakes her head slowly, then moves towards Alesha, grips hold of her by the hair, and rips her right fist into the older girl’s stomach twice, each blow making her gasp, then pulls her head up and back, before slapping her face back and forth a couple of times, then slamming her back against the court wall, smiling as she sees the pain in the older girl’s eyes.

“So, you’re ready for the catfights if you join a band, are you, bitch? You don’t look so ready!”

Alesha keeps quiet, waiting for Sarah to attack again, which isn’t long, as the blonde makes a grab for that long black mane again. This time Alesha is ready, and lashes out with the sole of her foot, just missing the blonde’s crotch, but landing painfully on her upper thigh, certainly enough to stop her. Alesha quickly follows that up by gripping Sarah by the shoulders, turning her around, then twisting her arm up her back. Sarah tries to twist out of this hold, but stoops, and the next she knows the black singer has smacked her knee upwards and into her face. Alesha lets go of Sarah’s arm, allowing the blonde to fall to the floor, then kicks her hard in the gut, which puts the younger girl on her back.

Alesha feels she has this fight under control, bends over to haul the younger girl to her feet, but Sarah is far from finished, and she pulls Alesha towards her by the hair, then cracks her forehead onto the bridge of older girl’s nose as she plunges forward; then flipping her onto her back and straddling.

“Now, this I will enjoy!” she promises as she eases forwards, slaps Alesha’s face back and forth with right and left hands, then lefts her head up, looking to push her reddened face into her white clad crotch. Sadly for her, she loses her balance, and Alesha’s right leg hooks around her head, pulling her backwards, allowing the black singer to grip her head between her thighs.

An angry Alesha now takes her toll on Sarah’s taut body, punching her belly and ribs again and again while the blonde is using her remaining strength to try to free herself from those lovely long legs. Alesha then pulls Sarah backwards across her left thigh, raises her right leg, and crashes her heel right into the blonde’s crotch, a savage blow which has the younger girls screaming with pain.

Sarah is in big trouble now, as Alesha dumps her on the floor, stands behind her and pulls her arms backwards, at the same time pushing her right knee into the poor girls back, demanding, “Had enough trash? D’ya give?”

The blonde is aching and hurting, but pants, “Not over yet!”

Alesha smiles that cocky smile, lets go of the younger girl and pushes her to the floor again, turns her onto her back, then picks up her ankles, holds her legs apart and kicks her in the crotch again. Sarah is helpless as Alesha pulls back her arms again, bending her backward.

Finally, Sarah spits out, “Enough! I give!”

Alesha gets off the well beaten Ms Harding, then pulls the belt down from the place Sarah had left it, and crooks her finger, “Come here, trash!”

Alesha makes a knee for Sarah to bend over, pulls down her knickers and spanks that white leather belt across her buttocks a dozen times; each lash accompanied by a scream from Sarah’s quivering lips. Finally, Alesha stands, pulls Sarah’s face into her crotch and smothers the blonde into a long, disturbed, slumber.