Part One: Alesha Dixon vs Atomic Kitten's Jen Frost & Liz McLarnon by Knowlesey

Another C- list UK party and Jennifer Ellison has had another bad evening; watching her nemesis, Alesha Dixon celebrate yet another award. Jennifer is slightly the worse for drink, and tells her companions, former Atomic Kittens’ Jenny Frost and Liz McLarnon. How she hates Alesha, and what she did to her!

Liz shakes her head, “Don’t worry, babe, we’ll make her sorry!” The two blondes make it their business to get close to Alesha and hear her plans for the next few days, then decide on a plan.

Two days later the blondes arrive at the hotel where Alesha is staying, bluff their way into her room, and wait for her to return from a publicity shoot. As soon as the black singer has closed the door, they emerge.

Alesha smiles, “Oh boy! A welcome back party from the bimbos! How nice, girls!”

Liz snaps, “You shoulda left Jennifer alone, you tart! Now you’re gonna pay!” She moves quickly toward Alesha who is even quicker to raise her knee, which catches the blonde in her tight stomach. As Liz stumbles. Alesha swiftly cracks her right forearm into the face of the stooping blonde.

Alesha feels Jenny Frost grab her arm and twist it around her back painfully and, as Alesha grunts with pain, Liz scrambles back to her feet, a nice bruise swelling on her left cheek, and rips two lovely punches into the black girl’s gut. Alesha winces and gasps, trying to wriggle free, but Jenny’s hold is firm and she soon feels her head wrenched by Liz.

“You tramp! Feel THIS!” Liz pulls her arm back to slap Alesha’s face, but she is so quick and kicks the blonde hard in the crotch, at the same time jerking her head back into Jenny Frost’s face, the base of her skull smacking into the blonde’s mouth, splitting both lips and making her let go of Alesha’s arm.

The blondes are both in severe pain, sobbing loudly, Liz vomiting on the floor, while Jenny cups her hands to her mouth. Alesha grabs hold of Jenny’s hair, drags her to her knees, then kicks her hard in the ribs, eases her legs apart with her right foot, then kicks her in the crotch too, laughing as she joins her mate on the floor, sneering, “So have the bimbos learned their lesson? Have they had enough?”

Liz groans, “I don’t believe this! We shoulda had you!”

Alesha pulls both girls up by the hair, makes them face each other, then cracks their heads together, once, twice, three times, stunning the pair of them, then turning them to face her. “What have you got to say, bimbos?”

Liz, her nose spurting blood, and her left eye closed, mutters, “I’m finished, Miss Dixon! I’ve had enough!”

Jenny splutters through her swollen, bleeding lips, “We’re sorry Miss Dixon!”

Alesha just sneers again, “Well I want you to go back to that whore Ellison and give her the beating you planned to give me! OK?”

The girls nod slowly, “We will!”

Then, taking her time, Alesha smacks her right knee into Jenny’s face, her left knee into Liz’s, both girls lapsing into the darkness of senseless sleep.
* * * * * *
Part Two: Alesha Dixon vs. Denise Van Outen by Knowlesey

Denise van Outen has just finished a television interview with Alesha Dixon, during which the young R & B star has had full rein to talk about her expanding stage and glamour career. Not surprisingly, Denise is jealous of the younger girl’s look and talent, and after the interview she snaps at her, “You really are an arrogant bitch, aren’t you?”

Alesha just smiles, “I’ve got plenty to be arrogant about, old - timer!”

This is a bit rich, as there are only four years between them, but Denise bites back, “Underground car park! You and me! Thirty minutes! I’ll beat the arrogance out of you, ya bitch! “

Still smiling, Alesha sneers, “Oh dear! Another blonde bimbo wants a beating!”

When Denise arrives at the underground car park, Alesha is already waiting for her, and she strolls over, hands on hips, “You can chicken out if you want, honey! I won’t tell!”

Denise throws the first punch, but Alesha easily ducks under the wild swing, landing two heavy blows of her own to the blonde’s body, doubling her over. She raises her long right leg, and smacks her heel down hard on the back of Denise’s head, sending the blonde to the concrete floor. Alesha kicks the older girl’s shoulder, “C’mon, honey! Can’t beat me from down there, can ya?”

She is so confident that she allows Denise to get back to her feet, and just smiles as the TV presenter lunges for her again. This time Alesha grabs the blonde’s wrists and slams her against a concrete pillar, then twists her right arm behind her back and turns her around. Denise is screaming as the black girl wrenches her shoulder, then pushes her to her knees before kicking her a few times in the backside. The blonde rolls away, her body aching, “C’mon bitch! Fight properly!”

Alesha laughs, “You aren’t worth fighting - you’re past it…”

Again Denise attacks with a right handed punch to the head, but Alesha blocks it with her left forearm, then smacks her own right fist into Denise’s face, then again, then a third time, and the dazed blonde staggers back against the pillar again, blood dribbling from the corner of her mouth. The younger girl grabs her by the throat with her right hand and slams her head backwards, then slaps her face back and forth with her left, sneering at the weeping presenter, “That’s enough, I think! Too easy! Now, I’m gonna walk away, and you’re free to go!”

She gives Denise a straight left punch to the gut, and watches her slide to the floor, before casually sauntering away. But Denise can’t let well enough alone and gets to her feet and runs after the singer. Alesha hears her coming, spins around and trips the blonde, laughing as Denise skids across the concrete, skinning her hands, knees and arms. “That was a stupid mistake, you useless old slapper! Now I’ve gotta finish you off after all!”

Alesha lifts Denise up by the hair with her left hand and lays into her face with her right fist, blood dripping onto the concrete from the blonde’s nose and mouth, and she starts to plead, “No, you’re right! I’m sorry, but I’ve had it now! You are the better woman!”

The lovely singer just chuckles, “Well, I knew that already!”

The last thing Denise sees before lapsing into unconsciousness is Alesha’s knee as it thuds into her face!