NCWL Match: Shannen Doherty vs. Emma Caulfield by bigfan

Shannen Doherty enters the interview room and is greeted by Cheryl Ladd who starts the interview "Shannen last time you we're here you talked about you great finishing hold, now I here you're not going to uses it?" Shannen looks sideways at Cheryl Shannen has a black bra on with light green shorts Shannen starts then stops then asks "How Jordan doing? I wonder if she has an open contract out there?" Shannen walks away as Cheryl's face turns red with anger at the mention of her daughter.

Emma Caulfield walks in then wearing a tight white half shirt and bikini bottoms with a flowered design. Cheryl still shaking with anger just walks off. Emma shrugs her shoulder as if to say, "What?"

Ring announcer Donna Mills stand in the ring with referee Geena Davis and begins, "Introducing first from San Diego CA standing 5’5”…Emma Caulfield!

The theme to "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" begins playing as Emma runs out wear the outfit from her non-interview. Emma slaps fans hands as they stick them out on her way to the ring. Emma climb threw the ropes and waves to fans as she heads to her comer.

Donna then continues, "And her opponent, from Memphis TN, standing 5’4”…Shannen Doherty!"

Pyro goes off as AC/DC "Live Wire" begins to blare over the sound system. Shannen comes out with the same outfit from the interview on. . Making her way to the ring Shannen is given a mixed chant of "loser" and "bitch". Shannen stops on the ring apron long enough to flip the fans the middle finger. Then Shannen climbs in the ring.

Both women remove their outfits, Emma does a little wiggling dance as she does. Geena then starts the match. Fans wait to see what Shannen has planned and if she will stay away for using the crotch claw. Shannen walks to the center of the ring pointing a finger at Emma, "I’m going to..."

But Emma has already heard enough grabbing the hand pointed at her and whipping Shannen into the corner Emma just came from. Shannen crashes back first into the turnbuckle groaning and holding her back as she falls to her knees. Emma walks over to Shannen placing her foot in Shannen's gut. Shannen grunts in pain as Emma steps beside her and kicks her across the back. Shannen is driven flat to the mat and her right hand reaches for her back reflexively from the pain.

Emma traps it in a hammer lock. Emma leans into the hold putting her weight on Shannen's arm. Shannen cries out in pain as her head rises from the mat and her legs kick uselessly. Emma takes a seat on the small of Shannen's back, begins slapping the back of Shannen’s head and taunting, "Wow you really do suck now. Did you have to practice to get this bad?"

However, taunting may not have been the best idea because Shannen pushes upward, driven by her anger, and throws Emma off, smacking her head on the bottom turnbuckle as she falls. Shannen slides the rest of the way out from under Emma as Emma holds the back of her head. Shannen takes advantage of her luck stands and stomps on Emma's stomach. Emma moans and rolls to her belly. Shannen then stomps Emma's back this time Emma moans and reaches out for the rope hoping to buy sometime and get back to her feet. Geena orders Shannen back, But Shannen grabs both of Emma's ankles and jerks her towards the center of the ring. Emma is unable to hold on to the rope and her body leaves the mat only to crash back down too far away for her to reach the ropes again.

Shannen then drops an elbow into Emma's back, Emma's head shoots up as she cries out. Before Emma can do anything to prevent it Shannen's hand is between Emma's thighs and on her womanhood. Shannen though rubs Emma's pussy saying "That's how easy it would have been." Shannen removes the hand and slaps Emma's round ass. Shannen gets up then pulls Emma to her feet using Emma's right arm and hair.

Shannen pulls Emma's head back by the hair and threatens, "When I'm done with you your going to wish I clawed you out then."

She brings her right knee around and into Emma's lower belly. Emma eyes open wide then slam shut as she as the wind knocked out of her. Shannen wraps her arm around Emma's neck and Shannen jumps up wrapping her legs around Emma's waist. Emma cannot hold both of them up and falls forward. Shannen grunts as her back hits the mat and Emma comes down on top of her, but Emma's forehead is driven into the mat and stunned she is not nearly quick enough to take advantage of the short time Shannen's hold is loosen. Shannen clamps down on both holds trapping Emma tightly.

Shannen seems happy with herself until Emma fires a left hand into Shannen's side, then follows with another. Shannen tries increasing the pressure on Emma. Emma though continues to punch away at Shannen's side. Shannen finally rolls Emma to the left. Released from the hold fans see Emma's face is bright red as she sucks air in. Shannen may have been close to a quick victory, but now holds her aching ribs. Both women get to their feet about the same time.

Emma again taunts Shannen, "You're a creampuff a few punches as you give up on a hold."

Shannen, enraged, charges but Emma is ready for her and lifts her right foot and lets Shannen run into it! Shannen's eye flew wide open and her cheeks puff out as the air in knocked out of her. Emma pushes Shannen to the ropes and hangs Shannen over the second rope. Emma makes sure Shannen's tits are on the rope as Emma runs to the far rope and springs back. Emma jumps planning to land her legs on Shannen's back, but Shannen falls out of the way. The middle rope splits Emma's legs as her pussy hits the rope. Emma hangs in the ropes, her mouth open, making an "aaaahhhh" sound as Shannen grabs the middle rope and pulls up. Emma screams as she falls back into the ring.

Emma holds her cunt as Shannen looks down saying, "Now would be a good time for the claw."

Shannen passes on the chance instead lifts Emma up by the hair. Emma still has her hands on her pussy as she gets to her feet. Being bent over, Emma's nice tits hang down and Shannen pinches each nipple, then pulls and twists as hard as she can. Emma howls in pain from the titty twister but Shannen's old mean streak is only starting to show as she drags Emma by her stretched out nipples to the center of the ring. Emma has trouble keeping up with Shannen, hobbling as she is while holding her pussy in both hands between her rubbery legs.

When Shannen releases Emma's nipples, she taunts her, "I bet you’re used this, after all, you tongued all the chicks on Buffy didn't you? They all made you their bitch didn't they?"

Shannen reaches out and slaps Emma's right tit, but Emma though fires back with a chop to Shannen's chest and the loud CRACK of flesh-on-flesh is followed by Shannen’s groan of, "Shit!"

Emma is hurting but continues her attack kicking Shannen's well rounded ass. Then Emma wraps her arms around Shannen's waist and lifts her in a reverse bearhug. Emma does not hold Shannen up long instead brings her down in an Atomic Drop. Shannen is stunned as sits on Emma's out stretched leg. Emma still holding the tight waist lock on Shannen whispers in her ear, "You ever submit to your own favorite hold?"

Shannen eyes flare in anger at the mention of her being caught in a crotch claw as Emma lifts her back up and spins around, then slides her arms up Shannen's body to her armpits. Emma rubs her rack on Shannen's before tit-to-tit suplexing her! Shannen gasps and sputters as she strains to get air into her after the hard landing, Emma forces Shannen’s legs apart with hers, then slams a knee onto Shannen's cunt! Shannen’s body sits upright as she yelps in pain, grabbing herself too late after Emma's knee strike! Emma leans back and watches Shannen's hands rub her pussy, then she straddles the brunette, trapping Shannen's hands between her legs under her butt.

Emma grins, "By the way, no; I didn't tongue the Buffy women. But you’ll be tonguing ME soon enough!"

Emma digs her fingers into the soft flesh of Shannen's rack and Shannen’s feet stomp the mat and her head shakes from side to side as Emma kneads the fleshy mounds. Emma next spins around and plants her pussy on Shannen's face.

Emma laughs, "Now, go ahead and eat your way out of this if you want!"

Shannen passes on the opportunity, but with her hands free tries getting them to Emma's nice tits. Emma intercepts the hand though a keeps them away from her boobs. Shannen's struggles quickly lessen and she goes limp. Emma releases Shannen's left wrist to see if it will fall or tap out. Instead it shoots to Emma's left tit. Emma cries out in pain, but grinds her pussy on Shannen's face trying to speed up the brunette's submission. Emma also tries pulling the claw off her tit to no avail.

Emma gives up trying to pull the hand off her tit and begins mauling Shannen's own orbs. Shannen's other hand finds Emma's tit and Shannen yanks hard forward. As Emma is pulled forward Shannen brings her legs up and tries to catch Emma's head between her legs. Emma manages to avoid this and now removes her hand from Shannen's breast and slams it down on Shannen's crotch.

Emma's fingers dig into Shannen's pussy as Emma tries to take Shannen out with her own hold. Muffled sounds come from under Emma as Shannen is trapped in the hold that won her some many matches. With no way to escape, Shannen slaps her left hand on the mat rapidly, signaling her submission.

Emma releases her hold and rolls off of Shannen's face. Shannen's face is red and covered with sweat. Emma gets to her feet to have her arm raised by Geena who asks, "What’re you doing Emma?"

Emma looks up at Geena and explains, "She tapped out! I won."

Geena who had been on the other side of the ring, had missed the quick signal from Shannen and shakes her head. "Sorry Emma, I didn't see it."

Emma looks about to cry, "NO! I beat her; she gave up!"

Geena just shakes her head, ‘no’.

Emma's mouth opens wide in a silent scream as Shannen, having overheard the argument, has sneaked up behind Emma and drove her forearm up between Emma’s legs, slapping her famous Claw on Emma's pussy. Tears stream from Emma's eyes as her knees buckle and she slowly drops to the canvas, her shoulders hunched forward against the sharp pain, her hands fluttering uselessly against Shannen’s.

Shannen is taking her revenge. Geena asks Emma, “So, Emma, do you want to submit?”

Emma can’t find the ability to speak but as Shannen digs her strong fingers deep into her cunt, Emma begins to rapidly bob her head up and down in the ‘yes’ sign. Grinning, Geena turns around and calls for the bell.

Shannen doesn’t release the Claw hold, keeping it locked on as she leans over Emma's shoulder and whispers in her ear, “You EVER try and claw ME again and I'll tie your tubes!"

Shannen finally releases her hold when Geena yells at her to let Emma go. Shannen can’t stop laughing as her arm is raised, then she heads to the back muttering, "No Crotch Claw! What a stupid fuckin’ idea."

Shannen pauses to flip fans off as they chant, "YOU TAPPED OUT!"

Emma lays curled up in the ring, her body shaking as she sobs uncontrollably while she slowly massages her aching pubic mound….mumbling over and over, “…but I won…" She has to be helped from the ring but the worst part comes when Geena turns around to look at the screen as it replays Shannen tapping out…but it's too late to do anything about it!