Shannen Doherty vs. Robin Givens by bbb4 10/29/00

Robin Givens arrives to the ring in a black string bikini top and matching thong, accentuating her fine legs and butt. Doherty approaches the ring in baby blue spandex shorts topped off with a white spandex Hooters halter. Standing outside the ropes and facing the crowd, she drops her bathrobe. The crowd immediately begins to cheer when her dark pubic triangle and erect nipples make it obvious that she isn't sporting underwear or a bra of any kind.

This brings Givens to a boil, and she attacks without warning. While Shannen is still on the ring apron, Givens thumps her from behind, grabs a handful of hair and rams her headfirst into the ring post. A dazed Doherty falls from the ring apron onto to the concrete floor, with Givens in close pursuit. As soon as Givens' boots hit the floor, she's on Doherty like white on rice, pounding her head into the floor. Givens decides it is time to end this one and puts Doherty in an inverse head lock, setting up for a suplex onto the announcers table.

Doherty has had a few seconds to clear the cobwebs and sees what Robin has planned for her. She blocks the first attempt by Givens to get her off of her feet, but Givens pounds poor Shannen with a few knee lifts to the tits. At the exact moment that one of Givens' knees is crashing into her soft tits, Doherty charges forward like she was hitting a tackling dummy. Caught off guard and off balance, Givens crashes back first into the tables and chairs.

Shannen collects herself and climbs back into the ring to clear her head. Both young ladies rest a while before Givens starts back toward the ring. She is met ringside by a flying knee lift that hurls her right back onto the floor. Against her better judgment, Shannen decides to follow Givens and crawls out under the bottom rope. Shannen immediately picks up Givens and gives her a series of body slams onto the concrete. The sound of Givens' sweaty body slapping onto the concrete floor fills the air.

Once Shannen is confident that Givens isn't going to mount any offensive moves, she hefts the smaller Givens and rams her kidneys first into the edge of the mat and then into the post. As Givens lies at the base of the post holding her aching kidneys, Shannen slips off Givens bikini top. She then wraps the sweat soaked top around her fist and begins pummeling Robin's lower back. As each fist slaps into her butt and back, it elicits another moan of pain.

Shannen decides it is time to get this one back in the ring and rolls Robin in ahead of her. As Shannen climbs back onto the ring, her sweat soaked top is nearly see through. Ms. Doherty then quickly grabs and handful of Robin's hair and sends her to the ropes. As Givens comes off, Doherty catches her, picks up and deposits her in a back breaker across her knee. Shannen increases the pressure by pushing down on Robin's knees and chest, bowing her back even further.

When it clear that Robin isn't quite ready to quit, Shannen peels down Givens' thong and pounds on her bare crotch with her fist. Robin knows how to take a punch, but this is more than she can stand, and tearfully gives it up.