Grudge Match: Paris Hilton vs. Shannen Doherty by Bob

The lanky blonde was surprised when she entered her apartment and found Shannen Doherty sitting on her couch. Paris turned wan and stood with a blank expression on her face for several seconds before she finally managed to stammer, “Wha…wha…what are YOU doing here?”

It was obvious to Shannen Paris was afraid as Shannen purred silkily, “Maybe I came to talk to you.”

Paris took a step back, cautiously eyeing the woman whose boyfriend she’d stolen. She asked warily, “ARE you here to talk?”

Shannen casually shrugged, shook her hair back and tauntingly said, “Maybe I am…or maybe I came to kick your scrawny ass.”

Trying to hide her fear, Paris said, “I…I have a restraining order…you…you broke into my apartment. You’re violating your restraining order. I could send you to jail for a couple of months.” Paris’ own words convinced her Shannen wouldn’t be foolish enough to touch her, stiffening her resolve. “Tell me what you came to say,” Paris huffed. “Then get the hell out!”

The brunette smiled and slowly crossed and recrossed her muscular legs. “Getting awfully brazen there, aren’t you Princess? Maybe the thought of going to jail doesn’t scare me. In fact, maybe the thought of going to jail for beating the hell out of you sounds like a pretty good trade-off. Plus, who knows; maybe you won’t even press charges because a spoiled brat like you couldn’t admit publicly you got your ass kicked by a brunette shorter than you.”

Suddenly, Paris’ face turned pale and she began to stammer, “I…I can take care of muh…myself…you try anything and yuh…yuh…you’ll be the one gets her ass kicked!” she said, trying to sound a lot more confident than she felt.

“Oh really Princess? And what happened that night in the restaurant? You didn’t exactly give a good account of yourself then; in fact, as I remember you ran away pretty quick. You may not be tougher than me, but I have to give you this much; you run a helluva lot faster!” Shannen giggled.

The blonde was sure Shannen was trying to intimidate her and while Shannen was doing a pretty good job of scaring her, she was going to continue putting on a façade in the hopes that Shannen would back down - as bullies generally do. Paris defiantly put her hands on her hips, cocked one knee forward and said, “I COULD have taken you that night but I didn’t want any more bad publicity. Besides, I’d been drinking pretty heavily and wasn’t at my best.”

“Are you saying you think you can take me Princess?” Shannen sneered incredulously.

Paris paused, not totally buying into Shannen’s tough girl act. “Look Shannen, I’m a little drunk now too, plus I’m tired and have a headache. I really don’t want to kick your ass tonight.”

Shannen laughed contemptuously, “Well, THAT’S a real relief. I was sure you were about to kick my ass. So, when DO you wanna kick my ass? Name the time and a place - I’ll be there!” Shannen got up and confidently strutted around Paris’ living room, picking up different objects, fondling pictures of Paris’ mother Kathy and her sister Nicky, then insolently tossing them face down on the table, cracking the glass of Nicky’s portrait.

The frightened blonde edged slowly toward the phone, stammering, “I…I’ve had several fights and you know, I never lost.”

“Gee I’m scared,” Shannen mocked. “I guess I shoulda brought a change of panties in case I piss myself laughing. Do you REALLY consider that little tiff a win?”

Paris hesitated for a second, then stomped her foot and insisted, “I TOLD you; I’d been drinking. But, no, I don’t think I got the worst of it.”

“So why’d you run away?” Shannen insisted, running her fingers over the back of Paris’ expensive sofa.

“Don’t you listen? I told you…I didn’t want more negative publicity? Just like I took your boy-toy, I took YOU that night! Everyone who was there, including you, knows I was kicking your ass.”

Shannen laughed and mockingly said, “Then maybe I should leave before I get hurt.” She started walking toward the frightened blonde and as Paris reached for the phone, Shannen grabbed her wrist. “And don’t even think of using your ‘Princess’ phone Princess, ‘cause if you do, I’ll have to ram it down your throat!”

Paris winced as Shannen twisted her wrist and the phone tumbled from her fingers to the floor. The brunette slapped Paris across the mouth, starting a thin trickle of ‘blue blood’ from the corner of Paris’s lips. Shannen kicked the phone away, sending the cordless phone skittering across the apartment under the sofa.

Paris put her hand to her lip and when she looked down at her fingers and saw she was bleeding, she screamed, “Oh my goodness!”

“What’s the matter Princess?” Shannen taunted. “I thought you were tough! I’m surprised the sight of a little blood bothers a tough tigress such as you.”

As Shannen pushed up against the skinny blonde with the long shapely legs, forcing Paris backward. Shannen picked up her pace, forcing Paris off balance and pushing with her chest. The blonde tumbled over backward, landing on the floor on her tight, millionaire ass! Shannen dropped to her knees as she mounted her and quickly pinned Paris’s shoulders to the floor. Shannen easily held Paris’ shoulders down while Paris squirmed, bucked and thrashed her legs as she struggled in vain to free her shoulders.

Shannen laughed at Paris’ feeble attempt to free herself and as Paris continued trying to unseat her, Shannen grabbed Paris’s skinny wrists, then lifted her arms slightly and wedged them between her legs. With Paris’ arms trapped between her legs, Shannen now had both hands free to start inflicting some pain.

WHAP! Shannen slapped Paris with her right hand and the skinny blonde screamed - more in shock and disbelief at being treated so rudely as in pain.

“What’s the matter Paris, that hurt?”

“Screw you bitch!” Paris growled, kneeing Shannen in the back with one long leg.

“Ah-ah, watch the language Paris. Cursing is SO not ladylike!”

SMACK! Shannen swept her open left hand down across Paris’ face, cracking her other cheek.

“Get the hell off me or I’ll kill you!” Paris snarled as involuntarily reflexive tears welled up.

“So now you’re going to kill me?” Shannen chortled.

WHACK! She slapped Paris again. This time Paris groaned as her feet beat a tattoo on the carpet. Shannen grabbed the platinum blonde’s hair, lifted Paris’ head slightly, while lowering her head. When her face was millimeters away from Shannen’s face, Shannen placed her lips on Paris’ lips and planted a long wet, juicy kiss. Several seconds into the kiss, Paris suddenly went limp and, instinctively, her lips parted as her she opened her mouth. As soon as she did, Shannen forced her tongue in and as their tongues wrestled, Paris’ body started to orgasm. As much as she hated Shannen, Paris couldn’t believe what was happening to her! Then, just as suddenly as Shannen had sent her into ecstasy, Paris was suddenly snapped back to reality!

Shannon withdrew her tongue and sat up on Paris’ body smirking. “So babe, how’d you like that? Bet it was 100% better than your ex-! I bet Nicole never pleased or satisfied you like that. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll please you even more.”

As soon as Paris realized what Shannen was hinting at, she flipped out! Although Paris loved to tease, she did NOT appreciate anyone - especially a psychopath like Shannen - teasing HER! Paris was determined to teach her nemesis a lesson she’d never forget! Paris began bucking furiously and the sudden lurch caught Shannen by surprise. Shannen toppled forward and, being unbalanced, instinctively put her hands down to steady herself which gave Paris the chance to free her trapped arms! Once her arms were free, Paris was able to reach her hands up on Shannen’s back and pull Shannen further forward; sending her flying off over Paris’ ead.

Paris turned around and rose to her knees facing Shannen. But despite all the bragging about her fighting prowess, Paris wasn’t quite sure what to do next. Almost all her fights had been over in a few minutes or less and except for throwing a glass at Sarah Howard and Lisa Marie Presley throwing a glass at her, most had been nothing more than a little hair pulling, a few slaps and some kicking. Paris had rarely been in a fight in which she’d been rolling around on the floor with anyone.

However, the sight of Shannen sprawled awkwardly on her stomach gave Paris the courage she needed to fight back and she launched herself through the air, landing on Shannen’s back and flattening her beneath her. Paris grabbed Shannen’s hair, lifted her head, then slammed her face down against the floor stunning her. Then Paris moved up onto the small of Shannen’s back and hammered her fist down between Shannen’s shoulder blades. She screamed at the surprising power of Paris’ punch.

Gaining the advantage against Shannen had given the lanky blonde renewed confidence and she wondered why she’d been afraid of her brunette rival in the first place. Paris grabbed Shannen’s hair and smashed her face on the floor one more time and Shannen’s body started to shiver and spasm. Wasting no time, Paris reached down and tore off Shannen’s blouse. She shouldn’t have been surprised that the wild brunette wasn’t wearing a bra, but she was surprised! Paris paused to stare at Shannen’s bare back for a second or two, then looked down at her long manicured fingernails, wondering not about the damage she could cause, but only whether she wanted to risk ruining her fresh manicure.

Finally, realizing Shannen had a reputation for being both tough and crazy, and remembering she had been tormenting her for several weeks, Paris made up her mind. She violently raked her long fingernails down the length of Shannen’s back, chuckling at the sound of Shannen’s loud scream! The rich, blonde party animal was having a great time; she’d never realized fighting could be SOOO much fun!

“Get off me, you bitch!” cried Shannen.

“I don’t think so,” replied Paris beauty. “You’re tough. Despite the fact that I was kicking your ass the last time we fought, you claim you were beating me. Let’s see you get me off you.” With that Paris, violently ran her long finger nails down Shannon’s back one more time, drawing blood. “How does that feel you psycho bitch?”

Shannen tried to speak but she was in a lot of pain. Realizing Shannen was in trouble; Paris grabbed Shannen’s hair with both hands and lifted her opponent’s head from the floor. The sadistic blonde party girl then let go of Shannen’s brown locks with her right hand and raked her talon-like nails down the side of Shannen’s face, drawing blood once more and making Shannen cry out again. Paris was enjoying every minute of her viscous attack. She grabbed Shannen’s hair with her right hand, let go of Shannen’s hair with her left hand, then raked the other side of Shannen’s face with her left hand.

“At least now your face is symmetrical,” Paris taunted. As Shannen began to sob, Paris tormented her, telling her what a pussy she was. Shannen had been torturing Paris for a few weeks; now it was Paris’ turn for some revenge. “So tough girl, still think I’m lying? I told you I could fight. I also told you I didn’t want to fight tonight. Now I have to teach you a lesson!” Paris moved up onto the back of Shannen’s head. “I hope you have a lot of air because I’m going to teach you a lesson about what can happen when you pick a fight with someone who is tougher than you.” She started bouncing on Shannen’s head.

Shannen wanted to give up, but any sounds coming from her mouth were being drowned out by Paris’ shapely butt bouncing on her face. Despite being groggy and ready to submit before Paris rendered her unconscious, she couldn’t help but replay the fight in her mind and try to figure out how a skinny rich bitch with small tits had managed to be beating the snot out of her.

Shannen had become lost in a dream in which she imagined she was on top of Paris debutante; punishing her hated foe. She didn’t realize Paris had stopped bouncing on her head until, suddenly, she was snapped back to reality by a sharp pain in her groin that was so intense it shot through her entire body. The hotel heiress had ripped her skirt, reached into her panties, and sank her fingernails into Shannon’s cunt!

Shannon had never felt so much pain; it felt as if Paris was ripping her insides out. Despite being conscious, Shannen’s body involuntarily went limp. Not realizing that Shannen was still conscious, Paris pulled her hand from Shannen’s panties and relaxed. She got off her and laughed maniacally. Her initials fears had quickly turned to a feeling of giddy exhilaration as she stood and put a red high-heeled foot on Shannen’s chest. Looking down at her, Paris watched Shannen’s body began to shake vigorously from her foot massage. Shannen’s quivering body made her think of a chicken that had lost its head and was running around. The wild party animal had wished that someone had filmed the fight because now all she had to remember the moment by would be the tabloids after she called to let them know how easily she’d beaten the great “bad girl” Shannen!

Paris began thinking about who else she could tell about the fight when suddenly her legs buckled and she collapsed to her knees. It felt like someone had hit her in her in the pubic mound with a sledge hammer. Paris’ inexperience had cost her! Sure that the fight was over, she started thinking about her victory.

Despite the fact that she had inflicted enough punishment to finish off most pugilists, she had underestimated Shannen’s toughness and her desire to win. So while Paris bombshell was thinking about her victory, the dazed brunette, relying strictly on instincts, managed to plant her foot in Paris’ groin. Gasping for air, Paris looked over and saw Shannen was still lying on the floor. It took Paris several seconds, but finally she realized Shannen had somehow kicked her in her pussy. Paris tried to roll on top of Shannen, but while her mind told her to roll, her body refused to obey.

Shannen’s mind was struggling with her body too; telling herself “mount Paris and finish her off,” but, like Paris, her body was unable to follow her instincts.

As Shannen lay on the floor trying to clear her head, she thought she heard someone crying. At first the sobbing sounded soft but as Shannen continued to clear her head, the sobbing sounds grew louder and louder. Suddenly Shannen thought she could hear her worst enemy, Tori Spelling, trying to rally Paris to finish her off. Although Shannen was hallucinating, the thought of Tori Spelling rooting against her would be her rallying point. Shannen rose slightly and started looking around the room, looking to see if she could tell Tori she was next. However, Tori Spelling was nowhere to be seen.

As she wondered if Tori had really been in the room, Shannen was suddenly kicked in her chest, knocking her over backward. Paris, who had recovered, managed to plant a second kick to Shannen’s sore cunt and the two kicks had hurt Shannen and put her in so much pain she was about to pass out. Paris quickly mounted Shannen and landed a hellacious punch to Shannen’s nose that send blood spraying as her head bounced off Paris’ carpeted floor several times. The force of the punch blackened both of Shannen’s eyes which swelled immediately.

Then Paris turned around looking to Shannen’s cunt. The surprisingly tough blonde flew forward and her head crashed down on Shannen’s already sore mound. Despite Paris’ weight on top of her, the force of Paris’ head hitting her in the groin caused Shannen to roll into the fetal position which threw Paris off her. The two fighters were side by side; Shannen virtually unconscious and Paris breathing heavily and in a lot of pain. Even though Paris was kicking ass, she wasn’t sure how much longer she could go on before giving way to exhaustion. It was crunch time for both warriors; the twelfth round; the winner would be the one who could persevere through her pain!

Despite the fact that her foe had gotten the worst of the punishment, the spoiled blonde had bit off more than she could chew and wanted no more. As Paris temptress lay next to her enemy, the pain started to subside and she was starting to get her second wind. Paris slowly managed to sit up. She looked at her hated rival and was glad to see Shannen still lying on the floor, blood flowing from the back of her head. Paris wasn’t sure what had caused Shannen to cut her head. The blonde started to roll until she was near Shannen’s feet, then she removed Shannen’s heavy black shoes and dropped them.

She grabbed Shannen’s right foot and bit her toes! Shannen’s body began to shake but she didn’t scream so Paris grabbed her right leg, and bit Shannen’s ankle. The blonde next picked up one of Shannen’s shoes and smashed it across the small of Shannen’s back. Again, Shannen’s body shook and quivered. The blonde goddess was annihilating her and knew it was only a matter of time before the battered brunette had to pass out. Although Paris sensed she’d won, she wasn’t going to make the same mistake she had made earlier!

Paris rolled Shannen onto her back, then sat down hard on Shannen’s face where she started wiggling, enjoying the ride as Shannen’s body lolled listlessly from side-to-side with her rocking motion as Paris continued to wiggle for several minutes. Despite the fact that Shannen had been taking a lot of punishment, she was still conscious and Paris couldn’t help but respect her toughness, especially since she doubted she could have taken as much punishment as Shannen had taken and survived.

Paris decided to try another approach. She got off the fallen brunette, put her foot on Shannen’s chest, grinding her heel into Shannen’s breasts, and said, “Give up before you wind up in the hospital! You can’t take anymore punishment. You’ve lost and we both know it.”

Despite being barely conscious, Shannen softly muttered, “This fight isn’t over. I’m not ready to quit.”

Paris shrugged and said, “Alright, if you want more pain that’s fine with me!”

She kicked Shannen in the ribs and dropped on Shannen, making sure her knees smashed down on Shannen tits, flattening them. Shannen’s hips and legs jerked upward from the contact as the blonde plopped her curvy ass and started bouncing on Shannen’s sore, throbbing tits, Paris threw a hard punch to Shannen’s eye and despite the fact it was a pretty good punch, Shannen was not only still conscious, she still refused to give up! Paris prepared to throw another punch that would surly leave Shannen unconscious.

But somehow, Shannen managed to reach up and grab Paris’ blonde hair. She yanked with what little strength she had left, and rolled the dominant blonde off! Now on top, but badly sapped of her strength and in more pain than she had ever experienced in her life, Shannen realized she had to finish Paris off quickly. She balled her right hand into a fist and slammed it down on Paris’ right eye which immediately started to blacken as Shannen balled her fist up one more time.

However, Shannen never threw the punch. The beating she had taken had finally took its toll and Shannen’s eyes rolled back in her head and she went limp as she collapsed forward. Seeing what was about to happen, Paris bucked and her unconscious opponent tumbled facedown at her side. Shannen was finally out - the fight was finally over! It had been a hard-fought victory for Paris, but fulfilling! Shannen had stalked her and harassed her despite the restraining order, but Paris had managed to beat the shit out of Shannen and free herself from the torment of her inner-most demons! No longer would Paris fear fights, in fact from this day on she sought them out with abandon, building a reputation as a bully and a dominatrix!