Shannon Doherty vs. Alyssa Milano- by bbb4 (from Delphi Celebrity Catfight Board April 5, 99)

While Alyssa climbs through the ropes, Shannon remains in the ring after celebrating a big tag team victory with her former costars Tori Spelling and Jenny Garth. She remains nude from her previous match, but wears a small white towel around her neck, boxer style, just barely covering her pale breasts and small nipples. Her only clothing consists of two high laced pale blue boots that matched her wrestling thong and bra before they were ripped from her body. She paces her corner of the ring nonchalantly, looking over at Alyssa as though she has just seen a piece of rotten meat. Alyssa doesn't acknowledge Shannon as she makes her way into the ring, climbing slowly through the ropes and staring right through her opponent. Alyssa too is nude, but still sports her trademark cowboy boots over her bare feet.

Circling slowly, the two young ladies are very similar in stature and coloring. Both wear their hair about shoulder length over their untanned bodies and wear only light makeup. Both carry a little extra weight, Shannon in the form of some baby fat on her hips and stomach, Alyssa in the form of wider butt and thighs. The similarity ends at bra size however as Alyssa carries a large pair of firm breasts dangling unrestrained. Their pink silver dollar nipples are already beginning to stand tall and proud as the adrenaline starts to pound its way though her body.

While Shannon's smaller breasts and cherry nipples are clear and unmarked, Alyssa's left tit has clearly taken quite a beating from her two previous opponents. Her tit and nipple both show the black and blue hand prints and crimson claw marks of both Phoebe Cates and Winona Ryder.

The two girls tangle for the first time center ring, Shannon immediately reaching for Alyssa's battered bust, but Milano dances away with surprising speed for a bigger girl, leaving Shannon stumbling and grabbing air. Embarrassed by her miscue, Shannon charges Alyssa, catching an upper cut right on the chin to start the fight. Alyssa lifts her foe's chin and delivers another crushing karate chop, this time bashing Doherty's Adam's apple, sending her to the mat, grasping her throat and kicking her feet. Alyssa quickly follows in, dropping her shin across Shannon's neck with all of her weight, grinding Doherty's Adam's apple into the back of her throat. Gagging and hacking, Shannon manages to break the choke hold with a quick thrust of the thumb delivered between Milano's nearby thighs.

Milano jumps back holding her stinging groin, leaving a blue faced Doherty rolling on the mat, holding her crushed windpipe. Milano recovers first. Stepping in behind Doherty, she lifts her off the mat with a forearm across the throat, using her free hand to pinch and twist Shannon's small nipple before plunging it into Doherty's dark pubic mound. Shannon lets out a pained scream and squirms free from the choke hold, rolling into the fetal position, holding her crotch. Milano wants to finish this match as soon as she can and straightens out Shannon's body by delivering a crushing toe kick to Shannon's lower back and kidneys.

Alyssa takes a seat to Doherty's side, placing her boot in Shannon's kidneys before grabbing an arm and a leg and pulling for all she is worth. Shannon's face contorts with pain, but she remains silent, only grunting slightly as Alyssa increases the pressure on her back and legs. Finally, Shannon lets out a scream and rolls over the toe of Alyssa's boot, freeing herself from the increasing pressure on her back.

Shannon is obviously hurting in a bad way as Alyssa is able to climb to her feet and deliver a flying knee drop to Doherty's bruised back. Alyssa picks up the slowed Doherty sends her to the ropes and delivers a huge powerslam in the center of the ring. Milano senses that this is the opening she has been looking for and quickly slides her huge mammaries into Shannon's face, going for the kill with breast smother. Doherty begins to struggle wildly, flailing her arms and legs under Milano's weight, gagging between Milano's sweaty tits. Milano's large sweaty breast forms a seal over the 90210 star's face, cutting off all of her air, and smothering her quickly. Alyssa grins and slowly grinds her soft tits into Doherty's face, using the right tit and her cleavage to slowly finish Doherty off, but Shannon has other ideas.

Doherty drives her knee up catching Alyssa flush in the groin, and follows on with a second knee, narrowly missing Alyssa's crotch but deeply bruising Alyssa's upper thigh. Alyssa's hands cover her crotch to prevent more abuse, allowing Shannon to get away. The smother hold broken, Shannon rolls away from her opponent wheezing, spitting and gagging, wiping Alyssa's titty sweat from her eyes.

Seeing Alyssa rolling around on the mat protecting her groin, Shannon quickly drives her fingers under Alyssa's protective hands, applying her deadly crotch claw. Milano shudders and yips in pain as Doherty's fingers find their target, digging deeply into Alyssa's crotch and groin muscles. Shannon screams obscenities in Alyssa's face as she takes control of the bigger girl with her strong hand wedged between Alyssa's large thighs. Alyssa too has different plans though, sticking her thumb in Doherty's eye before reaching down, slowly and painfully pulling Shannon's hand from her groin.

Both girls have now suffered at the hands of the other's finishing hold and both are beaten and tired. Shannon manages to climb to her knees first, delivering a lunging forearm into Alyssa's ear. Alyssa collapses to her side, holding her head. With Alyssa debilitated, Shannon slowly snakes her legs around Alyssa's huge chest, making sure to pin Alyssa's large tits under her constricting legs. The 90210 star also grabs Alyssa's close hand to prevent her from attacking with it. Shannon grinds the chest scissors, both denying Alyssa air and smashing her sore tits. A fine layer of sweat covers Shannon's thighs as she flexes her legs and abs, causing both girls to grunt and scream with effort. Alyssa begins to droop back, her right hand trying to pry Shannon's ankles apart and break the crushing chest scissor.

Finally a rake of the nails across Shannon's pale legs finally frees Alyssa from the punishing chest scissors, but Shannon is quick to attack, raising both her hands over her head and slamming them into Alyssa's midsection applying a strong belly claw to Alyssa's ample to stomach. Shannon works the claw hard, trying to wear Alyssa down before trying for a second finisher. The claw is expertly applied, slightly off center allowing Shannon to dig her thumbnail into Milano's belly button and wrap the rest of her fingers around the side of Milano's stomach. Every time Alyssa tries to sit up and deliver a blow or break up the hold, Shannon digs her nails a little deeper into Milano's abdominal muscles, sending her back to the mat grunting in agony, wincing in pain. Shannon begins taunting Milano, calling her fat and jiggling her stomach claw as if to prove it. Milano is clearly near submission when she finally lifts a knee, catching Shannon in the side, knocking her over and breaking the claw hold.

Although free of the gut claw, Alyssa's energy is dwindling while Shannon seems to posses the stamina of the energizer bunny. Alyssa crawls away from Doherty, presenting her backside as a perfect target. Shannon manages to get to her feet and drop in behind Alyssa, almost in the amateur position on all fours. Shannon grabs Alyssa's forward wrist and pulls it out from under her, sending Milano face first into the mat, and then applies the crotch claw from behind. Keeping Alyssa down with a chicken wing armbar, Doherty's other hand is free to work Alyssa's groin, much like Phoebe Cates had done to Alyssa's breast in a previous match.

Alyssa's moans begin to lose their intensity as a huge grin spreads across Shannon's beautiful face. Realizing the Alyssa is barely conscious, Shannon releases the chicken wing, and brushes the sweat soaked hair from her face. Next she grabs a handful of Alyssa's locks, pulling back so that she can see her opponent's beaten face. Shannon screams at Alyssa, telling her to quit, but Alyssa won't give. In frustration, Shannon adds her second hand to the crotch claw, doubling the power and pain. Alyssa gives one last grunt and passes out, but Shannon keeps grinding away at Alyssa's cunt, keeping the pressure up.

Finally, from ringside Elle MacPherson and Kathy Ireland are able to separate Doherty from Milano and grab her in a double bearhug, meant to contain Doherty, not really hurt her. While MacPherson and Ireland hold the winner back, Winona Ryder climbs into the ring, quickly reviving Milano with a splash of water.

Still groggy from her trip to LaLa land, Milano can be heard muttering, "I never quit!" as she is helped from the ring.

Seeing Alyssa carried from the ring calms Doherty and the two supermodels let her go, but not fast enough that she doesn't take a swipe at Elle. Missed by a fraction of an inch, Elle only holds up one finger, warning Doherty not to continue. At this point, Tori Spelling and Jennie Garth rush in to enter the ring, making it three on two against the super models. The champions wisely decide to leave the ring, neither ever turning her back on Doherty or her friends.

Doherty can be seen uttering the words, "You're next!" as Elle and Kathy depart.