Shannen Doherty vs Reese Witherspoon by bbb4 19-Oct-99

A tuxedo clad gentleman hurries down the hall catching up to a pair of shorter, brunettes in the hallway. One wears a open baby blue silk robe that hits her about mid thigh. The other wears a maroon, slinky, knit one piece dress, cut high across her tight thighs and buns. As they turn the corner, the man calls out, getting her their attention.

Interviewer: Shannen! Holly! Glad I caught you both before your match. Do you have any last minute thoughts on Reese Witherspoon, tonight's opponent?

Holly Marie Combs steps back, allowing Shannen to have the camera to her self. Shannen turns, her open robe revealing a tight, pale, young body, with just a hint of loose baby fat in the stomach. She wears a light knee pad on her right leg. A set of shiny, vinyl, baby blue low top, lace up wrestling boots cover her feet, while a matching baby blue thong and jog bra do little to hide her trim hips and chest. Her small, bare nipples jut against the thin lycra of her sports bra. She wears her medium length brown hair down, framing her pale skinned shoulders and face. Her eyes, narrowly slit and burning with hate, immediately attract attention.

Shannen Doherty: I'm not usually given much to talking... I usually let my fighting do the talking.

Int: I understand that you and Reese are both from Tennessee...

SD: She's from Nashville and I'm from Memphis, but we might as well have grown up on different planets. She's old money, and I'm gonna teach her a thing or two about the wrong side of the tracks.

Int: [Taking a step backward] Any last words for your opponent? This interview is closed circuit to her dressing room too...

SD: [looking into the Camera] I'd don't know what makes a skinny little school girl like you want to climb into the ring, but I am going to make you wish you were never born. I'm going to hurt you in ways you haven't even dreamed of...

[Smiling] Holly and I have been working on a new submission hold just for you, slut! I'm gonna make you squeal like the Nashville sow you are! Sqqqueeeeee! Squeee! Squeee! [Holly laughs as the two depart the ring area.]

Climbing the ringside steps, Shannen stares across the canvas at the sandy haired blonde girl across the canvas. She wears a light blue sweater and a red plaid dress, cut dangerously high across her beautiful thighs. A pony tail hangs down from her head as she sneers across the ring.

"Well, lookie what the cat dragged in! It's a little white trash, come to play with the big girls! Well, you're in for a big lesson, you little tramp."

Shannen drops her robe, her curvy, alabaster thighs and butt visible for the first time behind a tiny little thong. She crosses her arms, reaching for the bottom of her sports bra, which she peels off with quick expertise. Handing the
bra to Holly, Shannen smiles as her partner takes a seat near the announcer, putting on a set of head phones.

Doherty pulls the ropes and jumps up and down a few times loosening her legs and shoulders, while her now bare breasts bounce invitingly. Her stiff nipples dance in small circles as shakes her head from side to side, and signals that she is ready.

Shannen strides across the canvas confidently with her hands up, motioning for Reese to join her in the center of the ring. Witherspoon dances skittishly around the taller Doherty, nervously peppering her with verbal jabs.

"I'm gonna rip your tits off, Shanny!"

"Did your momma teach you topless dancing too?"

Doherty uses her five year experience advantage over the smaller blonde to cut off the ring into smaller and smaller portions, closing in on Reese every time, until Witherspoon has no choice but the step in and tie up with Doherty.

Shannen again uses her advantage in experience to step through the tie up, grabbing Reese's hand in a spinning wristlock. Cranking over on the tortuous armlock, Shannen forces Reese to bend over at the waist or face a dislocated shoulder. Doherty quickly turns Witherspoon's wrist upward and begins to add more pressure to the wrist lock, occasionally racking the arm back and forth like a pump jack. Reese screams in agony as Doherty expertly twists and turns her arm in way it wasn't meant to go. Reese quickly drops to her knees, her face almost flush
against the rough canvas as she tries to relieve the pressure on her elbow and shoulder.

With a devilish smile Shannen bites the tips of her fingers, eliciting another series of bellowing screams. Reese's white silk panty clad ass is high as her skirt is too short to cover the subject. Shannen cruelly kicks her in the ass, aiming between the legs with the toe of her hard boot. Each blow brings a whining whimper from the younger girl as she takes her free hand, threading it between her thighs trying to protect her womanhood. Showing a little ring knowledge herself, Reese somersaults forward, taking the twisting pressure off her tortured arm. Just as quickly, she buries her fist between Doherty's legs.

Shannen lets out a pained huff, but takes another shot to the muff before staggering backward and away from Reese's well aimed blows. She covers herself, Reese is able blast another shot into Shannen's box, punishing her despite Shannen's efforts to cover up. Doherty retreats again, this time into the corner, but Reese, still on her knees, follows, trying to punch her way through Shannen's protective hands. Reese continues raining blows aimed between the brunette's thighs but Shannen finally ends the attack with a brutal counter attack, flattening Reese with a swift kick to the gut.

Reese gasps in agony and rolls to her side, clutching her belly, but Shannen has obviously gotten the worst end of the exchange, as she crouches in the corner, her butt resting on the middle turnbuckle. Seeing stars and clutching at her stinging groin, her breathing has finally slowed down a bit when Reese lays into her again. Shannen looks up, only to catch a glimpse of Reese as she charges in and smashed her elbow into Shannen's head. Reese follows on with a full body splash into the corner. Reese backs out of the corner a few steps, only to charge back in, burying the point of her knee into Shannen's belly.

With the wind clearly knocked out of her opponent, Reese takes some time to enjoy Shannen's breasts. Caressing the baby soft tissue on the bottom of Doherty's tit, Reese watches as her nipples rise in salute. Witherspoon almost lives up to her threat of tearing Doherty's tits of, viciously digging her nails into the feminine flesh before dragging her nails across the soft tit.

Reese ends her breast pull with a deliberate and agonizing double nipple pull. Shannen howls in utter agony, stepping forward as she is pulled out of the corner by teats. Reese pulls her out and then slams her backward into the buckles, using her weight to crush Doherty against the padded steel buckles.

Feeling she has Shannen beaten down, Reese takes her time backing out of the corner, rubbing the rough material of her sweater against Shannen's bare, sweaty breasts as she backs out. Slowly, Reese slides her hand down Shannen's slick belly until she finds the waist band of her thong. She grabs the front panel, bunching it up in her hand before giving it a huge upward yank. The crotch wedgie sends Shannen to new levels of pain as the lycra bites into tender
groin, seemingly splitting her body in two. She collapses forward onto Reese who gives it another painful tug, smiling broadly as she hears Shannen let out and sharp gasp. Doherty's hands fall to groin as Reese whispers in her ear, "Give?"

Doherty shakes her head negatively, earning another pain wracked thong pull. She climbs to her tippy toes, alleviating a small portion of the pressure on her woman hood, and with determination borne of desperation bites Reese in the face and then leans back and head butts her in the same spot. Witherspoon staggers back taking Shannen with her, holding her nose which has begun to bleed both from a bite mark across the bony bridge of her nose and from Shannen's devastating head butt.

Doherty staggers back and drops to the mat in the corner, quickly extracting the thong from places it was never meant to go. She slides the thong down around her waist, over her knees and over her ankles and then tosses the discarded clothing out of the ring, her sweaty chest heaving from the effort.

Reese again strikes before Shannen can recover though, grabbing both top ropes in the corner above Shannen and dropping a knee into her crotch. Shannen moans as Reese rises slowly, lowering her knee socks and preparing for another ramming blow between the legs. She drops swiftly and surely, crushing her now bare knee into Shannen's now bare crotch. Feeling Shannen's warmth against her knee, Reese gives her knee an extra twist and grind into the older girls pussy. She smiles again watching Shannen's face twist in pain and rubs her knee and shin against Doherty's snatch.

Holly, showing some concern for the first time, has dropped her head set and gone to the corner behind Shannen. She yells encouragement to her fallen partner, pounding the mat behind Doherty, exhorting her to get up. Reese sees and hears Holly Marie and climbs the corner putting one foot on each of the bottom ropes, purposely grinding the front of her skirt against Shannen's face as she sits on the canvas below. Reese spits on Holly from her higher position in the ring.

"I'll get you next, whore!"

With that comment, though, the tide of the match changes.

Reese's cunt explodes in pain as she looks down, to see Shannen's right hand up her skirt. Her hands fly down to the searing pain, where Shannen has applied her dreaded crotch claw between Reese's long, inviting legs. Still standing, Witherspoon's knees turn to jelly and she sinks to the mat on her knees, Doherty's hand still welded between her thighs. She whimpers as Shannen pours it on, grunting each time she applies more pressure to Reese's cunt.

Witherspoon finally rolls to her side and goes to the fetal position, but Shannen keeps up her punishment, working the cuntlock with dreaded precision and expertise. Each time Shannen twists her grip, Reese throws her head back in agony, screaming out for mercy, but getting none.

Shannen finally rips her hand out from Reese groin, leaving the shorter girl whining and whimpering in agony on the canvas. Shannen rolls her onto her back and reaches both hands up her shirt, presumably mauling Reese's smaller breasts. After what seems a long delay, Shannen is rewarded with a blood curdling scream. Reese's body stiffens as her nips are twisted and Doherty goes to work on her tender breasts. Shannen smiles, pulling her hands out from under the blue sweatshirt, holding Reese's strapless bra in her hands. Reese again goes to the fetal position, protecting her crotch and chest.

Shannen takes one of Reese's hands and twists it behind her back, making a chicken wing hammer lock. Shannen uses her other hand to twist Witherspoon's neck to the side, completely pretzeling the younger girl and rubbing her face against the gritty canvas. Shannen pulls upward on her opponent's arm and twists her head to the side, listening as Reese whimpers in pain.

As her still tender teats rub against the back of Reese's rough sweater Shannen thinks to herself, "Rose would love all this rubbing and rolling and twisting..."

With a self conscious shudder, Shannen releases the holds, allowing Reese to again curl up in a ball.

With Reese on her side, Shannen throws up the back of her opponent's skirt, as though she were opening the hood of a car. She slowly snakes her hand down the back of Reese's tight white panties, biting her lip in concentration as she threads her fingers between Witherspoon's thighs. Reese again cries out as Shannen finds her mark a second time. A huge smile creases Doherty's face as she feels Reese's resistance melt away in a single shuddering sigh. Shannen gives the hold a vicious twist as she cruelly grits her teeth.

"I give! OHHHHHH God, let go! I give! I'll do anything, just let go! Please don't hurt me any more..."

Tears now stream down Reese's face as Shannen mercilessly continues her application of the crotch claw. Holly slowly makes her way to the ring, taking her time before climbing through the ropes. She taps Shannen on the shoulder and as if she wants to cut in.

"May I?"

Doherty pulls her claw out of Reese's muff, and wipes her soggy hand against Reese's sweater, indicating that she is done with the cowering Witherspoon. Holly grabs the high hem of her own skirt and slowly slowly raises it, revealing her exquisite ass, and a tiny yellow thong below. Holly bends over at the waist to slap Reese, her peachy ass on display for the crowd. Reese is rolled onto her back and Holly squats over her head, rubbing her butt against Reese's face.

After a few long butt rubbing strokes against Reese's whimpering face, Holly rises to her feet again and peels her thong down. The crowd watches in stunned amazement as Holly begins to butt smother Reese again, gently rocking back and forth as she rubs her womanhood against Witherspoon's face. She lets out a slight whimper, closing her eyes as she nears orgasm, and then a roar as she releases herself on Reese's face. Slightly embarrassed by her vocal display
she lowers her skirt over Reese's face and stands up. She pulls her thong up and shyly adjusts her miniskirt in embarrassment. Still straddling the fallen blonde, she spits in her face.

"Watch who are you calling a whore!"

She points to Shannen, curling one finger and inviting her to take a turn.

Her pale body still soaked in sweat, Shannen takes an uncertain step forward, unsure of how to apply such a humiliating finisher, but intrigued by its possibilities. The crowd eggs her on, removing her last vestiges of doubt. She rubs her neatly trimmed bush once, readying it for Witherspoon's face. Holly grabs her hand and positions her for a front face sit, showing her where to drop her butt and then instructing her in the rhythmic humping of her fallen opponent's face. Shannen begins to rock back and forth on Reese's face, tentatively at first, looking up to Holly for approval, but without further help, begins to find her rhythm.

She leans slightly forward, closing her eyes, letting out a muted moan. She then grabs a handful hair from the top of Witherspoon's head and begins to ride her opponent in earnest, bucking her hips forward and backward on Reese's face. After a few minutes of quietly moaning and rocking, Doherty lets out a squeaky whimper, throwing her head back and arching her back in ecstasy. Each of her small, pert tits is capped by a rock hard red nipple, each crowned with a single drop of sweat. Doherty's thighs involuntarily clamp even tighter as she rides Reese through the storm of
pleasure. Her last few hip thrusts are slow, exaggerated pushes as she peaks on Witherspoon's face, draining all her energy into a single screaming second. Spent, Shannen draws a deep breath, and smiles.

Shannen opens her eyes, quickly darting them left and right, seemingly embarrassed at her primal display, but still sporting a spacy, ultimately satisfied grin. Holly smiles, offering both hands to help Shannen up from her mount. Lifting Doherty up, Holly gets a first hand look at the devastation that her partner delivered. Reese's rosy face is clammy, and soaking wet, her mascara and makeup smeared all over her face like a clown's makeup gone wrong.

Dirty blondish hair is matted to the sides of Witherspoon's face, clinging to her head. Reese's chest rises and drops slowly, taking shallow breaths.

Shannen looks over to Holly, who is already leaving the ring area. As she steps through the ropes, Shannen notices that Reese's shallow breaths have turned to great racking sobs as she cries in the center of the ring. Shannen meets the interviewer at the ring side steps, with Holly at her side.

INT: What a finisher Shannen! Is that the special finisher you have been working on?

SD: None other. Holly taught me that one.

INT: Holly, that was devastating! Where's you learn that?

Holly Marie Combs: I'm not the biggest girl in the ring. [Gently rubbing her curvy thighs and ass] I have to use what God gave me.

INT: Any chance we'll see you two in the ring?

SD: The Commish hasn't mentioned anything about tag teams, but I have a few friends who might be interested in getting into the league if they had a helping hand. Alyssa Milano, Melissa Joan Hart, Tori Spelling, Tiffani Amber Thiessen.... It would be a bit much for just me to keep a group like that together.... I just want to wrestle some more. [Looking over to Holly]

HMC: You might see me some more if the league takes off.... and I know this league is going to fill up fast. I just want to make sure they have a locker left for me...

The two walk off into the tunnel as Reese exits the ring from the opposite side.