Jelena Dokic vs. Gabriela Sabatini by Blizzard

It was a glorious early morning at the secluded mountain resort. Amidst the sounds of the wakening songbirds, the only other noise heard was the grunting of eighteen year old tennis pro Jelena Dokic, practicing service returns on one of the several clay courts at the resort. A 5'8" 126 lb. blonde tennis pro who, though she was of Croatian descent had been raised in Australia, wasn't having a good morning. Her father suggested she utilize the court's automated service machine and work on her return game. She'd walked onto the court before the early morning sun had cleared the treetops, the rest of the resort's guests still nestled in their beds. She had been struggling with control from the start of her session, and at this point she her frustrations were at their peak. Then the gate on the chain link fence swung open, disrupting the blonde's concentration.

"Good morning, Jelena," greeted Gabriela Sabatini, the 31 year old retired Argentine tennis pro.

Jelena muttered an empty greeting as she returned focus upon the ball server. Gabriela watched the blonde for several minutes, breathing in the crisp morning air.

"What a beautiful morning!" marveled the 5'9" 130 lb brunette Gabriela, who was clad in a white tennis skirt and top. Still as beautiful as ever, Gabriela's body was still in the same game condition she'd maintained throughout her career. Jelena ignored the comment, growling in frustration at her latest poor return.

"Another girl who wants to be Queen," mused Gabriela as she studied the young blonde.

Gabby had seen the teens come and go during her years on the circuit. Most never made it to number one - some became well-known players who bowed out in the second or third round, with an occasional finals appearance. She thought Jelena fit the profile perfectly.

"Would you like to hit a few with me?" Gabby asked the blonde.

The flustered Jelena scoffed, "You still play?!"

Gabriela bristled a bit and answered, "I'm retired, not dead."

Jelena slammed a well-placed return across the net and looked over at the brunette, "If you think you can keep up, be my


Gabriela picked up her racquet and shoved the auto server out of the way. "You may be surprised," she called out to Jelena.

The blonde straightened her form-fitting gray cotton shorts and matching sports bra, peering over at her challenger and sneered,

"I'll go easy on you old timer."

Gabriela stretched out her hamstrings and loosened her shoulders, smiling. "Oh no, give it your best shot, hon," she urged.

The two athletes began an epic "pick-up match" - both of them playing all out, pushing their opponent to earn every point. Jelena won the first set, then Gabriela met the challenge, winning the second. The brunette then took the young blonde to school in the third set, running her ragged to trounce her handily 6-1 to win the match. The sun was now shining down upon the court, and both athletes were spent, their shirts soaked with sweat and breathing heavily.

"Maybe I should reconsider retirement," laughed Gabriela, insulting the blonde pro.

Jelena angrily fired her last ball at her victorious opponent, narrowly missing her. She scowled at Gabriela, who approached the net, perspiration glistening off her dark skin.

"I just whipped your ass on the court, girlie. You better calm down or I'll whip it for real."

Jelena moved toward Gabriela, her pussy framed by a pair of thick thighs as her wet panties stuck to the inside of her damp


"You may have gotten lucky on the court, but you'd be making a very big mistake to fight me. I'm younger and stronger."

"Oh really?!" quipped Gabby as she swung a leg over the net. "I suggest you hit the showers to cool off, baby."

Jelena stood fuming, hands on her hips facing the stone-faced woman.

"I don't need any advice from a has-been quitter like you."

Gabriela felt a wave of ire rise up through her toned, damp body. She pressed the head of her racquet into the blonde's full breasts and hissed, "I meant it, kid. Calm down."

Jelena's piercing eyes burned into Gabriela's. She had been embarrassed in that last set and her anger was uncontrollable. She swiftly swung the racquet she held at her side, whacking her foe in the ribs. Gabriela cried out and sank to her knees, her racquet clattering to the court from her hand as she groaned and she clutched her ribs. Jelena grabbed Gabby's full, dark mane and rammed her knee into the woman's face, splitting her lip and sending her sprawling on her back to the court. Gabriela lay in a daze, blood trickling down her chin. The blonde stood over her and pressed her right foot down between Gabriela's heaving breasts.

"Like I said old lady, you'll be sorry," she snapped.

The flattened Gabriela groaned as the young woman posed with her hands on her hips, leaning forward to press down with her weight on the older woman's bosom.

"Look at you - the great Gabriela Sabatini - laying helpless at my feet."

Jelena continued to keep her foot firmly planted upon Gabby's chest, relishing one of the few satisfying feelings she'd felt all morning. Gabriela was quickly regaining her senses, allowing the blonde to bask in her glory as she pulled herself together. She glanced up at the blonde's sweat soaked crotch, smiled and seized her opportunity.

She drove her fist straight up from the court, smashing into Jelena's unprotected and vulnerable cunt. Gabriela couldn't help grinning when she heard the blonde's shrill scream as Jelena folded forward att the waist, a tortured expression upon her face and her hands clasped at her agonized crotch.

Gabriela reached up, snatched a handful of the blonde's sweaty sports bra and, tucking her knees to her chest, planted both feet in the girl's belly. With a powerful shove of her legs, she kicked Jelena backward. She slammed to the court on her back and out of breath.

Gabby scrambled to her feet while the stunned blonde girl struggled just to get to her hands and knees before attempting to crawl away. Gabriela easily overtook her and viciously raked her fingernails down the teenagers back, forcing another pained shriek from her full, lush lips. Gabby snapped a kick into Jelena's shapely ass, knocking the overwhelmed blonde flat on her cherubic face.

"Well, you started it, but I'm going to relish finishing it, you spoiled little bitch!" hissed Gabriela.

She grabbed the blonde's pony tail and the back waist of her shorts and roughly dragged the squealing girl across the court and smashed Jelena's head into the fence several times, the interwoven wire leaving an imprint on her forehead. Gabriela held the battered girl on her knees, listening to her whimper.

But Jelena reacted out of desperation, swinging her elbow back and upward, sinking it into Gabriela's abdomen, softened somewhat after her retirement from competition. The brunette gasped as she lost her grip on the girl's pony tail and lurched forward. Jelena jumped to her feet, grabbed Gabby by her hair and mashed her head against the unforgiving fence. Gabriela yelped as her infuriated foe spun her around and shoved her back against the fence.

"You fucking, second-rate cunt! Now your fat brown ass is mine!" screamed Jelena as she savagely unleashed a backhand slap across Gabriela's face, jarring her.

Then Jelena straightened up the dazed brunette and cocked her fist.

"Say goodnight, bitch!" she snarled.

Jelena threw a powerful punch at Gabriela, who wisely tilted her head aside out of it's path just in the nick of time. Jelena's fist cracked into the fence, the sound of the CRACK immediately followed by her agonized scream. Gabriela's fist's pumped like pistons as they pummeled the blonde's belly, driving her back onto the court as she emitted short, gasping yelps with each pounding fist to her body. Gabby held Jelena by the wrist and whipped her back to the fence, where her big body crashed against it.

"You say goodnight, little girl," snapped Gabriela as she reared back and ripped a punch to the blonde's chin.

Jelena's legs buckled as, groaning as she sank back in a seated position against the fence with her legs stretched out on the court. The barely conscious girl slumped like a rag doll, her chin resting on her chest as blood dribbled from her mouth onto her sports bra.

Gabriela exhaled deeply and looked up at the bright sun, "Oooh, that sun is hot!"

She fanned her face with one hand as she leaned on the fence above Jelena and placed her crotch in front of the blonde's face. Flapping the hem of her tennis skirt up and down, Gabby fanned the groggy girl's face adding the musky odor of her sweaty snatch to the air wafting into her nose. As Jelena moaned, Gabby stepped back and removed her tennis shoes and socks while keeping an eye on her destroyed rival.

"You're a sweaty, stinking mess, young lady!" said Gabriela as she knelt beside her defenseless foe.

Gabby peeled down the whimpering blonde's shorts and pulled up her sports bra, leaving her in nothing more than her sweat-drenched gray cotton string bikini panties. Jelena was a thrashed, exhausted mess, she wanted no more punishment from the tough Argentine. Gabriela retrieved her racquet from the court and returned to a wide-eyed Jelena.

"Admit I beat you, both on the court and in this fight," ordered Gabriela as she stood over her.

Jelena's eyes filled with tears as she began to blubber, "Leave me alone!"

Gabby laughed wickedly and pressed her bare foot on the blonde's face, pinning her head against the fence. She held the racquet by it's head and jabbed the handle into Jelena's crotch. The blonde girl sniveled as her breathing was impeded by Gabriela's sweaty, smelly foot.

"Please stop!" she moaned, enveloped with shame.

"You overconfident pussy. You're going to clean my filthy foot before I go. Get to it, bitch!" snapped Gabriela, pawing at Jelena's bloody lip with her toes.

The beaten girl sobbed but her tongue parted her lips and she began to lick the salty acridness from Gabriela's foot. Despite her eyes being squeezed tight shut, tears still escaped and flowed down her pink cheeks as she submissively laved the brunette's foot, her tongue darting between every one of her toes. Gabriela even forced her big toe into the blonde's warm, velvety mouth.

"Suck it, you little whore," she commanded in her most domineering tone.

Jelena sobbed as her lips gripped the toe tightly, her tongue pressing hard against it's bottom as she suckled it. Gabriela slowly slid the racquet handle up and down on the blonde's pantied crotch, eliciting an embarrassed moan of excitement from the blonde.

"That's a good little filthy pussy you've got there," teased the Argentine, retracting her foot from Jelena's lips and pressing it against the girl's throat.

Jelena's tongue dangled from her mouth as Gabriela slowly choked her while pinning her against the fence. She gagged as Gabriela increased the pressure, her hands pawing weakly at Gabby's calf as she leaned on her.

"You're nothing, little girl. A sorry excuse for a professional athlete," insulted Gabriela.

She released the foot choke, leaving Jelena gasping for air, and grabbed the girl's pony tail. Gabby pulled the whimpering blonde to her feet and spun her around, bent her forward and draped Jelena's muscular body over her shoulders in a backbreaker.

The powerful brunette just stood there, one hand grasping the blonde's neck and the other dug into her pussy as Jelena howled in pain. Gabriela bounced up and down, exerting intense pressure on the girl's arched spine while working two fingers under the gusset of her panties.

"Admit it, bitch!" she growled. "Admit I'm superior!"

Gabriela clawed her opponent's pussy as she continued to bend the poor girl's spine.

"YES, please!!!" screamed Jelena. "You! You....have......beaten me!!!"

Gabriela smiled with satisfaction and unceremoniously dumped the agonized girl off the back of her shoulders. Jelena landed with a resounding thud and a grunt, laying facedown on the court groaning, paralyzed by the hold. Gabby knelt beside her and yanked up the waistband of her panties, and pulling at it, sawing it back and forth until the elastic on one leg snapped. Then she repeated the process on the opposite side. Finally, Gabriela ripped the torn panties completely off of Jelena's full ass and whipped her creamy cheeks with them. The blonde yelped sharply as she was whipped with her own wet underwear until she was a sniveling, sobbing heap of teenage flesh.

Gabriela grasped her pathetic foe by her pony tail and lifted her off the court, draping her over her outstretched knee on her belly.

"Your ego disgusts me," Gabby said. "I enjoyed putting you in your place, little girl."

The brunette held Jelena's head arched back by her pony tail as she administered a harsh spanking to the teenager's pale ass. Jelena's sobs mixed with her yelps as her pale fanny was transformed into a crimson, stinging mass of jiggling flesh.

"I submitted!!!" Jelena protested. "It's not fair. Stop, please, I'm begging you!!!"

Gabriela finally stopped the paddling and roughly tossed Jelena off her knee and dropped her on the court. The whimpering, naked blonde lay before her, the once haughty young blonde reduced to a pitiful sight. Her face was decorated with impressions from the fence, her damaged lip still bleeding and staining her chin and her firm, pale bottom now a rosy red mass of quivering girlflesh. Gabby, still relentless in her quest for retribution, straddled the teenager's head on her knees and looked down at her, her dark eyes glistening.

"The state where I come from in Argentina, the women are brutal. I was taught there's only one way to finish your opponent - to prove once and for all to her that you are the better woman."

Jelena looked up with her puffy, tear-soaked eyes, staring up the brunette's tennis skirt, at her sweat soaked white panties, her dark, curly pubes peeking out from under the elastic bands at her legs.

"No!!!" she pleaded as what was about to happen to her became crystal clear. "Please, n- Mmmmfffff!"

Jelena's protestations were effectively stifled when Gabriela settled her smelly snatch onto the girls face. She ground her cunt firmly down over Jelena's mouth and nose, suffocating the meekly squirming girl. Gabby held the blonde's wrists pinned to the court as she smothered her with her womanhood.

Jelena's garbled plea's were inaudible, her legs kicking vainly while Gabriela humbled her. The stench of Gabriela's sweaty, aroused, cunt choked the poor blonde teen. Unable to draw breath, her legs soon weakly swept the court one last time before falling to rest, stretched out and still.

Gabriela remained atop her unconscious conquest a moment, drinking in the sun and running her hands through her thick, dark hair as a wicked grin curled across her full, sensuous lips. Finally, the Argentinean rose to her feet, picked up Jelena's tattered panties and looked down at the crushed, defeated girl at her feet as she bent down and draped Jelena's panties over her flushed face.

"Game, set, and match, creampuff!" Gabby chortled triumphantly. "You've just taken an unfortunate drop in the rankings, girlie. Landing right down there with Chrissie and Amanda."

Gabriela pulled on her socks and shoes and retrieved her racquet. She went back over to the spread-eagled, destroyed Jelena and gently pushed on the blonde's belly with her racquet. A soft gasp of air came from the unconscious girl's mouth.

"Next time you want a match with this has-been, you pack a lunch, you stupid little bitch!" she snarled.

She left the court smiling, leaving the naked blonde spread and on full display for whoever came along. As she started up the wooded path toward the resort she bumped into Jelena's father, coming to check on his daughter's progress.

"Gabriela, I heard you were a guest here!" he greeted warmly. Did you play with Jelena?"

His brow furrowed when he noticed the dried blood on the brunette's lip and he asked, "Your….your lip's bleeding - are you OK?!"

Gabriela dabbed at her tender lip and smiled, "Oh, yes, I'm fine. Jela's a feisty one. Reminds me of myself before I learned my lesson from Martina Navratilova."

He grinned proudly and shook his head sympathetically, "Well, I hope she took it easy on you."

Gabriela giggled as she resumed her trip up the path, "I think you'll be surprised when you talk to her! She'll tell you all about it."

"Shocked, even!" she thought to herself as Jelena's father turned and headed down toward the court to where his daughter awaited him with, no doubt, a story of how she'd been attacked by several friends of Gabriela's and overpowered. After all, that's what Gabby herself told people after they found HER, stripped and whipped on a tennis court years ago.