Liz Phair vs. Donna R (from The Donnas) by longtime lurker 4/10/01

The Donnas were opening for Liz Phair during a recent tour and bad blood had developed between Liz and Donna R, the guitar-playing babe of the Donnas. Things finally came to a head in Liz's dressing room. Donna R was pissed that Liz had cut her band's set short one night and barged into the dressing room intent on beating Liz to a pulp.

"Okay bitch, you've really asked for it this time," Donna shouted.

"Oh please little girl. Either bring it or shut your face," Liz replied.

"Oh, I'll shut your face you cunt! Better yet," said Donna, "I'll sit on it!"

"We'll just see about that," Liz responded as she stood up.

Donna had the advantages of size, strength and youth. She was a good four inches taller than Liz, more muscular and about 10 years younger (21 to Liz's 31). Donna was dressed in her concert gear, a clingy blue halter top and hip hugging sparkly pants. She'd slipped off her boots so she was now barefoot. Her chestnut colored hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

Liz was dressed in a short summer dress that emphasized her shapely legs. She wore her dirty blonde hair loose.

Donna charged at Liz like a bull, spiking her in the stomach.

"Oooofffff!" Liz exhaled.

The force of Donna's momentum carried Liz backward and the two women tumbled over a coffee table. Donna landed on top of Liz whose head hit the floor violently.

"Ooooo," Liz moaned.

" hit her noggin," Donna taunted.

She wrapped her hands around Liz's neck and started choking Liz. Donna's hands felt like vises around Liz' delicate throat. The older woman gagged violently as Donna throttled her.

"I'm disappointed," Donna teased. "I thought you'd be tougher."

After softening up Liz like this for a few moments, Donna grabbed a handful of hair and lifted Liz up to her feet. She then smashed Liz's face into her dressing room table once...twice...three times!

"Ohhh... f-fuck...," Liz moaned.

A cut had opened on her forehead and her face was already bruised. Donna didn't let up. She fired a knee into the pit of Liz's stomach.

"Unghhh!" Liz cried out as she fell onto her knees, her arms wrapped around her hurt tummy.

Donna, starting to feel cocky, pushed Liz over onto her back with her foot. As Liz lay on the floor, Donna placed her foot over Liz's face, rubbing it in Phair's pretty features.

"I'm gonna make you my bitch," Donna giggled. "And I'm going to make you like it."

Then she plopped down so that she was sitting on Liz's chest. She slapped Liz's face, playfully at first, then more and more violently.

"Unghhh!....oooo!....aghhh!" Liz cried as each blow rocked her face.

"Shhhh," Donna whispered, a strange smile on her face. "I promised you something, didn't I?" she added.

She scooted forward and nestled her ass onto Liz's face.

"Mmmmphhhh! Mpphhhhh!" Liz protested violently, her legs kicking futilely.

Donna made a show of mock casualness, stretching like she was yawning.

"Did somebody say something?...No? Guess it was just my imagination," she laughed.

Meanwhile, Liz's hands stretched out frantically as if she was panicking. She WAS panicky but at the same time was looking for a weapon. She found it when her fingers brushed her coffee mug that had fallen when Donna had speared her onto the coffee table.

Before Donna realized what was happening, Liz swung it as hard as she could, striking Donna in the side of the head.

"Ooooh!" cried Donna as she fell on her side, dislodging herself from atop Liz's face.

Donna's hands clutched her head which was ringing violently. A small trickle of blood ran down her head and matted her hair.

Liz, her face flushed, too a few minutes to compose herself. Donna had beaten her up pretty good, worse than anyone had ever hurt her in her life. She felt humiliated by the face sit and wanted to exact revenge.

She managed to get on all fours and crawl over to Donna, who was still stunned by the blow to the head. Liz got behind Donna and sat her up. Phair then placed her knee firmly into the small of Donna's back before wrapping her hands around Donna's chin and leaning back. This had the effect of driving Liz's sharply into Donna's spine.

"Gaggghhhh....oh...h-huurts," Donna complained.

"Good!" Liz replied. "I hope it hurts a lot, you filthy bitch."

Liz leeeeeeaned back and then held Donna at an incredibly painful angle. The younger woman felt like her back was being broken.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!...g-god!....enough, please...OH GOD!" Donna blubbered.

After holding her in place like this for five long minutes, Liz suddenly released the chin hold and Donna flopped face first to the floor moaning and sobbing. One hand reached back and gingerly touched the small of her aching back. Taking full advantage of her change in fortune, Liz grabbed Donna's arm and twisted it sharply into a chickenwing submission hold.

"Gaaaaaaaaaaa!" Donna screamed at the top of her lungs as the hold sent screaming white hot pain into her shoulder.

Donna buried her face in her arms and kicked her legs up and down in a futile gesture to relieve the stinging pain.

"Not so much fun when you're on the receiving end is it?" Liz taunted her.

After a few more minutes of softening up Donna like this, Liz flipped her over onto her back.

The younger girl tried to sit up but her back had been too badly hurt and she was forced to lay prone on the floor.

Liz straddled her chest and plastered her hands over Donna's breathing passages, twisting her palms back and forth, smushing Donna's nose and lips. Liz giggled as she manipulated Donna's facial features.

"Now, seeing as how you like face sitting people so much, I figure you deserve to see what it feels like," hissed Liz.

Donna's eyes opened wide with fear as Liz quickly scooted up and sat her firm ass directly on the girl's face. Donna kicked her legs wildly and flailed her arms fas she tried to find a weapon like Liz had. But Liz soon put a stop to that by pinning Donna's arms to the ground. Then she just waited... let her weight do her work; smothering out the helpless Donna R.

The younger woman cried out but her shouts were muffled underneath Liz. She squirmed as best she could, trying desperately to wriggle free but Liz was too firmly in place and she wasn't going to let Donna go anywhere.

"Ooo, yeah! Keep wiggling like that Donna. It feels real good!" taunted Liz. "Can you breathe OK? You don't mind if I sit here a while do you?" she added. "A lyric just came to me and I want to get it down before I … ohhhhhh, yessssssss!"

In a few minutes it was all over. However, Liz remained sitting on Donna's face for a few minutes more, enjoying the fruits of her victory. Finally, she got off of her rival. Donna's face was flustered and sweaty; her hair was matted to her forehead; her lips were parted. She was totally out of it.

Liz planted one pretty foot on Donna's face and rubbed it around while she did a little victory pose.

"Now THAT's why you're the opening act," she laughed, "and I'M the star of this show."