Natalie Dormer vs. Michelle Trachtenberg by Jackflash/Tiffany for CWC3

[NOTE: This is an apartment catfight in a parallel universe to the previous MT/ND matches written by Jackflash. From the CWC3 board. The enmity between these two is as intense as ever!]
The vast suite would ordinarily host visiting presidents or crown regents, but tonight it played host to two powerful figures of another sort as Natalie steps out of her private bedroom glad in a burgundy satin robe onto the plush carpet, a comforting sign of luxury for the well-bred Brit. She moves with an air of absolute self-confidence and the twinkle in her eye as well as a small smirk on her pouty lips suggests a capacity for cruelty - one she fully intends to indulge. She’d spent the afternoon preparing for this event as one of her high station should, at a private spa, enjoying a massage, having her hair done by a stylist and her nails manicured and pedicured. The pampered look it created helped reinforce her regal bearing, and fortified her innate sense of natural superiority. Undoing the sash on her robe, she let the garment slip from her alabaster shoulders as it slithered down her body, revealing the blond was garbed in a pastel pink lace bra and matching panties. Tossing her robe on a nearby chair, she stands awaiting her opponent as a warrior angel prepared for battle.

The exterior of the hotel was grand, extravagant and epic; much like this night ought to be. But, the appearance gave no hint to the events about to unfold throughout the night. Celebrities frequently stayed at the hotel, but tonight one entire suite had been reserved for two women. And rather than a clandestine tryst between lovers, this was a meeting of two hated rivals.

Like Natalie, Michelle too had taken the day off to prepare for battle; determined to put an end to this once and for all. To that end, she spent her afternoon in a state of complete relaxation after a morning of practice and work outs. But the afternoon had been different; the afternoon had been spent in a spa, followed by a massage before a relaxing sauna, manicure and a pedicure before finally getting her hair done.

Too nervous to eat, Michelle had gone straight to the hotel and upon arriving at her suite, she had been informed that Natalie was already inside the suite. Entering her changing room, Michelle quickly stripped and enfolded her body in a tight powder blue robe that hugged her body. Opening the door to the vast suite, Michelle saw Natalie immediately; the sight filling her with both nervousness and confidence.

Smirking confidently, Michelle saunters into the room as her eyes flicker over this second-rate celebrity. A smile plays out over her lips as Michelle undoes the sash of the rope, then shrugs the robe off of her shoulders to reveal a angel white brassiere and matching set of panties which displayed her ample curves excellently. The nervousness has disappeared upon sight of her victim, eyes flashing dangerously, with the nervousness replaced by utter confidence that she is the superior woman and fighter. Tonight, she would prove it!

The blond was silently impressed by the sight of her rival, but only to the extent she was pleased Michelle at least looked capable of giving her a worthwhile contest. Not a serious challenge, of course…just enough resistance to make it all the sweeter when she finally settled her derriere down on Michelle’s beaten face.

“Attempting to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, eh?” Natalie cattily asked Michelle. “Well, you can scrub up all you like, but true class is something one is born with; and in case my point hasn’t dawned on you yet, I have class, and you, quite obviously, do not.” Before the incensed brunette could respond, Natalie continued her cattiness, “Allow me to explain…in relatively small words for your benefit…what will transpire this evening. I shall be thrashing you more severely than you could ever dream, and then, to the lovely chorus of your sobbing pleas for mercy, I shall then descend my rather perfect posterior down upon you.”

As she spoke, the Englishwoman sauntered closer to her opponent, her body language broadcasting nothing short of supreme self-confidence. Standing before the brunette with just a few feet of distance between them, Natalie stopped and placed her hands on her hips. Her body was fit and taut, particularly her legs, which had been sculpted by a lifetime of dance and horseback riding, making them lethal weapons in a fight. But she knew that her finest feature was her derriere, which one poetic admirer had likened to perfect twin pears from a tree in Heaven. The promise of using that to put an end to Michelle’s challenge once and for all was, to Natalie, a prospect simply too delicious to forfeit.

Michelle looked over Natalie with a cursory examination, mentally reviewing her opponent. There was no denying that Natalie would be a difficult opponent, but Michelle had always welcomed difficulties. Throughout the many opponents she had in her career, few had gone as easily as she'd liked. However, she had discovered that only made it far more worthwhile when her opponents found her perfect ass descending towards their face for her finisher. She had no illusions that this wouldn't be true in this case and in fact, she positively shivered at the thought of thought of Natalie's face disappearing underneath her butt.

However, this train of thought came to a screeching halt as Natalie's annoying voice began speaking. Hearing her words, Michelle was filled with a fury that she had rarely felt but as she tried to respond in kind, Natalie interrupted her. Michelle's mouth opened in shocked, wondering just who in the world Natalie thought she was.

‘Natalie certainly likes to hear herself talk,’ Michelle thought. ‘Too bad she doesn't realize nobody else has any desire to hear her speak. That is what happens when you get delusions of grandeur.’

Clearly, Natalie was suffering this in the worst way but Michelle just rolled her eyes as she listened to Natalie's proposed schedule of the night's events. Throughout her speech, Natalie walked closer and she could hardly fail to notice the immediate proximity of Natalie by the time she was done. Finally, Natalie's mouth closed with a confident smirk, allowing Michelle to speak.

She was infuriated at being spoken to in this manner as she began, "Let me give you a revised schedule of what's going to happen tonight, Natalie. Throughout this match, I will be destroying you piece by piece. I will work you over in ways that you can't even imagine and then by the end, as my perfect ass is lowering onto your face, you are going to realize that you are not my superior, but in fact my inferior in every way."

Natalie opened her mouth to speak in her usual regal fashion, but Michelle kept speaking, ignoring Natalie's attempted interruption. "You are my inferior as a woman and as a fighter. Tonight will prove it and after the match is finished, I will humiliate you however I please to make sure that you don't have any question about who is the dominant one here, Natalie. The only question is now, ‘Are you sure you want to do this or do you want to run while you can?’"

Raising a questioning eyebrow, Michelle had taken a few steps towards Natalie during her speech and now they were literally only inches apart. A smile crossed her lips as her hands placed on her hips. Michelle knew her body, especially her ass, was superior to Natalie's. Now, it came down to whether Natalie knew that or whether she had to be shown here tonight.

Natalie sneered mockingly at her rival’s threats. The two women locked eyes, figurative daggers being shot at one another, and Michelle braced herself for the inevitable catty comeback when what she should have been preparing for was Natalie’s right hand…


With viper quickness, the blond slapped her palm across Michelle’s face, snapping the startled brunette’s head sharply to the side. Michelle stumbled back a few steps and brought her hand to her stinging cheek. She looked back at her opponent with confusion in her eyes…a combination of being dazed by the blow, and an inability to believe the Brit would have the audacity to strike her that way. Her bewilderment gave Natalie precious time to press her attack as, grabbing Michelle by the roots of her chestnut brown mane, Natalie began to spin rapidly, whirling Michelle around and around on stumbling feet.

Releasing her, Natalie sent Michelle careening backward into a leather chair. Pouncing, Natalie bent Michelle back over the arm of the chair, using her knee on the brunette’s belly to pin her in place as she wrapped her hands around Michelle’s slender neck and began to strangle her!

With malicious glee, the Brit scornfully says, “I had hoped you’d make some sport for me, dear, but clearly you’re severely out of your element. But don’t fret, I’ll only throttle you enough to make you more compliant for your inevitable end…which will be from my own enviable end, of course.” A sinister chuckle added to the blonde’s menace as she merrily choked the very life from her victim!

Michelle stood there, waiting for the inevitable response but it arrived in a fashion she certainly didn't expect. At least not yet. The palm cracking across her cheek sent her staggering backwards. Taken by surprise for a second, it was more than enough for Natalie to run forward, nails sinking into her scalp as she spun her around and around. Her head was spinning by the time Natalie was finished, sending her sprawling over the arm of a leather chair.

Dizzy, Michelle started to push herself up when Natalie's knee pushed down on her tummy to keep her stretched over the chair arm. Then, Natalie's fingers clamped around her throat, choking her out as Michelle's eyes widened and face turned red. Trying to stay something, Michelle could only manage a gargled moan while she brought her hands up to Natalie's wrists. Bringing her nails out, she let them sink deeply into Natalie's wrists and was rewarded with Natalie's howls of pain. The choke loosened for a second, while Michelle curled her foot up to her chest and then sent it shooting out towards Natalie's tummy to push her backwards.

Air rushes past Natalie's lips even as Michelle found her attempting to suck in some air of her own. Chest rising and falling, her eyes watched Natalie stumble backwards a few steps while she rolled off of the chair quickly. Shocked that Natalie had dominated the match so far, Michelle moved backwards to create a little distance from her rival as she rubbed her sore throat.

Grunting a bit as she turned to face Natalie, a savage smirk crossed her face and her eyes flickering dangerously, hissing, "You aren't going to beat me, Natalie. Not that easily and not ever."

Crouching, Michelle was more wary than ever after she had gotten off to a rough start, but she knew the beginning didn't matter as much as the end, which she knew would be determined by herself, rather than Natalie who massaged her belly where Michelle’s foot had pushed her off. It hadn’t really hurt…the nails digging into her wrists were more painful…but it was a symbolic blow to what on many an animal is their most vulnerable part, their underbelly. She would not soon let Michelle so easily strike her there again.

The brunette, crouched and circling, seemed ready for her opponent to do the same…which was why Natalie did the exact opposite. Lunging at the American, she grabbed Michelle’s left wrist and twisted her limb in an armbar. Michelle winced from the sudden pain, which was music to the Brit’s ears.

Yet, the brunette was far from helpless. Quite the opposite, in fact. Without warning, she somersaulted forward, springing to her feet…and completely reversing the leverage of the armbar! Natalie was so startled by this acrobatic feat, she was unable to muster any quick defense as Michelle twisted her arm further, forcing the blond to double over at the waist while slapping at her shoulder to try and dull the abrupt pain.

Michelle couldn’t help but gloat, “Not so good at this when your opponent does more than slap, hairpull and choke, are you? Maybe you’re tough in whatever whorehouse you work in, but here tonight, you’re just my little bitch!”

Looking to continue to keep her adversary helpless, Michelle shifted the armbar into a hammerlock, jacking Natalie’s hand up high between her shoulder blades. But while the blonde’s body was trapped, her mind was free to plot, and she instantly realized that her foe had given her a small opportunity to turn the tide.

Without warning, Natalie raised her right leg, then slammed the heel of her foot down hard onto Michelle’s toes. Taken aback by the sudden blow, Michelle instinctively released her hold on the blonde’s arm…and the Brit used her sudden freedom wisely. With her left arm, she reached back and grabbed Michelle’s hair at the back of her head, and then with one deft move, leaned forward and flipped the brunette over her onto the floor. Michelle crashed on her back, a bit of air knocked from her lungs, which slowed her down for the space of a few heartbeats.

It would be a minute or so before her arm would be back in fighting shape, Natalie knew as she massaged her shoulder. Luckily, she had other weapons at her disposal. Mercilessly, she began to stomp down on her prone adversary, the sole of Natalie’s foot slamming again and again into the brunette’s belly, breast and head. Michelle used her arms to successfully ward off some of the blows, and it would be only a matter of time before she could escape, but until that time, Natalie’s stomps did their damage, and they kept the American reeling.

“I’m barely toying with you, you little slut,” the Englishwoman hissed as she stomped away at her foe. “Very soon, I’ll have you screaming for mercy...and mercy is the one thing I'll never give you!”

Michelle laid on the ground, bringing her arms up as her body was being crushed upon the ground. The soles of Natalie's feet were being used as battering rams all over her belly, boobs and head. Her foot came slamming down repeatedly while Michelle struggled to block the blows. Panting for breathe as she grew dizzy, Michelle knew she had to escape now or never.

Looking up, Michelle waited for just the right moment as Natalie's foot come down as her hands shot up, gripping Natalie's ankle and twisting it viciously to the side. Natalie's squeal of anguish and the momentary halting of her kicking was her reward. Sitting up slightly, Michelle groaned as she twisted the ankle even harder. Off balance, she watched as Natalie toppled to the ground with a most undignified THUD!

Rolling to all fours, Michelle took a second to recover from the beating she had just taken from Natalie's feet. She didn't have long though because sending Natalie to the floor hadn't seem to hurt Natalie much and had seemed to only enrage her more than anything. Michelle felt her scalp burning as Natalie tugged her to her feet and her annoying voice pierced the air. Her head was spinning and she only vaguely heard what she said. In fact, the voice gave her a headache like it normally did and so, Michelle decided to shut it up.

"Michelle, Michelle, Michelle!" Natalie chided like speaking to a child, "You should know that you are simply destined to be my.." when Natalie suddenly tugged her satin panties up in a vicious wedgie.

Natalie pushed herself up on her toes to alleviate the pressure on her ass as Michelle tugged at her panties, seesawing them back and forth to maximize the pain. For a second, Michelle spotted confusion and pain mixed in her eyes. The confusion cost Natalie as she tried to tug at Michelle's wrist, but Michelle gave another sharp tug. Another pained shout before Natalie shot out her hand for a slap aimed at Michelle's cheek.

Working on adrenaline for a second and still catching her breathe, Michelle barely managed to duck under her outstretched palm. Slipping up behind Natalie, Michelle worked her arms underneath Natalie's and intertwined them behind her neck for a full nelson. Natalie's arms were immobilized as Michelle tried to spread her legs a bit, keeping them out of the way from Natalie's brutal feet. Remembering how her toes were stomped last time, Michelle pressed her boobs against Natalie's back and leaned forward to whisper in Natalie's ear, "Who's toying with who now, bitch? I can destroy you any time I want, Natalie but I think first, I'm going to have a little fun with you!"

And Michelle certainly planned to have all the fun she wanted with Natalie. Her panties were no doubt painfully wedged up in her ass and her arms were trapped, giving Michelle a chance to recover from the beating she had taken on the floor while she held her rival in the Full Nelson.

The lightning-quick turn of events had caught Natalie entirely by surprise. The wedgie Michelle had subjected her to had sent an agonized bolt of electricity up the blonde’s spine, and now the Full Nelson the Brit was snared in made her shoulders feel as if they were about to break in two.

Unlike most people who would attempt such a deceptively simple-seeming hold, Michelle knew how to apply it properly, and it was subjecting Natalie to a great deal of pain even as it immobilized her. Natalie squirmed and twisted, but could not pull free of the hold. What’s worse, adding to her frustrating discomfort was the brunette’s knee, which she was driving up into her opponent’s already-sore butt at intermittent moments. Most intolerable of all, however, was Michelle’s sanctimonious ridicule. This nonentity…this upstart…this bitch…who was destined to serve as little more than a seat cushion for the English beauty, was daring to taunt Natalie as if the American were somehow her equal…or, even more ludicrously, her better!

For that affront, even more than the physical injury she’d caused, Michelle would pay, however, at the moment, it was the brunette collecting the toll and the Englishwoman being forced to pay! Growing bored with holding her opponent securely, Michelle decided it was time to subject her victim to a more overwhelming offensive. Without earning, the brunette released her full nelson, letting Natalie slip from her grasp and stumble forward, the blond desperately flexing her aching arms in order to shake off the pain.

Suddenly, Natalie whirls around and rushes back at her rival, hoping to again take her by surprise but this time, Michelle is ready for her. Like the British bombshell, Michelle grew up studying ballet, and she rightly considered her legs to be among the most powerful weapons in her arsenal. Natalie discovered this the hard way when her intended target suddenly lashed out her left leg, the ball of her foot slamming solidly into the blonde’s right breast, stopping her dead in her tracks.

A heartbeat later, a follow-up kick tagged Natalie squarely on the chin, causing her head to snap upward violently. Michelle then unleashed a torrent of kicks to her rival’s head and body, driving the blond backward. With each blow, Natalie winced until her wincing began to sound suspiciously like whimpers!

Ordinarily, Natalie would relish a duel of kicks, as she knows her legs are as good as…if not better…than her adversary’s own gams. But she was still aching from the Full Nelson, and she needed time to recover. That meant halting Michelle’s murderous assault. Natalie had been using her arms, with limited success, to try and block the kicks. But now, she purposely dropped her guard. Michelle took the bait, and launched a well-aimed kick to Natalie’s face. As intended, the kick would deliver the arch of Michelle’s right foot directly between the blonde’s eyes, a potentially fight-ending strike. Unfortunately for Michelle, her missile never hit its target!

With a speed that belied the pain and exhaustion she was starting to feel, Natalie’s hands were a blur of motion as they reached out and grabbed her challenger’s foot. A quick twist sent the startled Michelle down to the floor. An instant later, the brunette found herself being subjected to an agonizing ankle lock, the sudden pain of which caused her to involuntarily cry out. Michelle silently cursed herself for her show of weakness, while Natalie drew spiritual power from the sound of her rival’s distress.

Even as she twisted her victim’s ankle in a direction contrary to its natural purpose, Natalie cruelly added to Michelle’s anguish by bending her toes. Michelle bit her lower lip to keep from screaming, but she knew that if she didn’t escape quickly, she risked serious injury and defeat. Michelle howled in agony while Natalie continued to twist her ankle with a surprising viciousness. The ankle lock had Michelle writhing on her tummy, biting her bottom lip to keep from making any sounds but she was unable to keep herself from squealing with each added twist of her ankle. Her ankle was being twisted in a most disagreeable direction and she knew if Natalie was twisting much longer, there wouldn't be much hope for the match.

She wasn't concerned so much about injury as she was about losing! Every second gave Natalie time to recover while it sapped her own strength, lessening her chances for victory. If she was going to move, it would have to be now. Slapping the mat in frustration, she looked back over her should to see Natalie confidently twisting her ankle with a wicked glint in her eyes and a smirk on her face. Those same legs that were doing damage a second now were under Natalie's control. Actually, Michelle thought, blinking a bit through the fog of pain she only had one of them. Digging her fingers into the carpet, she launched her free foot backwards as hard as she could.

The sole connected into Natalie's knee with a crack, followed by a loud squeal from Natalie as the ankle twisting came to a abrupt end. Tugging her ankle free, Michelle rolled away from her opponent and out of the corner of her eye, saw Natalie drop to a knee for a second to rub right where Michelle had landed her blow. But, Michelle had suffered more during this exchange as her ankle was definitely sore, but not too sore to keep from rolling towards her feet.

Just as she rolled, though, she discovered that the strike to Natalie's knee had incapacitated her opponent far less than she would've liked. Instead, Natalie's hand was once again in her hair as she tugged it backwards and her right fist shot forward to bury into Michelle's stomach. Michelle gasped, doubling over as her butt jutted out backwards. Natalie wasn't about to stop there, keeping her grip firmly on the hair as she went to drive another punch into Michelle's stomach, further knocking the wind out of her and then even a third until Michelle felt like she was going to be sick. Face red, she watched as Natalie's fist drew back for another punch and she knew another punch would send her towards her knees. Unable to stomach the thought of kneeling at her rivals feet, Michelle manages to lunge forward. Squealing as her rival's fingers tug out a few strands of hair as Michelle's head escapes her grip, Michelle sends her head slamming into Natalie's tummy as hard as she can.

Michelle's head buries into Natalie's tummy, dizzy as she can barely stand as she attempts to catch her breathe from the multiple tummy shots. Gripping Natalie's hips for support, Michelle seizes on the momentarily dazed state of Natalie to straighten up as fast as she can, sending the top of her head driving into Natalie's chin.

Natalie screams as she falls backwards, clutching her chin and cursing. Michelle's head is spinning from the maneuver, blinking as the lack of air and the exertion that move required sends her toppling to her powerful ass. Clutching her sore stomach with one hand and rubbing her head with the other, Michelle tries to scoot backwards on her ass while sucking in air until her lungs, chest heaving in and out frantically. Michelle knew it was up to her to recover first and every move from here on out could be the different from victory or defeat. For now though, Michelle just focused on getting her next breathe and contemplating her next move after her desperate attempt to get free worked. Next time, she might not be so lucky and that was why Natalie had to be in that position instead of her. Right now, it all came down to who would recover first from a vicious exchange of blows....

The blond groaned as pain seemed to course throughout her entire body. Michelle was proving to be a more difficult challenge than she had expected…but that doesn’t mean Natalie wasn’t going to destroy her in the end. It did mean, the Brit realized, that she would have to shift her strategy a bit.

Both beauties were pushing their battered bodies to rise and continue the battle. But it was Natalie who realized that the advantage would not necessarily go to the first who could gain her feet…but rather to the one who could strike first. Rising to one knee, Natalie seemed poised to stand, but then she swooned a bit and nearly toppled over. That gave Michelle a glimmer of hope, and she forced herself to stand on shaky legs, and then she hobbled toward her mortal enemy. But, just as the brunette was about to grab the Englishwoman by her sweat-soaked golden mane, Natalie lunged forward, driving her shoulder hard into Michelle’s lower belly, causing a whoosh of air to burst from the American girl’s mouth as she doubled over. Too late, Michelle discovered, her adversary was setting a trap for her.

A fist from Natalie sank deep into her opponent’s upper abdomen, causing the gasping brunette to grunt in pain. Now the Brit rose to her own two feet, and the look in her eye made it plain that it was payback time. First, to demonstrate that anything Michelle could do, she could do infinitely better, Natalie began to fire precision kicks at her foe, her powerful legs delivering the balls of her feet to Michelle’s face, chest, breasts, belly and thighs. Each blow seemed to rob the brunette of a bit more of her already waning power. It was then that Natalie seemed to suddenly recall the Wedgie she had been forced to suffer, and an irate look crossed her angelic face.

Hooking her thumbs into her panties, she at last extracted the fabric from up within her ass cheeks. Then her features went from angry to nastily happy as an idea came to mind. Again looking to do Michelle one better, Natalie decided to return kind for kind…but in her own inimitable manner. Slipping behind the stunned brunette, who was still upright yet wavering on uncertain legs, Natalie reached around to Michelle’s front, grabbed her white cotton panties, and jerked them up, delivering a Front Wedgie to the American’s crotch! Michelle was snapped out of her stupor by the sudden blinding pain of the fabric sawing into her womanhood, her eyes going wide as saucers and a howl being ripped from her throat. It was a pain like no other she had ever felt, and her mind reeled in an agonized fog.

Suddenly, like a distant horn, a voice cuts through that fog, “When I’m finished with you, you little tramp, there will scarcely be any part of you I haven’t destroyed…body, mind, and soul!” Natalie purses her lips and gives a little air kiss into Michelle’s ear, just to further taunt her.

Through the pounding in her head, Michelle was barely cognizant of her screams which filled the suite but her focus was instead placed upon the growing fiery pains which she felt shooting through her crotch. Natalie stood behind her, hands wrapped into the front of her tight white panties and tugged upwards, digging the thin fabric into her crotch with devastating and obviously painful results. The flurry of kicks which had preceded this move had definitely dazed Michelle, making it difficult to even think, especially given the way Natalie was using her thong now. Adding to the indignity was Natalie's taunts which Natalie vaguely picked up, which made whatever part of her wasn't overwhelmed by pain bristle with rage.

Natalie gripped the thong, seesawing it back and forth tightly, working it deeper into Michelle's pussy. With each successive tug, Michelle's screams rose in volumes and she found herself standing on her tiptoes, in a futile effort to relieve the pressure. Here she was trapped in another potentially move that could end the match and as she stood on her toes, she knew that her escape couldn't involve her feet. Any attempt to move would only bring the thong in deeper and Michelle was certain she couldn't handle much more pain. So certain, in fact, that she knew she had to escape now as she felt both of Natalie's hands tugging on her thong and this gave her a flash of inspiration. Shooting an elbow backwards with Natalie's hands otherwise occupied, she felt the point of her elbow driving back into Natalie's ample right boob hard enough to almost knock it out of its top.

The reward for the move was a momentary halting of the crotch torture and an anguished squeal of pain from Natalie's lips. But, she still held onto her thong. The fog slowly started to clear as Natalie stopped tugging, with Michelle shaking her head while she blinked back the tears that were welling up in her eyes. Eyes glittering angrily, she fired back another elbow towards Natalie's tits. But this time, Natalie was ready. Dropping her right hand from her panties, Michelle fell towards the floor a bit as the left side of her panties dug in a bit more. Squealing, the loss of balance took her elbow off balance while Natalie's fingers clamped around her wrist and worked the armt back up behind her in a Hammerlock.

Michelle gritted her teeth as the pressure increased on her shoulder, but then Natalie adjusted her grip on Michelle's panties, tugging them up into her ass crack. Michelle felt herself lifted up onto her toes again while Natalie whispered into Michelle's ear with another one of her wicked taunts. Michelle wasn't in the mood to hear it though.

Natalie whispered in a sultry voice, "I told you wouldn't be much of a challenge for me, but I think it's time for you to just give u...!"

Just before she finished the sentence, Michelle had the presence of mind to snap her head back. She felt the back of her head CRACK against Natalie's face. Natalie screamed as Michelle's head snapped back again, SMACK, into hers; then both hands released their holds and Natalie staggered back toward the wall, her hands at her face. The sudden lack of support sent Michelle crashing to the floor with a THUMP, falling to her knees, then slumping over onto her face clutching her crotch.

Gingerly plucking the thong from her pussy - it took her a fair amount of time to work it out since Natalie had worked it in deep. Her sex was throbbing in agony, but she knew she couldn't allow it to end like that. Turning around to glare at Natalie over her shoulder and seeing she was slower to rise after two headbutts. Still, she knew headbutts weren't enough to take her out although it definitely hurt her. The hatred she felt for Natalie would spur Michelle on.

After a few minutes of recovery, both peeled their battered and sore bodies up off the carpet with sweat trickling down them. Michelle's chest was heaving slowly as watched Natalie rise. She was still dazed from the headbutt which had caused her a fair amount of pain too. As Michelle crawled toward Natalie and they both started to rise, Michelle suddenly shot forward and drove her shoulder into Natalie's taut tummy.

WHOOF! Natalie grunted as Michelle, wrapping her arms around her thighs, lifted her in the air, almost collapsing from exhaustion. But somehow, she stayed on course, driving Natalie backward until she heard a scream when Natalie's back slammed into the leather chair. THUMP!

Stretched out over the leather chair, Michelle pushed back and almost toppled over, but the sight of Natalie leaning on the chair in pain kept her going. Slipping behind Natalie, Michelle settled back into the chair as her fingers deftly released the straps of Natalie's bra and her boobs spilled free. Taking one end of the bra in each hand, Michelle looped it around Natalie's throat and begin to choke her!

Leaning back in the chair, she used the chair to stretch her back while she used Natalie’s own bra to cut off her air. Gripping both straps in one fist, she gingerly reached up with her other hand and slapped her palm down on Natalie's left tit, then curled her fingers in and began to squeeze. Her nails sinking in, Michelle was rewarded with Natalie’s gargled, choked howl of pain as she swiftly recovered. Michelle kept simultaneously choking her and torturing her tits as she stretched Natalie backward over the chair.

The blond couldn’t think clearly between the headbutts, having her back stretched over the chair and being strangled by her own halter top, not to mention the searing pain in her left breast thanks to Michelle’s clawing fingernails. Natalie couldn’t gather her wits enough to formulate a plan to escape. All Natalie knew was that if she didn’t break free of this torture quickly, she was doomed. There was no conscious thought of what to do, merely some primitive survival instinct. Being draped over the chair as she was, Natalie had the leverage to pull her legs up and flip her body backward. There was no rhyme or reason to this, only the desperate hope that it might accomplish something. Against the odds, it did!

As she flipped backward, the Brit’s right kneecap slammed into Michelle’s forehead, stunning her as both beauties fell like ragdolls to the floor in a heap. There, they squirmed against one another for several moments, both managing to twist their bodies in such a way that Michelle could clamp her legs around the English girl’s head. Tightening her improvised head vice, Michelle hoped to squeeze Natalie into submission and she smilied as Natalie moaned when the crushing pressure tightened on her skull.

However, the hold was so haphazardly applied, and the flesh of both young women so slippery with sweat, that the brunette knew she had to break the hold and reapply it before Natalie could slip free. But as soon as the American’s legs snapped open, Natalie struck in the only way left to her…she bit the soft inner thigh of her rival! Michelle screamed in pain, her raspy voice betraying her absolute exhaustion as she began to throw desperate punches at Natalie’s head to make her stop biting.

Finally, the blows did the trick, and Natalie’s jaw unclenched and she rolled away to escape the pounding. The two combatants were on all fours facing one another; their chests heaving as they gasped precious breath; their skin glistening with perspiration; their hair tangled mops. All pretense of civility was lost; they were reduced to mere savages with only one thought in their clouded minds: DESTROY THE OTHER!

Commanding bodies which long ago begged to be released from the torment to movement, they began to crawl on hands and knees toward each other. This was it, the final act of the drama. Only one would survive what came next, and the other would find herself disgraced beneath the ass of the other…

Crawling like feral cats, the two rivals were clearly reduced to basic, primal instincts. Sweat dripped from their bodies, trickling down as their eyes met with rage and an electric current of hatred flowed through the air. It remained unspoken, however, as the match had progressed to the point where catty insults and angry taunting simply weren't up to the task in conveying their hatred for one another. There was only way either could properly convey her message of unyielding fury…by the complete and utter destruction of her nemesis.

Both rose for the final act in this brutal drama which was playing out. Gulping air into their burning lungs, their eyes playing over one another, noticing the bruises on sweaty bodies. They ran their hands through sweat-matted hair, pulling their tresses away from their eyes as both combatants were soaked in sweat. Slowly, they stalk and circle, the divide between them slowly narrowing as time stands still, as if knowing that the movements of these next few minutes will determine this chapter of an intense rivalry.

If like in "Big Fish", when time stops, it has to speed up once again to provide a balance and that’s what happened here as Michelle and Natalie went from crouching facing one another, claws extended, then slamming into one another within seconds at a speed that would've been blinding to onlookers! Nails extended, they dug into one anothers scalp and tugged from side to side, eliciting squeals of both pain and rage. Gritting their teeth, both girls boobs mushroomed out the side as they pressed against each other. SLAPs echoed in the room as the two goddesses locked in an epic struggle, their slippery bodies soaked in sweat, muscles straining against one another. However, as in all epic struggles, an end must come; a winner as well as a loser decided…something both of these lovelies would discover in the next deciding, crucial, moments.

Unable to gain any advantage, Michelle and Natalie gripped the other’s shoulders to push away; their eyes narrowing dangerously. Natalie reaches out to grip Michelle's hair but Michelle only slaps her hand away and reaches out for Natalie's hair. She too is rebuffed! Eyes glinting dangerously, Michelle breaks the standoff when she sends a kick o Natalie's ribs.

WHAP! “Unnnngh!” Natalie squeals as it becomes a kicking battle - one she feels like she can win using her superior legs.

Natalie doubles over slightly, wincing but responding with a kick to Michelle's knee to send her reeling back. Michelle almost falls, but manages to stay upright, then sends out a kick with her other leg toward Natalie's stomach.

“OOF!” Natalie's eyes widen as air rushes past her lips and her expression turns to a grimace.

Michelle takes advantage of Natalie's momentary lack of breathe as once again, her feet begin to beat a steady tattoo of blows on Natalie's head, boobs and belly. By the time she stopped, Natalie was stumbling and staggering, managing to stay upright more from sheer willpower than anything else as evidenced by her glassy eyes and vacant expression.

Michelle's lips formed a smirk, blowing Natalie a kiss as she said in a husky voice, "As much as I'm having fun toying with you, play time is over, bitch!" Taking a few steps back to ready herself as she lines Natalie up, Michelle glares as she shoots forward, extending her right foot to slam it into Natalie's face to put her down to a mat and a match-ending facesit. Even the simplest plans have a tendency to go awry as was true even in this case!

Just before the sole of Michelle's foot connected, Natalie's hand came up, not only blocking the kick but catching the foot as well. The glassy look in her eyes was still there, but behind it was pure determination. Michelle's eyes widened in surprise, trying to pull her foot free; but Natalie grimly hung on. As Michelle leaned forward to backhand her face, Natalie suddenly pivoted her body, twistng Michelle around by the ankle. Michelle spun, squealing in surprise, ending up with her back to Natalie - just what Natalie needed.

Knowing it was now or never, Natalie grabbed Michelle's brunette hair and yanked, arching her backward. She locked her right arm around her neck for a Reverse Headlock, her lips curled in a savage smirk as she sent her left hand sliding down to grab the front of Michelle's panties for more leverage. Tugging sharply into a front wedgie, she heard Michelle howl in pain as the thong cut deep into her slit until two clumps of hairs could be seen as her suit seemed to split her pussy in two.

Knowing Michelle was trapped, Natalie looked at her rival's body and purred coolly, "It’s time we ended this!"

Natalie used the royal 'we' as it befitted one of her station. She placed herself above this insignificant nobody who dared challenge her. And as if to prove her point, she leaped up and then dropped into a sitting position that drove Michelle's head into the hard floor in a Reverse DDT!

Michelle was planted into the carpet with a THUD, her limbs jerking on her bodies rough introduction to the floor, offering a shout which transitioned into soft moans. Releasing her headlock, Natalie gave Michelle's panties another sharp tug, which brought about another agonized squeak as Michelle lay sprawled on her back, dazed by the DDT.

Determined not to give Michelle another chance, Natalie rolled to one side and tucked her thumbs in the side of her satin panties which had been used against her several times in this match, but were no longer necessary…not for what came next!

Exposing her perfect derriere, Natalie crawled over and she threw herself across Michelle's chest, facing her legs which kicked weakly on the carpet. Natalie chuckled as she knew that only Michelle could snatch defeat from the iron clad jaws of victory by offering her a chance for a reversal. Something Michelle would certainly have time to think about later.

Sliding back, Natalie let her tush hover a few seconds over Michelle's face as she watched with a hint of amusement as Michelle's eyes fluttered open, waiting until they focused and took in the sight of her perfect ass whose "perfect twin pears from a tree in Heaven" filled her vision. Then, with a haughty grin, Natalie dropped those twin pears on Michelle's face, enjoying the muffled shout from beneath. How fitting was it as a queen in this modern age, that she should use Michelle’s face for her throne, Natalie thought as she ground her butt on her rival’s face, basking in that picture-perfect moment when Michelle regained her senses and realized what was happening to her. The look of sheer terror on the brunette’s face was priceless!

The perspiration on Natalie’s ass made a perfect seal as the blond bounced her derriere down on her victim’s face before settling down to completely cover Michelle’s mouth and nose; smothering her in the grand finale of their struggle. For more than a minute, Michelle continued to rage against the inevitable, squirming, thrashing and bucking with ever slowing resistance in vain attempts at escape. Natalie could almost admire her tenacity but eventually the Americans movements grew sluggish, than ceased. Natalie remained on her ‘throne’ until Michelle was reduced to complete unconsciousness. Looking down, Natalie saw the crotch of the brunette’s panties still wedged deep in her pussy; the white fabric almost lost between the bulging labia visible beneath the curly brown thatch of dense pubic hair. Natalie gleefully imagined the pain Michelle would continue to feel for quite a while thanks to her malicious attack.

“I suspect you shan’t be having any good rogering for a week or so, my dear,” she purred cattily - although Michelle couldn’t hear it. “Pity, that…I know it’ll mean you won’t be earning the twenty dollars you so desperately need.” Natalie made a mental note to remember the line so she could repeat it when Michelle was awake enough to be infuriated by it!

Finally, the victor rises from her seat, and the slumbering beauty beneath her gulps in precious air. From experience, Natalie knows more or less how long it will take for her beaten adversary to awaken. So, after stripping Michelle nude, the Brit bombshell heads to the bathroom and takes an invigorating shower, then puts on fresh panties and a bra. Returning to the spacious suite’s central room, she arrives just as her vanquished brunette begins to stir. Still groggy, Michelle felt a burning in her scalp as Natalie grabbed her hair and hauled her to a sitting position.

“On your knees,” the Englishwoman sternly commands.

Michelle, still badly dazed, meekly complies. Standing before her beaten foe, Natalie turns around so her thong-clad bottom is mere inches from the brunette’s face.

“Who’s the winner?” the blond coldly asks.

“You are….” Michelle answers in a small, wounded voice.

“And who has the better ass, my dear?” queries the conqueror.

“Y-you do,” comes Michelle’s sobbed response.

“Then I think it’s entire proper for you to show a bit of respect…don’t you?” Natalie didn’t even try to hide the wicked glee in her voice.

“No…no, please don’t…” the American whimpers.

“KISS IT!” she snarls, less as a command than a threat.

Battered and beaten, knowing that the unspoken rules must ultimately be obeyed…after all, she would have demanded no less of Natalie, had things turned out differently…Michelle tearfully puts her lips to the blonde’s right cheek and kisses it, signifying her acknowledgment of her rival’s superiority…at least on this night.

“Bitch…” Michelle hisses through clenched teeth. But Natalie ignores the epithet as she turns around to face her kneeling rival, a smug smirk on her face.

“That’s a good pet,” the Brit coos. Then, without warning, Natalie rams her knee into Michelle’s jaw, sending her sprawling backward to the carpet, stunned. The brunette shakes her head to clear the fog just in time to see her hated foe’s butt again descending down upon her, accompanied with a taunting, “Someone needs another lesson in manners, I think.” Darkness overcomes Michelle once more.

Rising up from her unmoving opponent, Natalie uses her foot to kick the brunette over onto her belly. Then, using the sash from Michelle’s robe, she hogtied the American.

“With any luck…” Natalie muses. “…housekeeping will be by in the morning. They can untie you. Until then, you little git, use your time constructively…comprehend the folly of ever challenging me.”

Putting on her dress, Natalie leaves Michelle’s limp body hogtied on the floor of the lavish suite while she headed out to celebrate her victory with a magnum of Champagne in a private room at the local Porn Star club which she would pay for with the credit card she’d slipped out of Michelle’s purse.