You Go Girl (or Enter the Dragonlady): Calista Flockhart, Lara Flynn Boyle, Lucy Liu, Kelly Hu (and more) by TNT

"Ouchhh! Stop it please," the tall, slender woman cried as she desperately struggled to escape her beautiful petite attacker as she tugged desperately at the pinching, twisting fingers that had already shredded her sheer blouse and were now working on her pretty lace white bra.

"Get her girl! Go! Take her down!" Lucy Liu's excited but barely audible support was well meant, but certainly unnecessary as Lara Flynn Boyle wrapped her legs around Calista Flockhart's legs and brought her to the floor. Calista screamed as the wiry brunette worked a hand up under her bra, grabbed it and pulled down, baring a pair of small, firm, tangerine-size breasts capped with stiff, pink nipples.

"Ouccchh! My boob....leggo!" Calista squealed as Lara squeezed the small round breast in her fist, pinching the long pink nipple between her thumb and forefinger as Lara's other hand shot up and buried her fingers in her rivals soft silky long brown hair. Lara jerked Calista back hard as she slid her butt up and wrapped her long legs around Calista, wrestling her quickly into submission.

Lucy watched the erotic, fast-paced action with growing excitement as the women's short skirts rode high on their long legs as they grapevined, two slim bodies struggling to control the other; their fast, angry, eager, hungry fingers scratching, pulling and tearing at the sheer fabric encasing their stick figure bodies.

The beautiful Asian dominatrix chuckled to herself, pleased with the success of her latest 'reclamation' project and the rousing start to another exciting catfight adventure. It had all started some months earlier....

[flashback alert!]

Lucy and Lara had "accidentally" bumped into one another on the street a few months earlier and Lucy's emotions ran wild as she studied the tall, fragile-looking brunette while the caught up on the latest news. Both women had prominent roles in David E. Kelly shows, Lara on 'The Practice' and Lucy on 'Ally McBeal' - both playing attorneys although both had since left their show; Lara in an ignominious firing that claimed most of the 'Practice' cast and Lucy during the death throes of the failing 'McBeal' sitcom. While Lucy had landed on her feet in the 'Charlie's Angel's' movies, Lara had struggled professionally and also been dumped by Jack Nicholson!

As they chatted, Lucy didn't reveal the seemingly 'chance encounter' wasn't mere fate but part of a well thought out plan, part of her cleverly devised, cunning win-win strategy. Lucy had been captivated by Lara's beauty when they met on the set of 'McBeal' while filming a cross-over episode that had been the cause of the bitter feud between Calista and Lara. Lucy and Lara had crossed paths again in the "Put Up or Shut Up Club" where Lucy was impressed by Lara's feistiness as Jack's 'significant other' in several skirmishes with rivals for his affection.

Seeing Lara now, Lucy felt real concern for how haggard she looked. Lucy spent the next several weeks taking Lara to gourmet dinners at some of the hottest LA restaurants, to workouts at her private gym and every night, Lucy took Lara back to her place where they curled up on the sofa, munching popcorn and viewing a few choice - specially chosen - movies from Lucy's private collection.

"This is really fun," Lara gushed. "Tonight's dinner was fantastic, but these videos..." she chirped. "WOW! Look at that; this one's fantastic." Then she turned her head slightly, blushing as she added, "Actually THIS is kinda hot," Lara sighed as she looked back up at the wide screen of Lucy's high density plasma screen and squirmed a bit. "Gee, I hope the redhead wins!"

Lucy smiled as they were watching an erotic action-packed catfight between a tall busty redhead playing the leads wife and his petite sexy Asian mistress. Within minutes, both women had shredded the others dress and were fighting in their underwear.

"We, er, uh, I mean the Asians, usually win, Lara dear," Lucy said as she slid closer to her friend and slipped her hand higher on Lara's thigh..

"Keiahhhh! Haaaiechhh!" The Asian mistress launched into a series of karate and judo moves that left the busty redhead in a very vulnerable state. "Now for some fun, you arrogant cow, take this," the Asian spitfire shouted as she stripped the tall redhead, then knocked her around a bit before she got down to business, mauling 'Red's' tender feminine area and then gaining a most pleasurable satisfaction from her whimpering, battered busty, beaten rival.

"Now that's the way to seal a victory," Lara gasped as a slight tremor shook her thin body.

Lucy couldn't stop grinning as Lara turned toward her to ask her thoughts but she gasped and started to lean away as she realized Lucy had raised up on her knees, her puckered lips hovered over her. Lara stopped as Lucy made her intentions crystal clear with soft, hot kisses, gentle caresses and her very pleasant and oh-so-skillful touch. Lara, like so many others caught in the spider's web, fell completely under Lucy's spell. The weeks they spent together turned to months as Lucy introduced Lara to many new and exciting activities. They were regulars at the Porn Star Fight Club, sitting ringside every fight night and spending time in the bar where Lara began to perfect her domming techniques on the willing nude waitresses. One night after another, Lucy made sure their evenings ended with them on her sofa watching a hot movie which, a some strange coincidence, always featured at least one catfight. Finally, Lucy asked Lara if she ever wanted to fight again.

"Ohhhhh yesssss," Lara moaned as Lucy's finger touched 'that certain spot'. "B...but not you, Miss Kung Fu," Lara grunted as her hips lifted off the sofa, her long, slender legs going rigid.

"Oh c'mon," Lucy laughed as she pulled down Lara's dress and flicked her tongue against an erect nipple. "I'll take it easy on you; no karate, just hair pulling, a little tussling, you know that girl-girl catfight stuff that gets your motor revving," Lucy said as she kicked off her heels. Both women still had on their dresses, but were in stockings.

Lucy feinted a charge and Lara quickly jumped back, then as Lucy appeared to be off balance, Lara suddenly lunged for her. Lucy nimbly side-stepped, tripped Lara and caught her hair to keep her from falling on her face.

"Wha...? Stop that!, you are good!"Lara's first lesson came quickly as Lucy grabbed her, quickly unzipped her dress and stripped it off before Lara even realized what was happening to her.

"Gonna have to teach you some better moves, girlfriend," Lucy giggled.

Lucy's lessons were fun, fast and many. Over the next months, Lara grew stronger, more fit, and more confident. Always beautiful, she seemed to become even more beautiful as she added a few pounds in all the right places and her face radiated confidence as her fighting skills improved. Soon, Lara was as beautiful, if not more so, than the actress who had starred in "Twin Peaks."

Lucy rewarded Lara's growing success in her own special way each and every night for as Lara's fighting prowess improved, her sexual appetite grew as well until she was nearly insatiable. Luckily for Lara, Lucy was more than able to keep her well satisfied!

Then, one evening at dinner, Lucy announced, "It's time girl! Who do you wanna take down? You have three wishes and I'm your fairy Godmother," she laughed.

"Okay, number one you and I both know," Lara said with a lecherous wink. "The others are redheads; you know - like the one in that first hot movie you showed me," she said.

"One condition about the fights," Lucy said with a touch of seriousness.

"Anything!" Lara said as she leaned over, took Lucy's hands in hers and gave her a long, sensual kiss.

"I have the option of joining in, if - when or how - I choose," Lucy said, squeezing Lara's hands to let her know this was serious.

"Why of course, where would I be without you," Lara grinned. "But when do I get her?"
"Come on, get her! Take her down....just like I showed you!"
Lucy shouted impatiently, smiling as Lara fired an angry mischievous look her way, then grabbed a handful of Calista's silky brown hair, jerked her head back and pulled her into a choke hold; her free hand quickly ripping into her victims partially torn bra and pulling it the rest of the way off.

"Auwwwck! Get off me....please! Wha...what are you DO-ing?" Calista squealed frantically.

"Duuhhh! Its a catfight stupid," Lara snipped. "Lucy and I call it erotic fun," Lara giggled as she pinched and pulled Calista's long, stiff pink nipple as she tightened her arm around her gasping captives throat. "Mind if I strip your skinny little body Calista?" Lara rasped as she jerked the pretty face with it's quivering lips toward her waiting lips.

Before Calista could put out a whimper, Lara's hungry lips covered hers and her hungry tongue wedged its way into Calista's mouth where it tasted sweetness. Calista struggled frantically, long slender arms flailing, her wiry legs kicking wildly sending her tiny skirt riding higher and higher. Lucy watched the erotic scene intently as they two rolled around, kicking, flailing and struggling, noting that Lara was having a hard time keeping Calista under control.

"AIEEEEE!" THUMP! Lara went flying, bounced into a desk.

"Hotel suites; probably not the best place to catch luscious prey," Lucy mused. "But they ARE private!"

Lara recovered quickly and caught Calista's foot as she tried to crawl away on her hands and knees. Calista screamed as, with a flurry of frantic scratching, pulling and ripping, in an erotic skirmish Lara shredded Calista's sexy sheer pantyhose. Another lunge and....RIPPPPPPPPP!

"AIEEEE!" Calista screamed as Lara pulled the short little skirt clean off. With a frantic scramble, Calista again almost escaped; making it to her feet and gained several yards before she was brought down by Lara's flying tackle as the lovely but disheveled Lara slammed her face into Calista's butt as she wrapped her arms around her thighs and pulled her down on the huge bed.

"You bitch!"

"You cunt! Arggggh!"

"AIEEEEE! Nooooo...ohhhh!"

"Take this you horny slut." RIPPPPPPP!

Nasty comments were exchanged and insults hurled as the lovely one-time coworkers and friends rolled around on the bed, pulling hair, punching, scratching, kicking and trying to annihilate and humiliate each other. Calista landed two solid punches, grabbed Lara's blouse and tore it open exposing Lara's plunging black lace bra. Lara screamed, momentarily forgetting she was an emerging, highly-trained catfighter in her own right after taking lessons from Lucy!

"Have a knuckle sandwich you horny cun...AWWWWWK!" Calista's promise of an unwanted deli delivery screeched to a halt as Lucy caught her arm and jerked it back, twisting it up behind her back.

"Shouldn't need it, but I'm givin' ya some help, Lara," Lucy snarled. "Watch and learn!" She wrestled Calista down on the mattress, straddled her and launched into an angry assault on the luscious near naked woman.

" boobs! OUCH! Uhhhhhh." Calista's erotic, helpless moans and groans were sweet sexual music, a delight to Lucy and Lara as the Asian dynamo pulled her hair, slapped her face, kissed her, punched her stomach, ribs and perky breasts before she began an erotic tease and torment routine; both pleasuring and delivering pain to her slender prisoners firm pert breasts and long sensitive pink nipples.

"And don't ever forget this move...."

"AIIIIEEEEE!" With a mischievous smile for her very horny and excited student, Lucy leaned back, reached down and tore Calista's skirt off. The louder Calista screamed and the harder she kicked, the faster Lucy's hands ripped, tore and pulled; her fingers flashing as she stripped Calista completely naked, exposing every luscious inch of her body to her attackers hungry eyes. "Nooooo! YIIIIEEEEAAH!" Calista's loud savage frantic yell signaled a last, all-out desperate attempt to gain her freedom as every muscle in her body tightened, then with a mighty pelvic thrust and twist she sent Lucy flying.

"Eeeeeeeeek!" Lucy's surprised expression and mouse-like squeak brought laughter from Lara.

Calista leaped to her feet, spun around and took three long strides toward the door. "Nooooooo...AWWWWK!"

"Gotcha! You're my first and you are NOT getting away!" Lara snarled as she rocketed through the air, a smile still on her face; and landed on Calista's back.

"Argggggh! Uhhhhhhh." THUMP! "UHHHHHHMPH!" Calista's frustration at being caught was matched by her anger as she spun around slamming her attacker into a wall. Lara groaned, her face grimacing as she released Calista, her legs wobbling as she leaned against the incredibly hard wall.

"What's the matter Lara, feeling a bit of pain?" Calista hissed as she snapped a punch to her stunned rivals chin, whipping her head back. Lara groaned as her head bounced off the wall, then again asanother punch slammed into her stomach. Lara struggled to get Calista's smiling face into focus as she felt two hands grab her bra, then yank it down hard.

"Nice tits for a skinny bitch...Uhhhhhhh." Calista's pleasure at ripping off her attackers bra turned to pain as a "breathtaking" punch slammed into her lower back.

"Its me again sweetie!" Lucy snarled as she grabbed the moaning, gasping Calista by the hair, pulled her off balance and fired a kick to the back of her leg.

"Uhhhhhhh!" Calista's erotic moan barely escaped her quivering lips as she dropped to her knees; two hands grabbed her neck and she gasped, her lovely eyes widening, her pretty face erotically terrified as she gasped for air, moaned and struggled.

"You're such a pretty bitch, tall and skinny. You know how long I've wanted to do this to you sweetie?" Lucy rasped as she held her lovely writhing naked captive by the throat. Calista felt relief quickly as Lucy loosened her grip just enough to allow precious air to return. "Wouldn't want to put you to sleep; you'd miss all the fun!" Lucy chuckled. "And my student needs to do her homework; positive reinforcement, so to speak," Lucy chirped.

"No, please, don't, stop that you bitch, you stupid bitches...NOOOOOO!!" Calista moaned as Lara, now topless, angry and very horny, slipped up to her, reached up and cupped her breasts, teasing her long erect, rock hard, pink nipples with her fingers, then with her flickering tongue.

"Yes my dear little student, you'd best do this part of the lesson well. I give you bare C- on the first part. You know, the initial confrontation and takedown. But I may give you a chance to earn extra credit," Lucy rasped, finding herself barely able to bark out clear instructions as she melted with 'catfight heat.' The next lesson would come soon enough for Lara was demonstrating great willingness to learn from her most capable instructor.

"Last night was SOOOOOO much fun," Lara cooed as she picked up the glass of cold sweet juice.

"Yeah, and you're such a fast learner aren't you?" Lucy laughed as she walked up behind the seated Lara, leaned over her beautiful student's shoulders and wrapped her arms around her. Lara barely noticing her thin silky evening robe had opened exposing her full breasts. Lucy slipped her hand inside the loose robe to cup a firm breast and give it a firm squeeze, making Lara wince.

"Ready for another full day of training...and your next lesson? An encounter with "Red Number One?" Lucy asked.

"Uhhhhhhmmmmm," Lara purred as Lucy's fingers squeezed, twisted, then teased her hard nipples to full erection as Lucy pressed her lips against the petite brunettes, kissing her hungrily.

"Wha...Ouchhh! Wha' the hell? Damn you!" Lara's surprised shock, immediate pain, and intense frustration expressed itself in fast angry words as Lucy suddenly broke their kiss, pinched the captive nipple, grabbed a handful of silky black hair which she used to jerk Lara's head back painfully to deliver a stinging slap to her beautiful face.

"Never, never, ever let your guard down, hon....lesson number five in catfighting," Lucy laughed as she watched Lara's expession change from pleasurable lust, to pain then to intense anger in only a few seconds.

Lara jumped to her feet, spun on a dime and lunged at Lucy who met her attack with a kick to the groin, three blistering slaps and a vicious hairpull. She hauled Lara back into the bedroom, threw her on the bed, pulled off her tangled robe, ripped away her silk panties and pounced on her, quickly forcing a submission before she turned her over her knee and paddled her shapely derriere until it bore a most arousing pinkish glow.

"Ouch! Uhhhhhh...Noooooo....oh, you bitch! Let me go!" Lara bawled throughout her painful lesson until the unexpected lecture came to an end with Lucy angrily pushed her spitting, cursing student to the carpet.

"Now that breakfast is over," Lucy chirped. "And you've gotten off to a good start for today, lets get on with your education!"

Lucy walked over to a VCR, popped in a video and hit the play button.

"I'll get you yet, you smartass arrogant bitch," Lara snarled under her breath as she slowly stood up, wiped her tenderness and tried to cover herself with her shredded clothing.

Her eyes focused on the screen which amazingly showed every bit of the action that had just transpired. She listened to Lucy's careful instruction about how to stay alert, what to do if attacked, how to counterattack and just about every low and dirty move of a catfight. As she listened, Lara struggled trying to ignore her growing lust as she watched the erotic scene unfold.

"Yeah, watch and learn from your mistakes," Lucy warned. "Tonight you'll be on your own, so you'd better get it right."

Lara watched the Asian beauty intensely as she slowly stripped off her bra and panties, inviting Lara to do the same. Then they dressed and headed out, shopping in some of the city's finest shops. Soon, it was time for dinner. In the small quiet restaurant Lucy chose, a waitress slipped up to the two ladies' table and the beautiful busty blonde leaned forward to display her ample cleavage as she asked, "Miss Liu, are you ready for dessert?".

Lucy smiled and said with a low lusty raspy, excited tone, "Oh, we're both ready."

"Uhhhhhh...Ohhhhhhh...Awwwwwwwk!" RIPPPPPP! SLAP! The erotic sounds of a catfight erupted nearby from two angry women who were screaming, yelling, cursing. The sounds of hard slaps and punches; of beautiful clothing ripped from luscious bodies filled the air.

"Nooooooo...pleaseeeee..." A partially stripped and screaming Nikki Cox barely made it through the doorway into the room before a lovely Asian beauty caught her from behind and brought the busty redhead to the floor with a flying tackle.

"Wow!" Lara's exclamation brought a smile to Lucy's face as, like her excited student, she watched the battle unfold.

"You see, that's how its supposed to be done," Lucy pointed out as they watched catfight expert Kelly Hu go to work on luscious Nikki, firing slaps and punches to the redheads stomach, ribs, breasts and face. Nikki had already lost her blouse before she even made it into the room and now her short skirt was up around her waist and Kelly was ripping the tattered remnants of her pantyhose off as they rolled around on the floor To the excited observers delight, the outmatched Nikki had also ripped Kelly's sheer tight dress down to her waist and since the lovely Kelly wasn't wearing a bra, her firm bouncing breasts and erect nipples made prime targets for the desperate redhead. Kelly blocked most of Nikki's thrusts, but she seemed more intent on stripping Nikki than protecting her own pride and joys.

"OUCH! OK, that's enough of that!" Kelly shouted after Nikki landed a hard punch to her right nipple.

"Ungggggh!" Nikki grunted as Kelly's fist smashed her mouth, cutting her lower lip. Another punch slammed into her groin, making Nikki grunt as her luscious body writhed, her legs kicking out and up, sending her heels flying off. "Uhhhhhh... ohhhhhh!" Nikki grunted, gasped and moaned again when Kelly launched a furious assault of slaps, punches and knees to the groin until she collapsed in a heap.

But a vicious hairpull brought the redhead back to her feet where a bitchslap sent her reeling, crashing into the table right next to Lara and Lucy! SLAP! "Uhhhhh!" SLAP! "Oooomph!" Nikki moaned as two slaps rocked her beautiful face. "Nooooot my bra...aaaahhh!" Nikki's protesting squeal was echoed with a collective gasp from lucky patrons as well as the observant student and her teacher.

Nikki's huge breasts found their way to freedom, her thick stiffening erect pink nipples instantly treated to lightning fast pinching, twisting fingers as Kelly through herself into her task with gay abandon!

"That's how to win fast and well!" Lucy said as she watched Lara's intense expression of erotic delight.

"Waitress, water please," Kelly snapped as she switched from nipple pinching to slow, painful breast squeezing, even adding a well-placed knee to groin press. Kelly had Nikki under total control, flat on her back on a table, her legs dangling over the edge.

"Here's your water, ma'am," the waitress announced, handing Kelly a pitcher of ice water.

"That's what I like about this place, great service," Lucy cackled with a smile.

Kelly took the pitcher of water, muttered, "Thank you so very much," and slowly poured the icy liquid over Nikki; starting at her flushed face and continuing to drizzle it slowly down over her breasts and stomach until she ended up pouring the last drops of frigid fluid into the crease between Nikki's waving legs.

"Arggggh....Ohhhhhh.....Awwwwwhhh!." Nikki moaned while Kelly and the lucky onlookers laughed with erotic pleasure as her nipples grew even bigger and harder. Both student and teacher swore they could see steam rising from the lovely captives groin as the cold water soaked the torn fabric into her lush pubic hair as she kicked, writhed and squirmed. "Noooooo... pleaseeee... don.... Uhhhhhhhh!" Kelly tossed the empty pitcher aside, grabbed a double handful of red hair, jerked Nikki to her feet, tripped her, wrestled her to the floor and in one smooth move clamped on a perfect leg scissors, wrapping her long, perfectly muscled pantyhose clad legs around Nikki's waist.

"Enjoying the show ladies? You learning a lot, Boyle?" Kelly giggled as she tightened her legs, reached up and cupped Nikki's now tender, mauled, clawed breasts and squeezed. Pinching the erect nipples, Kelly slowly crushed them as her legs did the same to Nikki's luscious body. Nikki tensed when Kelly added insult to painful domination by nibbling her ear, then pulled her head back by the hair to plant her lips on Nikki's. The redhead groaned as Kelly's tongue plunged into her mouth.

"See!" Lucy said as they watched. "When you do it right and win, you can have all kinds of delicious fun, even desert! Got it?" she grinned seeing her student's longing, lustful expression as they listened to Nikki grunt and gasp as Kelly played her like a virtuoso.

"Now my dear student? Ready for YOUR encounter?" Lucy asked Lara. "Let's go!" She grabbed her wrist and pulled her to her feet.

"Where are we going?" Lara gulped as Lucy led her out of the arena down the hall to an elevator.

"To our home away from home, sweetie," Lucy giggled as she led Lara into the plushest, most extravagant luxury suite she'd seen since Jada Pinkett and Will Smith's hotel room during 'Men in Black II'. "Get your cute butt in there and change into your combat attire," Lucy snapped, giving Lara's tight firm ass a spank, then a quick 'cheek squeeze' before she sashayed into the luxurious bathroom.

Lucy was all smiles when Lara emerged in a very sexy expensive micro skirt, fishnet stockings, a luxurious low-cut sheer silk blouse and, of course, a pair of strappy heels. The brunette beauty's erect nipples, confident smile and fiery sparkling eyes put Lucy instantly in the mood for catfight and she had to bite her lip and remind herself to 'wait and watch' as much as she desperately wanted to engage her student herself right NOW.

"You look ready," Lucy sighed. "At least you dress the part. Now, come on, lets get on with it!" She pulled Lara's hand over her firm warm breast and both women smiled and licked their lips as their beautiful, lust-filled eyes met. "That's nothing, just a good luck gesture," Lucy rasped, pushing Lara's eager, squeezing fingers away. Lara swallowed hard and then they stepped out into the hallway, both eager for the battle ahead. "There, in that room," Lucy said. "Your opponent awaits. And yes, before you ask, she has beautiful red hair; she's certainly one 'pretty woman'."
In fact, the fun had already begun a few minutes before out in the hallway, when Lucy and Lara intercepted and confronted a petite Asian maid... "Nooooooo!" was the young woman's first and last word as Lucy grabbed her by the hair, clamped a hand over her open mouth and pulled her away from the food cart she was pushing and shoved her into a small housekeeping closet. There, Lara got an impromptu quick erotic catfight lesson as she watched her lovely teacher slap the woman silly, strip her down to her panties and then enjoy a quick feeling-up of the shocked - and quickly turned on - young beauty.

"Here's something for your trouble...and your silence, hon," Lucy said with a most sweet smile as she stuffed a small stack of bills in her new friends hand, then gave her a long, passionate tongue-in-mouth Frenching before she left the room right behind the fully excited (and ready-to-do-battle and quite horny) Lara.

CLUNK! (Clatter. Rattle. Squeak. Rattle.) Lucy pushed the heavy, noisy overloaded gourmet food service cart around a corner and stopped in front of a particular room and rang the door bell.

"What the hell?" Lara's puzzled surprised expression seemed to say as she looked at her teacher.

"I'll take care of it! This is an important lesson; think fast, adapt quickly, but most of all - have fun," Lucy quipped as she slipped in front of Lara and announced loudly, "ROOM SERVICE!"

"Come in! Put the food on the table then leave; and make it snappy!" a female voice inside the room said. "Your tip's on the table, take it, and like I said, move fast or you'll lose your job!" she continued, her tone dripping with snobbery and uppitiness.

"I don't need a tip; in fact, YOU'RE my tip, you smart-ass beautiful bitch!" Lara's angry words startled the lovely Julia Roberts who was sitting at a large makeup table applying finishing touches to her beautiful, pampered face.

After two days of luxurious spa and beauty treatments, Julia was dressed in an expensive and beautiful dress and the sheerest, sexiest underwear money could buy. Alas, at the last minute, she'd decided that instead of going out, she'd dine in. But only the finest food and wine would do for this megastar, of course; so everything had to be flown in since even this ritzy hotel food seemed to her to taste like pig slop.

"Grrrr...YEAIAHHHHH!" Lara's savage catlike attack cry sent chills down the surprised redhead's spine a split second before Lara's fingers were buried into her luxurious silky hair. "This is gonna be fun!" Lara shouted as she pulled the screaming Julia off her seat onto the floor, then jerked her back to her feet.

"Nooooo...What the hell? Get away from me you crazy bitch! Let go of my hair...YEOW! Stop! What are you...Uhhhhhh," Julia screamed as she tried to fight off her beautiful surprise attacker.

Lara was making her mentor and teacher proud as she demonstrated her excellent catfighting skills. The brunette's lightning fast hands were all over the screaming redhead, pulling hair, ripping clothes and slapping her dizzy.

"Noooooo!" Julia screamed as Lara tore her dress far enough to expose an elegant sheer beige bra; a vicious hairpull and a full body head over heels flip sent the redhead onto the huge bed. Lara leaped like a cat pouncing on Julia and launched a flurry of light but painful stinging slaps before leaving her dress in shreds. Recovering rapidly, Julia began to fight back hard, shredding Lara's blouse which only made Lara all the more furious - and hot.

"Hmmmmm, the little bitch is gettin' good," Lucy mused as she watched her lovely student execute a perfect face claw with one hand while she grabbed and squeezed Julia's left bra-clad breast with the other. Julia's ensuing angry erotic groans, the furious frantic kicking of her beautiful legs and Lara's' hot snarling insults promising erotic torture, excited the Asian beauty to the boiling point. Her heart pounded as she felt any moment she was going to swallow her tongue or melt into a luscious puddle of passion.

"Gosh, you're pretty, and such a hot little bitch fighter," Lara rasped as she applied intense pressure through her strong fingers, pressing them painfully into the redheads grimacing face and perfect cheek bones. She squeezed the firm captured breast, digging her sharp nails into the sheer bra's cup. Then with a wicked smile, Lara hooked two fingers over the cup and yanked down. Julia yelped in agony, then groaned as Lara punched her exposed erect pink nipple so hard it flattened between her thumb and finger.

"ARGGGGGH! Umppppfhhh..." the redhead moaned, first in agony then in desperation as she planted her feet on the bed and gave a mighty pelvic thrust.

"Ohhhhh crap!" Lara wailed as she felt herself go airborne sideways.

Lara lost a heel when she hit the large mahogany headboard, letting Julia escape with a frantic, but seemingly relieved cry as she rolled off the bed, leaped to her feet and turning to run. She took four rapid strides and then....WHAM! "AIEEEEEE!"

"Trying to escape Miss Roberts? How incredibly rude!" Lucy snarled as she watched Julia scream and stagger back from her solid punch. Lucy's face broke into a lustful smile as she lunged, grabbed a handful of red hair in one hand and latched onto Julia's exposed breast with the other. "You mustn't run away just yet," she taunted as she yanked Julia's head viciously by her hair and pinched her nipple. "My student wants a fight! Now go give it to her!" Lucy shouted as she spun Julia around and gave her a hard shove, sending her flying toward the very angry, frustrated and disheveled Lara.

"Hmmmpfffh; this's gonna be good," Lucy mused as she studied the erotic scenario. Lara looked as beautiful as she was mad. Her usually perfect hair was tangled, her blouse in shreds, her plunging sheer lace bra fully exposed, her firm breasts sporting erect nipples that seemed to be poking right through their sheer, almost see-thru, cups. She hobbled slightly as she walked towards the screaming redhead, as only one heel remained on her pantyhose clad feet. Her beautiful eyes blazed firing daggers at her intended prey. "Yeah, get her; take her down an' strip her!" Lucy encouraged her student - in her mind - as she watched the incredibly beautiful redhead staggering toward Lara's now bared and flashing talons. "I should've relieved her of that beautiful tattered dress," Lucy thought. "Maybe even her half-destroyed bra." She grinned as Lara's angry fingers flashed out.....

"Nooooo! ARGGGGGGH!"

"C'mon Julia," Lara taunted. "Let's play a game I like to call 'Twist the redheads' titties'."

"Ahhhhhmmm, Noooooo!" Julia's face grimaced with fear and pain as the wiry brunette lunged, snapped a punch to her jaw that slammed her back into the wall, then grabbed her full breasts, her talons sinking deep into the soft fleshy mounds. "Uhhhhmpfff," the squirming redhead groaned as Lara's knee slammed hard into her crotch.

"Eiyahhh!" Lara gave a savage yell as she grabbed Julia's hair and flung her across the room, sending her crashing into, then bouncing off of, a big overstuffed chair. In a flash Lara was on Julia, wrapped her in a painful headlock and started pulling her toward a large hot tub.

"Time for a relaxing soak bitch, you look all stressed out," Lara sneered as she hip-tossed Julia headfirst into the bubbling water.

(Gurgle! Gasp! Cough! Hack!) "Arggggh! Uhhhhhh....#@$#%$# you, you bitch!" Julia sputtered as she surfaced and began cursing and shaking her fist; mad as a very wet hen, totally drenched from her red hair to the tip of her pantyhose encased toes!

"OK, thanks for the invite, I'd love to join you," Lara chirped as she kicked off her heel and jumped in.

"Noooooo....Uhhhhhh....Stop it! Mummppppfh..." (Gurgle!) The angry brunette grabbed the screaming redhead and plunged her head under the churning water for what seemed, to Julia, an eternity! She dragged the gasping redhead up, slid behind her and grabbed her chin in one hand as she reached for Julia's bra with the other.

"Time for a stripping party!" Lara snarled as she pulled Julia's bra down around her waist, gave a full breast a painful squeeze and then fired a punch into her ribs. Julia gasped at first, but then she screamed when Lara's free hand moved to Julia's skirt, pulling it down to first expose, then began tearing and pulling at, her soaking wet pantyhose.

"Awwwwwwck! Noooooo...." Julia's screams brought a big smile and a pleasant lustful glow to Lucy's loins as she watched with pride her lovely student showing the catfight skills she'd so diligently taught her. In short order, Lara had the redhead stripped down to her panties, then she dunked the nearly naked beauty several more times until she was winded and dizzy. With Julia near helplessness, Lara began a furious, erotic attack with a series of stinging slaps and light punches to her face ribs, stomach and those beautiful breasts.

"Any last words, before we have some real fun?" Lara snipped as she hauled Julia up into a full nelson.

"I'm gonna kill you, I swear!" Julia snarled between gasps and squeals as Lara jerked her arms back hard, forcing Julia's lovely chest forward as she bent her forward over the side of the spa. "Uhhhhhh!" Julia grunted as she felt herself folded forward. Lara's legs moved up fast and wrapped like steel coils around her waist. The winded redhead was in a world of hurt with Lara sitting behind her crushing her with her strong, wiry legs. Julia gasped as strong fingers grabbed her beautiful firm breasts, dug in and squeezed hard, clamping her sensitive, hard pink nipples and pinched.

"Ohhhhhh gawwwwwd, stopppppp, pleaseeeee..." Julia bawled as she splashed and squirmed wildly.

"Stopppp...Stop NOW or I'll give you another drink of water, understand my little pretty woman?" Lara threatened as she twisted Julia's nipples tenaciously.

"Nice! Real nice," Lucy mused, watching Lara's cruelty and admiring her allusion to Julia's' famous movie role.

The beautiful Asian teacher was beside herself with lust and pride in her student's rapid absorbtion of fighting techniques - and more than a bit jealous too! Lucy heard herself moan and glanced in the mirror, feeling flushed at her erotic reflection. She tweaked her erect nipples even harder, pinching and pulling them through her sheer blouse and bra. Lara was getting HOT!

"Let GO of me!" Julia growled. "I ORDER you to LET...ME...GO!"

"Like hell I will! How do you like this, huh?" Lara said with a wicked smile.

Julia grunted as the brunettes hard heel slammed into her naval, then slowly ground, pressing into her panties and slowly working them downward!

"You bitch, stop'll be sorry!" Julia rasped.

"Yeah right...YEIAHHH! Uhhhhh...." Lara's confident reply ended with her words caught in her throat as her head exploded in pain.

She gasped, instantly releasing Julia as her legs turned to rubber and the warm water seemed to rise like a tidal wave, engulfing her pained and seemingly helpless body.

(Gasp! Cough! Hack!) "Uhhhhh, my head...umpppfh," Lara's brain screamed orders to her body to concentrate, to focus as it tried to determine what the heck had happened! Her hands fumbled around in the warm, bubbly water...and found nothing! Julia was gone! She blinked several times trying to clear her blurry vision as she spewed water and stood up, whirling around desperate to reacquire her target! "That bitch! That evil, wicked, mean traitor!" Lara muttered, her fingers curled into a fist as she slowly pushed her way to the edge of the spa.

"Noooooo, stop it....not that, pleaseeeee..." the quivering voice seemed to be torn between two feelings, two answers - Nooooo and Yessssss.

Lara looked to the lovely source of the sexy voice. The angry, confused hurting brunette was overcome with the erotic sight her blurry eyes beheld. Her traitorous, conniving, sexy teacher was standing over the lovely red-headed Julia who lay spread-eagled on the huge soft bed. Still numb and with her head throbbing, Lara felt sexually spellbound more than angry. Lucy was topless, wearing ultra-sheer sexy stockings and garters while Julia was almost naked, her wrists securely bound to the headboard and her torn panties exposing half of her surprisingly lush bush. The Asian was bending over Julia, her fingers teasing her nipples skillfully as her hungry mouth kissed the groaning redhead's half-parted lips.

"How dare she?" Lara wanted scream in rage. "She's mine...I fought her, now I want to conquer her! Besides, I deserve some fun too!"

She determinedly put one foot in front of the other, stomping angrily toward the bed and her her teacher. In her mind, she formed a hundred questions such as, "How did Lucy disable her with one punch? Or was it two or more? How did she pull Julia out and tie her up so quickly? Or had she been 'out' longer than it seemed" And finally, "Well, no matter, I'm gonna teach the teacher a well deserved lesson in humility!!"

"Stop right there!" Lucy snapped curtly. "You'd best think twice and very hard about what you're thinking," she warned as she looked up and glared at her approaching student. Lara stared hard at the deadly serious Asian beauty, then she froze in her tracks. Lucy's sensuous lips curled in a mischievous wicked snarl as she narrowed her gaze on her student's beautiful eyes and lovely form.

"OK," Lara sighed. "She should me mine, but I guess THIS TIME you can have her. But I'm not happy about it!"

Lara's voice was steady, menacing even, but her tone gave hints of her unwilling submission. Lucy's face broke into a grin as she turned quickly and threw herself on Julia and began to kiss her passionately. The redhead grunted in angry protest, but then she began to moan softly and soon, Lucy was playing her erotic game of tongue-tag with her new captive.

"Watch and learn, my lovely student," Lucy snickered just before her flickering tongue began to tease a luscious pink nipple. "Watch and learn!"

Lucy's hungry mouth engulfed Julia's entire breast even as her fluttering fingers went to work their magic on her captive's writhing pussy.

"I'll get even somehow, some way, some day...." Lara vowed as she slid back into the hot warm bubbly water where her fingers seemed seemed to develop a mind and power of their own as she ripped her remaining clothes off and fingered herself.

"Ummmmmm...Uhhhhhhh...Ohhhhhh..." The pleasurable moans of the teacher, her student and their luscious redheaded captive melted into a single erotic symphony of lust.
"Oh here, have some tea and stop that sorry-ass pouting," Lucy said, staring at her sullen, but oh-so-beautiful student as she poured her fragrant steaming herbal tea in Lara's cup.

"She was mine," Lara pouted angrily. "I wanted her, I earned her, I fought her and....dammit, I deserved her!"

Lara snarled as she reached for a piece of delicious fruit-filled pastry. The brunette bit her lip as she fought against the urge to grab a handful of Lucy's beautiful hair and drive a punch right between those lovely slanted, cat-like eyes.

"You'd really like to take me down this minute wouldn't you, you spoiled little brat," Lucy chuckled with an, "Come on, I dare you to try it," smirk. She could read Lara like an open book! She poured herself a cup of tea, set the kettle aside and picked up her cup. "You'd best pay attention, today we train hard, very hard. You have progressed well grasshopper," Lucy giggled. "Soon we will test you to see if you're ready to go out on your own. BUT, you have NOT arrived yet, sweet stuff," Lucy said in a cautioning tone. "Watch and learn!" She turned on the TV and started a video. "You must always be alert, aware of your surroundings, as you shall see," the Asian beauty said as she pointed to the screen.

Lara watched with interest as her teacher appeared, walking into an office setting. A tall blonde slipped up behind her silently as another woman came out of a cubicle facing the petite Asian. It was obvious to Lara both wanted more from Lucy than just pleasant conversation. The short busty redhead started shouting and cussing at Lucy who seemed to be taken aback and surprised, even a bit nervous.

"Look out!" Lara shouted involuntarily, totally immersed in the video as the blonde lunged forward firing a punch.

Lucy sidestepped, turned and snapped a foot to her crotch as she blocked the redheads punch, then pulled her forward and karate chopped her in the neck. Using a series of kung fu and karate moves Bruce Lee would have envied, Lucy quickly disabled both attackers, then stripped the blonde to her pantyhose and went to work on the redhead as the camera zoomed in on Lucy's blazing fingers while they shredded the redheads bra. Two huge breasts filled the small screen as her skillful, twisting fingers released the redhead's twin treasures from their front clasp prison.

"Mmmmmmm....yeow! Uhhhhhh....what the hell....Oopppfffh!!" Lara's enjoyment of the action on the screen took a sudden erotic turn and it became a lesson in reality when she felt a bruning pain in her scalp as she felt herself pulled out of her chair and sent flying. WHUMP! She hit hard on her backside, slammed into a big chair and bounced off. In a flash, Lucy was on her, firing stinging slaps to Lara's red, stunned cheeks.

"I said, 'Be alert at all times', doofus! Got it?" Lucy shouted as she grabbed the front of Lara's robe and pulled it open. "Remember, in a split second you can be taken down, stripped, and..."

"Yeowccch, leggo, owwww!" Lara screamed as Lucy latched onto her full, firm breasts, her fingers digging in and twisting, driving home her point by the traditional method of emphasizing teaching points by an application of exquisite, embarrassing, pain.

"There, first lesson of the day!" Lucy chirped as she gave a light stinging slap to her student's red face. She leaped to her feet and shut off the TV. "Today's gonna be a full day. Get back to your room, change and let's hit the pavement," Lucy ordered abruptly as she turned away and ignored Lara, practicing a kata.

Lara picked herself up, rubbed her sore breasts, straightened her robe and headed to her room - keeping a watchful eye on her beautiful instructor as she moved quickly away. Before an hour had passed, they were starting their regular intense daily workout routine. They practiced martial arts moves, judo throws, wrestling holds and all their favorite catfight tactics. The hours seemed to pass quickly.

"My little grasshopper, you are progressing very, very well," Lucy praised. "I think you are now ready for your test. Do you know whom you will face?" Lucy asked as she passed a bottle of 'Dr. Frank New York State Late Harvest Riesling' to Lara.

"Of course. I've had her on my mind for a long, long time," Lara said, closing her eyes and sighing wistfully as she sipped the sweet nectar. "You'll be proud of me when I defeat her," Lara said with delighted confidence; but then her self-satisfied, smug smile suddenly turned to an angry frown.

As astute as she was conniving, Lucy read her student's concern in her face and reassured her. "Don't worry! This time I won't interfere with your er, umm... 'reward'. I wont' even be there, I'll be in the next room, observing by video," Lucy said, reaching over and patting Lara's hand.

Lara smiled as she looked into Lucy's beautiful dark eyes, "Well, that's a relief, isn't it! How fortunate for me; my selfish bitchy conniving instructor is actually going to let me fight my own fight - and enjoy my victory party! How can I ever thank you enough?" Lara's voice was low, throaty, full of passion, lust, anger and vengeance.

"Tut-tut! Watch your smart mouth, pussycat," Lucy purred as her fingernails dug into the back of Lara's hand. "This is a public place. You wouldn't want me to make a scene by kicking your ass right here and now....would you, Lara dear?" Suddenly, Lucy winced. "OW! Stop that right now or you'll really be one sorry girl," Lucy said, for beneath the table, unbeknownst to anyone, a rough foot war was taking place and Lara had just scored a major victory, stomping a stiletto heel down onto Lucy's foot.

"OK, truce! I'll take - and pass - your stupid test. But then...." Lara snipped.

".....then we'll see," Lucy concluded as she snapped her fingers imperiously and gestured to the waiter for the bill.

"Ladies, was everything to your satisfaction this evening?" the naive waiter queried.

"Perfect, it was all just perfect; the meal, the wine, the company, the conversation," Lara said rolling her beautiful eyes.

As the waiter left them, Lara looked into her beautiful companions face, studied her perfect body and saw Lucy's erect nipples thrusting erotically against her tight, sheer, silk dress. Lara wanted so much to escalate the tiff into a full-blown knockdown striped-naked catfight - and Lucy wanted the same, but both bit their full sensuous lips to the point of drawing blood; hoping to say NO when saying YES would be so much more fun.

"I'll pay this time," Lucy said glancing perfunctorily at the bill before flipping down her AmEx card.

"You got that right, you're gonna pay and pay good," Lara shouted...but only in her mind... as they slipped away from the table and headed for the car. Soon it would be another day. Her test was about to begin.

Who will be Lara's 'test' and will Lucy interfere again? Inquiring minds want to know....