Inga Drozdova 5'9" 123 37D-24-37 vs. Lynn Thomas 5'7" 120 34D-25-35 by Kim & Ginny

Tall, blonde, almost panther-like in her movements, Inga Drozdova glided across the lawn in front of the Playboy mansion on her way to find loud-mouth Lynn Thomas. Inga had just come from lunch with Diana Lee and the beautiful Oriental Playmate had passed on a rumor she'd heard Lynn was circulating about Inga, Inga hated someone trashing her behind her back.

"I hate to say this," Diana said as she gently brushed her fingers along Inga's forearm as they sat at a corner table in a dark pub, "and I know you're new to the States, but you should know what Lynn has been saying about you."

Inga arrived from the former Soviet Union right before she posed for Playboy and was Playmate of the Month in November of 1997. Her knowledge of English was limited, but she knew enough to pick up what Diana was saying. It was an old story of jealousy and racial animosity that was familiar to the former resident of the Eastern Bloc.

Inga enjoyed the glamour and the notoriety that her status as PMOM brought her and she'd been careful not to take advantage of her status to ask for "special favors" from either Hefner or the public. That's why the current rumor at the Mansion had her steaming. Diana told her that her rival for Playmate of the Year, Lynn Thomas, had told some of the girls that Inga had "slept" her way to PMOM and had tried it again in a failed attempt to win PMOY, although "slept" wasn't the word Lynn used. Her term had been a vulgarity for oral sex that, may have been suitable for a street-bred city girl, wasn't at all complimentary to the proper young farm raised child of the Revolution.

Inga was headed to the Mansion to make Lynn apologize in front of the other girls and she planned to enjoy the sensation immensely. She hoped Lynn would back down and meekly take back the vile untruth's, but if she refused Inga felt perfectly capable of shoving the words down Lynn's throat and making her eat them a syllable at a time if necessary.

"Vere iss dat black bitch Lin Dumbass," Inga demanded of the young African-American receptionist, her thickly accented English making the girl grin in spite of the tone of her voice.

The receptionist blushed and, flustered by Inga's attitude, fumbled with a pile of papers as she tried to collect her wits. Finally, she pretended to find what she was looking for and then brusquely pointed down a long hallway.

"She's in the gym," the girl said huffily, "I think she's training for one of the fight video's. You'd better mind your mouth if you know what's good for you whitie. I heard the girls talking and a couple of them would like nothing more than to tear into that tight little white ass of yours and send you crying back to 'Mother Russia.' We don't need your kind here, there's enough crackers as it is."

Inga reached across the desk to grab the impudent little snit, but the receptionist ducked and scurried away toward Hefner's office before she caught her. Inga laughed as she spun on her heel and strode rapidly down the hall toward the gym where the girl had said Lynn was working out. The receptionist picked up the microphone to the Mansion's PA system and broadcast a warning to the women in the gym. Others heard the broadcast and, within moments, the sound of feet pounding down the stairs was almost deafening.

Inga shoved open the door to the dressing room and paced up and down the aisles between the lockers looking for Lynn. She disturbed several of the other Playmates who scampered out of her way as the tall blonde searched for the object of her wrath. After unsuccessfully searching the sauna and the shower, Inga threw open the door to the gym and looked around.

Lynn Thomas was standing next to one of the Nautilus machines chatting with another Black Playmate, Renee Tenison.
"You! I want talk with you," Inga yelled, pointing her index finger at the pair of Black women.

"This must be for you," Renee said with a smirk. "I warned you this'd happen. Those furriners are all the same. We give 'em a millimeter and they want to take a whole kilometer. Good luck sista!"

Renee stepped back and leaned on the wall with her sister, Roxie. They'd have a front row seat for whatever was going to happen. As Inga strode across the gym, Playmates, staff and guests scattered out of her way as even more women came piling in through the door behind her to watch. They would also cheer for, or against, one of the women if a fight developed. Among the spectators just arriving was Diana Lee who smiled to Renee as she winked and made the "OK" sign with her thumb and forefinger.

Inga frowned as she walked toward Lynn who was leaning on the piece of exercise equipment with her arms draped over the handles. Her big breasts strained the thin material of her sweat-soaked leotard. She smiled at Inga, trying to put her at ease about whatever it was that seemed to have upset her.

"Hi Inga," Lynn said, not bothering to remove her arms from the handles but leaving them draped insolently (in Inga's view) over the metal bars, "What's got your panties in a bunch?"

"Bitch!" Inga snapped as she poked Lynn in the chest, "You tell these girls I fucking my way to Playmate? Phooey! You lie! You one bad girl. Inga want you apology for lie 'bout her. Say you sorry or I have slap your face for you lie."

Lynn slowly lowered her arms and rose, glaring at Inga who was a couple of inches taller than the Black girl. She stepped over the bench between her legs and slowly walked around Inga, sizing her up with her eyes.

"You calling me out bitch?" Lynn snarled, "You know what 'calling out' is you ignorant Russian? It means you're looking to get your sorry ass kicked, that's what. I heard the stories you're spreadin' 'bout me. Hell, I know your legs ain't all you're spreadin' while you was makin' sure I didn't win PMOY. You got a problem with me, jus' bring it on hon. I got more'n you can handle, bitch."

Inga shook her head, unable to follow Lynn's rapid-fire stream of foreign words, but she got the tenor if not the exact meaning. Inga kicked off her shoes as she turned to follow Lynn as she circled around Inga.

"Inga Latvian, not Russian," she corrected, her lips curling as she spat out the word "Russian." "You not know what you talk about that either."

When Lynn stopped in front of Inga she took a deep breath, expanding her chest and pushing the sweaty front of her workout clothes against Inga. Lynn laughed when Inga stepped back to keep her silk blouse from being stained and almost tripped over the bench behind her. Everyone in the gym giggled at the sight of the tall blonde nearly falling on her ass as she grabbed the Nautilus to hold herself upright.

Lynn quickly stepped between Inga's legs, reached down and grabbed the front of the big blonde's blouse. She yanked and ripped open the front of the expensive silk blouse that Inga had purchased with the money from her PMOM posing session.

"Oops," Lynn laughed, "looks like that cheap polyester doesn't hold up very well under heavy use. Maybe you should go back to Russia and wear peasant rags like the rest of your kind. We don't want you here."

Inga blushed as she clutched the front of her blouse, trying to hold it together, but then Lynn let go and the lanky blond fell backward, striking her head against the metal support of the Nautilus machine and stunning her. Lynn strutted around the machine, accepting the applause of several of the girls who were jealous of Inga's beauty and success. Lynn slapped high-fives with Renee and Roxie as she passed them. She kept walking until she had circled the machine and was standing behind Inga with her foot on the bench as the groggy blond sat up rubbing her head.

"Now take your sorry ass out of here and go back where you came from," Lynn hissed, "before you really get hurt. We don't want your kind here."

Lynn reached down, grabbed Inga by the elbow and a handful of hair and hauled her up to her feet. Inga protested, but Lynn ignored her as she spun her around and aimed her toward the door, then put her foot on her ass and shoved.

Inga's long, lean body was propelled halfway across the gym. She stumbled as she tried to keep her balance and might have if she hadn't tripped over the edge of the mat in the middle of the room. She went sprawling on her chest, the rough canvas scraping the soft, sensitive flesh of her stomach and chest as she skidded to a stop. A couple of the girls went to help her up, but she angrily pushed them away as she got to her feet and turned to face Lynn who was laughing and being slapped on the back by her friends.

"You gonna regret that Lynn," she muttered as she slipped off her blouse and kicked off her heels. "I want you apology to me for your lie and I not leaf until you give me it."

Lynn was still laughing when Inga reached her but her laughter turned to a howl of pain when Inga swung from the heels and slapped her cheek so hard Lynn staggered and had to grab the Nautilus or she'd have fallen. Everyone scattered as Inga grabbed Lynn by the two suspenders of her leotard, spun her around and flung her facefirst into the wall.

Lynn's forehead hit the wall with a hollow "thwock" sound and her knees buckled. She slid down the wall until she was on her knees with the side of her head resting against the wall, her right hand holding her head as she moaned in pain.

Inga wasn't in the mood to be generous, she kicked Lynn's butt and said, "Get up and fight if you don't tell everyone's you told lies abouts me."

Lynn rose slowly, using a hand on the wall to support herself. She shook her head trying to stop the birds she was hearing from chirping so loud so she could concentrate on Inga who was standing a few feet from her with her hands out, ready to grab Lynn if she wanted to fight instead of apologize.

Lynn looked around and realized everyone was looking at her, waiting to see if she was going to stand up for herself or wimp out and kiss Inga's ass by apologizing. All Lynn knew was that Inga had been spreading gossip about her and she wasn't going to let her do that and then come into the gym during her workout and try to humiliate her into apologizing for something she hadn't done. No way!

She got up and wiped her hands on the front of her leotard to dry them, shook her hair out of her eyes and took a step toward the tall blonde.

"You're going to wish you hadn't come in here today blondie," Lynn muttered. "You're in for one wicked beating from this pissed off Sista."

Renee and Roxie urged her on as Lynn moved toward Inga. As soon as she was within range, Lynn reached back, made a fist and swung as hard as she could at Inga's pale face. As soon as Lynn got up and started toward her, Inga realized Lynn intended to fight her instead of apologizing as she should. After all, the things Diana had told her Lynn was saying were all lies, she didn't understand why once she confronted Lynn with it, she didn't just apologize instead of trying to bluff. Inga shrugged as she leaned back and put all her weight on her back foot, then snapped her forward leg up and kicked Lynn right in the pit of the stomach.

Lynn's eyes opened wide and her mouth flew open as all the breath rushed out of her body. She stopped with her right hand in mid-air, halfway through her swing. The shock and pain on her face was clear as she slowly wrapped both hands around her belly and sat down hard on her butt, bouncing once before she turned over and pulled her knees up to her chest gasping for air and fighting the urge to throw up on the gym floor.

Inga stepped up and slammed her foot into Lynn's right breast hard enough that the impact rolled Lynn over so that she was facing the Nautilus machine.

Lynn writhed in pain as Inga bent down and dug her fingers into the dark skinned girl's big breasts, twisting her wrists as she pulled Lynn to her feet and shoved her back against the wall, pushed her knee between Lynn's quivering thighs and leaned on her breast-to-breast.

Inga pressed her lips to Lynn's ear and whispered, "I vant dat apologies now."

Lynn shook her head stubbornly, then gasped, "I didn't do nothin' to apologize for you bitch. You're the one been spreadin' things. Everybody knows, they're all talking about it."

Before Inga could reply, Lynn pushed herself off the wall and threw her body against Inga's, wrapped her arms around her and together they tumbled to the floor. Lynn was on top, momentarily. She grabbed a handful of Inga's hair and tried to bang her head against the floor, but Inga rolled her off and drove her fist into Lynn's side once and then again.

Lynn grunted with each punch, let go of Inga's hair and tried to get away, but Inga grabbed a mocha-toned ankle and pulled, dumping Lynn on her belly. Inga crawled up Lynn's legs onto her back and wrapped her arms around Lynn's neck, choking her.

The Black woman was desperate, she twisted and squirmed beneath Inga's body, trying to claw at Inga's arms and, at the same time, trying to elbow her in the chest, stomach or ribs - wherever she could land with her wild elbow swings. She landed several hard elbows and was gratified that, judging from the noises Inga made, they were doing damage. A final desperation lunge allowed Lynn to pull free and she spun around and got to her knees facing Inga who was massaging her left side where Lynn had landed several sharp elbows.

"Get that bitch Lynn," Renee Tenison yelled, "Teach her not to f**k with a sister."

"You go girl!" Roxie chimed in, "Rip those pale tits right off her chest and feed 'em to her."

Inga frowned at the sisters, but quickly turned her eyes back to Lynn just in time to lean out of the way of a wild swing that the Black girl had tried when she thought Inga was distracted. It failed, but only by inches as Inga could feel Lynn's knuckles brush her cheek as her fist whistled past her head.

Inga hadn't yet righted herself when Lynn was on her, clawing and tearing at her clothing. Inga's blouse was already open and Lynn reduced it to rags in a matter of seconds. Inga was momentarily shocked by Lynn's relentless attack and before she knew it, her expensive blouse was hanging from her waist in tatters leaving her completely naked from the waist up.

"Let's see how your titties like this," Lynn screamed as she raked her well manicured nails diagonally across Inga's soft flesh, leaving four parallel angry red welt across both her full breasts. In spite of her anger and her desire not to give Lynn the satisfaction of knowing how much she had hurt her, Inga screamed in pain and fell back on her haunches cupping her wounded breasts in her hands as tears filled her lovely eyes.

"That's it!" Renee yelled, "rip her damn tits to shreds. Teach the spoiled slut not to invade our territory. Come on Lynn, give her hell."

Lynn got to her feet and looked down at Inga, "Not so haughty now, are you bitch. I warned you not to mess with me. Now you're going to really feel some pain. My friends brought their toys, we're going to have a party with you before we let you go. Upsy-daisy…"

Lynn twisted her fingers in Inga's hair and pulled her forward on her hands and knees, then lifted her up. She was going to give Inga the worst beating of her life, but in her hurry to get started, she forgot to make sure all the fight was knocked out of her opponent before she started to punish her.

Just as Lynn started to pull Inga to her feet, the big blonde Latvian brought her fist up from the floor and buried it, knuckles first, right below Lynn's belly button. The punch was so hard, it lifted Lynn right off her feet. She collapsed in a heap at Inga's feet and slumped forward, wrapping her arms around Inga's knees in a futile attempt to hold herself up. Inga moved back a step and let Lynne slide down her legs until her face was resting on top of Inga's bare feet.

Inga pulled Lynn up to her knees and jerked her head back by the hair at the back of her neck. Inga glared at Lynn who sobbed, "Please. No more. Please don't hurt me. I'm sorry if I said anything that made you mad. Whatever it was you think I said, I apologize. Please?"

Inga smiled as she took Lynn's wrist and twisted her arm behind her back, lifting her to her feet and levering the wrist up between her shoulder blades. Lynn rose up on her toes trying to relieve the pain in her elbow and shoulder.

"Please," Lynn gasped, "I don't want to fight any more. Please let me go."

Inga turned Lynn around so she faced the rest of the women standing in the room.

"Go ahead, tell them how sorry you are. Tell them all those rumors you're spreading about me are lies."

Lynn hesitated, but Inga gave her arm a jerk and Lynn yelped in pain.

"OK, OK. Everything I said was a lie. Inga's not a slut. I'm sorry if she thinks I've said anything bad about her, she's not a bad girl. OK? Is that what you wanted to hear?"

Inga let go of Lynn and she dropped to her knees, rubbing her aching arm as her head bowed and tears started to run down her cheeks. As Lynn's body shook with her sobbing, Inga pulled her blouse up and covered herself as well as she could with the remnants of the cloth. With her head high, Inga slipped her feet into her shoes, picked up her purse and walked with as much dignity as she could muster under the circumstances out of the gym.

At the door, Diana greeted her with a kiss on the cheek, "Good work my darling, very impressive. Come on, let's go get you a new blouse, then I'll take you out for a drink to celebrate. You were quite good in there. Surprisingly good, in fact."

Vote Totals: Inga 72; Lynn 46