The Bitch: Patty Duffek vs. Kym Malin by kit

"What's the matter, Pattycake? You act like your depressed," asked Dona over the phone after they'd been talking a few minutes.

"I don't think I'm gonna run," answered Patty, referring to running for the school's student-body secretary.

"Why not? That's all you've talked about lately."

Patty doodled on her notebook as she lay in bed. "Oh...I just found out that 'bitch' was runnin' too."

Dona knew exactly who she meant. "Where'd you hear that?"

"Karen. I just talked to her a little bit ago."

Dona paused. "Well...she'd know. She runs with the bitch."

"Yeah, I know," Patty growled. "Just once I wish that bitch wouldn't get everythin' she wanted. Gawd...would I love to sink my nails in her face...gggrrr!"

"Go on and run," encouraged Dona. "I think you can win."

"Ha! Are you kiddin'?"

"No, of course not. She doesn't rule the school...though she thinks she does.

In fact, Kym did rule the school. Last year Kym became the first girl ever to be named head cheerleader as a junior, and she was also the reigning Jr./Sr. Prom Queen. Now a senior, she was head cheerleader again, and a lock to be Homecoming Queen and Prom Queen again. Kym also dated around a lot, and at fourteen she had started having sex. She was currently dating the school's quarterback, but that would change after football season was over. Her family was well rooted in town and one of the wealthiest. She always had the latest clothes and fashions, and was driving a brand new Corvette. Besides money and popularity, Kym was also blessed with looks and a body that made boys drool and girls seethe. A honey-of-a-fox, Kym had whispy-thin blonde hair; the face of a slut; and the body of a Greek goddess.

At 5-5 and 105 pounds, her sexy bronze body was a smokin' 36-20-34, and there wasn't a line or curve out of place. She was hot and she knew it. In school she was a tease and a flirt, but to the many guys she did screw, she was their best. When she laid a guy, she really laid a guy. All the girls hated her, but she did have a group that hung on her every word and move and were there to pick up her droppings and offer protection. But Kym wasn't afraid to fight. Her sophomore year, she whipped a junior and two seniors, and last year she beat up a challenging sophomore and the senior girl she had been out for head cheerleader and prom queen.

"Oh come on, Dona," said Patty. "I don't stand a chance. She's blonde, beautiful, popular, rich and fuckin' Todd (the quarterback).

"And dumber than a box of rocks," giggled Dona.

"True...but still."

"C'm on, Patty, you're a beautiful girl. All the guys dig you, and the girls like you too."

Patty did have a beautiful body. She had thick, dark brown hair; a pretty, angel face; and an impressive 36-23-32 frame. She was 5-5 and 107, and sported a very healty tan, toned body. Patty dated some, and although she liked having her big rack sucked and squeezed, she was still a virgin waiting for Mr. Right. In school she was well liked by all; on the swim team; and an honors student. She didn't smoke or drink, but she could be fun and a pleasure to be around. She was a typical all-American, girl-next-door. But sweet as she was, she also wasn't afraid of mixing it up. At her old school, she'd been perfect in three catfights, and had been in one since moving to her current school last year.

"Oh...I don't know," Patty sighed while chewing on her pen. "But thanks for sayin'."

"Then do what my cousin - you know Tina - did when she ran. She threw a party."

"Hmmmmm, think that'll work?"

"Suuure. If you throw a party, I'll bet you'll win."

"Well...okay, but you've gotta help," she said, caving in.

That weekend Dona and Patty worked on her campaign posters and fliers for the party (set for the coming weekend). Monday morning, they met at school before classes and hung them up with the other kids hanging their campaign posters. With the elections the following Monday, this week was campaign week.

"Look," said one of Kym's groupies, pointing out the flier about Patty's party.

"That slut," hissed Kym. "Just who the hell does she think is?"

"Whatcha gonna do 'bout it?"

Kym smirked. "Fight fire with fire. So she's havin' a party, well I'll just have a pool party."

Her friend grinned. "That'll teach her."

"Damn right," said Kym, grinning. "She's in the big leagues now and I'm the star."

From down the hall the blonde and brunette glared at each other. One could almost see the darts shooting from their eyes as their epic confrontation was looming on the horizon. For unknown reasons, Kym had always been jealous of Patty, and for obvious reasons, Patty had always been jealous of Kym.

Kym always knew that Patty would be trouble someday. "I should've put that bitch in her place last year," she said, turning to her friend.

The next day Patty fumed when she saw Kym's fliers advertising her pool party the same day she was having her party.

"I can't win," growled Patty.

Dona patted her on the shoulder. They both knew their party would be a bust now. "You could always fight her."

Patty started to cry softly. "Gawd, how I hate her."

"Now, now. It's alright," said Dona, comforting her.

Kym was in high spirits that week. Everyone was talking about her party, and she was telling them about how great it was going to be. She'd been challenged, and like always, she'd put it down. She was #1, and she intended to stay #1.

That Saturday Patty's party was indeed a bust. A few people showed up and hung around, but most just dropped by before heading over to Kym's.

"It's over," said Patty to Dona as they stood in the kitchen. "Once again that fuckin' bitch gets what she wants."

"Look," said Dona. "You can still win."

"Yeah, right!"

"No, I'm serious. You said it yourself how you'd like to get your nails in her face...well, now's your chance. Everyone's there, so go over there and take her on. Once you whip her, everyone will vote for you. And even if they don't, you'll at least put the bitch down before everyone." Patty looked at her. Dona could see her thinking about it. "I've seen you fight. You can beat her. She's not that tough."

Patty studied Dona's eyes. "Ya think so?"

"Hell yeah!" nodded Dona rapidly. "You're in great shape, you can kick her ass."

"OK, but I've gotta change into my bikini. You can wear one of mine," said Patty, heading out of the kitchen.

Dona followed her out, and as Patty went upstairs, Dona announced to the few there that Patty was going to Kym's and challenge her to a catfight. Word that Patty was coming to fight Kym quickly spread at the pool party.

"It's about time," said Kym to her groupies gathered around. "I want you guys to stay out of this. It's between her and me, and I don't want you helpin' - or givin' her any excuses after I whip her ass." They nodded and agreed. "I'm serious. Stay out. She's gonna be tough, but I'll beat her ass black and blue before I'm done."

The buzz around the spacious backyard told Kym that Patty had arrived. "She's here! Kym, she's here!" exclaimed an anxious classmate running up to her.

"So I see," answered Kym, spotting her rival from across the pool. Making her way thru the crowd, Kym approached Patty. Her eyebrows lifted at the sight of Patty's little white bikini covering her hard, shapely body. She was a worthy opponent indeed, and Kym knew a tough catfight was in store for her.

"'s come to this, has it, bitch?" asked Kym, suddenly emerging from the gang of kids forming a circle.

Patty tried to act and look tough as she secretly marveled at Kym's fine, toned body and tiny purple bikini. "'ve ruled the roost around here long enough," said Patty, shaking back her hair as she cocked her hands on her hips.

The blonde's hands now perched on her hips as she and the brunette went into a slow circle. "And I suppose that you think you're the hen to replace me."

"Bitch!" glared Patty, "I'm not here to replace you; I'm here to kick your ass."

Kym was impressed with the brunette's spunk. "Oh really, bitch?" she asked with a slight laugh.

"Get her, Patty!"

"Kick her ass, Kym!"

Their classmates began to egg them on as they continued with their pre-fight talk.

"That's right, bitch!" said Patty, closing the gap between them. Goosebumps formed along their lovely bodies and their areolas started to swell and crust over, forcing their tart nipples to protude against their tops.

"That's pretty tough talk for a bitch who's never been laid," snarled Kym.

"Humph! At least I'm not a fuckin' little slut like you," responded Patty, her ire rising rapidly.

"Hell, bitch," mocked Kym, "at least I know how to get a man and fuck him. You're just jealous. I'll bet you don't even have a pussy down there."

That was the button Kym was looking to push. In a rage, Patty lunged forward, calling the blonde a 'slut' as she tried to catch her by the hair. Kym stepped to the side, but caught a set of fingernails down the cheek.

"Bitch!" shouted Kym at the burn.

Throwing a right hook, Kym nailed Patty along the left ribs, causing her to double over sideways. The blonde then ran a set of fingernails of own up the brunette's back.

"Oooww," yelped Patty, but coming up and catching Kym under the jaw with a decent punch. Kym doubled over, slightly dazed, and Patty quickly wrapped her up in a tight headlock and latched on to her dangling right boob. "Oh gawd!" barked Kym as her tittie was squeezed thru her purple top.

"You fuckin' cunt," Patty swore as she screwed her nails back and forth. "Ooowww!"

Kym's nails were now on Patty's left tit, digging and clawing as they spun around in a circle before their cheering classmates.

"Ooowww! Le' go my fuckin' tit!" cried Kym as her boob slipped free.

"Ssshhhit! Mmmyyy tit! Mmmy tit!" Patty screamed as Kym jerked down her cup.

For a few split seconds, Kym stretched out Patty's areola while the brunette scratched at the blonde's tit.

"Tear it off!" someone yelled.

"Scratch! Scratch!" shouted another.

Suddenly breaking back, the girls threw up their fists and exchanged punches as each had a tit bouncing freely up and down. Both hit each other across the cheek, and then Patty cracked the middle of Kym's lower lip open as the blonde popped a mouse under the brunette's right eye. Patty lunged in and grabbed Kym's hair.

"Ooouucchh!" cried Kym, pulling Patty into a headlock. Patty tore out a chunk of Kym's thin, whispy hair from the back, while Kym buried five nails in her tit and clawed.

"Sssshhhhit!" screamed Patty, slapping Kym across the face. She let go of Patty's tit and gave her a sock under the right eye, causing the forming mouse to open and bleed.

"You fuckin' cunt!" swore Kym. "I'll teach you to pull my hair."

Still keeping Patty in a headlock, Kym grabbed at the top of her hair and pulled. Patty cried out and punched Kym in the cheek as the blonde tore out the hair in her hand. Jarred by the punch, but not seriously hurt, Kym grabbed and tore out another handful of hair as Patty hit her in the cheek again. This time Kym let go, but as she stepped back, she slapped Patty hard across the face. By now the girls had both taken some pretty good licks. Their heads were ringing and their vision slightly blurred. The roar of the crowd around them seemed very far off as both were tightly focused on just the few inches in front of them. Without hesitation, the blonde and brunette were in each other's hair and catfighting like only two school girls can. Back and forth they yanked, jerked, slung and pulled. Keeping one hand stuck in Patty's hair, Kym started slapping with the other. Both were shedding tears of hate, anger and pain as Patty tore out a big wad from the left side of Kym's head and the blonde blistered the brunette's cheek with two burning slaps.

"Ooowww! Le' go my hair, you slut!" cried Kym, toe-to-toe and pulling hair with Patty.

"You le' go, bitch! Ooouucchh!" Patty screamed as they jerked each other over at the waist.

Both girls screamed and swore as they tore out a big handful of each other's hair from the back.

"Ooooowww! Fuuuuuuck!" Kym cried again, losing yet another handful of her soft, silky hair to Patty's vengeful hands.

"I'm gonna tear you bald!" shouted Patty as she and Kym pulled each other in another head lock and grabbed a tit.

With their tops completely down, both girl's breasts were exposed and getting scratched as their friends and classmates cheered the fight to greater and more painful heights. Still on their feet, but staggering, Kym and Patty were doubled over screaming and twisting each other's areolas.

"Aaaarrrrggggg!!" cried Kym as her right nipple felt as if it was leaving her tit.

"Yeeeoowwwee!!" Patty wailed as her left nipple was turning purple.

Kym let go of the tit and punched Patty in the belly. Patty grunted, but returned fire, smashing Kym's tit out under her fist. Kym grunted, but sent another punch, lower, and nailed Patty in the pussy.

"Uuuggghhh!!" groaned Patty, her eyes rolling over as she went to a knee cupping herself.

Kym hauled Patty up by the hair, making her scream as she tore out a chunk from the top. Patty raked a set of nails across Kym's right eye and cheek, drawing droplets of blood as her nails gathered soft flesh.

"Yeeooww!" howled the foxy blonde, backing up, holding her face.

"Bitch!" cursed Patty, pressing the attack as she grabbed both of Kym's beautiful, tan tits and slammed them together.

"Ssshhhhit!" cried Kym, trying to pry Patty's squeezing hands off as her nails turned in her tits. "Pppplease!"

"Give it up, cunt!" demanded Patty, twisting like hell. "I'll tear 'em off!"

A hush began to fall as the crowd watched their 'queen' teeter on the brink of defeat. Tears squirted from the blonde's eyes as the brunette stood to her toes twisting and digging in with her sharp, painted talons. Kym's knees buckled and knocked together as she ran her fingernails down the brunette's forearms trying to free her proud, young breasts.

"Oooowwwww! Fuuuuuuuck!" Kym cried, but suddenly striking back with a slap that knocked Patty stupid.

Patty staggered, and doubled over, her hands resting on her knees as her head buzzed with a deafening ring. Kym hauled her up by the hair and shook, sending the brunette shaking like a ragdoll as she cussed her out.

"You fuckin' cunt," Kym swore, shaking, "I'm gonna..."

POP! Patty's right fist interrupted the blonde, catching her under the chin and snapping her head back. Kym cupped her face as blood drooled from between her fingers. Patty grabbed her by the left arm and bit down on the forearm.

"Aaarrrgggg!!" cried the blonde, throwing back her head and kicking out with her right leg.

WHAM! Patty doubled over clutching her womanhood after Kym's knee nailed her flush. "Uuummmpphh!!"

With fire shooting from her teary eyes, Kym grabbed Patty's head and guided her face into a rising knee. The sound of Kym's kneecap hitting Patty's cheekbone caused many to turn away in shock as the brunette dropped facedown on the lawn. Plopping down on Patty's backside, Kym took two fists of her hair and stretched back. The brunette's face looked like it had been it with a frying pan.

"Fuckin' bitch," Kym mumbled, reaching around with her left hand and squeezing Patty's left tit.

Patty kicked her legs and weakly tried to pry Kym's hand off with one hand as her other beat the ground. "Ooooowwww!! Oooooowwww!!"

Kym ripped her nails thru Patty's tit before sliding up across her shoulders and pounding her face into the lawn, blooding her nose.

"You give, slut? You give?" the blonde asked beating. Patty could barely mumble her surrender as Kym reached around and gave her ass a few smart slaps.

"She's had enough!" shouted Dona, pushing Kym in the shoulders but Kym's groupies rushed over and shoved Dona back into the crowd. Kym slowly got up and looked down at the beaten brunette between her legs.

"I think I'll take these," said Kym, reaching down and pulling Patty's bikini bottoms off, exposing her black, fuzzy virgin for all to see. "You better think twice before gettin' in my way again, bitch," Kym said, adding a swift kick to Patty's ribs.

"Ooommmpphhh!" gasped Patty as the air and fight left her beaten, busted body.

With the win, Kym sealed her place in school history as the greatest fighter. She won every vote that year and was unchallenged for the titles of Homecoming and Prom Queens. She also had her groupies beat the hell out of Dona for putting Patty up to fighting her in the first place.

The loss ruined Patty's life and she started drinking, doing drugs and having wild sex. She was kicked off the swim team and graduated with a 'D' average. By the end of the school year she had earned the nickname "Patty train" for having either slept or sucked off nearly 100 guys!