Debbe Dunning vs. Rachel Hunter by 2xifpkd

The locker room door was slightly ajar. Out peeked Rachel Hunter as she watched the first match on the celebrity wrestling card that evening. The big New Zealander gasped as Jamie Luner kicked Stacy Kamano in the gut and knocked her out with a quick pile driver. Rachel drew a deep breath as she realized a battle hardened fighter like Stacy was being drug from the ring by referee Jenny McCarthy. Rachel hoped her fight would come out better - she had trained hard for several weeks and was in great shape - she prayed her illustrious opponent took her lightly. At the call of her name the big redhead trotted to the ring.

“Rachel, you’re new to the circuit and you’ll be facing a legend in Debbe Dunning tonight. Any thoughts?” Jenny asked as aimed the mic towards the pink bikini clad woman.

“You’ll be rolling that strumpet from the ring on a stretcher after I’ve had my way with her. I’ve got some special moves planned out for her. She’s small, weak and not all that bright,” Rachel said with a smile.

“Good luck. Don’t do anything I haven’t done to her,” Jenny laughed as she watched Debbe stroll down the aisle to the roar of her legion of fans.

Debbe wore light blue bike shorts with a black bikini bottom over them - her ample breasts were covered by a yellow top which cut off just above the navel. Deb rolled under the ropes and bounced around in her corner as she waited for the match to begin. Jenny walked over and gave the brunette a slap on the ass.

“Debbe, good to see you’re still up for a good beating. Are Heigl’s tits as nice as mine for passing out in?” Jenny hissed at her old enemy while cupping her breasts. “You face the new girl tonight - Rachel has plans for you I hear - any comment?”

Debbe blurted, “We’ll see who wins! She can’t even keep her husband; and maybe I’ll kick your ass too for old times sake,” she hissed at Jenny.

“Not likely bitch - I like her chances to beat your old hide,” Jenny cooed into the mic as she icily stared at the brunette.

Then Jenny tossed the mic from the ring and called for the bell.

“Let’s see all these moves of yours!” Debbe mocked as she motioned Rachel to approach.

Rachel used her long arms to snag Debbe’s hair. The redhead snapped her hips forward and laughed as Debbe stumbled to the mat.

“There’s one move; and here’s another!” Rachel snarled as she pushed her heel into Debbe’s ribs sending the brunette to her belly.

As the big redhead straddled her back, Debbe reached up and flipped her attacker by the hair. Before Rachel got her bearings Debbe hauled her up to her feet and bulldogged her back to the mat with a thud. Once again Debbe latched onto red hair and jerked her foe to her feet. The brunette went for the bulldog again but this time Rachel hip tossed her to the side. The statuesque Kiwi recuperated as she watched Debbe roll to her feet - she hadn’t planned on this much pain. Rachel lurched ahead and thumped her right fist into Debbe’s left breast drawing an angry groan. The brunette stepped back and rubbed her tit as Rachel attacked with a knee to Debbe’s gut.

“How’d you like that one sugar?” Rachel asked as she took in the sight of Debbe balled up on the mat groaning as she covered up her tummy. “Get up strumpet!”

Rachel hauled the tottering older woman up by the hair. “Arrogant whore! You thought you could best me? Rachel bellowed as her thumbs dug into the shocked brunette’s windpipe. Debbe forced her attacker’s hands away and promptly sank to her knees. Rachel pressed her left knee against Debbe’s shoulder as she rammed the top of her right knee in between the gasping brunette’s breasts. Debbe’s body pivoted on her right knee as she crashed to her back on the mat.

Rachel placed her foot on Debbe’s throat and pressed down as Jenny began the pin count, “One...two…”

Rachel raised her foot and walked away to a chorus of boos from the audience.

“Get up you lazy floozy!” Rachel yelled as she whacked her foot into Debbe’s right bicep, rolling the Tooltime Girl to her stomach.

The redhead circled around and tugged Debbe’s bikini bottom off. Rachel dangled the garment in front of Debbe’s eyes and threw it to a mass of teenage boys who battled for the offering as the brunette lay still on the mat trying to recover. The Kiwi grabbed Debbe’s hair and drug the protesting woman across the ring then back to the center. Rachel stomped on Debbe’s back as she went to the edge of the ring to sign an autograph for the lucky fan holding Debbe’s bikini bottom. Deb rolled to her knees and lunged forward tackling the unsuspecting redhead from behind. Rachel pried with her hands against the head scissors Debbe put her in next. The redhead forced her way to her knees and was about to get a leg lock on her opponent when Debbe twisted her hips and sent the big Kiwi crashing to the middle of the ring.

“Come get me,” Debbe panted as Rachel slowly rolled to her side and then rose up. The women locked up and Debbe grasped Rachel’s left knee. The brunette raised the limb and spun her body again sending her foe flying to the mat .Debbe strode to Rachel and dropped a knee in the taller woman’s gut. “I’m better than you any day of the week bitch!” Deb snapped as she drove her foot into Rachel’s ribs.

Debbe pressed Rachel’s shoulders to the mat and Jenny began the count, “One...Two..”

Rachel bucked Deb off and rolled to her side. Jenny and Debbe argued over the speed of the count as Rachel eased herself off the canvas. The redhead stumbled forward and sank her fingers into the chest of her distracted opponent. Debbe sank to her knees and howled in pain as Rachel’s talons tore into her tit flesh. The American girl leaned ahead and tackled Rachel by the knees. Debbe tried to climb over the knees of her foe as Rachel shot out with them and sent her flopping to her rump on the mat. Rachel rolled ahead and banged her left fist into Debbe’s left tit knocking the brunette to her back. The Kiwi tried to cover Debbe for the pin but was driven off by a left forearm to the ribs.

Both women creaked to their feet and staggered forward to the conclusion of the match. They tied up and Rachel controlled Debbe’s left elbow as she raised the elbow, then quickly drove an uppercut up under to Debbe’s left breast, drawing a sharp groan of pain as Debbe backed up.

The big redhead Snapmared Debbe to the canvas and jerked on Debbe’s top. Rachel tugged ferociously on the garment as Debbe tottered to her feet while trying to keep her boobs covered. The Kiwi drew her bent over opponent’s top up and freed Debbe’s right tit as the brunette pushed away.

Deb modestly tucked her flopping orb back in its holder as Rachel’s fist burrowed into her left tit. Rachel’s feet spread as she sensed the kill and began flailing punches at Debbe’s chest as the smaller woman covered up. Debbe countered with a snap mare after she stymied her attacker’s efforts. Revenge was sweet as Deb followed her foe and hammered her fist into Rachel’s bosom. Another titty punch pancaked her breast before Rachel raised her knee and planted it in Debbe’s gut sending Debbe airborne onto her backside.

An overconfident Rachel leaned over Debbe’s groaning form and did a hair flip - Deb jerked the bigger woman to the mat by the tresses. Deb grasped Rachel’s legs and tried to turn her over in a Boston crab as the redhead squeezed her thighs tight around the brunette’s waist. Rachel held her chest to the mat as she grabbed her opponent’s ankle and pushed with her legs sending Debbe crashing down face first.

The Kiwi crawled to her prey and Grapevined Debbe’s legs as she renewed on her quest to remove Debbe’s top. The crowd roared as Rachel drew the back of Debbe’s top over her head. The brunette squirmed frantically as her hips were pressed to the mat while the front of her shirt began ascending the lovely mounds in front of them. Debbe’s arms were forced up and her boobs swung free as her top inched its way towards her face.

Rachel jerked back on the garment and choked Debbe with it - the brunette was forced to help her attacker take off the top as her hands joined Rachel’s to remove the clothing. The redhead rose up and slapped her foot off Debbe’s left ribcage as she waved the treasure overhead and hurled it to her fans. Rachel turned to see and enraged brunette covering her breasts with her hands waiting for her to rejoin the battle. Rachel approached and swept Debbe’s hands away - the redhead’s fingers tore into battered breasts as the brunette feebly resisted.

“Cry for me slut!’ Rachel ordered as Debbe sank to her knees under the assault.

Rachel’s knee thumping into her right tit caused Debbe to flop to her back near the ropes and the sobbing brunette’s hands covered her chest as Rachel went to work tugging her shorts down to her ankles. Having accomplished that humiliation, Rachel hopped up and dropped ass first on Debbe’s tummy.

The brunette’s upper body jerked upward upon impact and Rachel drank in the sight of Debbe’s knockers slapping together as she crashed back to the mat. Debbe’s chest lurched off the mat soon afterwards this time in response to Rachel’s fingers burrowing into her crotch. The haughty Kiwi placed her heel against Debbe’s throat and forced her down to the mat as Jenny began the three count. At the count of one Deb spasmed in response to Rachel’s finger and the count began anew. Rachel moved her foot and Debbe’s back came off the mat as the brunette moaned and cried while Rachel probed her deepest recesses making sure to drag fingernails along the way.

“Do you wish to offer your submission…strumpet?” Rachel finally asked the vanquished woman under her.

Debbe groaned as her head nodded ‘yes.’ The brunette’s back jolted off the canvas as Rachel buried her hand as far as she could then yanked it back out. Rachel rose and curtsied to the audience, then posed with her foot between Debbe’s heaving hooters while Jenny raised her hand. She finally kicked Debbe’s tits until the brunette’s body skidded out under the ropes onto the ring apron, and finally to the floor.

Rachel rolled out of the ring, grabbed Debbe by the legs and dragged her ass up the aisle and back to her dressing room where she’d celebrate her victory with an evening’s fun at Debbe’s expense!