Heather's Sweet Dream: Heather Locklear vs. Debbe Dunning by 2xifpkd

"You will never* beat me!" Heather yelled as she jerked up on her blue clad foe's left leg, "Get on your back like you're auditioning !" the blonde whooped as she spilled the larger redhead backward to the floor. The pink clad girl dropped chest between her opponent's guarding knees to blast the air from stunned lungs before the bigger woman could shove her off. "Get up and show me what you've got. Kick my ass, isn't that what you told the stupid reporter Debbe ? Get up!" Heather screeched as she pulled hair to guide the woman on hands and knees across the rug before yanking the lean redhead to feet. "I can whip your fat ass with one hand behind my back. See ?" the blonde spoke as she arched right arm across her kidney while ramming knee to rival belly. "Let me go !" fumed the proud woman in blue as she pushed free and drew a deep breath as Heather stayed out of range and grinned.

"I'll kick your scrawny butt into next week," Debbe hissed as she delivered left fist to tummy on the blonde.

"Fuck you!" Heather replied as she chopped right hand off opposing neck. "Gag bitch!" she roared as hands wrapped around fleeing throat, Debbe stamped feet in protest as the skinny pink fighter forced back to wall. "Beg for mercy slut!" Heather huffed as she rotated between ramming shoulder to chest and pulling hair down with left hand.

"OOF!" Debbe groaned as she took right knee to midsection prior to slumping to a crouched position as the blonde stepped back to admire her work.

"No! ARRGGH!" the redhead shrieked as Heather lunged ahead to drive left knee to bosom. The blonde pressed rival shoulders to the wall and swung right knee to breast which sent left tit flopping out of its holder as Heather motioned to ask the cameraman if he got a shot of the humiliated woman in blue.

"Smile for the camera whore," Heather laughed as she gripped blue top and jerked left to send the other luscious orb spilling out above the fabric.

"Get away from me!" Debbe howled as hair once again was used to bring her crawling across the carpet by the jubilant blonde. The redhead surged forward and tackled haughty legs to bring the pink fighter to rear end as Heather clung to her scalp burning hold. "Get your lard ass off me," the blonde spat as she wrenched Debbe's neck left when Debbe tried to mount her chest.

"Scream bitch!" Heather snarled through clenched teeth as she wrapped legs around rival ribs and clamped down to Debbe's dismay. The redhead grunted as she brought hands down and pried the squeezing gams off her body before rolling to freedom as the blonde sighed while slowly getting up.

"You scream!" Debbe raged as she ran ahead and won an exchange of right knees to belly. "Get back here!" she continued as she clutched shoulder to keep the blonde close for another blow to the midsection.

Heather stepped back and waited with right hand on hip as Debbe fumbled with her top, tucking right tit back in. "Modest slut, aren't you?" the blonde teased as she hopped ahead to rip right knee to belly on the distracted redhead.

"Let go my top!" Debbe shrieked as Heather grabbed cotton and used it to spin her.

"SHUT UP SLUT!" Heather bellowed as she swung her open palm to Debbe's cheek. A right thigh to the gut doubled Debbe over before the redhead shoved herself free, allowing her recently hidden breast to be exposed once more by the dominating blonde.

"Bitch!" Debbe roared as she charged forward and drove rival back to the wall.

"No...ooomph!" Heather groaned as her lifted knee was too low to keep Debbe's arcing knee from banging her ribs.

A left cross snapped blonde head right before Debbe pressed chest to chest on the smaller girl and began to whack hips into Heather. "Stop that you dyke," the pink fighter huffed as she latched onto long mane and tugged down while batting right fist off opposing shoulder blades. Debbe leaned into her foe and swung right leg ahead as the blonde tried to spin free from the barrier.

"Let... go... my.. hair! " the topless girl yelled as she punctuated her words with shoulder thrusts into rival gut.

"Die whore." Heather hissed as she released hair and wound elbow around opposing throat while Debbe's right arm lifted up on slender leg. "Kiss the wall," Heather grunted as she flicked her hips and rammed Debbe's gagging face into the paneling, then flipped the topless fighter onto butt. "Then kiss my foot, you loser!" Heather taunted as she ground heel into Debbe's lips.

"Get away you little bitch," Debbe whined as Heather knelt and crawled through thrashing, upraised knees to cup dazed head and guide it toward pink topped chest.

"Big enough to do the job, aren't they ?" the blonde chuckled as rival nose crushed into modest cleavage., Debbe quickly bucked the smaller girl off and rolled away to the sound of giggling. "I'm back!" Heather hooted as she grabbed the kneeling woman's hair and tugged up before crashing right knee up, squishing Debbe's soft breast. "Kiss the rug loser!" the blonde teased as she let Debbe slump face down on the rug. She stepped on the small of Debbe’s back and hoisted her hands overhead in triumph before hopping off to wait for Debbe to regain her hands and knees.

The blonde knelt behind her foe and pressed thigh to glutes while wrenching backwards on the heaping handfuls of breast mat. The redhead grabbed right wrist and spun her attacker to back on the rug before rising to catch her breath while the malicious blonde rose and gave a mocking round of applause.

"Why bother ? I'm not done with those yet," Heather boasted as she watched her foe awkwardly place boobs into blue bra. "Gimme a hug, you cheap slut," Heather giggled as she strode ahead to wrap arms around the buxom battler.

"Get your cheating hands offa me, nut job," Debbe wheezed as she whacked right knee to thigh to gain separation; then throwing a wild left into space near the blonde's chest as Heather grabbed for hair.

The women stumbled shoulder to shoulder and pressed for an advantage before the wily blonde slung right thigh to reeling abs. The doubled up redhead's face swung from above left shoulder to right as open palm batted cheek while Debbe sank to right knee on the floor.

"No need to tell you to kiss my crotch dyke," the pink fighter laughed as she pushed panties into Debbe's flushed face. "Kiss it!" Heather whooped as she held Debbe's face against her crotch while ripping her left knee up into Debbe's right breast which sent the orb spilling over its cover. Debbe swooned forward to both knees with hands around rival hips as Heather spread feet apart and scrubbed redhead face across pink panties. "Carpet muncher!" the blonde roared as she shoved Debbe face down on the rug.

The redhead rose to knees and forearms before squealing as she crawled away from the gloating girl's spanking hand. Heather chased and posed on the prone woman's back with right hand behind her back and open mouth in an expression of mock surprise.

"Get off me!" the defiant redhead groaned as she tucked herself into top while wiggling to buck her menacing foe.

"Lemme think about that...uh, NO!' Heather yelled as she dropped chest to back on the proud woman in blue. "Don't bother begging for pity, whore," the pink vixen whispered as she ground her hips into her foe's back; tugging at Debbe's hair as she wrenched her left arm up and back. "Lay down for a second. NO! Get up here loser," Heather growled as she let her prey slump to the rug before using back of bra to lift Debbe's chest before the clasp broke and the redhead flopped face first to the floor.

"Gotta get this picture bitch," the blonde chuckled as she yanked hair to pull Debbe's head next to her own while bending redhead back to bring plump breasts off the carpet. "And this one!" the beaming blonde snorted as she used right to lift her rival's rack while her left pinched her nose shut. "Is this it for our heroine? Can the floozy flee fate? Will the bimbo breathe again? Find out next time... Alright you'll breathe again... If you bite your own saggy tits!" Heather taunted until weary hands slapped her wrist.

"No ! Bite - not nibble... that’s right…YESSSSSSSSS!" The blonde's face flushed with joy as her opponent complied. Debbe's eyes streamed tears of humiliation as her own teeth tore at her chest. "Pucker up tramp!" Heather hooted as she let Debbe flop limp to the floor, then crawled up the redhead’s body to straddle her on her hands and knees; her firm ass wagging - demanding to be kissed.

Debbe gripped her ankles and pulled her aching body up onto slim legs before lurching forward and draped her arms over Heather’s slim hips as she pressed lips to the blonde's butt.

"Be a dear and get your nose in there...you fucking loser!" Heather snickered. Then she whooped as Debbe sobbingly pushed her nose into Heather’s smelly abyss. "OK...now, get on your back. This is something you've dreamed of all your miserable life," the pink clad hellcat cooed as she rose and pulled down her bottom.

Debbe rolled to backside and whimpered, "No... Heather please...don't...please don't...oh, you bitch... mmmppffff..."

"Yesss Debbe... Ooh yeah Debbe! Debbe! Harder, harder, Charlize ooooh, Charlize... Yess! Yess! Yess! I love you Charli!" the room echoed as Heather fantasized as her slit was being tongued to climax by her dream domination; the one woman she still hadn’t conquered and who was now at the top of her ‘to do’ list.

"Yeah! Still here? Maybe you shouldn't be such a loser all your life. Don't tell reporters you can kick my ass... the words you're looking for are ‘eat’, ‘lick’ and ‘pussy’! Like you... " Heather snorted. The redhead' s eyes opened to the blurry sight of a well-pleasured clit. "Lick that off your face and swallow before taking me to your fantasy land whore," the blonde snarled as her juices flowed onto Debbe's already wet, sticky, face - delighting at the submissive expression on Debbe's defeated face!