Debbe Dunning vs. Sophie Marceau by Mr. Chris

[Note: FEMWAR is an acronym for the Female Entertainers and Models’ Worldwide Ass-kicking Registry. OAMC represents the initials of the French-based Organisation des Actrices et Modèles qui Combattent.]
“Ladies and Gentlemen! FEMWAR action now continues with our next match, a no time-limit, Middleweight Division bout between two evenly matched competitors. First, introducing – in this corner,” the announcer points to a curvaceous and alluring woman with light brown hair, “from Paris, France, standing 5’8” tall and weighing 131 pounds, the beautiful actress who is currently the OAMC Light-Welterweight Champion of France --SOPHIE MARCEAU!” Sophie steps out of her corner and acknowledges the crowd’s applause. Her perfectly proportioned 36C-24-36 figure is well-displayed this night, for in the tradition of the Europeans she is topless, and wears only a small thong below.

To visually scan Sophie from top to bottom one sees first the light brown tresses of hair, then those sultry Parisian eyes with a look of seductive intelligence behind them, then those beautiful high cheekbones, and those full lips – just now forming into a dazzling smile. Then a graceful neck merging into shapely, sturdy shoulders. Then that full, firm 36C bosom. One’s eyes take in those solid arms. And the power-packed thighs well-conditioned from years of ballet dancing. Then strong calves, and finally her firm, delectable bare feet. Ah yes, her feet. About them words fail us. All we know is that they have that certain “je ne sais quoi” that has seduced most of the world’s fanatical devotees of the female foot into believing they are the sexiest pair any of them have ever seen in their lives. Sophie’s “pieds” are a bewitching combination of shiny pure white baby-soft skin masking an underlying capacity for authoritative dominance and control. In this sense her feet are a microcosm of the entire package that is Sophie Marceau: an overall exterior countenance that seems angelic, innocent, and “nice” but that in actuality disguises a capacity for dominating, merciless cruelty.

“And now introducing her opponent,” the announcer continues as he points to a bikini-clad hazel-eyed brunette with a stunning hourglass figure. “From Burbank, California, also standing 5’8” tall, weighing in at 133 pounds, the sexy actress best known as the tool-time girl from the television show ‘Home Improvement’ -- DEBBE DUNNING!” Debbe steps out of her corner and raises both arms upward in response to the cheers of the audience. The beautiful brunette is built like the proverbial brick shithouse -- her big, round 34D breasts barely contained by her tiny bikini top.

The two competitors are – as the ring announcer suggested - evenly matched in most respects; same height, nearly the same weight, same age (born in the same year, Debbe just four months the older). Of course, it goes without saying that both are extremely physically attractive and sexually appealing. The main difference is the greater degree of athleticism and apparent physical strength of Debbe Dunning. Almost as much fitness model or stunt-double as actress, Debbe is a celebrity wrestling promoter’s dream – the perfect combination of curvaceous big-titted shapeliness combined with a well-toned California beach bunny’s hard body. A natural athlete, Debbe’s hobbies include snow skiing, ice-skating, roller-skating, golf, hiking, swimming, playing tennis and horseback riding. For two years running, Debbe was reigning female champion on the “American Gladiator All Star Network Challenge” and she performed in “Circus of the Stars” doing a high-flying trapeze act. She has, of course, appeared on the cover of dozens of magazines including ‘Shape’, ‘Triathlete’ and ‘Muscle & Fitness.’

While the oddsmakers respect the technical wrestling skill Sophie displayed to become the French champion in her weight class, they can’t ignore Debbe’s apparently superior conditioning and strength which they feel will be too much for Sophie to overcome and Debbe is the clear betting favorite, so despite the announcer’s claim they’re “evenly matched” it isn’t a 50-50 proposition in the oddsmakers’ minds - more like 67-33 for Debbe!

“OK, ladies!” The announcer calls out. “Ready. Set. KICK ASS!”

With that the bell rings to start the match, and the two gorgeous grapplers go out to center ring to commence hostilities. After some initial parries and maneuvering, Debbe ensnares Sophie in a reverse headlock. Debbe twists Sophie’s head roughly back and forth.

“I’ve been looking forward to this match,” Debbe tells her Parisian foe. “I can’t think of anything I’ll enjoy more than beating the shit out of some French slut like yourself. I hate the fucking French”

Shoving Sophie’s face lower, the tool-time girl stuns Sophie with a kneelift to her chest. Then yanking Sophie even closer in, Debbie jams Sophie’s head under her armpit and drives a series of kneelifts right into Sophie’s pussy. The impact of each knee raises Sophie up off the canvas. As she does this, Debbe tells Sophie, “The French!” She snorts contemptuously. “I’ve visited your worthless country. You’re all – all of you – a bunch of rude, fucking assholes.”

Debbe pushes Sophie back into the ropes. The tool-time girl releases her grip on Sophie’s head, only to immediately power her fist into Sophie’s stomach. Then Debbe plunges her hands into Sophie’s brown tresses and yanks her head back over the ropes. With her opponent in this vulnerable position, Debbe starts to do a job on Sophie’s naked breasts, smashing her fist into the soft targets as she resumes taunting, “And you guys try to screw things up for our country every chance you get. Most of us who are real Americans hate you bastards. Well, tonight’s my chance to dish out a little personal payback.”

Debbe lands a few more blows to Sophie’s chest and then steps back to admire her handiwork, as a bruised Sophie leans back against the ropes. “That’s a start!” Debbe declares.

But Sophie is far from finished off, and holding on to the ropes with both arms for support, she launches a high, powerful kick that smashes Debbe right in her face, knocking the well-toned Californian on her back to the mat.

“And that is MY start,” Sophie angrily says in her French-accented English. Without delay she moves quickly to her downed opponent and, lifting a foot, forcefully stomps it into Debbe’s stomach, she follows up with additional stomps to other parts of her body, including Debbe’s boobs and her pussy, and then – as Debbe seeks to fend off the stomps to her body - Sophie concludes with a brutal stomp that impacts directly onto Debbe’s forehead, drawing a gasp from the crowd. Then Sophie reaches out with both arms and quickly grabs Debbe’s arm and wrenches it backwards, locking Debbe’s elbow straight out and placing intense pressure on the American’s arm, shoulder and elbow. Debbe grimaces in pain from the arm bar

Sophie sneers down at her, “You may hate the French, but the whole world hates America.” Sophie continues to work the arm bar. “The stupidity and ignorance of Americans make you the joke of the world.” The French beauty releases the arm bar, and raises Debbe up greeting her with several short-arm right fists to Debbe’s tight abs, each forcing Debbe to emit a loud OOF! “You Americans are brainless cowboys that – how you say? - shoot first and ask questions later.”

“Works for me!” Debbe grunts, and as she says this she lashes out and rakes her nails over Sophie’s bare tits, making the French champ scream in agony, grabbing her injured breasts. She grabs Sophie’s shoulders and holding her in place, drives her knee several times up into Sophie’s cunt until the European beauty moans and collapses to her knees.

The tool-time girl quickly circles around and traps Sophie in a full nelson. Debbe yanks a helpless Sophie back and forth with the full nelson, jerking her around like a ragdoll, then turns toward a ring corner and drives Sophie front-first into the turnbuckle. Sophie moans from the impact and as Debbe disentwines the full nelson, the French champ droops to the mat.

Grabbing Sophie by the hair, Debbe hauled her back up to her feet again and pulled her out of the corner. A quick kneelift to Sophie’s midsection bent the Frenchwoman over. Then Debbe stepped forward, ramming Sophie's head between her thighs, crushing her throat between them until Sophie gasped in pain whenever Debbe pulsed her firm leg muscles.

“Care to submit before I snap your head off?” Debbe asks.

“Never!” replies Sophie (though it sounds like “Nev-aire”)

After doling out a little more crushing with her legs, Debbe releases the head scissors, and drags Sophie up by an arm and Irish Whips her into the ropes. Sophie’s body careens into the ropes and bounces back out toward Debbe, who sets up for a devastating clothesline. But Sophie ducks under it, leaps to the opposite ropes, slingshots off of them and comes driving back to the center-ring just as Debbe turns around and Sophie shoulder blocks the American right between her big boobs. Debbe flies backward and falls on her ass, her eyes having popped wide open as she gasps for air.

Sophie mockingly says, “I believe that is how your American football players do it, n’est-ce pas? They kick, too, n’est-ce pas?”

And saying this Sophie launches a powerful kick with her right foot that smashes Debbe on her jaw, sending the Home Improvement girl falling to her back, moaning. Sophie pounces down to the mat and pounds three quick punches into Debbe’s gut. As Debbe begins to struggle to sit up from her position, Sophie quickly wraps a headlock around her American foe, clinching it in tightly. With her right arm maintaining the headlock, Sophie lands a series of pounding left fist blows to Debbe’s forehead, aiming right for the red mark left by her foot-stomp of moments before.

Debbe’s skull is getting battered by the vicious Frenchwoman. Releasing the headlock, Sophie grabs Debbe by her hair with her right hand, turns to face the California girl, strips her bikini top off, and proceeds to deliver rapid punches to Debbe's breasts with her hard left hand. Each punch causes Debbe to let out a whimper.

Finally, Debbe rallies and violently throws up her arms and knocks Sophie’s arms off of her and, getting into a boxing stance herself, prepares to renew the struggle. Sophie stepped forward aiming another fist at Debbe’s boobs but before she could connect, Debbe slammed a punch to the French champ's jaw, snapping her head. Sophie has rarely been hit with such power and her eyes flutter and she goes wobbly-kneed. Debbe doesn’t let up for a second and wades in, on the attack. Aiming almost exclusively at Sophie’s head, Debbe rains punches into her face, smashing Sophie’s face up and rocking her head back and forth. After several seconds of this Sophie’s left eye is puffy and blood starts running from her nose. All Sophie seems able to do is to keep her hands raised trying to guard her face.

Debbe switches targets and bends Sophie over with a pair of hard punches to the body. Sophie tries to cover up. Pulling Sophie's hands away from her body, Debbe begins throwing punches into Marceau’s breasts. The battered Frenchwoman gasps in pain each time Debbe's fists crash into, and flatten, her brutalized tits, driving her knuckles into the soft flesh until they strike bone.

Stepping back for a moment, Debbe smirked contemptuously, “French champ! Hah! What a fucking joke!”

She stepped forward and putting a foot behind Sophie’s leg pushed lightly which is all it took to trip the rubber-legged Sophie onto her back. Debbe then leapt forward and splashed her hard body directly down on top of Sophie, plastering her to the mat and knocking the breath out of her. The hardbodied American immediately wrapped her legs around Sophie’s, grapevining them. Then Debbe captured the Frenchwoman's wrists and pinned her arms to the floor.

Relishing her position of power, Debbe’s eyes take in Sophie’s beautiful bare breasts and she finds she can’t resist inflicting some special torture. So she dips her head down and clamps her teeth around the big aureole of Sophie’s right boob. With her jaw set, she shakes the tit roughly in her mouth like a dog playing with a sock. Sophie emits an ear-splitting scream. Then Debbe releases that bite and moves her head over to the other breast and once more clamps down, bites, and roughly shakes the French tit back and forth.

But Debbe has been focusing so much on the breast biting that she has unconsciously slightly slackened her pinning of Sophie’s wrists and the grapevining of her legs, and so with a powerful surge the resilient French champ twists over and reverses their positions, in the process disengaging her tortured tits from the tormenting teeth of the tool-time girl. Sophie stands up and rips her wrists out of Debbe’s grasp and then performs a knee drop right onto the Debbe’s cunt that causes the American to jerk upward in pained response.

“We French cannot be defeated so easily,” Sophie says, as she drags Debbe up by her hair.

“Oh yeah?” Debbe responds as she grimaces from the hairhold. “Tell that to the Germans.”

The California girl must have touched a nerve with that remark since Sophie suddenly looked enraged and she slammed a big right hand into Debbe’s stomach doubling her over, then she grabbed onto her foe’s head holding it down as Marceau’s strong legs proceeded to administer a series of beefy thigh lifts to Debbe’s stomach.

Releasing her headhold, but still looking angry, Sophie quickly locks her arms around Debbe’s waist and showing off her technical skills arches her back abruptly backward and twists around to administer a textbook belly-to-belly suplex that stuns Debbe as her back comes crashing down onto the mat. Sophie grabs one of the American’s ankles in each hand and holding the legs up and out in a “V” then launches a kick right into Debbe’s pussy.


Sophie smiles - almost as if she’s sexually aroused. Then, with a maniacal grin on her face, she proceeds to viciously launch kick after kick, flush onto Debbe’s tormented twat. At length, Sophie stops, and drops the legs to the mat. Debbe simply moans in agony as her hands are cupped over her womanhood seeking some kind of relief from the brutal assault. Sophie gets down to the mat and stretches her legs around Debbe’s waist. The French champion's lovely legs clamp tight, and begin to squeeze. As the pressure from Sophie’s thighpower mounts, Debbe desperately pushes at the strong legs of her rival, unable to escape the scissors.

“Care to submit, ma cherie?” Sophie asked with faux-sweetness.

“Go fuck yourself!” Debbe defiantly replied.

“Me no! I’d much razzer fuck you!” Sophie murmurs in a husky voice. “In fact, I plan to…” Then she shifts into French, “…dans quelques moments.”

Debbe’s not sure what this insane Frenchwoman is talking about, but she does know she has to escape the crushing leg scissors or else it’s all over. She lashes out at Sophie’s face with her fingernails, but Sophie is able to move her head out of reach, and she grabs Debbe’s wrists to prevent further such mischief. But Debbe twists out of Sophie’s handcuff grip and then slams her open right palm down onto Sophie’s belly and begins to administer a vicious stomach claw, with her left hand gripping her own wrist to keep the hold in place. In desperation, Debbe bears down with the stomach claw as hard as she can.

Sophie turns white in surprised pain; shocked that Debbe’s hand could be so strong as to inflict such intense agony. The French champ tried using her own hands to get the clawhold off of her, but she couldn’t budge Debbe’s hands. So Sophie gritted her teeth and bore down on her leg scissors with all her might. But Debbe did likewise with the stomach claw. Finally, Sophie couldn’t take it any more and she released the leg scissors and kicked Debbe away and off of her so as to escape the continued torture of the stomach claw.

Both women slowly regained their feet, Debbe massaging her constricted waist and ribs, Sophie trying to relieve the pain of the stomach claw. They face each other, breasts heaving with audible breathing, their near-naked bodies reflecting a gleam of perspiration.

Suddenly, Debbe lashed out with a backhanded slap – coming so quickly, almost faster than the eye could see, that Sophie was stunned. And the slap was delivered with so much power that the Frenchwoman went stumbling to her side. Liking the results of that first mighty slap, Debbe followed up with a big forehand slap, and then another backslap and one more forehand slap, the hands slamming into Sophie’s reddening cheeks – it was as if Debbe were a powerful Kodiak bear pawing a salmon out of the water. Three times more Debbe slapped Sophie’s face, snapping her head back and forth.

It was almost as if the upward force of the slaps were the only thing that was keeping Sophie standing upright. For when Debbe ceased her slapping, Sophie’s legs slowly gave way and she began sinking towards the mat. But Debbe reached out and grabbed one of Sophie’s tits in each hand and pulled up, the Frenchwoman screaming as she was torturously raised to her feet in this manner. Smiling maliciously, Debbe twisted and mauled Sophie’s breasts.

Releasing Sophie’s boobs, Debbe wrapped her arms around Sophie's waist. Debbe lifted the French champ into the air. Then Debbe dropped Sophie down onto her outstretched knee. Sophie screamed when her cunt smashed down hard onto Debbe's kneecap. Debbe lifted her up again. Sophie started making mewling sounds and saying, “Oh no, pas encore, it hurts so!”

Debbe angrily snapped at her agonized foe, “I don’t like your French wine and I don’t like your French ‘whine!’ Stop your whining and take your punishment like the big bad French bitch you pretend to be!”

Debbe repeated the move slamming Sophie down on her knee again, then unwrapped her arms from around Sophie and slammed a hard fist right into Sophie’s already bruised pussy. Then she muscled Sophie back into the nearest corner turnbuckle, and held her in place with her left forearm over Sophie’s throat. Sophie grabbed at the arm trying vainly for release. Debbe reached down, and slipped her hand into Sophie’s thong. Debbe lifted her left forearm to force Sophie to look into her conqueror’s eyes – Debbe saw abject fear in those French eyes. Smiling maliciously at Sophie, Debbe’s fingers found their target, and then began to claw and twist Sophie’s cuntflesh. Sophie’s screams filled the arena, her vocal chords becoming hoarse from so much screaming.

Sophie tries one last time to dislodge the pinning forearm that presses against her neck, and this time using maximum power Sophie’s two hands are able to force Debbe’s forearm off of her and then still holding on to that arm, Sophie slips away from out of the corner, breaking off the cunt-claw as well, and twists around behind Debbe with the American’s left arm in a hammerlock up her back. Then Sophie keeps the hammerlock going with her left hand only and begins once again to show off her technical skills. Sophie leans forward tucks Debbe's head face-up under her right armpit, and wraps her right arm around Debbe’s head so that the French champ’s forearm is pressed against the back of Debbe's neck. Sophie then pulls Sophie's head backwards and up, wrenching the opponent's neck as she bends her backward.

Having applied this inverted facelock along with the hammerlock, Sophie continues to bend Debbe backwards. Then Sophie slams a kneelift right into the small of Debbe’s back that raises Debbe’s feet right off the floor. But the struggling tool-time girl continues to he held up off the mat by Sophie’s combination inverted facelock and hammerlock. Sophie slams a strong thigh-lift once more into Debbe’s back, once more raising her up off the mat. Muffled moans can be heard from Debbe whose head is buried in Sophie’s strong right arm. Yet a third time Sophie rams that knee into Debbe’s back, this time so hard spectators couldn’t believe Debbe’s spine didn’t crack from the impact. And this time Debbe’s body sailed so high up that Sophie decided to immediately fall to her knees with the effect of slamming Debbe’s tortured back to the mat. Sophie disengages her holds and moves forward to place her knees on Debbe’s upper arms pinning them to the mat. She looks down on Debbe’s naked chest, now heaving with her breathing as this long, strenuous match continues to test the endurance of both women.

Sophie reaches down with both hands and latches firmly onto both of Debbe’s large tits, grasping the mammaries in her hands as she begins slowly stretching them out to the right and left and outward. As Debbe tries to pry away Marceau's iron grip, Sophie begins savagely twisting and turning both breasts, while at the same time violently shaking the large tits from side to side. Debbe lets out an agonized scream as Sophie continues to brutally maul her boobs.

Suddenly Debbe, in a demonstration of her superb conditioning and athleticism, raises her long legs up and back and wraps her calves tightly around Sophie’s neck. Sophie’s hands rush up to dislodge them, but Debbe tightens her calves hold on Sophie’s neck and pushes out with her powerful legs sending Sophie flying off of her.

The two weary fighters, their bodies glistening with sweat, slowly rise off the mat once more to confront each other. They cautiously approach each other. Debbe takes the initiative by rushing forward, grabbing the French champ’s shoulders and ramming her knee into Sophie’s cunt. Once more she lands a brutal kneelift to Sophie’s pussy that raises Sophie’s feet off the mat. Debbe let’s her fall face first to the floor.

Debbe circles around the prone Sophie, then kicks her over onto her back before she gets down and straddles Sophie’s waist to begin punching her face; rocking her head back and forth. Once more she directed her attentions to the Frenchwoman's already much abused boobs, twisting and squeezing them while Sophie loudly groaned and violently clawed and grasped at Debbe’s wrists. Prying her right hand from the French champ's grip, Debbe started slapping and backhanding Sophie's face Then Debbe returned to attacking Sophie’s tits some more, digging her finger nails deeply into them, clawing and mauling. Debbe stands up to admire her handiwork. Sophies breasts have really been through the mill!

Then Debbe suddenly dropped down and slammed a knee drop right onto Sophie's pussy, that caused Sophie to howl in agony. Liking that sound, Debbe rose up to repeat the move. But Sophie quickly folds back both her legs and then launches a powerful two-footed kick as hard as she could into Debbe’s twat. The powerful blow staggered the American, and as she stumbled backward with her mouth agape, it appeared that her normally tan-complected face seemed strangely pale

Sophie rushed towards Debbe getting behind her and going for the hammerlock again, this time twisting both of Debbe’s arms up behind her back. Sophie viciously pressures the double hammerlock, and Debbe – grimacing in pain - rises up to her toes to ease the pressure as much as possible. As Sophie continues pushing Debbe’s arms up her back into the most unnatural positions, Debbe suddenly lets out a scream, as if in reaction to some special pain she has just felt in one of her arms.

Sophie now finds she is able to maintain the hammerlock with just one hand, and holding both Debbe’s arms in the double hammerlock, Sophie uses her balled up right fist to HAMMER away at Debbe’s biceps – battering each of Debbe’s upper arms with several powerful punches, turning Debbe’s arm muscles into jelly.

Figuring she’d done enough damage, Sophie releases the hammerlock. Oddly enough, Debbe’s arms barely move from their locked position, only slowly sliding down and moving lifelessly to her side. Satisfied with her work, Sophie inserts her head under Debbe’s enfeebled left arm, then lifts Debbe straight up into the air until the American is almost siting on Sophie’s shoulder. Then Sophie falls backwards, dropping Debbe to the mat on her back.

This belly to back suplex expelled all the air from Debbe’s lungs as her back crashed hard into the canvas. Debbe just lay there. Sophie smiled down at her with a frightening – almost evil - look in her eyes. She very slowly and deliberately sat herself down onto Debbe’s stomach, she stretched out her arms and flexed her fingers, - Debbe’s arms had been put out of commission and lay by her side helplessly. Finally finished with her preening, Sophie sent her talons descending straight down into the supple flesh of Debbie’s big breasts.

Sophie showed no mercy. She twisted and clawed at Debbe’s boobs while Debbe just screamed and began sobbing in pain. Sophie wrenched them back and forth and pulled them out as far as they could go, releasing them to snap back, then tugging on them again. Debbe had never known a worse agony. Sophie continued to work on Debbe’s tenderized boobs with the cool professionalism of a surgeon, systematically torturing them – knowing just when to unexpectedly twist in this or that direction, or surprise her victim with a sudden nipple pinch. At one point Sophie simply squeezed both breasts as hard as she could, as though they were grapefruits from which she was trying to extract juices – Debbe could only howl in her horrible pain.

Finally the Frenchwoman stopped her assault. Not out of mercy but because her hands could only do so much kneading and mauling before they begin to ache themselves. So Sophie got up off of Debbe, stood up and switched to using her other appendages, her feet. As Debbe lay on her back, barely conscious, her arms useless and breasts destroyed, Sophie thrust her right foot just above Debbe’s mouth.

“Kiss it!” she commanded. Debbe feebly turned her head to the side, refusing to obey. Angrily, the French champ rammed her lovely foot right into Debbe’s mouth, causing the American to begin gagging. Sophie shouted down at her, “When I say ‘kiss it,’ you kiss it!”

She grabbed Debbe’s ankles and held them up for support as she plunged her foot into Debbe’s pussy. Debbe’s popped open from this new kind of pain. Sophie reamed Debbe’s cunt with her foot for a few moments, then withdrew the moist and musky toes and rammed them right back into Debbe’s mouth, wiggling them around in there, and once more Debbe began gagging.

The Frenchwoman dropped Debbe’s legs, then slowly, like a strip-teaser, she removed her thong and began to circle round to sit on Debbe’s face. She sat down facing the Tool-time girl’s feet and rocked moved backward and forward, like riding a pony, as her beautiful ass-flesh pressed down upon Debbe’s squashed face. Debbe’s muffled moans could be heard beneath Sophie’s booty.

Sophie now wished to end the affair with her signature finisher. Reaching down, she ripped off Debbe's bikini bottom, then plunged her middle finger into the crevice between Debbe's nether lips, found her clitoris and began to finger-fuck the California beach babe.

Debbe groaned mostly in pain, but with a little bit of perverse pleasure creeping into the picture as well. Sophie was relentless, and after employing her finger for a good bit of time, slowly began to shove her entire fist into Debbe’s cunt-hole. It was more than the suffering American could bear, and in a few seconds, Debbe's body becomes completely motionless, having passed out from the pain of the French champ’s brutal fisting.

Mademoiselle Marceau stands up, puts one of her fantastic feet on top of Debbe’s unconscious body and raises her arms as the announcer declared her the victor. Then Sophie calls out to the cheering fans, “Je gagne! Je suis le vainqueur! Le triomphe est le mien! Vive le France!”

Note: The next FEMWAR match will be Lightweight action w/Demi Moore vs. Danelle “The General” Folta.