THREE Debbe Dunning Stories by rutoold2

Fight One: Debbe Dunning vs. Jeri Ryan

Debbe appears at ringside first, wearing a skimpy white bikini to show off her boobs and hard body, waving as the crowd cheers. But the crowd gets considerably more excited as Jeri approaches the ring. In a red bikini that can hardly contain her huge boobs, Jeri waves to her fans as she enters the ring. The women glare at each other, waiting for the bell to ring. Both women are cautious as the match starts, testing each other and looking for an opening. After some shoving and positioning, Debbe traps Jeri in a reverse headlock. Wrenching Jeri's neck hard from side to side, Debbe jam's her thumb into her foe's throat. Forcing her head low, the tool girl jolts Jeri with a knee to her head. Pulling Jeri close in, her head trapped under Debbe's armpit,

Debbe pumps her knee rapid fire up into Jeri's crotch. The force of each hit lifts Jeri's feet off the mat. Debbe shoves Jeri backwards into the ring ropes. Debbe slams her fist into her foe's belly, then releases the headlock, grab's Jeri's hair and yanks her head backward over the ropes. Jealously, Debbe goes to work on Jeri's oversized boobs, pounding her elbow and fist into the soft targets. The methodical punch-out leaves Jeri bruised and hanging on the ropes. Debbe rips off Ryan's bikini top and tosses it into the audience.

"Let's see if these boobs are really real," taunts Debbe as she digs her fingers deep into soft flesh and squeezes.

Cursing, Jeri tries to pry the hands out of her boobs but Debbe is just too strong. Jeri's eyes narrow as she continues to struggle to block out the pain. Ryan falls back onto the ropes as Debbe leans in, but then Jeri slams the palm of her left hand up under Debbe's chin. The brunette's head snaps back and, in an instant, Jeri's right fist carves low into Debbe's gut and she withers as Ryan attacks, pounding two more punches into Debbe's softening belly.

Ryan grabs Debbe's hair with one hand, lifts her head and then rips off the aging tool girl's bikini top with the other hand. She tosses it aside and grabs one of Debbe's newly exposed nipples, pinches and twists in one fluid motion.

"Payback, bitch!" Ryan snorts as tears well in Debbe's eyes.

Blinking back her tears, Debbe drives her fist into Jeri's ear and Ryan spins away. Debbe is immediately on the attack, clamping both hands around Jeri's throat; her strong fingers shutting Ryan's windpipe. Debbe snarls as Jeri gags, slumping to her knees, then over onto her back with her knees raised and her feet flat on the floor. Debbe straddles Jeri's waist; one hand on Jeri's throat as the other hand gropes Ryan's bruised boobs.

"You need a breast reduction, you cow," Debbe taunts as both hands start to work over her fading foe's flabby tits.

Jeri's hands find Debbe's hanging tits and she counter attacks with, "Saggy hag!"

"Bitch!" shouts Debbe who lashes out with a vicious backhand.

She grabs Jeri's throat and shifts her weight forward, squatting her very hard butt down to crush Jeri's boobs as she pins Jeri's arms at her side. Debbe grabs two handfuls of Jeri's hair and bounces her head up and down on the mat. Ryan bucks her hips, and arches her body and Debbe is too far forward to maintain her perch. She tumbles off of Jeri, then quickly gets to her feet. Aching and hurt, Jeri is on one knee and about to get to her feet when Debbe's side-kick rattles her head. Ryan flops backward on the mat and as she lays stunned, Debbe repeatedly stomps her belly and boobs, ignoring Jeri's plaintive screams.

Jeri finally manages to roll onto her side, but Debbe just drops and drives a knee into her ribs, then kicks her onto her back and proceeds to stomp on Jeri's belly until she has to stop for a moment to catch her breath and consider her next move.

Jeri crawls away from Debbe and rolls onto her side curled in the fetal position; her hands holding her hurtin' boobs and battered belly.

Debbe steps forward, slams her foot into Jeri's crotch and as Jeri wails in pain, Debbe lifts Jeri's left leg, rolls her over onto her back and drops a knee in Jeri's crotch. Ryan lets out an agonized cry but Debbe is merciless and stomps her pussy, grinding her heel in as she twists Jeri's leg to roll her onto her belly.

Debbe reaches down to grab Jeri's other leg, intending to end the fight with a Boston Crab, but Jeri still has a little fight left in her and, after a long struggle, Debbe can't control Jeri's legs.

"Damn, you're a strong bitch," hisses Debbe who twists Jeri's right foot, flipping Jeri onto her back. But Debbe makes a big mistake by letting go of Jeri's left foot as she rolls to her back. Jeri takes aim and drives her foot into Debbe's nose.

CRUNCH! The stunned and bloodied Debbe falls over stunned and by the time she recovers, she's trapped between Jeri's thighs. The women lay tit-to-tit with Debbe on top, her face flushed bright red as she takes note that she's seriously outgunned in the 'gunns' department.

Debbe reaches for Ryan's throat but Jeri locks her ankles tight and bears down on her scissors. Face to face, Debbe's eyes open wide as Jeri's legs slowly crush her ribs. Debbe desperately backhands Jeri across the face, but she just grabs Debbe's hair and yanks her head down as Jeri bears down again, shaking Debbe's body violently between her thighs. Debbe is in serious trouble now!

Trying to rally, Debbe arches again and gets her knees on the mat, but Jeri is still holding her hair and overpowers her and slams Debbe onto her side. As Debbe weakens, Jeri wraps her arms around Debbe's neck and when she's unable to break the hold, Debbe has to claw Jeri's back. Ryan screams, pulls Debbe's hair, yanks her head back and starts to choke her. Debbe continues to rake her nails up and down Jeri's back until Ryan has to relinquish her scissors and choke holds and kicks Debbe away. Both women slowly rise to their feet. Ryan, rubbing her back as she glares at her foe.

"You're a freaking animal," Jeri hisses.

"And you're a cow that's about to become hamburger," Debbe retorts.

"You touch my tits again and I'll pound your saggy boobs flatter'n pancakes, you jealous bitch!" Jeri counters.

Debbe press forward and drives an elbow into Ryan's chest and Jeri staggers, but stands her ground and counters with a tit-flattening punch of her own that pancakes Debbe's right tit. Tears streaming down her flushed cheeks, Debbe drives her knee into Ryan's belly, doubling her over. But as Debbe moves in, Ryan quickly straightens and headbutts her in the face!

Debbe staggers away which allows Jeri to hammer a double ax-handle down on her back, driving the brunette to her knees. Ryan moves in, grabs Debbe's hair and yanks her to her feet but as Debbe spins into Jeri, she grabs her shoulders and drives another knee, this one to her crotch! Ryan staggers back and takes a second to catch her breath, then retaliates with a left- right- left combination that smashes Debbe's left tit and belly.

Now it's Debbe who staggers back and Jeri launches a hay-maker at her head - that Debbe side steps. Debbe slips around behind Jeri, her left hand clawing at Jeri's mouth and nose while her right digs into Jeri's already bruised left tit. Jeri slams her elbow back into Debbe's gut, turns around and snaps her fist straight into Debbe's left tit! She moans, but launches her own attack, pounding Jeri's belly with four unanswered blows; driving Ryan backward before she slams a bone-crushing fist in under her left eye!

Debbe gives Jeri's chest a forearm smash, then slams three more punches into Ryan's belly that drops her to one knee. Debbe grabs Jeri's hair, pulls her head forward and drives a knee up into Jeri's face. Ryan slumps down, but Debbe jerks up on her hair, hauling Jeri to her feet where she applies a hammerlock and then marches her dazed opponent up to the ring ropes.

Debbe hammers her fist into the small of Jeri's back, and follows that with a knee drive that makes Ryan's knees buckle. Debbe shoves her over the top rope where Jeri's huge tits dangle precariously vulnerable as Debbe presses her body up against Jeri's butt and switches from a hammerlock to a full nelson. Debbe drags Ryan's tits back and forth on the ring rope, rope burning the soft underside of her pendulous boobs until Jeri screams out her surrender.

"Stop, please, stop...your ruining my tits!"

"Now they match the rest of your sad body," Debbe hisses.

Debbe takes two hands full of hair and throws Jeri backward to the mat, drops her hard down hard on the beaten woman's face, pinning her arms under her knees. Locking her fingers, Debbe rains double ax-handles down on Jeri's red and rapidly weakening belly.

With the air beaten out of Jeri's body, Debbe stops, stands and drags the wheezing Ryan to her feet. She lifts Jeri into a Bearhug and as her arms tighten around Jeri's ribs, Jeri's boobs are crushed by Debbe's smaller but firmer breasts until Jeri's boobs are flattened, crushed in Debbe's python embrace.

"Please, stops, I submit," Jeri moans.

"Damn right!" Debbe snarls as she lets her thoroughly beaten foe drop in a head at her feet.
* * * * * *
Fight Two: Debbe Dunning vs. Charisma Carpenter

Debbe looks over Charisma's solid, athletic body. The two women are only three years apart in age and, like Debbe, Charisma's 39 year old body has thickened with age but her legs still look formidable. Debbe glares at her as Charisma simply removes her bikini top and lets her boobs bounce free, immediately getting the attention of the audience. Debbe unhooks her bikini top, holds the cups to her breasts as she marches over to Charisma, then drops her top and shoves her somewhat bigger boobs into Charisma's.

"You here to fight - or pose?" Debbe taunts. Charisma holds her ground, pressing her breasts forward as she wedges her right thigh between Debbe's and locks her arms around Debbe's back, inching forward until their thighs are pressed tight together. Debbe grunts, caught off guard at the attack and her foe's strength. Debbe latches onto Charisma's hair as she tries to work her leg free and both women lose their balance and fall to the mat with Debbe landing hard on her back, getting the wind knocked out her as she takes Charisma's full weight on her chest. Charisma loses her Bearhug as they fall, but she keeps Debbe's thigh tightly scissored with her legs. "You fat cow, get offa me!" Debbe stammers as she tries to roll Charisma over.

"Let go of my hair or I'll break every bone in your body," Charisma replies.

Debbe does let go, but quickly clamps her hands over Charisma's nose and mouth. Charisma responds in kind and they roll back and forth in a deadly embrace; thighs locked; as each tries to smother the other into submission. Charisma's small weight advantage keeps her on top for the most part and Debbe, frustrated, plants her feet and arches up, twisting to one side as she tries to hold her balance and advantage. Once Debbe manages to pull her trapped leg,. both women make it up to their knees, each still trying to smother her foe with her hands. Debbe's upper body strength advantage becomes apparent as she begins to twist Charisma's face harder. Charisma, gasping, tries to pry Debbe's smothering hands from her nose and mouth but Debbe, now freely gulping air, holds on tight. Charisma reaches down and grabs Debbe's bikini and jerks it up, giving her a painful Wedgie. Surprised and pained by the sneak attack, Debbe's grip loosens and Charisma throws her fist into Debbe's left ear, then shoves her back. Both women take a moment to stand apart and regain their composure.

"Look at those freak legs. Thick as tree trunks. Loose some weight you cow," Debbe hisses.

"Bitch, these legs are going to beat the fight out of you," Charisma boasts with a confident toss of her head.

Debbe starts forward as Charisma stands waiting and throws a punch with her right fist that Charisma partially blocks with her left forearm. Debbe plows her left fist into Charisma's right breast, but Charisma grabs her arm and pulls Debbe close, then drives a knee up into her belly. Debbe doubles up and Charisma drives another knee up, this one to her chin. Debbe flops over backward and then rocks forward onto her knees.

Charisma grabs her from behind, slipping her right arm around Debbe's head to put her in a Half Nelson as she buries the nails of her left hand in Debbe's right tit as Charisma hauls the stunned brunette to her feet and mauls her tit. Debbe reaches back to grab Charisma's hair but Charisma uses her hip to Hip Toss Debbe to the center of the ring where she again jams a thigh in between Debbe legs, this time from behind, and trips Debbe to the lightly padded mat.

As she lays on her back, Charisma's fingers dig deep into Debbe's right tit as Debbe lays on her side with Charisma on top of her. Twice Charisma slams her knee into Debbe's ribs, each bringing a grunt of pain, then stands and stomps her gut.

"Don't you just love my legs?" Charisma jeers as she launches another kick.

Defensively, Debbe rolls onto her stomach but Charisma drops both knees on the middle of Debbe's back. Rising quickly, Charisma grabs Debbe's hair in her right hand, then reaches down with her left to grab Debbe's thong bikini. Charisma's left foot stomps into the center of Debbe's back as she pulls up on hair and her bikini. Debbe is trapped in the painful surfboard and screams curses as her thong digs deep into her tender crotch.

Charisma removes her foot, plants herself, and then straining, lifts the hapless Debbe up off the floor. Spinning Debbe around in several tight circles, Charisma throws her like a sack of potatoes and Debbe's face hits the mat, followed by her bruised boobs and then the rest of her abused body.

Charisma closes in, kicks Debbe in the ribs, then bends to haul her to her feet by slipping a hand between Debbe's legs and grabbing her crotch, Charisma heaves her up and body slams her back to the mat. Charisma drags Debbe to her feet, wraps her arms around Debbe's waist and lifts her off the mat in a bear hug. Debbe groans as Charisma tightens the hold.

Grunting, Debbe grabs Charisma's hair with her left hand, pulling her head back, but Debbe drives her fist into Charisma's left ear and, stunned, Charisma drops Debbe to clear the ringing in her head. Debbe drops to one knee in front of Charisma and drives her fist up into Charisma's crotch. Standing, she slams her left into Charisma's belly and now Charisma drops to her knees. Debbe wraps her left arm around Charisma's neck, trapping her head and pounds her right fist repeatedly into Charisma's ribs, belly and her exposed right tit. Having seized the momentum, Debbe pulls Charisma's head between her very solid thighs and clamps them shut in a standing head scissors.

"Let me show you leg strength, cow," Debbe spits as she vices her legs tight around Charisma's neck. The trapped woman's body twitches violently. Debbe loosens her hold, lifts one leg and drives her heel down into Charisma's belly. She rolls over to protect her belly, but Debbe is quickly on her knees in front of Charisma and clamps her thighs around Charisma's neck. Debbe reaches over Charisma's back with both hands and seizes her thong. "Payback," Debbe hisses, pulling and yanking for all she's worth.

Charisma screams out as the thong cuts into her pussy. When Debbe finally releases the thong, she stands with Charisma's head still between her thighs. She leans forward, wraps her arms around Charisma's waist and lifts her upside down. Debbe takes a moment for Charisma to realize what is about to happen, then drops to her knees, driving Charisma's head into the mat in a Piledriver.

Charisma lay on her belly, motionless. Debbe dives on her back, trapping Charisma in a Full Nelson, then rolling Charisma to her side with Debbe behind her. Debbe wraps her legs around Charisma's waist and much focused, Debbe concentrates all the power of her strong legs bear on Charisma's straining ribs.

Strong arms and tightly locked fingers press forward working to dislocate Charisma's shoulders. Charisma wails loudly, grunting each time Debbe compresses either hold. Debbe shifts her legs, positioning them just below Charisma's tits, then tightens her scissors again. Charisma begins to panic...she can't get a breath and her ribs feel like they are near breaking. Debbe moves her hands up to cover Charisma's nose and mouth and viciously smothers her trapped victim.

Finally, Debbe relaxes the hold, slips her thighs up around Charisma's neck, and clamps down again. Charisma's eyes bulge and her legs flail for several moments, but she's going nowhere.

"Give up!" Debbe hisses.

Charisma refuses so Debbe dishes out more hurt. Still, Charisma will not submit so Debbe slowly opens her thighs, stands to give her legs a moment to recover while Charisma quivers on the mat. Then Debbe hair-hauls Charisma to her feet, and hammer locks her. Three times she pounds her fist into Charisma's lower back before, with a display of remarkable strength, Debbe grabs Charisma's thong with her free hand, bends her knees, then straightens up and lifts Charisma clear off the floor. Charisma is screaming her submission but Debbe, heedless, carriers her around the ring and walks calmly to a corner post where she slams Charisma back in the corner. Debbe caresses Charisma's face gently, then SLAPs her. Laughing, Debbe seizes Charisma by the head and buries the beaten woman's face in her tits and rubs them back and forth.

"Last change; give up?" Debbe queries, as she pulls away, still holding her foe's head.

"Drop…d…d…dead," Charisma stammers.

Without another word, Debbe jerks Charisma's head forward, then drives her back into the turnbuckle. Fists and knees slam into Charisma's body. Debbe stops, then steps back to delivers a huge kick deep into her belly that folds Charisma over at the waist. Debbe steps forward, ducks and heaves Charisma up onto her shoulders in a back-breaker. She moves out of the corner confidently, slowly, carrying her prize to the center of the ring.

"Please… enough, I submit," the game but very beaten Charisma sputters. Debbe lets her fall to the mat, puts her foot on Charisma's defeated chest and flexes her arms in a victory pose.
* * * * * *
Fight Three: Debbe Dunning vs. Halle Berry

Halle has looked forward to this fight; sure that beating the over-the-hill Tool Time girl will can restart her stalled catfight career. They agreed to fight on the famous ‘Muscle Beach’ and Halle looks stunning, her big boobs barely contained by a tiny gold thong bikini; her wide hips and butt on full display. As she paces nervously, her solid thighs boast of her power.

Debbe watches, quietly confident. An inch taller, she smirks because she knows she is more muscular than her Oscar winning foe. Debbe still works out hard every day and while ‘A-list’ stardom has eluded her, she has always been considered ‘Queen of the catfight scene’. Now, even though she has taken up residence in the ‘senior’ division, she’s still feared and respected by friends and opponents alike.

As the audience quiets down in anticipation of the start of the fight, Berry starts talking trash. “Folks, does anyone remember, or ever know, who the hell Debbe Dunning was? I mean, these are supposed to be ‘celebrity’ fights,” Halle continues as Debbe’s face grows redder and redder. “Just what the hell has Dunning ever done?”

“Shut up bitch! You’re on MY BEACH and you’re way out of your depth,” Debbe retorts.

At the signal to start, Debbe’s left foot snaps out and crashes into Halle’s gut. Caught off-guard and hurt, Halle stumbles forward, grabbing Debbe by the shoulders to steady herself. But it was just an act and Halle brings her knee up toward Debbe’s belly. But she sees it coming and twists so that Halle’s knee glances off her hip, then Debbe twists back around to backhand Halle face. She quickly follows with another knee, and this one definitely finds its target: Halle’s belly.

Halle groans, doubles over and turns away wheezing. Debbe grabs Halle by the back of her thong, pulls her back, turns her around and claps both hands over Halle’s ears. She cries out an grabs her head as she falls to her knees. Debbe lashes out with her right foot in a sweeping Round Kick to the side of Halle’s head that sends the aging actress sprawling in the sand.

“So, big mouth, are you just going to stand there and blubber with all that blubber?” taunts Debbe, waiting while Halle rubs her ringing ears.

Halle get up, then lunges at Debbe - who side-steps and grabs Halle’s hair, then drives yet another knee into her gut. Jerking up on Berry’s hair to keep her on her feet, Debbe unleashes several brutal SLAPs to Halle’s face. She covers her bruised face, but that leaves her body exposed and Debbe drives still another knee up, this one going deep into her belly. Halle folds forward, unable to keep Debbe from pushing her down facefirst in the sand. Halle pushes up on all fours, her fingers digging into the sand, but Debbe kicks her in the belly, flipping Halle onto her back where Debbe stomps her foot up and down on Halle’s boobs, finishing with a heel smash to Halle’s left tit.

Halle grabs Debbe’s ankle with both hands and twists - hard. Debbe leans forward trying to maintain her balance so Halle scoops up a handful of sand and throws it in her face. Blinded, Debbe stumbles away.

Halle scrambles up quickly and tackles Debbe from behind, slamming her to the sand. She straddles Debbe’s back, clasps her hands together and repeatedly slams Double Ax-handles down on the back of Debbe’s neck. Halle smiles as she grabs Debbe’s hair, twists her head around and shoves Debbe’s cheek down into the sand. Halle scopes up a handful of sand and scrubs it into Debbe’s mouth, nose and eyes as Debbe wails, kicks and gags.

“Who’s the one blubbering now, bee-otch?” Halle taunts as she grabs Debbe’s nose and pinches it shut. When Debbe is forced to open her mouth, Halle scoops a handful of sand into it. Debbe’s tearing eyes bug wide as she coughs and spits sand and saliva.

Berry gets up and stands over Debbe and pulls her to her feet using that handful of hair, then she pulls her into a headlock and drags her down to the water as the crowd scrambles to open a path. Each time Debbe tries to plant her feet, Halle uses her wide hips to bump her off balance.

“Settle down fool, I’m just gonna clean you up and get you a nice cool drink of (salt) water,” Halle coos.

When they reach the hard packed, wet, sand, Halle picks up speed, twisting Debbe’s neck, lets a loud whoop and bulldogs her headfirst into the hardpack. Halle grabs Debbe’s ankles and drags her on her belly into the surf, letting the waves rush over Debbe’s face. She tries to lift her head above the water, but Halle just drags her in deeper and Debbe barely manages to get a big gulp of air before going under again!

Debbe kicks a wet, slippery, leg from Halle’s grasp and then lashes out blindly, kicking Halle in the belly button! Halle has to release Debbe’s other ankle but when Debbe tries to get up, Halle leaps on her back, wraps her hands around Debbe’s neck and again forces her underwater. Debbe bucks and twists, managing to unseat Halle and both women struggle to their knees. One of Halle’s hands is still on Debbe’s throat, but Debbe grabs the ring finger of Halle’s other hand and tries to snap it back.

Halle seizes Debbe wrist in both hands, trying to save her finger. As Halle turns her hip into Debbe’s, however, Debbe’s fist cracks into Halle’s chin, stunning her. Debbe grabs Halle by the hair and drags her up onto the hard, wet, sand and throws her to the sand and drives her knee into the small of Halle’s back. The Black Beauty arches in pain, lets out a loud moan and grabs her back with both hands.

Debbe steps back; her chest heaving from the exertion of the tough fight. Panting, she rests with her hands on her knees. One cheek is caked with sand and the other is scratched from Halle’s claws. Her eyes are red and bloodshot from the salty water, the sand and the burning hatred for the woman who has caused her so much pain. Debbe inhales deeply as Halle slowly rises to her feet, still holding her back.

She sneers, “Girl, you’re a mess and I’m not even half done with you yet!”

Halle lowers her shoulder and charges. Debbe stands her ground and their bodies SMACK together; the fingers of their hands interlocked. Four big boobs flatten out as they lean into each other; momentarily motionless…then, slowly but steadily, Debbe’s strength begins to prevail as she wins this Test of Strength and forces Halle to her knees. Debbe drops to hers and twists both of Halle’s arms behind her back. Debbe jerks one hand free and thunders a fist into Berry’s gut. But Halle lashes out with her free hand and slaps Debbe hard across her scratched and raw cheek. Stung, Debbe slams an elbow across Halle’s breast bone and shoves her away.

Both women scramble back to their feet and circle each other. Debbe makes her move quickly. Slipping in behind Halle, Debbe gathers a handful of her hair, then applies a Hammerlock to Halle’s left arm. Twisting and yanking brutally on both, she breakes into a big grin when Halle screams in pain.

“I’ll tear out your black mop by the roots before I break you arm,” Debbe threatens. “You’d better give up before it’s too late.”

Tears run down Halle’s face but she grimly refuses with a slight shake of her head when Debbe releases her hair. Maintaining the Hammerlock, Debbe claws her strong fingers claw into Halle’s neck muscles and digs deep. Halle’s body slumps but Debbe’s hammerlock keeps her erect. Halle tries to stomp on Debbe’s feet, but each time she does, Debbe drives a knee into the back of the offending thigh, leaving Halle barely able to stand on rubbery legs as she writhes in Debbe’s expertly applied claw hold.

When Debbe relinquishes her claw, it’s so she can pound her fist into Halle’s lower back, then she again grabs a handful of Halle’s hair. She releases her hammerlock, reaches around and rips Halle’s bikini top down and then off. As Halle’s heavy-hanging hooters heave free, Debbe drops her top and slams her hand over Halle’s left breasts, digging her fingers in as the soft flesh oozes between her spread fingers.

“Damn these are big!” Debbe hisses in Halle’s ear. “I’m gonna dig around here to see if they’re real!”

Berry roars in frustration and pain as Debbe systematically examines both of her tits. But the pain clears Halle’s head and she slams her elbow back into Debbe’s gut with such force that the blow loosens Debbe’s grip. Halle twists some more and drives her elbow back into Debbe’s chest, then jacks her palm up under Debbe’s chin, snapping her head backward.

Gaining some separation, Halle drops her shoulder and drives forward, tackling Debbe and landing on top of her. Halle quickly straddles her, pulls down her Debbe’s bra and grabs her tits in both hands. Now it’s payback time!

“You damned bitch, I’m gonna rip these tits OFF before I’m done with you,” snarls Halle.

Debbe shrieks as she tries unsuccessfully to pry Halle’s hands from her tits. Halle holds both the high ground and both of Debbe’s breasts, so Debbe has little choice but to reach up and pinch both of Halle’s stif nipples with the nails of both thumbs and forefingers. When Debbe’s nails slice into the sensitive nubs, Halle howls and immediately let’s go of Debbe’s tits to try and pull free. But Debbe’s grip is tight and her hold secure. Halle cries and screams as claws her own nails down Debbe’s wounded cheek and Debbe lets out a fearsome howl of her own. Releasing Halle’s tits to save her face, Debbe grabs Halle’s hair in both hands and pulls as she bucks her hips, tossing her off. Both women rise slowly, glaring at their foe as they assess the damage to their own bodies.

After a brief respite, Halle puts her fists up and moves toward Debbe who mirrors her. They begin to circle and Halle’s still quick hands confuse Debbe as her jab effectively pierce Debbe’s defenses twice, catching her once on the right eye and once on her scratched cheek.

Debbe unleashes a wild haymaker that Halle slips and counters with a chopping left to the breast and a right uppercut that lifts Debbe up on her toes. Halle hammers an elbow across Debbe’s breasts, knocking her backward. Debbe retreats up the beach as Halle relentless pursues with a series of stiff jabs that take a toll on Debbe’s face, breasts and arms when she is successful in blocking.

Halle targets Debbe’s heaving tits and finally Debbe has to stops retreating and stand toe-to-toe; which looks like a mistake because Halle is a much better boxer. Debbe is frustrated by her failure as Halle staggers her again with a series of unanswered blows to the head, belly and those tenderized boobs.

Debbe throws two more haymakers - and both miss badly. She pays for her failure when Halle’s counter punches smash her belly. Debbe stumbles, then drops to one knee, her breath labored. Halle walks around behind her, stops and kicks Debbe in the ass, sending her sprawling facedown, her breasts plowing two deep furrows in the soft sand.

“Get up, you has-been…or may I should say, ‘never was’,” Halle jeers.

Debbe gets up shaking her head, then she charges Halle who tries to sidestep. Debbe catches her around the waist and manages to throw her to the sand. Debbe leaps up and drops heavily, her knee across Halle’s bare breasts. Debbe scrambles up quickly, then jumps and delivers a Double Kneedrop to Halle’s belly. Debbe pulls Halle to her feet by the hair, rams her hand up between Halle’s legs and hoists her shoulder high; holding her up long enough for Halle to realize what is coming.

Debbe Body Slams Halle to the sand, then another Double Knee Drop into her belly before Halle’s body can register the initial shock. Debbe takes Halle’s left arm and twists it into an armbar which she uses to drags her - unresisting - to her feet. Debbe’s right foot snaps out four times in a rapid-fire blur of motion, her bare sole striking with a loud SMACK into Halle’s belly each time.

Halle is still doubled over from the Savate Kicks when Debbe switches to a Wristlock, adds a handful of hair with other hand, then tosses Halle hard to the sand. Debbe straddles Halle’s back, reaches around and puts her in a Camel Clutch. Halle screams, her back and neck aching; her stomach churning and her breasts stinging from the sand grinding into them.

“Nope, this isn’t right,” Debbe hisses.

She releases the Camel Clutch and slams a forearm across the back of Berry’s neck, then stands and jerks her to her feet. Debbe wraps both arms around Halle’s chest and pulls her into a Bearhug, crushing her breasts between them. Halle gamely tries to counter with her own Bearhug, but with Debbe’s arms inside hers, Halle can’t match Debbe’s brute strength. The air is slowly forced from Halle’s body and her ribs creak under Debbe’s assault. But Debbe hadn’t secured Halle’s arms and she brings her hands up to again claw Debbe’s raw, bleeding, cheek. Debbe curses out loud and throws Berry down.

Halle tries to stand, her hands clutching her ribs. Debbe charges into her, knocks her over backward and dives on her! Debbe quickly locks Halle in a Waist Scissors/Full Nelson combination and ratchets her legs tighter and tighter; draining the already winded Halle of both her air and her will to fight.

“Please, stop, I submit,” Halle murmurs after only a minute of torment.

“No, not quite yet,” Debbe replies.

She release her Waist Scissors and hauls Berry to her feet by the Full Nelson. Once she has Halle upright, Debbe drops to one knee and smashes Halle down over her outstretched knee in a Backbreaker. Berry is nearly out cold when Debbe rolls her off onto her back in the sand. Debbe walks around, grabs Halle’s ankles and spreads her legs as wide as she can, then drops her knee on Halle’s crotch. Debbe gets up, walks slowly around Halle’s beaten body, rubbing her bleeding cheek as the crowd cheers. Debbe stops, stomps Halle’s left tit, then her right. Then she circles her again before she steps over Halle’s head and slowly squats down into a reverse facesit; settling her tightly muscled ass down hard on Halle’s oblivious face.

“I’m going to leave you something to remember me by while my cheek heals,” Debbe threatens.

Bending forward, she rakes her fingernails across Halle’s tits several times, leaving dark, angry furrows in the soft skin. Then she clasps her hands and slams an Ax-handle down on Berry’s already battered belly.

After sitting to catch her breath, Debbe slaps Halle until she starts to come around, then stands and pulls the semi-conscious Black Beauty up and tosses her body over her shoulder. Debbe carries Halle up the beach to the boardwalk with the crowd following, congratulating her for winning a tough fight. Debbe stops in front of a hotdog stand, opens the lid of the garbage bin and tosses Halle inside, then slams the lid shut.

“This is my beach! You’re just more garbage here,” Debbe spits, then walks away with her fans to tend to her injuries.