Jeri Ryan vs. Debbe Dunning (Seve's Catfight Bulletin Bd) 31-Jul-98

Debbe is a well known veteran of many vicious fights. This is the first time that she faces Jeri Jeri. Debbe appears at ringside first, wearing a skimpy white bikini to show off her boobs and hard body. But the crowd get considerably louder as Jeri approaches the ring. Wearing a red bikini, that can hardly contain her huge boobs, Jeri waves to her fans. The women glare at each other, waiting for the bell to ring.

Both women are wary as the match starts, testing each other and looking for an opening.

After some shoving and positioning, the veteran Debbe traps Jeri in a reverse headlock. Wrenching Jeri's neck hard from side to side, Debbe jam's her thumb into her foe's throat. Forcing her head low, the tool girl jolts Jeri with a knee to her head. Pulling Jeri close in, her head trapped under Debbe's armpit, Debbe pumps her knee rapid fire up into Jeri's crotch. The force of each hit lifts Jeri's feet off the mat. Debbe shoves Jeri backwards into the ring ropes. Debbe slams her fist into Jeri's belly, then releases the headlock, grab's Jeri's hair and yanks her head backward over the ropes. Jealously, Debbe goes to work on Jeri's oversized boobs, pounding her elbow and fist into the soft targets. A frenzied punch out leaves a bruised Jeri hanging on the ropes. Debbe stops to rip the bikini top off of her modest foe.

"Let's see if these boobs are real," taunts Debbe as she sinks her fingers deep into the soft flesh and digs in.

Enraged, Jeri screams loudly and slams her fist into Debbe's gut hard enough to stop the mauling. Debbe's hands fall to her side, leaving herself wide open. Jeri pounds two more punches into the immobilized Debbe's belly, the second landing low and hard. Jeri, gaining confidence, steps in close, grabs Debbe's hair with one hand and rips at the tool girl's bikini top with the other. While she is occupied, Debbe slams a fist into Jeri's ear, ringing the woman's chimes. Debbe is back on the attack. She wraps her two hands around Jeri's throat, her strong fingers clamping down on Jeri's windpipe, Debbe is smiling as Jeri gags.

Debbe spins Jeri away from the ropes, forces Jeri to her knees, and then onto her back. Debbe quickly straddles Jeri's waist and goes back to work mauling her foe's bigger tits. Jeri reaches up, finally rips off Debbe's top and sinks her fingernails into Debbe's nipples.

"You bitch," shouts Debbe.

Debbe chops Jeri in the throat and shifts her weight forward, squatting her butt down on Jeri's boobs, straddling her foe's chest and pinning her arms at her side. Debbe grabs two hands full of hair and bounces Jeri's head up and down on the mat. Working on instinct, Jeri bucks her hips, arching her body up. Debbe is too far forward to maintain her perch. Debbe rolls off of Jeri quickly get to her feet. Still dazed, Jeri is on one knee trying to get up as Debbe's kick tags her in the head. Jeri falls back to the mat. Debbe stomps down repeatedly on her boobs, unmoved by Jeri's screams. Jeri finally manages to roll to her side, but Debbe drives her knee into Jeri's ribs, rolls her on to her back and proceeds to stomp away on Jeri's belly. Debbe stops for a moment to catch her breath and consider her next move.

Jeri rolls away from Debbe, on to her side, in fetal position, holding her boobs and belly. Debbe picks her next target, stepping forward, she slams her foot into Jeri's crotch. Quickly lifting up Jeri's left leg, Debbe rolls her to her back and drops her knee into Jeri's crotch. Jeri lets out an agonized cry. Debbe stomps her down on her foe's pussy, grinds her heel in and then twists Jeri's leg so that she rolls onto her belly. Debbe reaches down to grab Jeri's other leg, intending to end the fight with a Boston crab, but Jeri still has fight left in her. After a long struggle, Debbe is not able to control Jeri's legs.

"Damn, you're a strong bitch," hisses Debbe.

Relenting, Debbe twists on Jeri's right foot, rolling Jeri onto her back. Big mistake letting go of Jeri's left foot. As she rolls to her back, Jeri takes aim and drives her foot into Debbe's nose. Caught off-guard, the stunned and bloodied Debbe falls forward and finds herself trapped in between Jeri's thighs.

The women are tit-to-tit, with Debbe lying on top. Debbe flushes bright red as she takes note that she is seriously outgunned. As she reaches up for Jeri's throat, Jeri locks her ankles tight and bears down on her scissors hold. Face to face, Debbe's eyes open wide as Jeri's legs crush her ribs. Debbe arches up and backhands Jeri hard across the face, but Jeri grabs Debbe's hair and yanks her head down Jeri bears down again, shaking Debbe's body violently between her thighs. Debbe is in trouble. Trying to rally, Debbe arches again and gets her knees on the mat, but Jeri, still holding her hair, easily over powers her foe and slams her onto her side. As Debbe weakens, Jeri wraps her arms around Debbe's neck. Unable to break out of the hold. Debbe claws her fingernails into Jeri's back. Jeri screams, grabs Debbe's hair, yanks her head back and grabs her throat. Debbe is still raking her nails up and down Jeri's back. Jeri's back is on fire, she relinquishes the scissors and choke, kicking Debbe away from her.

Both women slowly rise to their feet. Jeri, rubbing her back, stares down her foe.

"You're a freaking animal," Jeri hisses.

"And you're a cow that's about to become hamburger," Debbe retorts.

Continuing, Debbe threatens, "I'm gonna rip off your tits and shove them up your ass!"

But Jeri is not intimidated, "You touch my tits again and I'll pound your boobs flatter than pancakes, you jealous bitch."

Debbe rushes forward and grabs both of Jeri's tits. Jeri decides to fight fire with fire and grabs Debbe's tits. For more than a minute, the two women endure great pain as they squeeze and twist each other's tits, neither one willing to be the first to let go. Tears stream down the eyes of both women. Jeri concentrates her attack on the tool girl's nipples while Debbe is crushing Jeri's huge boobs with her strong fingers. Slowly loosing the encounter, Debbe lets go of Jeri's right tit and drives a punch into Jeri's belly. Jeri returns fire immediately, slamming a right and a left into Debbe's face and chin. Stunned, Debbe grabs Jeri's shoulders and drives her knee up into her crotch.

But Jeri retaliates with a left, right, left combination that busts open Debbe's lip and staggers the tough brunette. Jeri hauls back and launches a hay-maker at Debbe's head, but Debbe side steps and slips behind her foe. Debbe's left hand claws at Jeri's mouth and nose. Her right digs back into Jeri's left tit. Jeri jams an elbow backward into Debbe's gut, spins around and slams her fist into Debbe's left tit. Debbe, moans, but launches her own attack, pounding into Jeri's belly. She lands four unanswered blows, driving Jeri backwards, and then slams a bone crushing fist into Jeri's face, just under her left eye. Debbe crashes her elbow across Jeri's chest, slams three more punches up into Jeri's belly. Jeri drops to one knee. As Debbe moves in to finish her, Jeri slams her fist up into Debbe's pussy. Debbe is stopped in her tracks. Jeri delivers two more shots to the wounded pussy, gets back on her feet and slams an uppercut into Debbe's chin. As Debbe reels forward, Jeri traps her head under her left arm and drives her right repeatedly into Debbe's ribs and belly.

"Who's hamburger now, bitch," crows Jeri as she continues the beating.

Debbe knees are wobbling. Jeri finally stops pounding on her. Jeri twists Debbe into a hammer lock and marches her over to the ring ropes. As Debbe tries to resist, Jeri slams her fist into the small of Debbe's back. Debbe's knees buckle and Jeri forces her into the rope, hanging Debbe's tits over the top rope. Jeri presses her body up against Debbe's, switches from a hammer lock to a full nelson and drags Debbe's tits back and forth on the ring rope. As the rope cuts into the soft underside of her tits, Debbe is screaming her surrender.

"Stop, please, stop...your wrecking my tits!"

After one last drag, Jeri throw Debbe to the mat. Debbe lands hard on her back, sobbing. Jeri squats her hard butt down on the beaten woman's face.

"I always keep my promises, bitch," hisses Jeri.

She pounds on Debbe's mauled tits. The force of each blow mashes Debbe's tits flat against her ribcage. Finally, Jeri stops, gets up and pulls Debbe to her feet. Jeri lifts Debbe up in a bear hug. Debbe's beaten boobs disappear into Jeri's huge tits. After 30 seconds of the crushing hold, Debbe slips into unconsciousness. Jeri drops her beaten body to the mat and raises her hand in victory.