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Debbie was in a foul mood....which was exactly the type of mood she wanted to be in. Losing was bad enough, but her recent loss to Tracy Scoggins and the subsequent whispered comments about her performance behind her back had really rankled her. Tonight all that would change though she thought as she opened the door to the dressing room.

The prospect of a private match attended only by those "friends' of hers that had criticized her was delicious. Not only those friends, but also that loudmouthed promoter John. "Time for a payraise," she thought and tonight should settle the question as to who should earn the big bucks in the league.

Striding confidently, she rounded a corner and walked directly into John's wife, Kylee. "What the hell are you doing here? the brunette wrestler sneered as she looked the attactive dark skinned woman over. Tonight's little showcase is for people who know at least a little something about professional wrestling. So, as I said, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to observe...that's all," Kylee said evenly. "Well, watch and learn little girl, but don't get in the way," Debbe said over her shoulder as she walked away.

"Ready for a lesson, Mom?" the challenger shouted to her opponent in the other room. Tracy Scoggins, the current champion and target of Debbe Dunnings scorn continued putting on her bikini in silence.

John walked out of the dressing room into the large arena and gazed at the small crowd milling around the outside of the ring. It seemed a strange setting for a championship match, but Debbe had issued the challenge and Tracy had not backed down from it. "This night might turn out to be something special," he mumbled to himself. If it did he, was ready - high up in the rafters and small red light blinked on. The hum of a camcorder came to life as the hidden operator zoomed in to focus on the brightly lit ring.

Kylee walked out of the dressing room and joined her husband. Dressed in a black leather mini skirt outfit with a frilly white blouse cut low in the front, she looked stunning. "This could be interesting, let's get down to the ring," John remarked as he gently took his wife by the elbow and started down the aisle.

At that moment, without any fanfare, Tracy Scoggins emerged from the dressing room. She looked absolutely magnificent in a white two piece bikini. She trotted to the ring, hopped up on the apron and glided like a cat through the ropes into the ring. As the appreciative crowd murmured their approval the champion began stretching her toned, almost muscular body. She exuded quiet confidence.

As the murmurs died down, the dressing room door again flew open and out walked the champion's challenger. Debbe Dunning's skin- tight leapard skin outfit was stunning. Since the match was not open to the public she had chosen a thong bottom to her bikini and a top that emphasized her large perfectly proportioned breasts. She somehow looked bigger than she actually was. Kylee heard comments like "Damn..." from the crowd.

The 5'7" challenger jumped over the top rope and into the ring. Her booming voice echoed througout the nearly empy area as she shouted "Let's get this show on the road!!! Where the hell is the ref?" John had not noticed that the referee was nowhere to be found. His wife just stared up into the ring with a smile on her face. "C'mon!!! I'm ready to wrestle NOW, you idiot," Debbe snarled at John, the league's promoter.

He was confused. He knew that a referee had been scheduled for this private yet very important match. "Get a ref up here NOW!!" Debbe shouted. John looked anxiously around the arena and felt his wife's hand squeeze his knee. "I'll do it, John." Kylee said quietly. "What are you talking about," John Murmured. "Really...I want to...I can do it. And, you did promise me the best seats in the house" she said with a sweet smile on her face.

"Now asshole!!! Debbe screeched. "I'm your ref" Kylee shouted as she kicked off her high heels and pulled her hair into a ponytail and slipped a rubberband around it. She walked to the steps in one corner and carefully ducked into the ring. "You'll do sweetie, I don't really give a shit who is the ref because this is going to be over in a hurry," Debbe crowed to the crowd who was cheering Kylee loudly. John just folded his arms, shook his head and sat back. His wife always was unpredictable. "Allright...go ahead, go ahead he shouted."

"Come to the middle ladies" Kylee said as she motioned to the two wrestlers. "Not much to say except that as you both agreed, this is for the championship. Keep it clean and come out at the bell. "You're dead meat," Debbe said to the silent Champion. "And you stay out of my way," she snarled as she pointed at Kylee.

Both women went to their corners. A silence fell over the crowd. The bell clanged. The sounds of the women bounding to the center of the ring were magnified by the echoes in the large arena. They locked up and Tracy expertly put her opponent into a front headlock, then flipped her hard over her hip. Tracy maintained the hold as Debbe slammed into the mat. Kylee moved out of the way as Tracy slowly got up, tightened the pressure on the hold, then violently hip rolled Debbe to the mat again. Tracy spread her legs on the mat for leverage and poured on the pressure. Debbe's face turned red as Tracy grunted and tightened her strong arms.

Debbe slammed the mat hard with her hand twice then reached up and grabbed Tracy's hair. Slowly she pulled back and could feelTracy lessening the pressure. When Tracy's head was pulled back far enough, Debbe clamped her legs around the champion's head.

Debbe arched her back and squeezed. Kylee couldn't help but notice the muscles in Debbe's legs - they were as strong looking as any she had ever seen. Tracy desperately tried to shift her weight but Debbe expertly shifted also and locked her opponent securely into a figure four headscissors. Debbe pulled up hard on her ankle and arched her back. Tracy desperatly pawed at the challengers legs. It was now her face that was beet red.

Kylee bent over and checked Tracy. "Ok? You Ok? want to give?" she asked. Tracy shook her head slightly..."gggguhhhhhh ggggguhhh!!" she gasped.

Suddenly Debbe released the hold, but grabbed the gasping champion by the hair and pulled her up to her feet. She bent over and lifted Tracy up. Tracy's legs kicked weakly as Debbe maneuvered the champion's body into position for a pile driver. Kylee backed away and looked into Debbe's eyes for an instant just before the challenger sat down hard, driving Tracy's head violently into the mat.

It was obvious to Kylee that the champion was in deep trouble.....

Debbe glared at the fallen champion. She pulled her up by the hair and with a smirk on her face scooped her up and body slammed her to the mat. She slowley pulled Tracy up again and, with a confident smile on her face, began to whirl her into the ropes. Tracy dug in her heels though and reversed the momentum and slinged Debbe into the ropes. As Debbe bounced off, Tracy delivered a viscious clothline...the first thing to hit the mat was Dunning's head. The champion jumped on top of her opponent and went for the pin. Debbe kicked out.

Tracy quickly pulled her challenger up and put her into a reverse headlock preparing for a suplex. She expertly draped Debbe's arm over her shoulder and hoisted the stunned brunette high up over her head and slowly fell back, slamming the challenger to the mat. She then covered the stunned woman and Kylee slid in for the count...1-2-Debbe kicked out. Like a machine the champion grabbed Debbe's ankle and locked in a step over toe hold...she twisted hard and her challenger pounded the mat. Debbe drew back her other leg to kick out, but before she could kick, in a whirl of legs that Kylee could hardly make out, the champion fell back as she secured Debbe in a figure four leg lock.

"Ahhh...ahhhhh!!! Debbe screamed as she pounded the mat. Kylee found herself marveling at the hold clinic that the champion Tracy was putting on. She slid in and yelled to Debbe, "Enough? Give?" "Get away...ahhhh!!!!" Debbe screamed. Realizing Dunning would not submit to the hold, Tracy released her opponent, who rolled on the mat on her back, rubbing her legs. Tracy climbed up to the the top rope in the corner, intent on finishing off her loudmouthed opponent.

Maybe it was luck, good or bad, but as Tracy leaped from the top rope, Debbe pulled her knee up. She was hurting too much to roll away from the flying Tracy....who landed directly on top of that knee. "Ommmmppphhhffffff!!!!!" Tracy yelled as she clutched her stomach.

Debbe stood up slowly and stared at her writhing opponent. She pulled Tracy up and whirled her visciously into the turnbuckle, then kneed her again in her tender stomach, once, twice, three times. Kylee stood in the center of the ring gaping.

As Tracy started to fall forward, Debbe scooped her up and slammed her to the mat. Workmanlike, Debbe positioned the champion for a suplex, hoisted her up and fell back as the crowed murmured. Tracy literally bounced at impact rolling over onto her stomach. Debbe grabbed the groggy champion's ankles, stepped over her and leaned back, arching Tracy's back in a boston crab. Kylee again slid in to ask for a submission. The champion simply shook her head. Debbe leaned back further and Tracy finally screamed Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! and pounded the mat frantically.

Debbe decided to gave up on the hold and released it. Like a flash she thumped down on Tracy's back and locked her hands under the groaning woman's chin. Tracy made the mistake of tryng to raise up, and Debbe expertly slid forward, draping the champ's arms over her knees. "How much pain can a back take?" Kylee thought as she looked into Tracy's pain filled face. Debbe leaned back and pulled up and back with all of her might.

Oh...Ohh my god...Tracy moaned. Kylee wondered if a ref had ever halted a match, but before she could think further about stopping the carnage, Debbe released the hold. She rolled the gasping champion over to her back and pounced on her opponent. "Thank God, I can end this," Kylee thought as she slip in to count next to the unmoving champion. "1-2-" - Before Kylee could slam the mat with her hand for the count out, Debbe lifted Tracy's shoulder off of the mat.

"What are you doing??" Kylee screamed. Debbe stood up and faced the olive skinned beauty. " I told you to stay out of this...I told you to watch and learn she yelled as she grabbed Kylee by her blouse and pushed her back into the ropes. "What are you...."an amazed Kylee stammered. Before she knew what had happened, Debbe had pushed her back into the ropes again, then pulled the top rope over the bottom and trapped both of Kylees arms between the ropes. "Now STAY THERE and watch how this is done!" Debbe yelled as she walked toward the fallen champion.

Next to the ring, John leaped to his feet. "What the hell...he yelled as he felt a strong hand grab his wrist and pull it up behind his back. "C"mon pal, you're going to get the best seats in the house for the finish of this match," a deep male voice boomed as he shoved John to the edge of the ring.

Kylee struggled to free herself but only managed to rip the sleeves on her expensive blouse. The small crowd was stunned and their attention was split between the trapped referee and the fallen champion moaning on the mat.

Debbe sauntered towards Tracy with a wicked gleam in her eyes. "No one to save you now, she sneered, how's the back??" She grabbed Tracy by the hair and slowly pulled her to her feet, then buried a thunderous closed fist to the champions stomach. Tracy's "Ommpphhfff!!!" brought a murmur from the crowd. She crumpled weakly to her knees, leaning heavily against her challengers legs, gasping for breath.

Debbe grabbed the brunette's arms, pulled them back, stuck her foot into the Tracy's back, but did not pull hard. It was a sight no one in the crowd had expected to see...the champion, on her knees, her head lolling downward...completely defenseless.

Tracy was facing Kylee, only six feet away. As Debbe slowly started pulling back, Tracy was forced to raise her head. Her eyes met Kylee's and her face reflected the impossible agony her body was being put through. Debbe roughly pushed Tracy forward. She pitched down facefirst onto the mat just two feet from Kylee. Debbe maintained the hold on her opponents arms as she planted a foot on the side of Tracy's head and rubbed the champions face into the mat. She pulled up violently on Tracy's arms and hissed. "kiss the mat, baby...kiss it!!!" As the pain became white hot, Tracy whimpered, more," in a voice only Kylee could hear.

"She's finished! You win...I'll count her out from here!!!!!" Kylee screamed. "Not quite," Debbe said quietly as she released the hold and with a grunt hoisted her completely helpless opponent up over her head. She paused for a second looking directly into Kylee's eyes, then knelt as she brought the champion crashing down over her knee. "AHHHH!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!AHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Tracy's screams echoed through the arena as she writhed on the mat.

"No more!!! Enough!!! Leave her be you bitch!!!!!!!!" Kylee screamed as she struggled violently to get free. "Bitch? BITCH??" Well, that just earned her another trip!!!!" Debbe shrieked as she grabbed Tracy's hair roughly, lifted her up high and visciously slammed her again over her knee. This time though, she held the helpless woman in place over her knee.

"Bitch huh?" Debbe snarled as she pushed down violently on Tracy's chin and thigh. The champions arms flailed wildly as she screamed her submission over and over. "Let her go!!! LET HER GO, YOU BITCH!! LET HER GO OR I'LL BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF YOU MYSELF!!!!!!" Kylee shouted hysterically. Debbe smiled and leaned harder on her defenseless opponent whose waving arms began to slow. Finally, they stopped altogether and hung spread out to her side, motionless.

Debbe disdainfully shoved Tracy's limp body off of her knee and stood to face the small crowd. "There, ladies and gentlemen, is your EX Champion," she shouted to the stunned group.

"Now...what are we going to do about you?" she said as she turned to face a panting Kylee.

Kylee's make up was smeared from her tears of anger and frustration. "You? YOU'RE going to beat the shit out of me??" Debbe screamed as she visciously slapped Kylee across the face. "You couldn't even be a VALET!!!!!!" she shrieked as another stinging slap hit the other cheek.

"BITCH!!!!!!!!" Kylee screamed. "You're nothing but....Debbe said as she pulled the ropes apart to free the screaming woman....a spoiled little rich girl!!!!!!!!!" she shouted as Kylee came free and leaped out only to ge greeted by a huge right hand to her stomach. Kylee gasped, lurched forward, and swung wildly. Debbe blocked the punch then expertly grabbed the brunnete's wrist, pulled up, out and twisted. "Ahhhh!!!! Kylee gasped as she slapped at her wrist and was forced to bend at the waist.

"Don't......even.......think about it!!!!!!!" Debbe screamed as she kicked up in time with her words, her foot connecting violently each time with Kylee's breasts. She pulled the stunned woman over to where John was standing at ringside. "Some body stop her!!!!!!" he screamed deperately. "Here's what happens to spoiled little rich girls!!!!!!" she yelled to the crowd as, in what seemed like one motion, she scooped Kylee up and immediately slammed her to the mat directly in front of John. It was the hardest slam of the entire evening by the angry woman, and Kylee literally bounced as she landed, the top two buttons of her blouse snapping off and splotting onto John's suitcoat.

Kylee was dazed - the breath knocked completely out of her. Debbe grabbed hold of her by the ponytail and roughly pulled her up as the rubberband snapped off and her long hair fell loose. Debbe locked the gasping woman into a front headlock and slowly backed away from John to the other side of the ring. Kylee breathlessly pawed at Debbe's arms with no idea of what was about to happen. John knew though, and he screamed..."DON'T....DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!" With a wicked smile on her face, Debbe broke into a run towards John, then leaped forwardto a sitting position. Kylee, still trapped in the headlock, was driven headfirst into the mat and instantly felt the pain of a thousand volts charge through her neck.

"Oh.......oh........oh......" Kylee moaned in agony as she clutched at her neck and rolled back and forth on the mat just a few feet from her struggling husband. "Quiet down, you rich little slut," Debbe snarled as she reached down. Kylee felt herself being effortlessly being lifted up then placed on Debbe's substantial shoulders. The new champion pulled down on the helpless woman's chin and thigh, causing the buttons on the side of Kylee's leather mini to pop off and the material to drape itself over Debbes shoulder.

She paraded around the ring with her newest victim on her shoulders. "Here she is is the "woman" who is going to beat the shit out of me" Debbe crowed. She stopped in front of John. "Think she could really do it, Johnny??....I don't think she could even take as much as the old champ over there on the mat," she laughed as she lifted Kylee up then knelt and brought her crashing down over her knee. "AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Kylee screamed as she bounced off of Debbes knee and rolled to the edge of the mat directlin front of her helpless husband.

In a daze Kylee sat up...unable to move..her back and neck on on fire with pain. Her mini skirt had flown off as she hit Debbe's knee revealing her silk leapard shin colored panties. Debbe knelt down behind her quietly and snaked one arm up under her chin grabbing her far arm and the other up over the top of Kylee's head. She glanced down and whispered into Kylee's ear, "leapard skin? Leapard Skin? Don't you know two ladies never wear the same outfit to a party? Now it's time to go to sleep and forget about all of those silly ideas you had about fighting me," she said as she began to apply pressure to the hold. "Have little Johnny here explain to you this hold when you wake up, sweetie," she said as she grimaced and increased the pressure. "Just forget about aaalllll those ideas," she cooed.

Kylee looked into John's eyes with determination and mouthed the word "never!" as she pawed at Debbe's arms. John's face began to blur in her vision and he saw her face slowly go bank as her eylids appeared to grow heavy. She blinked once.......twice.....then her eyes closed as her body went limp and her arms flopped to her side. "Sweet dreams, baby" Debbe whispered as she shook Kylee like a rag doll, then let her fall back, spread- eagled on the mat.

"OK! Lets take care of some unfinished business here," Debbe said as she got to her feet and walked over to the barely conscious Tracy. She rolled her over onto her back and put her foot on Tracy's chest. "Ummm....1,2,3, I'm champ!" she laughed. Then she snapped her finger as if she had an idea. "Never thought you'd get to see a double header she yelled over her shoulder to the crowd as she grabbed the unconscious Kylee under the arpits and dragged her over to the fallen champion. "UMMMPHHFF" she grunted as she flopped Kylee face down on top of Tracy. She put her foot on Kylee's leapard skin bottom and jiggled it as she raised her arms and shouted, "C'mon everybody!! It's time to count out sleeping beauty too!! Count with me!!! She paused as the crowd got the idea and counted loudly with the new champion, 4!.....5!.....6!!!!!!!! Debbe bent down over Kylee and shouted,"Honey, you're already 0-1!!!"

She lifted her foot off of Kylee then told her man to let John go. "Keep her in the house, where she belongs, chump" she shouted, then turned and walked out of the arena with newfound "old friends."

Up in the rafters, the small red light continued to glow as the camera continued to record what had indeed been a "special evening."


It would be months before Tracy Scoggins, the now ex champion would even consider wrestling again. Kylee hung her ripped miniskirt and tattered blouse in her health club locker where she could see it before and after every daily workout. She and her husband John spent most of their nights quietly watching their VCR.....and planning.