Shania Twain vs. Debbe Dunning by New Guy 01-Oct-00

Shania Twain peered across the old wrestling ring from her corner with a disgusted look at her opponent. Debbe Dunning challenged Shania to a wrestling match to "warm up" for a run at the WWF. This was a horrendous insult to Shania who is a viscous fighter herself and has been in many a war with some of Hollywood's finest and has dominated most of them in wild catfights, in the ring, out of the ring, in the bedroom, what have you, and the fact that this little tramp didn't know this angered the country singer.

On the other side of the ring, Debbe Dunning smiled and limbered up in her ring robe, throwing shadow punches, as her trainer massaged her shoulders. She was hoping Shania, who was almost identical in size to her and had an athletic little body would pose a good test to her in a "Pro style" wrestling match.

The two were called to the center of the ring, Shania wearing tight black leather pants, a leopard print belly shirt, and black high heel boots. Debbe walked up with a black one piece body suit, cut high on the hips and low on the neck line, and white tennis shoes. Smiling, she extended her hand to her opponent, who with a disgusted expression slapped it away, and grabbing her by the shoulders, slammed her knee into her crotch! Debbe howled in pain and shock, grabbing herself and falling to her knees, as Shania walks from behind and kicks her flat onto her stomach, her big titties slapping the mat.

"Who the fuck do you think you are bitch?" snarled Shania. "I'm a warm up to you? Do you know who the hell I am you whore? Better wake up bitch, cause this isn't WWF baby!"

With this Shania straddles Debbe's upper back, pulls her pony tail viscously arching her back. Shania is rewarded with a quick shriek.

"Oh, did I hurt the little princess?" Shania mocks, and with Debbe's ponytail in her right hand, begins slapping the sweaty, voluptuous cleavage that is exposed on her opponents body! Shania repeatedly slaps Debbe who hollers every time her soft titties are struck. Shania lets go of her ponytail and relinquishes the punishment to her breasts, however she has left huge hand marks all over the tanned California hardbody's ample breasts.

"I told you this isn't WWF bitch!"

Debbe sweating and moaning on the mat, covering her beautiful breasts as Shania stands over her, and drives the heel of her boot into Debbe's pussy! Debbe arches her back and screams like a little school girl. She rolls to the side, hands grabbing at her aching woman hood, and then rolls herself into a fetal position, whimpering, "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Why?" Shania replies in a mockingly concerned voice. "You disrespected the queen, and now you must be punished."

Shania hauls the injured beauty to her feet, and whips her into the turn buckle, where she crashes with a thud, and a breathless, "OOF!"

Debbe's legs turn to Jell-O, her hands still between her legs trying to rub the pain out as Shania stands across the ring smiling. She begins to sprint her way towards Debbe and meets her with a breast to breast body splash! Debbe slumps a little more down the turnbuckle as Shania bounces of the curvy bombshell.

Shania again walks up to her opponent and presses her sexy body tightly against her opponents, exhales and exclaims, "Hmm, time to finish you."

Shania reaches her right hand up around the throat of Debbe Dunning and squeezes mightily, leaning all her weight into it, leaving her left arm behind her, and then brings it full force forward driving it into the gut of her opponent, causing her to gasp out her last breath. Now Shania adds the left hand to the choking assault, pressing even harder grunting and growling in anger and hate, as Debbe is gasping and moaning for life and an escape. Her body struggling and glistening with her sweet sweat, twisting and fighting the aggressive onslaught of the Canadian beauty who is hell bent on destroying her. The sexy starlet looks into the eyes of her fiery opponent. Her lungs on fire, her eyes glazed over, her mind swimming just about to black out...


Debbe somehow feels life giving air flow back into her worn out frame, her head clearing, sight coming back. She will wish it hadn't however, as her sight comes back just in time to see Shania's fore arm smash down on the ample flesh of her chest, the sweat flying off of her with each blow.

"Choking you out is too easy bitch. I'll get no satisfaction, so ill continue to teach you a wrestling lesson."

With this, Shania grabs Debbe's ponytail and snap mares her by her long brown locks to the sweat soaked mat with a hard thud, both girls titties jiggling from the impact. Twain straddling the thin waist of the Home Improvement vixen, placing her arms beneath her shapely legs. Dunning is completely helpless on her back as a smile creases the lips of the country siren.

"Punching bags" she whispers as she alternately jabs the breasts of the California hard body.

The dark, empty gym echoes the sound of knuckle with soft skin, "Smack, smack, smack, smack," as well as the recipients, "Ugh, oh my goodness.. uh, uh, uh, uh, bitch, bitch."

Twain quickly changes her attack, pulling the body suit down, exposing her perfect breasts, her hard thick nipples. Shania's thumb and for finger greedily grope at the soft flesh, pinching, twisting, pulling, turning.


Debbe's insults are halted with shrieks of pain as the country gal sinks her pearly whites directly into soft tit. Debbe now in horrendous pain, she now realizes she's in a fight for her life, that Shania means business, and if she does not get her off her, she will maim her. Debbe bucks wildly flashing her hips up and down, finally she appears to have rolled her tormentor off, only to realize Shania's luscious thighs have now wrapped around the waist of the brutalized starlet. Dunning's ribs feeling the full fury of the raging Twain, scratching her finger nails across the rock hard abs of the proven veteran.

"Not that easy honey," Shania snarled, gritting her teeth, squeezing her thighs together as tight as she can, releasing a few moments, and squeezing again.

Dunning however, is a hardbody, and fought valiantly against the powerful Canadian, eventually rolling Shania on her back, rib crushing bodyscissors still in place.

Debbe had Shania pinned, standing on her hands and feet, pain etched in her face as her free breasts dripped their sweat onto the maniacal opponent beneath her. It was when one of these drops hit Shania's beautiful cheek that a revelation came to Debbe, and she pulled her arms out from under her, and all her wait of her chest came crashing down onto Shania! Shania released her dominant scissors, and attempted to buck out of the hold, however Debbe pinned the beautiful singers arms high above her head, rending her completely helpless!

The Californian beach bunny again gritting her teeth, this time not in pain but in exerting her superiority on to her powerful opponent. Shania's legs kicking, but getting weaker and slower each time. The sexy strawberry blonde now rubbing her 34D titties up and down on Shania, until her struggles had all but stopped.

Right before unconsciousness over came her, Debbe pulled her firm sweaty sacks off her face.

"Too easy to smother you. I think I'll punish you more. You fucking bitch"

The topless hardbody pulls her self to her feet in the corner and contemplates her move, looking at the sweat-soaked, half-conscious vixen lying in the ring, who mere moments ago was dominating her, punishing her body, twisting her in positions the human body should never be in, kicking her in the most delicate of regions, exposing her breast, mauling them, and then trying to choke her to death and humiliate her. She looked at the squirming form below her and her eyes lit up with rage. She let out a primal scream, leapt as high in the air as she could and came down on top of her with all her might with a bone crushing leg drop on Shania's 36C tits!

The impact forced Twain's legs and hips and waist to fly in the air, while her throat head and chest were trapped under Dunning's leg. Shania lifelessly flopped down to the mat, as Debbe pushed herself off her, her bodysuit slipping off of her lower body. She waited a few moments for Shania to pull herself to her feet, and when Shania turned around, she was met with a wound up kick right between her sexy thighs!

Shania shrieked and crumpled to the mat, trying to rub the pain out of her puss. Debbe Dunning now hell bent on paying Twain back in twice the pain, reaches under her belly shirt, and starts to knead her pale, pasty, firm boobies. Shania moans and squeals erotically, apparently turned on by her opponents soft hands gripping and squeezing her free breasts.

As the punishment continues, Debbe realizes what this is doing to her rival, and realizes she can deliver the coupe de grace at any time she wants. However she wants to deliver the ultimate in humiliation, and tears of her shirt exposing her perfect white breasts.

Now not only pulling squeezing and twisting her titties, Debbe nibbles on them and kisses them, now working Shania into a frenzy. As Debbe continually works on her titties, Shania's hands roam down to her pants to unbutton them, peeling the skin tight pants off her, this time easily due to the sweat lubricating her body.

She begins rubbing herself, as Debbe above her smiles, lovingly and erotically rubbing her breasts. Shania is in ecstasy, and then feels hell. Her hands travel from her crotch to her breasts, trying to ease the pain they are experiencing from Debbe squeezing the sweaty sacks for all she's worth!

"Think I'd let you off that easy cunt? This ends now!! WHO'S THE WOMAN!!"

"You're a bitch Dunning, a fucking crack whore!" retaliates Shania, squeezing harder now. "I don't believe you heard my question. I'm the gal squeezing the hell out of your money makers you talentless whore. Tell me who the woman is now, or your punishment becomes more severe. WHO... IS... THE WOMAN!!!"


"All Right Shania, you made your bed. Now, your gonna sleep in it slut!"

Debbe picks the topless, heaving-chested Twain up, and locks her in a viscous full nelson hold. Debbe runs Shania into the top turnbuckle, the sweat flying off her titties, her left breast smashed between her chest and turnbuckle the right on top of the turn buckle. Dunning attempting to finish the match off by running Shania's thick nips against the rough ring ropes. Shania breathing heavily shaking her head no.


"You, y, y, ya you ar.. "

With that Debbe's bodysuit slips off of her sweat soaked body around her ankles, tripping her.

Shania Twain lands on top and emphatically screams, "ARE NOT!!!"

Shania shifts over straddling the shocked strawberry blonde. Debbe struggles, and then feels the pain of a burning in her nude crotch as Shania tugs handfuls of pubic hairs out.


Shania in a dominant position, slamming her knee into Debbe's crotch, and pinching Debbe's thick nipples.

"Good match little girl. But you just don't beat the queen of the mat. I'm that damn good. Now. Who's the woman?"


Shania seems satisfied with this submission and lets her up. However, Debbe attempts to pick up the body suit that cost her the hard fought war with Shania and, immediately feels her head caught between a pair of rock hard thighs.


Shania wraps her arms around her tight waist and lifts the nude vixen in the air, and sits down planting her head in the mat with a pile driver. Dunning out cold on the sweaty mat. Her chest slowly rising up and down as Shania puts her finger in her face, issuing a warning.

"Don't come looking for a rematch, bitch"