Kirsten Dunst vs. Salma Hayek by Blizzard

It was a very special event at the Le Montrose Suite Hotel in West Hollywood. The function room was brimming with celebrities and business community notables drawn to a benefit for The Red Cross. Numerous 'available' stars, male and female, had agreed to be auctioned. Guests would bid on a celebrity, the reward for the highest bidder being a dinner date with the star in the hotel's highly rated restaurant and the proceeds going to the charity. The mood in the room was upbeat, but actor Owen Wilson couldn't help being a tad disappointed. He wanted a dinner with bubbly 20 y/o Kirsten Dunst, but much to his chagrin and almost everyone's surprise, sultry Mexican Salma Hayek outbid everyone to get the date. He watched them exit the function room with a clear expression of discontent on his face.

"I'm really flattered you bid on me, Salma!" gushed the cute as a button blonde. "Especially so much!"

"My pleasure, baby," sighed the long-haired brunette as they strolled through the lobby. "It's a formidable cause."

"So, I guess now we go to dinner?" gushed the chatty, excited blonde. "I have so much I want to ask you!"

"First we need to swing by my suite," Salma said as she stopped at the elevator and pressed her floor's button.

"You got a room here?" exclaimed Kirsten with wide-eyed surprise. "Wow! Planning on staying, huh? Maybe reel in one of the Hollywood studs still bidding, hmmmnnn?" she asked, giving Salma a knowing leer.

"Yeah....something like that," purred the raven-haired Hispanic hottie.

On the trip up to the 36 y/o Mexican's suite, Kirsten suddenly got a perplexed look on her pretty face and asked, "How come you didn't just bid on one of the hunks? I mean, like I said downstairs, I'm really flattered that you bid on me and all. But, gee, if you got a room to fool around with one of those guys, why bid so much for me?" she asked as the elevator doors slid opened and the 5'2" Salma stepped into the hallway. As Salma strode purposefully toward her suite, the eager 5'7" blonde scurried to keep up, persisting, "I mean, it doesn't matter. Which guy do have your sights set on anyway? That Johnny Depp is pretty hot, don't you?! Oh, and before I forget, I absolutely LOVE that sexy little red mini! And those black hose.......very hot! I like pink as you can see. It kinda matches my personality, don't you think?"

Salma paused at the door to her suite and swiped her key card as she rolled her eyes, opening the door.

"I'm still kinda young, you know," gabbed the blonde as she peeked into the room as Salma stood beside her. "I haven't really had know......experience. But don't think I haven't thought about it. I have met some really hot guys, you know?! But I'm sure you've BEEN with some really hot guys, haven't you?! Did you ever sleep with Antonio Banderas? I think he's really h..."

The chattering blonde was rudely interrupted when Salma grabbed her by the back of her pink chiffon evening dress and shoved her into the suite. Kirsten screeched as she stumbled forward, lost her footing and one high heel, then went sprawling face first on the carpet with a groan.

"Do you EVER shut up, for Christ's sake?" snarled Salma as she stepped inside and closed the door behind her. "You're like a fucking little pink Energizer bunny. Going and going and going.........Christ!"

"What the hell's this all about?" whined the blonde as she collected herself, put her shoe back on and slowly got to her feet.

"Call it education, honey. Sex education!" responded Salma with an evil curl to her lips. "I'm gonna teach you ALL about Mistress worship."

Kirsten's jaw dropped as she slowly backed up, her eyes fixed on the petite star. Salma's answer both shocked and frightened her.

"No, I....I don't think so, Salma," she stammered. "Thanks for the offer, but I think I'll be going."

The buxom brunette carefully approached Kirsten like a lioness stalking a gazelle, shaking her head slowly, "I bought you, baby. You're mine tonight." Then she added, confidently, "And after I break you and make you submit, you'll be mine forever."

"You just step aside and lemme outta here," warned the flustered blonde. "I'll hurt you if that's what it!"

"I think a little tussle before domination would be great," purred Salma as she licked her full lips. "It'll get my juices goin'."

Kirsten's face flushed and she made an abrupt break toward the door but Salma stubbornly stepped in her way, blocking her path. As the blonde's arm came up to shove Salma aside, the brunette caught her wrist, swung her around and unleashed a stinging slap to the young girl's cheek. Kirsten squealed as Salma cuffed her with two more open hands as she held her by the wrist. The last slap rocked the stunned girl and she dropped to her knees. This time, both of her strappy high heels fell off leaving her in her stocking feet.

The malicious Mexican sneered as she dug into Kirsten's mane with both hands and began to haul her back to her feet. Kirsten yelped as her hair was pulled, instinctively grabbing Salma's hose clad legs and driving forward. Salma cursed as she lost her balance, landing on her smooth, round, firm ass on the carpet with a grunt. She lost her grip on Kirsten's hair and the enraged blonde shoved the smaller brunette over onto her back and scrambled on top of her, straddling her torso on her knees. Then Kirsten unleashed a flurry of slaps at Salma, rocking the screaming woman's head side-to-side.

"You fucking freak!" Kirsten spat angrily as she slapped Salma's face yet again.

The Mexican spitfire was dazed by her foe's swift retaliation, but her tenacity remained strong. She bucked her hips wildly, planted her palms between the blonde's ample breasts and pushed. Kirsten was dismounted, landing on her butt between Salma's legs facing her. Salma quickly sat up facing her and, for a second, they glared at one another. Kirsten moved first, flashing out her foot in a kick that narrowly missed the brunette's torso. Salma countered with a powerful thrust kick that burrowed into the blonde's pussy, thudding into her pubic bone and numbing her entire groin. A swift follow-up kick to the belly traumatized the young woman who hunched forward on her knees as she let out a low groan, clutching her gut with one hand and her cunt with the other.

"This made ME wet, how 'bout you baby?" hissed Salma as she scrambled to her feet and snatched a handful of blonde hair.

Kirsten squealed as she was roughly dragged backward, her body twisting around as she got to her hands and knees. Salma took hold of the back of Kirsten's dress with her other hand and half-pulled, half-dragged the scrabbling struggling girl across the carpet to a spacious living room area. In desperation, the shrieking Kirsten slammed an elbow to Salma's knee, drawing a sharp yelp of pain and nearly tripping her. Another hard blow to the knee sent the distressed Mexican sprawling to the carpet where she lay grunting as she massaged her knee.

Kirsten threw herself at Salma and they slammed to the carpet where they began to roll; their hands in each others hair. Salma cursed and growled as the blonde girl gained the advantage, again straddling the Mexican and ripping open the front of her dress with a violent tug. The pinned brunette's short, muscular legs flailed the air as she struggled, stubbornly refusing to let go of Kirsten's long hair. The young blonde took full advantage of their position as she began to hammer the back of Salma's head on the floor, quelling Salma's resistance as the mad Mexican slumped still, dazed and moaning between her thighs.

"Ya know, you are one rude bitch!" huffed Kirsten, her chest heaving as she struggled to get her breath after the hard tussle.

Salma's dark eyes glared at her and, despite her grogginess, her hands suddenly shot up and found the blonde's tits beneath her wispy dress. Kirsten screeched as Salma attacked her magnificent globes, clawing and pulling them savagely. The anguished blonde grabbed Salma's wrists in both hands, but the wildcat had a firm gasp of her boobs and she persisted with her tit torturing. Kirsten wailed like a wounded rabbit until Salma planted her feet on the floor and thrust her hips upward, tossing her off onto the carpet. Salma rolled over and followed Kirsten, maintaining her grip on her now aching breasts. Rising to her knees beside the downed blonde, the brunette's eyes flashed with malicious fury as she squeezed and pressed down on Kirsten's tits as the poor blonde's eyes filled with tears as her futile pulling on Salma's wrists granted her no relief.

"Like I said, cunt!" hissed Salma. "A little tussle just gets my juices flowing!" She grabbed two handfuls of Kirsten's hair and stood up. "And believe me, baby, they're flowing now!"

Salma started to drag the shrieking Kirsten across the carpet to the sofa and Kirsten struggled just to get to her hands and knees. As soon as she stopped dragging her, Kirsten rose up on her knees and grabbed Salma's wrists. But the brunette's hands were still wrapped up in her blonde tresses and Salma just snarled as she slammed Kirsten's head down on the arm of the sofa. Kirsten grunted and before she could try to retaliate, her head was pounded into the sofa arm again. Salma's arms were like pistons as they hammered the groaning girl's head on the arm of the sofa until her body went limp and her cries stopped. The Hispanic Hottie dropped the unconscious blonde on her back, spread-eagled with her hair fanned out on the floor beneath her head like a golden halo.

"Now THAT'S foreplay, girlie!" gasped Salma, her big chest heaving.

Salma stripped Kirsten's dress off, followed by her matching pink silk bra and thong, leaving the young blonde completely naked except for her thigh-hi stockings. Salma gazed hungrily down at her body, eyeing the neatly trimmed fine hairs of Kirsten's bush.

"You keep a cute little landing sweet!" teased the brunette as she raked her open fingers through the thick fur.

Salma left the blonde stripped and stood up, removing her torn dress to reveal crotchless leather panties. Unclasping her bra, she slipped it off and headed into the bedroom where she pulled a bulky black leather bag from under the bed. With a devilish smirk, she chose a strap-on dildo and strapped it around her waist. She returned to Kirsten, kicked the blondes legs wide apart and knelt between them with the tip of the heavily-veined dong pointed menacingly at Kirsten's tight young pussy.

Salma bent forward, gripped the firm shaft of her dildo and began to slowly rub it up and down, teasing the swollen folds of Kirsten's pussy lips with it until it until it was moist, then eased slowly into her. Gently, she rocked back and forth, working the dong deeper inside the unconscious girl with each stroke until it glistened with the blonde's fluid and several inches were inside. Then, carefully, she pulled the wet dildo from the groggy girl's cunt as Kirsten began to stir. She moaned softly as she came around, then suddenly grunted when Salma mounted her and sat down straddling her breasts. Her droopy eyelids fluttered and when they finally opened, she found herself staring blankly at the bulbous dildo head bobbing over her chin.

"What the..."

The bewildered blonde's words were abruptly cut off as Salma clapped a hand over her mouth and pinched her nostrils shut. Kirsten's eyes grew wide as Salma smothered her; her body began to jerk as she struggled against the hold. Salma kept her hand over her mouth as the blonde girl mumbled a muffled and incoherent plea.

"Suck it, bitch!" snarled the imperious brunette as she glared down at the frightened, suffocating blonde.

Kirsten bravely shook her head, but she whimpered as she fiercely struggled while Salma continued the smother. Salma persisted until the blonde's hands began to slap her sides, hips and thighs in a panic, on the verge of passing out. Salma removed her hand, allowed her a breath and wiggled her hips, shaking the long, thick dong in Kirsten's face once more.

"Suck it!" she hissed ominously.

"NO!!! Leave me alo..."

Salma slapped her hand back over Kirsten's face, returning to her smother as she stared icily at the frightened, trembling girl.

"I'm going to smother you out, bitch!" Salma growled. "And then I'm gonna to stick this awful thing in your ass! Unless you give in and suck it for me, that is."

Kirsten's eyes reflected her abject terror, but she quickly raised her hands in a gesture of surrender. Kirsten desperately mumbled something under Salma's hand, so the brunette lifted her hand slightly to let the blonde speak.

After taking a deep breath, the young girl conceded, "OK, OK! I'll do it! Just, please, don't stick it in my heiny."

Kirsten's lips trembled as she whimpered nasally. Her puffy, reddening eyes mournfully staring at the ominous rubber dong dancing in front of her face. Salma gripped the shaft and tilted it downward, pressing the tip against the blonde's quivering lips. Kirsten blinked, a tear rolled down her cheek as she recognized her scent on the tip of the dildo as it wafted up to her nose.

"Suck my cock, slave!" commanded the excited Mexican woman as she wiggled her hips closer to Kirsten's chin.

The blonde sniffled and her face flushed bright crimson with embarrassment as she reluctantly parted her lips slightly and craned forward until the head of the dong slipped easily between her quivering lips. Salma watched with lascivious glee as her new slaves pink lips closed over the slick shaft and Kirsten's brows furrowing in chagrin at the taste her own sexual secretion. Gently, Kirsten's head began to bob up and down, lifting her shoulders off the carpet as she awkwardly performed fellatio on Salma's sex toy. As her slave reluctantly suckled her rubber cock, Salma slid one hand down under her and pushed her fingers into the split crotch of her leather thong and began to stroke her dribbling slit. She trembled and moaned as she teased herself, felling her orgasm building as she watched Kirsten's soft, swollen lips move up and down on her fake prick. Then, abruptly, Salma stopped stroking and let out a long, soft sigh, her eyes twinkling happily.

"OK, now I want you on the bed, my little cocksucking bitch," Salma snapped curtly. "It's all set up for you already and I've got a whole bag of goodies in the bedroom just waiting for your arrival."

Salma rose to her feet and the dildo popped out of Kirsten's mouth. Reaching down, Salma grabbed the softly weeping girl by her hair and pulled her over onto her hands and knees. Kirsten fought back her sobs as Salma yanked her hair, dragging and pulling her to the bedroom. Kirsten's unfettered breasts swayed wildly as Salma pulled her forward in fits and starts, laughing at her humiliation. Once Salma's slave was at the edge of the king-size bed, Salma lifted a kick to Kirsten's ribs, dropping the moaning girl in an agonized fetal position to the carpet.

"That's just a little reminder not to disobey your new Mistress, cunt! Now, get that sweet young ass up on my bed!" snarled Salma.

Kirsten whimpered as she slowly and painfully crawled up on the mattress, bashfully laying on her side with her back to Salma and her hands modestly shielding her muff. Salma angrily grabbed the girl's ankles and flipped her over onto her back, spreading her legs wide as Kirsten whined and whimpered. The dark Dominatrix reached down and took one of four long straps she'd earlier attached to the four corners of the bed frame and lashed Kirsten's ankle down with it. She did the same with her other ankle, leaving the sniffling blonde's legs spread, her pussy gaping open in an inviting pose.

"It was even easier breaking you than I expected," Salma said hungrily a she ogled the blonde's snatch. "I was kinda hoping for a better fight."

She climbed up onto Kirsten's body, straddled her chest with wet cunt on the blonde's chest as she leaned over her head to reach for the straps to tie her wrists.

"Mi pobre puta's dripping, hon. It's thinking about how GOOD your tongue's gonna feel in it!" she purred. "Can you feel it, slave?"

Salma held one strap in her hand as she reached for Kirsten's right wrist. The blonde let out a bloodcurdling scream as she rocked into action, her arms shooting up and wrapping around the surprised Mexican, clasping together behind her back. Kirsten pulled the brunette into her as she securely clamped a bearhug on, plunging Salma's surprised face down into her expansive cleavage and holding it there.

"Cuunnnmmmtttt!" mumbled Salma, her words muffled by Kirsten's suffocating breasts as she struggled fiercely to free herself.

"You'll never break me, bitch!" snarled the blonde as she clamped Salma’s face to her chest. "You're a fuckin' sicko dyke!"

Whatever Salma's retort was, it was muffled by Kirsten’s breasts and her spirited thrashing began to ebb as she ran out of breath. Her hands tangled in Kirsten's mane briefly and pulled, but the blonde persevered and soon Salma’s oxygen-starved body slumped, went limp atop her. The blonde kept Salma’s face tight against her bosom for a moment, ensuring she was really out before she released her and rolled her onto her back beside her on the bed.

Kirsten sat up, untied her ankles and then slid Salma’s limp body to the center of the bed and bound her wrists and ankles with the straps, leaving her spread-eagled and helpless. A burning desire for revenge was rampant in her, heightened by mental images of the sadistic little brunette pounding her fake dick into her ass as she’d threatened. Now, she lay defenseless before her and Kirsten planned to make Salma sorry she’d ever seen her. She recalled Salma's comment about a bag of goodies in the bedroom. She padded across the carpet in her bare feet to the infamous bag, and rifled through it with nervous excitement. Kirsten was a ‘good girl’ and the contents in the bag included several items she recognized (and few she didn’t) but she’d certainly had never used any of them herself. Indeed, her very limited experience with “toys” was limited to limited, but regular, use of a single slim vibrator that she kept in her night stand. For her, opening the bag was like turning a Rottweiler loose in a butcher shop.

Kirsten selected a short handled, split leather, riding crop and giggled as she swished it through the air with a surprisingly adept flick of her wrist, not that she’d never been paddled herself, or had vivid dreams of giving one or two recalcitrant costars a couple of lashes on occasion! She swaggered confidently back to the bed and stood beside it as she watched Salma gradually reviving. Salma's cloudy eyes were just getting focused on the tall blonde figure looming over her when she felt a sudden sharp stinging shock of pain on her cunt. Kirsten tittered with delight as she watched the effect of the blow as she snapped the crop down into the gaping slit in Salma’s crotchless panties.

"OWWW!!” Salma screamed as her body arched up off the bed. “You goddam little cunt, untie me this minute!" she commanded.

"Wow! I bet that hurts, doesn't it my little taco!" teased the humored blonde as she ran the tip of the crop the length of Salma’s already reddening slit. "Your big cock's kinda gettin’ in the way, but I guess I can work around it…for the time being."

Kirsten put her new toy to work, whipping the yelping brunette's pussy and tits until Salma's tortured body quivered and trembled in pain.

"Hey, this kinda fun!" she giggled. "Power IS arousing, isn't it, you twisted little bitch!"

"I am going to PUNISH you for this, you insolent cunt!" spat Salma. "You will DIE under my ass!"

“Only if I inhale,” Kirsten smirked as she shook the weapon at Salma’s belly button, the leather tassels to dancing in the air only inches from the softly rounded swell of her bronzed flesh.

Kirsten’s steady gaze met Salma's raging dark eyes as she snapped the crop on one of the brunette's erect nipples, the surrounding flesh already red and raw from her abuse. Salma jerked in a spasm of pain as she cried out in frustrated anguish as her tits were beginning to feel as if they'd been filleted and broiled.

"Now," stated the giddy blonde as she climbed onto the bed and straddled the writhing object of her attention. “How’d this go?"

She clamped her hand over the sputtering Mexican's mouth and pinched her nostrils shut. Salma instantly started buck wildly, accentuating her bouncing and jerking with a series of muffled screams that only expended her limited air that much faster. Kirsten maintained her hand smother as Salma frantically struggled to no avail. Salma's eyes were wide open and flashing fire, but as the hold restricted her breathing her eyes quickly took on a glassy blank stare, then began to roll back in her head as she faded out of consciousness. The blonde eased up on the hold, allowing Salma to desperately suck in a mouthful of life-giving air.

"Yep, think I got it!" giggled Kirsten as she promptly reapplied the smother.

Kirsten rode out Salma’s brief storm of bucking her hips and straining against her bonds; her body flushed with rapturous sexual arousal as she asserted her dominance and saw the glamorous brunette's eyes roll back as her furious resistance waned. Releasing a final muffled moan, Salma went limp between Kirsten’s tightly squeezing thighs as she passed out. Kirsten gazed down at her unconscious rival, aware of her own fluttering pulse and rapid respiration as well as a powerful sexual arousal in her loins as an electricity surged through her naked body, it's epicenter between her firm thighs. Looking down, she saw a sticky puddle on Salma’s chest where her excited pussy had dribbled as she snuffed the brunette out. Kirsten shuddered excitedly as she gently rubbed her swollen pussy on the brunette's breasts and belly.

"Ooohhh!!!" she gasped. "I DO like that! Salma, honey, you’ve opened up a whole new world to me tonight!"

Her pumping pace quickened as she teased her throbbing clit, scrubbing it back and forth over Salma's olive skin. She buried her hands in her defenseless rival's thick mane and held her head in place as she rode her face until she spasmed and gasped, the muscles in her ass rippling as she erupted in another explosion of sexual release.

"Uuuunnnhhhhhh! My pussy REALLY loves that!" she panted.

The breathless blonde slid forward, settling her gooey cunt on Salma’s unconscious face. She took a deep breath, then began to slowly rock her hips, emitting a shrill gasp and panting as she lifted her pussy off the brunette's pale face.

"Oh God!" Kirsten gasped as she pressed her quivering clit onto Salma's face and began a furious face-fucking.

Kirsten shrieked as the bed frame rattled against the wall with her thrusting, working her explosive clit to a state of exhilarated detonation until she climaxed like a freight train, coming on the brunette's drenched face. She gasped and panted, her body convulsing as she reveled in the waves of her powerful climax. As she closed her eyes and waited for her tremors to subside, Salma moaned softly. beginning to revive. Her eyelids opened and she stared up drowsily, then a frown creased her brow as licked her lips and ran her tongue around her come-covered kisser.

"Aaacckkk!" she snarled as she spat contemptuously on Kirsten’s flat belly. "You fuckin' bitch!!! Untie me!!!"

The formerly ‘innocent’ blonde just gazed down at her, her face wearing a look of total control. She was blossoming with each and every passing moment. She winked at her humiliated hostess, then calmly turned her body around, reverse straddling the sputtering brunette with her firm, flat ass mere inches above Salma’s face.

"I'm callin' the shots here, hun. Now you can kiss my ass!" she ordered.

"NEVER!" snarled Salma, squirming helplessly in her leather bondage.

A small but subtle grin curled Kirsten's lips as she dropped her full tush on Salma’s face. Salma's infuriated protests buzzed into Kirsten's crevice, tickling her and making her giggle. Kirsten pressed her weight down on Salma, rotating her hips as she ass smothered the struggling Mexican movie star. After a few moments, Kirsten lifted her ass and looked back over her shoulder at the sputtering Domme.

"Are you ready now?!" she asked.

"FUCK YOU, bit…." started Salma.

Kirsten sighed with dramatic frustration as she plopped her bare ass back onto the brunette's face in mid-word. She ground herself hard on her fussing opponents face as she idly plucked the Domme's vulnerable nipples with her fingers. After torturing her already abused mounds for several moments, Kirsten returned her attention to Salma's pussy. She took the strap-on dildo in one hand and slowly stroked it's shaft as she pursed her lips and thought for a moment.

"Ya know,” frowned the blonde. “That just doesn't look right. I just realized, I SHOULD be the one wearing this," she said, tapping the tip of the dildo with her riding crop.

She unbuckled the harness from around the hips of the the sputtering, squirming Domme and rose above her on her knees as she strapped it on herself. Salma cursed a blue streak as she watched helpless as the blonde girl stole her thunder.

"Now THIS is power!" exclaimed Kirsten as she bounced up and down, watching the dong gently bouncing in front of her as she slapped her ass on Salma’s face. "This kinky stuff is beginning to make sense to me! Wait’ll I show this to Ricci."

She settled her sweaty fanny back on Salma’s whimpering face and refocused her attention on Salma's now accessible pussy. Her probing fingers opened the slit of her crotchless panty and began to explore the pinned Mexican woman. Kirsten rested her full body weight on the squashed Mexican’s face as she ravaged her womanhood with her fingers as her ass smothered Salma's anguished protests. After her brief, but rough, cunt mauling, Kirsten lifted her ass again and glanced back at the overwhelmed and heavily sweating Salma.

"OK, OK......Please!" sniffled the breathless exotic beauty. "You’ve had your fun. Now, please…..untie me!"

Kirsten reached back with her hands and grabbed her ass cheeks, spreading herself wide and baring her puckery brown starfish to the brunette’s wide-eyed gaze.

"Kiss it, bitch!" she snarled. "I want to feel your fucking tongue too!"

The sudden outburst took even Kirsten by surprise but the intoxicating rush of power she was experiencing was transforming her into a wildcat. The buzzing in her clit was proof she was intensely aroused by power. She swore that, someday, she'd have to properly thank the little olive skinned bitch beneath her. But not today!

Salma's famously inflexible pride and stubborn resistance had just bought a first class ticket on the last train out of town as the shame of her subjugation by this neophyte hit her like a tsunami. She whimpered and mewled, fighting against the torrent of tears welling in her proud brown eyes. Gradually, however, having little choice but to obey, Salma lifted her head from the bed and thrust her lips forward. The pungent aroma of the blonde's moist ass wafted into her nostrils as her trembling lips made contact with the dank, tangy skin of Kirsten's asshole. She squeezed her eyes shut tight as she kissed her conqueror's asshole while the first tear rolled down her blushing cheek and dripped into her dark mane as it spilled across the pillow beneath.

Kirsten smiled with complete and utter delight when she felt Salma’s warm tongue probing her crack and darting in and around her puckered hole. Her fingers dove between her spread thighs, finding her sopping slit and plunging deep as she toyed with her hardened clitoris, emitting a shrill yelp as her over-stimulated body trembled with increasing titillation.

"Well it's about time!" she sighed as she convulsed in a near orgasmic fit. "Don't stop now, slut!"

Salma sniveled and grimaced as she disgracefully worked her tongue deep into the blonde's ass, grimacing as she tasted the disgusting taste of bodily waste she found there. Kirsten's body danced on the end of the brunette's tongue like a skewered rabbit on a pole as she rapidly stroked her engorged clit and pulled at her stiff, erect nipples until she climaxed with a tumultuous scream. The crestfallen brunette sobbed with embarrassment as she watched Kirsten’s fluid run from her slit between her glossy puffy cunt lips and run out over her body. Her spirit had been wholly crushed. Salma barely had time to get a breath of humid air before Kirsten dropped her sticky ass on her face again.

"Nnnmmmmfffff!!!" Salma desperately protested, but it was snuffed out by the superior girl's ass.

Kirsten panted heavily, a sly grin on her lips as she face squashed Salma until her unintelligible plea's and hopeless struggle ended. The victorious blonde arched her back and threw her head back, running her fingers through her long hair as she continued to ride the unconscious brunette's blank face. The power and utter satisfaction she felt dominating the lecherous bitch was unlike anything she’d ever experienced in her young life. This destruction stuff was one sweet trip!

Finally, the blonde gathered herself and got up from Salma’s limp, slack body. She stood beside the bed admiring the devastated woman. She took off the dildo and, gripping the shaft with both hands, slowly slid it easily into Salma's wet and yawning pussy. Kirsten found herself growing aroused all over again as she stared at the shaft of the dong as she slid it slowly in and out of Salma’s cunt, glistening with her sexual fluids. Sighing, she removed the toy from the brunette's body and then squeezed Salma’s cheeks, forcing her mouth open. Gently, she put the slickened dong in Salma's mouth, leaving it wedged between her teeth protruding from her grotesquely spread lips.

" yourself, bitch!" she laughed.

The exhilarated young woman slipped back into her dress and fixed her hair in the mirror over the dresser. She paused at the doorway and looked back at Salma’s body still strapped to the bed.

"I'm hungry,” she pouted girlishly. “I'm goin’ down to the restaurant and get that dinner you promised. Of course, I’ll charge it to the room," she added as she took Salma’s keycard from her purse. Then, gazing lustfully at the naked, unconscious and completely vulnerable brunette’s body on the bed, she tilted her head to the side and grinned. "Maybe I'll come back with a doggy bag of goodies for ya. This domination stuff has got my little puss poundin' for more!"