Kirsten Dunst vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt by Jackflash

Kirsten was furious! What shouldíve been the high point of her entire acting career...the record-setting success of her newest film, SPIDERMAN...was being overshadowed by a string of petty annoyances. First of all, there were the reviews. Although the critics generally liked the FILM, they were near unanimous in criticizing Kirstenís performance. Some reviewers sought to couch their pan diplomatically, suggesting the screenwriters hadnít done her character justice but most were willing to come right out and say that Kristen just wasnít very good in the role as the heroís love interest.

And that was a criticism which was also being applied to her personal life as well. It was widely known that she and costar, Tobey Maguire, had dated for several months. Such couplings in Hollywood were par for the course as performers found themselves attracted to one another while being in close proximity during the making a movie, only to discover once the film was finished that they really didnít have much in common after all. Kirsten and Tobey had split, but parted as friends and he refused to say a bad word against her - at least in public.

But now that Tobey had become, overnight, Americaís newest fresh-faced sex symbol, catty rumors were flying that Kirsten had used him to try and further her own career, then cruelly dumped him when she saw a better opportunity elsewhere. No matter how outrageous the lie, it seemed that more and more people were believing it every day and her repeated attempts to dispel her growing reputation as a manipulative bitch were being undercut by an ill-timed Rolling Stone cover feature that went to great lengths to portray her as Ďmatureí and Ďdarkí with a dangerous edge behind her gleaming smile and blonde hair.

Well, it HAD seemed like a good PR idea to her at the time.... But all of that paled in comparison to this! In the hour of her greatest professional triumph, Kirsten Dunst found herself being completely upstaged by a rival! The media had been out in force for the SPIDERMAN premiere, yet in scouring the papers in the next few days Kirsten was enraged to find very few mentions of her name - and virtually no photographs!

What she DID see were lots of photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt, who came to the premiere sporting new blonde locks and a barely-there halter top. The press flocked to her and gossip columns were full of speculations ranging from Jennifer and Tobey being an ďitemĒ to producers contemplating replacing Kirsten as Spider-Manís love interest in the sequel with... Jennifer Love Hewitt!

Anger, frustration and jealousy are a volatile mix in Hollywood and most of the managers and agents earn every penny of their salaries simply preventing their charges from acting on their emotional impulses, at least publicly. Behind closed doors, however, itís quite another matter. Kirsten had only to make a single phone call to put events in motion for a culmination that very day.

The neutral meeting ground agreed upon was a bungalow hideaway of a director who knew both actresses. Jennifer arrived first in a white tank top and black shorts, her long hair tied back in a pony tail. As she waited for Kirsten, she kicked off her sandals and got her bare feet accustomed to the feel of the plush carpet. A few minutes later, Kirsten arrived wearing a black halter top and yellow shorts, her hair done up in pigtails to keep it out of her eyes. Kirsten kicked off her sneakers and wasted no time tearing into Jennifer who was momentarily taken aback by her swift attack.

Hollywood catfights were nothing new, and Jennifer had already had more than her fair share, but rarely had she encountered anyone so savagely aggressive! Had Kirsten been able to sustain her attack, she may have won the fight within seconds, but in her fury she merely lashed out with an erratic assault. Her slaps, scratches and hairpulls did some damage, but not nearly enough to overwhelm her. And, in her anger, Kirsten was neglecting her defenses.

As soon as Jennifer regained her composure, she took advantage of the openings Kirsten was giving her, nailing her with a hard palm blow to the jaw. When Kirsten staggered backward, briefly stunned, it gave Jennifer a chance to launch a kick to her stomach. Her bare foot smacked into Kirstenís taut abs, causing her to grunt in equal parts pain and surprise.

A vicious backhand snapped Kirstenís head violently to the side and, realizing the fight was now hers to win, Jennifer decided to Ďplayí with Kirsten and teach her a little humility before she ended things once and for all. She grabbed Kirsten by each of her pigtails and began to spin her around and around. Kirsten stumbled, struggling to keep her feet as she was swung around, yelping from the pain in her scalp.

When Jennifer finally released her grip, almost comically Kirsten went reeling across the floor until she crashed into a wall and slumped to the carpet. Haughtily, Jennifer sauntered over to the downed blonde, confident she was in total control of the fight. But this time SHE made a near-fatal mistake and it was Kirstenís turn to make the most of it!

Kirstenís leg flashed out and caught the unsuspecting Jennifer, knocking her to the floor. Ignoring her own pain, Kirsten threw herself on Jennifer and they began to roll across the carpeting, their legs entwined, their hands clawing, clutching and pulling at hair, wrists and clothing. Ultimately, Kirsten managed to end up on top of Jennifer, straddling her. Looking for a suitable target to take advantage of, Kirstenís eyes immediately went to Jenniferís large, vulnerable breasts!

The blonde dug her fingers into the soft orbs, squeezing and twisting the sensitive flesh. The thin cotton top offered Jennifer scant protection, compounded by the fact that - in spite of all her vast catfight experience - sheíd unaccountably made the mistake of not wearing a bra today! Kirsten smiled maliciously at the sound of Jenniferís screams as she twisted, pulled and squeezed her breasts.

But Jennifer had been in this situation many times before and experience had taught her how to end this torment. So intent was Kirsten on inflicting pain that she paid no attention to Jenniferís own hands as they came up until it was too late! Jenniferís nails raked over her eyes as Kirsten shrieked, momentarily blinded, and released her grip on Jenniferís bosom to cover her face.

Kirsten rolled off of Jennifer, frantically rubbing her eyes to alleviate her pain and clear her vision. Jennifer bolted upright; her first instinct to massage her aching breasts; but she knew she couldnít afford to squander the precious seconds sheíd gained while Kirsten recovered. Jennifer threw a wide swinging punch that hit Kirsten flush in the temple, knocking her sideways to the floor.

Jennifer grabbed Kirsten by the back of the hair, yanked her head back until her neck was exposed, and struck the dazed blonde in the throat with a finger thrust. Kirstenís eyes went wide as she gagged, gasped and struggled to breathe as Jennifer got to her feet and began to stomp her again and again; kicking Kirsten in the breasts, belly and face. Quickly, Kirstenís feeble attempts to ward off the kicks with her arms ended.

Jennifer stepped back and glared down at Kirsten. She could have finished her off with a few more well-placed stomps but first, she wanted to dish out some payback for the attack on her breasts. Straddling the dazed Kirstenís stomach, Jennifer grabbed Kirstenís wrists and raised her arms over her head, crossing her wrists so she could pin them with one hand. Then Jennifer dropped her body down on Kirsten and covered the blondeís mouth and nose with those same, big, soft breasts; smothering her! With her flushed face thus nuzzled, Kirsten couldnít even draw a decent breath.

Adding to Kirstenís humiliation, Jennifer verbally taunted her, calling on every demeaning thought and dirty word she could think of. Her mind clouded by her lack of air, and knowing she was thoroughly beaten by her rival, her ears filled with mocking insults - Kirsten began to cry! She wanted nothing more now than for her torture to end - but it wasnít going to end until she was completely knocked out!

When the end finally came and Kirstenís nubile body went limp, Jennifer sat up, her face aglow with triumph. As a souvenir of her triumph, Jennifer took Kirstenís halter, twirling it on her index finger as she strutted out of the bungalow to her car; leaving the beaten, battered and topless body of Kirsten Dunst sprawled flat on her back, alone in the deafening roar of the silence of unconsciousness.