Anna Paquin Versus Kirsten Dunst by blackcape 05-Aug-2000

Anna Paquin drove swiftly through the hot August evening, a newly-torn envelope from acclaimed director Steven Spielberg flapping lightly in the breeze on the passenger seat beside her. Anna had turned 18 just a month earlier; the Academy Award-winning actress had purchased this brand new Impala with just a fraction of the millions she had made from her recent film, "X-Men", in which she played the troubled teenager, Rogue. Her career was on the upswing, and as the young New Zealander turned onto a hidden side street in the Brentwood Hills, she couldn't contain the excitement she felt at being invited to Spielberg's famed "Mansion On High" to audition for the role of Indiana Jones' daughter in a fourth installment of the popular movie series.

The letter had certainly been cryptic enough, "Come alone and bring a thong," it demanded. Anna had complied; beneath her baggy jeans, she wore a tight pink thong that accentuated her assets. Perhaps I shall be asked to model, Anna thought speculatively, a smile crossing her delicate lips.

Upon arriving, Anna was greeted by one of Spielberg's man-servants, who escorted her into a medium-sized room comprised entirely of mirrors. A single bright light burned overhead, by which Anna could see herself reflected dozens of times. The walls, the ceiling, the floors...all mirrored behind a layer of Plexiglas. Suddenly, a nasal-pitched voice emanated from some unknown source. It was the director.

"Anna," he began, "so nice to see you. Beautiful as always."

At this, Anna grinned and ran her fingers through her long, silky hair.

"Listen very carefully to what I am about to tell you. First, take off your clothes. I expect you brought a thong?"

Anna nodded and proceeded to strip down. Within a matter of minutes, she was bare, her perfect breasts ready for inspection, her groin throbbing excitedly within the confines of the thong.

"Good," the director said. "Kindly move to the left. Your competition for this role is entering the room."

Anna did as she was told, and to her surprise found Kirsten Dunst striding through the doorway. Anna frowned- Kirsten was only a month older than she, but had already made a name for herself by playing sex kittens in movies like "Bring It On" and "Drop Dead Gorgeous."

"She gives us younger actresses a bad name," Anna thought to herself.

Kirsten did not acknowledge Anna's presence; she had been jealous of Anna's Academy Award for the 1993 movie "The Piano" and refused to speak to the talented young starlet. Spielberg's voice echoed throughout the mirrored room once again, repeating the directions for Miss Dunst. Soon, both women were topless, Kirsten wearing a white thong that was pulled taut against her firm womanhood.

"OK ladies," Spielberg declared, "both of you are up for the role of a lifetime, one which could make you a household name. Look about you. In the lower-left hand corner of the room, you will find a pair of handcuffs. The upper-left hand corner has a rubber-tipped silver baton. The lower-right corner holds a length of rope six-feet long and in the upper-right corner you will see a children's pool filled with water. Behind these mirrors are a series of cameras that will capture you in action from a variety of angles."

Anna looked puzzled, but a wide grin began to spread over Kirsten's face.

"So what are we doing?" Anna asked confusedly.

"You are going to have to fight for the role," the director said. "A fight to the near-death; no rules, no time limit and neither of you can submit to the other. I will not stop the fight until I'm sure of the winner. I have a team of medical personnel on hand for the loser, whom I expect will be unable to work for several months. Do you understand? You have the opportunity to back out now, if you so desire."

Anna thought for a moment before answering. She really wanted to teach that bitch Kirsten a lesson. Kirsten, for her part, couldn't wait to beat "that snotty whore" into the ground.

"Let's do it," Anna says.

At this moment, the man-servant shuts and locks the door. Anna sizes up her opponent; the dishwater blond hair, the voluptuous breasts, muscular arms and toned stomach, solid thighs...maybe I'm mismatched, Anna thinks, but by then it is too late to back down.

The two girls rush each other in the center of the room and are immediately locked into a brutal bearhug (top view: two beautiful faces staring up in pain, hair twisting back and forth, breasts mashed together with Kirsten's getting the upper hand, legs wrapping around each other). Kirsten topples her adversary (bottom view: Anna's shapely buttocks and curvaceous back smashed against the glass, her back arching up and outward as Kirsten knees her twice in the crotch). Kirsten pins Anna's arms beneath her legs, straddles her breasts and bounces up and down repeatedly (lower side view: Kirsten's muscular round ass banging into Anna's firm breasts, which jiggle on Kirsten's upswing before sandwiching horizontally beneath her opponent).

Kirsten pulls Anna's face between her thighs and punches her hard in the face four times (lower side view: Anna's legs kick out and her buttocks thrust with each blow). Kirsten stands, pulls Anna to her feet by the throat and smashes her back against the wall, where she pelts her body with blows to the belly, breasts and crotch (side view: Anna's bare back sticky with sweat smearing against the glass, her perfect ass billowing and spreading upon the wall with each blow to her womanhood).

Kirsten bends Anna over, stuffs her head between her legs (lower view: Anna's pained expression, her breasts dangling, rubbing against Kirsten's thighs) and executes a perfect piledriver (lower view: Anna's face and breasts smashed against the glass, legs spread and twitching with spasms).

Kirsten bounces on Anna's head six times (lower view: Anna's nose and lips smearing against the glass). Kirsten gets up, rolls Anna onto her back and delivers a knee-drop to the crotch. Anna arches her back and bangs her head against the floor in pain, but Kirsten is already crawling up Anna's body (lower side view: Kirsten's breasts rub along her opponent's glistening stomach, push against Anna's breasts as she gyrates her crotch like a snake, ass arching out and diving in to rub on her enemy). Kirsten encircles her arms around Anna's neck and executes a breast smother, pushing the girl's flushed face into her cleavage for a solid two minutes despite Anna's muffled cries (upper view: Anna's face and chest completely smothered by Kirsten, Anna's hair spilling out from beneath her foe, Kirsten grinding her crotch on Anna's body while Anna reaches up and gives Kirsten a wedgie by pulling on the taut fringes of Kirsten's thong, Anna's legs convulsing frantically until they and her arms go limp from lack of oxygen).

Kirsten rises up, slaps Anna awake, crawls over to the baton. Anna is groaning softly until Kirsten places the baton along her foe's neck and stands on both ends, choking Anna once again. Anna coughs and gasps, her legs kick violently as Kirsten bounces up and down on the edges of the baton.

Tiring of this, Kirsten takes one end of the baton and jams it into Anna's mouth. Keeping it vertical, Kirsten sits on the other end, feeling erotically stimulated as the plastic tip digs into her thong and penetrates her pussy while Anna is pinned to the floor by her mouth (upper view: Anna's legs, spread-eagled are moving slowly up and down as Kirsten drives herself deeper onto the baton, breasts bouncing with each effort, buttocks thrusting, legs in a V-shape).

Feeling herself about to cum, Kirsten bounces harder and faster until her juices run along the length of the baton and into her opponent's mouth. Kirsten shivers once before throwing the baton aside. Anna rolls onto her stomach and crawls painfully toward the door, but Kirsten has other plans.

Straightening her thong, she bends over, picks up the rope and approaching Anna, jumps straight up and comes down ass first on her enemy's back. Anna arches up in pain, but by then Kirsten has the rope wrapped around Anna's throat (bottom view: Anna's lower body and crotch plastered to the floor as Kirsten yanks back on the rope, pulling Anna's head back, her breasts dangling just above the mirrored floor) (upper view: Anna's swollen lips and pain-filled eyes facing up, her round ass bulging out from her pink thong as Kirsten arches her back and pulls harder while performing the splits on her fallen foe).

Taking a handful of hair, Kirsten smashes Anna's face into the ground, stands up and drags her along the floor by the neck to the lower-left hand corner. Kicking her to her stomach, Kirsten handcuffs Anna's hands behind her.

Unraveling the rope around Anna's throat, Kirsten grabs the handcuffs, plants a foot deep between Anna's round buttocks and pulls back on her enemy's arms with all her might. Anna screams and tosses her head back, her body arched at an extreme angle.

Keeping one foot in place, Kirsten spreads her legs and stomps another foot on the back of Anna's neck, pinning her to the floor. Throwing her own head back from the exertion, Kirsten pulls on Anna's arms with all her strength until she hears the pop of both arms dislocating at once. Anna is still conscious, her eyes glazed over in pain, as Kirsten drags her by the handcuffs to the children's pool and tosses her in on her back.

Kirsten leaps on top of her adversary and lands on Anna's breasts, water splashing out of the pool and onto the mirrors below. Securing Anna's head beneath the water, Kirsten slides herself up and smashes her beautiful ass on Kirsten's face, covering all but her forehead with her wet pussy and shining buttocks. (side view: Kirsten begins pumping on Anna's face, faster and faster, while Anna kicks her legs in vain. Anna's breasts rise and fall as Kirsten pounds away, water sloshing and overflowing onto the mirrors beneath. Kirsten begins making primal grunting noises , rocking harder and harder until her thighs lock, she stiffens and cums all over the face beneath her. Anna's legs twitch and then go limp, hanging askew over the poolside.).

Standing, Kirsten reaches into Anna's thong, digs her fingers into her defeated foe's womanhood and gripping her neck in the other hand, lifts an unconscious Anna over her head before slamming her once more into the pool, water sloshing everywhere.

"That's it, Spielberg," Kirsten cries. "I defeated the stupid cunt. Do I have the part?"

"You certainly do," the director replies omnipotently. The door opens and Kirsten strides out to her big break. (upper view: Anna lies unconscious in the center of the pool, arms handcuffed beneath her, glistening breasts and bulging womanhood rising and falling from the surface of the water.)