A Day at the Beach: Natalie Portman and Kirsten Dunst by Bob

A local radio station was sponsoring a bikini contest between Kirsten Dunst and Natalie Portman. Kirsten was wearing a skimpy red and white striped bikini that left little to the imagination. When Natalie walked up all eyes turned to her for she was wearing a green thong bikini that showed even more skin than Kirsten's. Natalie loved that she'd taken all the attention from Kirsten. Natalie wiggled to arouse all of the men before she turned to Kirsten and gave her a cold stare.

After staring at Kirsten for several seconds, Natalie finally said, "Looks like the contest is over honey...and I won!"

Natalie smiled defiantly, slowly took her top off and flipped it to the woman disc jockey who was running the contest. She caught it and caressed it softly with her fingertips as the crowd started cheering madly.

Then Natalie slowly turned to Kirsten and purred, "Your act is like so over sister! Now, hit the bricks before I do something to really show you up," Natalie chuckled as she started shaking her breasts.

"And what are you going to do to show me up?" Kirsten asked as she slowly lifted her bikini top and began playing with her hard nipples.

As the crowd gasped, Kirsten put one hand down the front of her bikini and began to finger herself. Once again the men who were watching the contest were being treated to quite a show and they appreciated every minute of it. Next Kirsten pushed down and bikini bottom and flexed her hips. Natalie saw the men now watching and Kirsten and realized she had to do something fast to get their attention back.

She turned to Kirsten and said, "That's it bitch, I'm going to kick your ass."

Laughing, Kirsten looked at Natalie, put her hands on her hips and cocked one leg, "I'm ready when you are girl!"

Mimicking the statuesque blondes 'tude, Natalie began flexing her legs as she bent over to give the men a good view of her firm young ass. Kirsten started copying her movements and they kept moving closer and closer until they were nipple to nipple as they stared defiantly at each other.

Suddenly, Kirsten kneed Natalie in the groin! Although the shorter brunette groaned and her knees buckled briefly, she immediately went on the attack as she grabbed the 5'8" blonde by her bikini top. Kirsten grabbed Natalie's wrists in an effort to pry her hands loose and the two young starlets struggled for the advantage as they stumbled over the sand, then rolling around until Natalie finally gained the advantage as she came to a stop sitting on Kirsten's stomach. Natalie started throwing many hard punches to the blonde's face and Kirsten's nose and eyes quickly became reddened from the punches she was absorbing.

After taking several hard punches, Kirsten was finally able to grab the 5'3" brunette's wrists. The blonde planted her feet and thrust upward with her hips, bridging her lanky body as the two struggled briefly as she tried to roll the brunette off and Natalie tried to maintain her dominance and stay astride the blonde beauty's bucking body. After a brief struggle, Kirsten finally rolled Natalie over so that she gained dominance as she scrambled up and dropped her butt on the brunette's stomach. After pinning Natalie's shoulders to the sand for several minutes until Natalie stopped bucking in her unavailing attempts to dislodge her, Kirsten grabbed the brunette beauty's hair and slammed her head into the sand five times.

Natalie grunted each time as her head pounded into the hard sand as she angrily screamed, "That's it bitch, I'm going to kill you!"

Natalie reached up, grabbed Kirsten's bikini top between the bulging cups and pulled it down around her waist, freeing her large tits. However, the blonde was still in control and as Natalie's hands grasped for her bouncing breasts, Kirsten started throwing punches of her own down onto Natalie's face; landing several solidly to the brunette's left eye.

Natalie's eye quickly swelled and began to blacken as the blonde bomber continued to rear up on her knees and drive her fist straight down on her face. Then as Natalie's fingers dug into her soft boobs, Kirsten suddenly stopped and reached behind her. She curled her fingers under the front panel of Natalie's skimpy bikini bottom and pulled! The tiny waistband snapped almost instantly and Kirsten pulled the strip of cloth between Natalie's flailing legs with a shout of triumph!

She quickly wrapped the thong around Natalie's neck and used her own bikini to choked her. All Natalie could do was kick and struggle, the nails of one hand raking down Kirsten's bare breasts as the other tugged weakly at her suit which was choking her out.

Kirsten kept choking Natalie as her resistance rapidly faded, releasing the choke hold only when she saw Natalie was about to pass out. With Natalie sprawled flat on her back, Kirsten turned around and sat on her tits as she began punching Natalie in the cunt. After torturing Natalie's pussy for a few minutes, Kirsten got off the battered brunette, planted her foot on the brunette's stomach and raised her hands over her head. The onlookers cheered wildly as Kirsten flaunted her victory over the diminutive brunette while Natalie lay pinned on the sand underfoot, looking up at Kirsten as she waved her arms in victory.

Natalie's eyes burned with anger as she suddenly grabbed the blonde's ankle and twisted it hard, causing Kirsten to tumble over backward. Although Kirsten stumbled back, she managed to stay on her feet but it gave Natalie time to get up and spin around to face her. The two starlets glared at each other for a second or two - then charged toward each other.

As they got close, Natalie jumped in the air and brought her foot up, driving it into the taller blondes stomach. Kirsten's body folded forward and she grimaced as Natalie's kick caught her by surprise and took her breath away. Then Natalie went on the offensive, grabbing a handful of blonde hair and wrapping her right arm around Kirsten's head as she put the tall girl in a headlock.

Natalie drove a hard left to the blonde's eye, and as Kirsten grabbed Natalie's hair trying to force her to break the hold, the brunette threw several more, landing hard punches to the blonde's free-swinging bare tits and her flat belly. Sensing she'd weakened Kirsten, Natalie let go of the blondes head and grabbed her long blonde hair with both hands, turning her around as she faced the blonde and yanked her head forward as she raised her knee into her face.

As Kirsten sagged from the stunning blow, Natalie followed with another knee - this one to Kirsten's bare chest and the blonde crumpled as she fell backward. As Kirsten's head hit the sand, Natalie stomped down on her face, smashing Kirsten's nose and making it bleed profusely. Then the tiny whirlwind brunette stomped the blonde's stomach and Kirsten groaned as her head and shoulders spasmed upward as the air whooshed out of her.

Grinning, Natalie plopped her ass down on the blonde's face with her knees pinning Kirsten's arms. The crowd heard a low, muffled groan from the badly battered blonde as her face disappeared from view. Now it was Natalie's turn as she threw her hands in the air and acknowledged the thunderous applause of the large crowd. Kirsten had taken a bad beating in the last minute or two and Natalie knew the blonde was finished. She started wiggling her ass from side to side, laughing as the movement forced Kirsten's head to roll from side to side with her.

Finally the brunette arched her back and leaned back, reaching behind her with both hands and grabbing Kirsten large melons, digging her nails into the blonde's malleable titflesh. Kirsten bucked her hips and kicked a little, but her resistance wasn't nearly enough to buck Natalie off. Kirsten tried to scream but Natalie's ass muffled her cries. Despite being almost out, Kirsten in a move born of desperation, bit Natalie's cunt. The brunette screamed as she fell backward onto Kirsten's stomach and then rolled down her legs and off.

Both battered beauties lay on the warm sand moaning for several seconds, Natalie holding her pussy and Kirsten holding her boobs. Finally, Kirsten got to her knees and threw herself at the brunette but Natalie raised her feet and kicked out, catching Kirsten squarely in both breasts with her heels. The blonde flew backward and sprawled on the sand where she lay as if she'd been shot.

Natalie slowly got up, eyeing the blonde warily as she waited for Kirsten to make her next move. Finally, the blonde rolled over and started to get up. While Kirsten was still bent over starting to rise, Natalie ran forward and kicked her in the tits, knocking her back down on her back. Then Natalie dropped on top of Kirsten's chest with both knees driving into Kirsten's already sore and aching tits. Kirsten burst into tears, crying in pain as Natalie shifted her body so she was sitting on Kirsten's black and blue chest. The enraged brunette threw a left-right combination - the rapid-fire punches cracking onto the blonde's now swollen lips and putting her into a daze.

As Kirsten lay still, Natalie turned around, reached down and grabbed Kirsten's ankles, pulling her feet up and spreading her legs as far apart as they'd go as the disk jockey who was hosting the event walked over to her.

"She's had enough," the woman told Natalie. "You win. Let her go."

Natalie let Kirsten's legs go and they flopped limply to the sand. Natalie stood up and looked down at the beaten blonde at her feet. Kirsten was a mess! She was lying spread-eagled in the sand, her face bruised and her bare breasts scratched. Her entire body was slick with perspiration where it wasn't already covered with sand that stuck to her wet skin. Despite the beating she'd taken, and her face being a mask of bruises and scratches, Kirsten still looked beautiful as she lay moaning in pain as Natalie smiled as the disk jockey pumped her fist in the air.

"I doubt she'll mess with you any more," the female DJ said with a grin. "I hope you weren't planning anything too strenuous for her. I'd kinda like to ease her pain myself once I can get her alone!"

Natalie smiled and nodded as she kicked Kirsten in the side, "Damn right!"

Although Kirsten dominated the start of the fight and had done some damage, Natalie no longer felt any pain. Although she was happy to have gotten the best of the blonde, she fervently prayed their paths would cross again because she was already getting moist at just the thought of giving her blonde nemesis yet another sound beating - hopefully far away from the prying eyes of the public so she could enjoy the 'fruits of victory' in a fitting manner. A manner her agent and publicity people would certainly NOT want to happen anyplace where the paparazzi could see and report on - for Natalie had some kinky tastes that she loved to indulge and ones her fans would never understand or accept.