Kirsten Dunst (544) vs. Natalie Portman (387) by Maestro

Kirsten and Natalie had hated each other ever since they'd seen the other become successful on the Hollywood Celebrity Catfight Circuit. Both young actresses had developed a reputation for being both cruel and kinky with Kirsten's favorite finishing move leaving her opponents looking like the baby she was born (head and pussy shaved and wearing a daiper wedged tightly up into her ass and pussy sucking her thumb!). She enjoyed measuring the size of the daiper on the woman's ass and pussy and to check her waist size, because she wanted to know how tight she could make a woman's ass and pussy. Natalie was equally feared and her famous finish was to see how deep her opponent could be double-fisted while she remained conscious! She bragged how she enjoyed seeing how deep she could penetrate both love holes, and she always tried to penetrate her next opponent deeper than the previous one before she fainted.

When they finally met for their catfight, Kirsten was dressed in a white bikini, Natalie in a peach bikini and as soon as the match began, they rushed at each other, grabbing their opponent in a bear hug. Kirsten's larger breasts force Natalie back to her corner where, with her back being crushed, Natalie cried in agony, allowing Kirsten to lift her by her waist and smash her pussy down onto her outstretch knee. She repeated this move several minutes, before releasing the bear hug and letting the gasping, whimpering Natalie fall over backward on the canvas clutching her punished pussy. Kirsten pounched on Natalie, landing on her breasts with both knees which made Natalie's legs jerk upward. Kirsten caught Natalie's ankles and pulled them forward until Natalie's toes touched her head on either side next to her dainty ears. As Natalie screamed in pain at being folded like a matchbook, Kirsten mashed her pussy down on her nose and mouth.

"Quiet, bitch! The fun's just starting!" Kirsten said as she rubbed her pussy on Natalie's nose and her ass on her mouth. Kirsten banged her pussy and ass on Natalie's face for a full minute to make sure she knew who was in charge, before swiveling around and settling back on her face with her ass was on Natalie's nose, her pussy covering her mouth. "Breathe deep, baby, you'll love this part!" Kirsten chuckled as she ripped Natalie's panties open and jammed one hand in Natalie's ass and the other in her pussy!

Natalie's hips widened and she mumbled under Kirsten's pussy which was getting wet from the excitement of Natalie's hot breath on the sensitive orifice. As Kirsten's frenzied hands pumped away, Natalie's girl juices began to flow, enabling Kirsten to easily double-fist her as the juice seeping from her pussy ran down her ass crack, lubricating the way for Kirsten's right hand which she thrust even deeper in Natalie's spreading anal cavity.

"Let's see how deep YOU can take being penetrated, babe!" Kirsten smiled, thrusting even deeper as Natalie kept mumbling under her pussy and ass. Natalie's hot breathe on her pussy made Kirsten lose all control and she flooded Natalie's mouth with her juices which made it easier for Kirsten to wriggle her pussy and ass erotically (using her pussy juices as lubricant) all over Natalie's red face. "Honey, you're in for the time of your life," Kirsten laughed. "Hey! What's stopping my hand?" she muttered as her right hand was tightly gripped by Natalie's clenched ass cheeks.

Suddenly, Kirsten's eyes bulged in their sockets and she screamed out loud as she desperately began trying to pull her hands from Natalie's juicy pussy and ass. Natalie was biting down hard of her pussy lips and Kirsten frantically tried lifting her ass off Natalie’s face as her juices continued pouring down over her. But Natalie's arms were wrapped around Kirsten's hips and waist, preventing her ass and pussy from lifting off her cum-covered face. It was almost as if Natalie wanted to continue being ass and pussy smothred by Kirsten!

Kirsten finally managed to pull her girl-goo covered hands out of Natalie's pussy and ass and tried to pry Natalie's arms from around her, but Natalie's juices had made Kirsten's hands so slick, they kept slipping and she was losing her grip on Natalie's arms. Knowing she wanted to double-fist Kirsten, and having her ass and pussy so close to her, Natalie suddenly let go and Kirsten went sprawling forward over Natalie’s ass, landing on her face and knees with her ass in the air. Kirsten used her hands, which were still covered with Natalie's juices, to massage her wounded pussy lips, rubbing both of their juices into her pussy.

Natalie wiped Kirsten's juices from her face with both her hands, then sat up and thrust her left hand deep in Kirsten's pussy, forcing Kirsten's own fingers into her gaping hole.

"Aaaaahhhhh!!" screamed Kirsten, realising that Natalie was fisting her and forcing her to fist herself with her own hands! Kirsten finally managed to pull her right hand out, but Natalie grabbed it with her right hand, and pushed both of their right hands deep in Kirsten's wide ass; their combined pussy juices easing their hands which slid easily in between Kirsten's flared cheeks. "Ooooohhhhhhh!!" grunted Kirsten as Natalie began double-fisting her

"Yes, honey, let's see how deep you are," laughed Natalie, pumping both Kirsten's pussy and ass while pressing her full, firm breasts with their hard nipples down on Kirsten's ass cheeks to support herself and help steady Kirsten’s trembling body.

Natalie plunged her hands deep inside Kirsten's love holes, lifting her body up as she pulled out and sat on her back, wrapping her cum-covered hands around Kirsten and pulling her into a camel-clutch, smothering her with her sticky fingers wedged in Kirsten's mouth. She pulled Kirsten up and back even futher until her breasts jutted out, then used her right hand to rip Kirsten’s bra off! Natalie began to fondle Kirsten’s tits using her own juices to make the job easier. When she felt the juices drying up on her right hand, she switched to her left hand to continue massaging Kirsten's breasts while she reached down under Kirsten and rubbed her right hand in her pussy, getting a fresh coating of Kirsten kreme to replace that now glistening on Kirsten’s heaving bosom.

Kirsten felt her the pressure on her head ease from Natalie’s camel clutch and she was able to finally pull her own hands from her pussy and ass, then she grabbed Natalie's thighs where they wrapped around her and flipped her forwards onto her face over her shoulder. Natalie stopped the breast fondling as she belatedly flung her hands in an attempt to break her fall....too late! Natalie crashed to the mat face first and when her chin cracked the floor, she was knocked unconscious!

Kirsten flipped Natalie on her back, swung her leg over her and dropped her ass down hard on her face, then raised up on her knees and slammed it down again. Each time she smashed her ass hard down on Natalie’s face, her back arched up and her legs jerked up widly. Kirsten kept bouncing for five minutes until she was certain Natalie was completely knocked out, then pulled her face between her legs and nestled her nose deep between her swollen pussy lips, holding it in place with her right hand as she reached back with her left hand and plunged it deep into Natalie's pussy. After only a few skillful strokes of her long, strong fingers, Kirsten was rewarded with a fresh flow of Natalie’s girl-goo.

Kirsten coated her fingers with a liberal helping, then she scrubbed it hard in Natalie's hair, turning it a milky-brown colour. Then she picked up her razor and slowly, carefully shaved Natalie’s gorgeous brunette coif off, leaving her head bald as the day she was born! Since Natalie had long, thick hair, Kirsten had to reach back and delve deep into Natalie's pussy four times to get enough liquid to completely shave Natalie. Each time her left hand fisted Natalie's pussy for juices, her right hand continued forcing her face deep between her legs, holding her nose wedged deep in her pussy.

"Perfect, honey,” Kirsten sighed when she was done. “Just like the day you were born except for that nasty ol’ hairy pussy. But, now we’ll change that too!!" she laughed as she put Natalie's bald head under her ass and pulled her limp legs up, folding them back over her head and pinning them under her ass to hold them firmly in place as she plunged both hands deep into Natalie's asshole, making her orgasm again before smearing the juices on her pussy.

"Hold still, sweetie!!"she smiled as she shaved until Natalie’s pussy was totally bald as Natalie moaned and squirmed weakly under her.

Kirsten worked deliberately, pausing frequently to lovingly fondle and stroke Natalie's pussy, making her orgasm twice to provide even more of the slippery juices which Kirsten used for shaving. Soon, Natalie's pussy was as slick and smooth as her bottom - and her head - were on the day she was born!

That’s when Kirsten decided it was time to “wrap” the party! She grabbed the snow-white daiper which she’d bought just for Natalie and fitted it around her like a tender mother, covering Natalie's ass and pussy. Then giving a grunt, Kirsten hauled up, wedging it tight to stop any more of Natalie’s precious girl goo from escaping.

Grabbing a tape measure, she measured Natalie's waist and announced, "Hmmm, about 2 inches shorter, just enough to fit in the pram, my lovely baby girl!" She lifted Natalie up and dropped her butt in a pram where she lay still dazed and oblivious, her arms dangling down on both sides, her legs draped over the end between the handles. Kirsten patted Natalie’s bald head and laughed, "That head of yours might catch cold, so here's a cute little baby hat to keep it warm." Kirsten snugged a pink baby's frilly bonnet down on Natalie’s head, then she wheeled her away to the dressing room; her head shaved but still cum-drenched with the white daiper wedgied deep in her ass and her still dripping pussy!

Final Vote: Kirsten Dunst 544; Natalie Portman 347