Kirsten Dunst vs. Julia Stiles by Catfight Contributor

Ever since her first movie role, Julia Stiles had been the darling of critics and one of Hollywood's perennial 'it' girls. But while she was happy with her career, having managed to stay hot while finishing college, she was quietly frustrated that she hadn't yet established herself as an A-list star. And if there was one thing that bugged her, it was that other actresses her age, in spite of their obviously lesser talent -at least to her eyes - had built up larger and more vocal followings than she.

One summer night, Julia was in the lobby of the Ritz Hotel attending a popular film festival when she was spotted and approached by a small group of autograph seekers. Having had a bad day, she'd been hoping she could keep a low profile. But ever the obliging star, she stopped to accommodate their request. Before long, she'd been spotted by a couple of paparazzi and a small scrum had developed.

Just as Julia was beginning to enjoy herself, though, the crowd spotted another star. Kirsten Dunst was riding the success of Spider-man, and had easily surpassed Julia in popularity. Almost immediately, the crowd forgot about Julia and thronged around Kirsten - leaving Julia standing there humiliated that her star power had failed her.

More than anything else, though, she was furious at Kirsten for what she perceived as a deliberate attempt to upstage her. When they both got to the elevators at the same time, Julia made no effort to hide her displeasure.

"Fucking bitch," she said, elbowing Kirsten aside and claiming the first elevator for herself.

Startled, Kirsten stood open-mouthed and watched the elevator doors close in her face. She and Julia only knew each other slightly, and they'd never had a problem that she'd been aware of. What had she done to deserve this animosity?

Even after she'd gone back to her suite, the incident with Julia bugged Kirsten who was generally well-liked among her peers - and she wanted to keep it that way. So, rather than letting it fester, she decided to visit Julia's suite fix whatever problem there was between them.

Julia, meanwhile, was still in a pissy mood when she heard a knock on the door. She'd just finished doing her nails for the big gala the next night. She was lying on her bed wearing only a T-shirt and panties, her bare legs stretched out in front of her. Irritated at having to get up, she gave a huge sigh as she got up and went to see who was it was.

"Yeah?" she called through the door.

"Julia, it's Kirsten, Kirsten Dunst," came the reply. "Can we talk?"

Julia opened the door and Kirsten strode in, her head high and her long hair flowing. She was casually dressed in a tight-fitting T-shirt, denim shorts and sandals.

"Look, I just wanted to straighten things out...," she began.

"Who the hell do you think are you, barging into my room like this?" Julia snapped. "First you embarrass me downstairs and now you're invading my personal space! You know, I'm sure if I went around sticking out my tits out on every magazine cover, I'd get plenty of attention too."

"You know, you're a real bitch," Kirsten said, turning back toward the door. "You're just lucky I'm willing to let that go. Besides, if they put those puny tits on any magazine, they'd have to GIVE them away!"

"Oh!" Julia gasped. "You think I'm lucky? Well, go ahead and run away then. If you had any guts, you'd back up that implied threat instead of running!"

Julia grabbed Kirsten's shoulder - and was rewarded with a shove that knocked her back a couple of steps.

"That's it," Julia huffed. "I've had enough of your shit."

Before Kirsten could react, Julia charged into her and nailed her in the stomach with her shoulder, winding her. As Kirsten doubled over, Julia grabbed her hair and jerked her upright, then unleashed a barrage of punches as the stunned girl tried to cover up. Again, Julia grabbed Kirsten's hair and flung her to the carpet as Kirsten offered little resistance. Immediately, Julia was on her, straddling her rival as she rained more slaps onto her face. Finally, Julia grabbed Kirsten's T-shirt and pulled it up to expose her sheer red bra.

"Let's see those tits you're so fuckin' proud of, you little whore," Julia spat as she latched onto Kirsten's ample boobs and gave them a good, hard squeeze.

Kirsten writhed in pain, kicking her legs in frustration until she was able to get a decent hold on her slender tormentor and push her off to the side. Both girls scrambled to their feet, and this time Kirsten was more than ready for Julia's attack. Meeting in the middle of the suite's small living room, the two young women locked into each other, pushing and pulling with all their mighty mite might.

Unwittingly, Julia had gotten herself into a test of strength for which she was ill-prepared. Kirsten wasn't a big girl, but she was more solid than Julia and it showed as she easily outmuscled Julia, backing her up toward the wall...but before she got there, Kirsten swung Julia around and slammed her back into it. Then she pulled her off the wall and threw her face-first onto the couch.

Julia got to her hands and knees on the couch, beginning to realize this whole thing might not have been such a good idea after all...but before she could complete the thought, Kirsten grabbed her by the hair, dragged her off the couch and up to her feet. Standing behind Julia, Kirsten wrapped her arms around Julia's mid-section in a reverse bearhug that left the overpowered blond kicking and thrashing in a futile effort to escape. Unable to do so, Julia felt her resistance weakening as Kirsten lifted her a feet couple of inches into the air. Kirsten set her back down again adjusted her hold and then lifted her again, squeezing tighter. She repeated the process several times as Julia's bare legs kicked wildly in the air.

Finally, Kirsten released Julia, giving her a gentle shove forward so she tumbled face first onto the floor. For a moment, she just lay there, clearly hoping Kirsten would just leave, but after being attacked in the first place, the now-dominant Kirsten had no intention of going easy on Julia now.

"Get up and finish what you started," Kirsten snapped, confident enough to back off and give Julia a bit of space.

Realizing she had no choice but to fight back, Julia quickly scrambled to her feet and used her forward momentum to charge into Kirsten attempting a tackle. But this time Kirsten was prepared and having braced herself well, she managed to stay on her feet as her weakened opponent barreled into her midsection a second time. This time, Kirsten reached down and caught Julia in a headlock as the once cocky blonde held onto her rival with her arms around Kirsten's hips, unable to do her much harm.

With Julia hunched over, Kirsten reached down with her free hand and grabbed the back of her grey panties, yanking them up in a painful wedgie. Julia yelped in pain as Kirsten jerked her underwear up tight and brought Julia up onto her tip-toes. She kept jerking and tugging until her tight little butt was almost completely exposed.

Giving Julia's bare ass a hard smack, Kirsten used the headlock to throw her to the floor once more. This time, Julia wanted no more part of her dominant opponent and immediately tried to run. Getting to her feet, Julia began to literally run from Kirsten, who hesitated a moment then decided to give chase. Ultimately, even Julia's get-away didn't work, as she wound up trapped in the bedroom.

At this point, an apology may have helped, but Julia was either too proud or too flustered. Instead, she tried to dart back out the bedroom door, but once again she got caught up in Kirsten's arms. This time, though, she caught a break. Either intentionally or accidentally, her knee came up and caught Kirsten in the crotch. It wasn't particularly hard, but it was painful enough to make her to release her grip. But instead of taking advantage of her opportunity to escape, Julia couldn't resist taking a full-fledged swing at Kirsten and the punch caught the corner of Kirsten's mouth.

Obviously, Julia had overestimated her punching power - because rather than falling down, Kirsten shook off the blow and returned the favour with a solid punch to Julia's stomach that doubled her over.

With Julia bent forward, Kirsten increased her embarrassment by yanking Julia's T-shirt up over her head and then pulling it off. Left in only her panties, the humiliated and bra-less Julia used both hands to cover her small breasts while Kirsten hauled her back up to her feet and tackled her backward onto the bed. She pried Julia's hands away from her tits as she straddled her.

"What the hell are these?" Kirsten taunted as she grabbed Julia's bare breasts in both hands. "No wonder you're so jealous of my tits - you don't have any of your own!"

"Please!" Julia begged. "I'm sorry...just leave me alone."

"All right," Kirsten said. "But I'm keeping the room as my reward."

"No way," Julia protested, dreading the thought of being thrown out in her current state.

"All right," Kirsten said. "I won't throw you out. We'll go out together."

She got off of the beaten actress and quickly dragged her onto the floor. Grabbing Julia's bare feet, she began to drag her on her back out the bedroom door toward the hallway door.

It was a slow process, because in spite of her dominance, Kirsten still wasn't all that strong and Julia was squirming and writhing trying to get free. But she gradually made progress toward the door, Julia flailing her arms and wailing the whole way. Finally, they reached the door, which Kirsten somehow managed to open after tucking Julia's ankle under one arm, and pulled the near-naked girl out into the quiet hallway.

Dropping Julia's feet, Kirsten turned, stepped over Julia and started to head back into the room by herself. But Julia, unwilling to simply accept her humiliating punishment, scrambled to her knees and threw her arms around Kirsten's waist, hoping to keep her out of the room and - somehow - find a way back in herself.

"You just don't learn, do you?" Kirsten admonished, pulling free of the weakened girl's grip with relative ease. "Well, we're just going to have to teach you another lesson now, aren't we?"

Kirsten dove on Julia's back, pinning her to the floor under her body and using her hand to pound on the wall. Sure enough, several doors opened as people emerged from their hotel rooms to see what all the noise was about and were met by the sight of Kirsten perched on Julia's back.

"Julia here picked a fight she couldn't win," Kirsten announced proudly. "And now she's getting a lesson."

Reaching back, she tugged on Julia's panties until she had them down almost to her knees, then began to administer a tough spanking on the humiliated actresses bare bottom.

"She was jealous of my tits," Kirsten continued, arching her back and thrusting her proud bosom out to show everyone the cause for Julia's jealousy. "Anybody wanna see HER tits? You'll have to look close or you'll miss 'em," she giggled.

Getting off of Julia, Kirsten dragged the weakly protesting girl to her feet by her hair, then continued pulling her hair until Julia's body was arched over backward with her hard nipples jutting stiffly upward toward the ceiling. Kirsten smiled as she glared down into Julia's wide eyes.

"Now you see what happens when you make a nice girl mad," she whispered. "But you know, I've always preferred honey to vinegar," she added, "so here's something to remember me by."

Leaning down, Kirsten planted a firm kiss on Julia's lips. To both of their surprise, Julia reached her arms up around Kirsten's back and kissed her back.

"You liked that, huh?" Kirsten said. "Well, I guess you'll like this too then."

Reaching down with her free hand, she ran her fingernails slowly down Julia's naked torso body until it reached the neat trimmed wedge of pelt between her spread legs. Finding Julia unexpectedly moist - Kirsten slowly began to stroke. As she increased the speed and intensity of her fingering, Julia began to pant heavily and then moaned, moving her hips slightly in rhythm with Kirsten's fingers.

Then, suddenly, Kirsten pulled her fingers out and raked her hand back up over her belly, leaving a trail of welts on Julia's soft flesh with her nails. She released Julia's hair and let her body drop to the floor with a loud THUD!

"Sorry, babe, but you're not my type," Kirsten said as Julia slowly rose to her hands and knees, her tiny tits dangling beneath her. "But.....maybe if you weren't such a bitch..."

Kirsten kicked Julia back down onto her stomach and retreated back into her new hotel room, slamming the door behind her.

"Look on the bright side," she called out from inside. "At least now you're in the spotlight."