Kirsten Dunst vs. Gabrielle Union (Bring It On!) by Jackflash 26-Aug-2000

[This is done with fictional characters played by real people. In this instance, based on the movie "Bring It On". But events in this story diverge greatly from the film itself. Torrance is portrayed by Kirsten Dunst, and Isis is played by Gabrielle Union.]

The Cheerleading Competitions promised...or provide more than a few fireworks. Last year, the Rancho Carne Toros won the event. This year, new team captain Torrance Shipman was determined to repeat. However, she soon discovered a startling secret.

It turns out that the electrifying routine which the Toros had performed to claim their victory had actually been stolen from another cheerleading squad. The Compton Clovers were highly regarded for their original choreography, but the ghetto high school had been unable to raise the money to send their squad to last year's competition. That suited the Toros just fine, as they had videotaped the Clovers in performance and had copied their moves.

Torrance was shocked, and at first she was determined to develop an entirely new and original routine for her squad. However, there was simply no time to create and learn one before the competition, and the blonde eventually bowed to peer pressure to simply modify the stolen routine a bit and use it again. After all, Rancho Carne High, located in a wealthy San Diego suburb, had its honor to defend, and it would have been a major embarrassment to the school if the cheerleaders failed to at least be in the running for this year's championship. Torrance, above all loyal to her school, consented to keeping the stolen routine.

The hitch in the plan was that the Clovers had been able to scrape up the money this year to also compete, and they intended to use their own modified version of their routine. That would prove awkward, and possibly prompt someone into looking into the matter, and thus uncovering the fact that the Toros had unethically stolen the moves.

Isis, the captain of the Clovers, was fully aware that the Toros had robbed them of their routine, and she wasn't happy about it. She was determined to have her squad perform first, thus establishing the routine as their own. Torrance was just as determined to land the early performance slot for her own team.

Squads are scheduled in the order in which the captains register them. If either girl simply gets into the registration line first, her team will get the earlier slot. Only captains may register their team.

Arriving at the school where the competition is being held, Torrance and her squad quickly head towards the registration area. Suddenly, Isis and her Clovers enter the hallway. The two teams both freeze in their tracks and stare each other down. For several long moments, it appears that both sides are about to launch themselves at one another in a brawl.

Isis breaks the silence. "Listen, a riot in the hallway will only get both of our teams kicked out of here. This is between you and me."

Torrance doesn't hesitate. "Let's do it!"

Both squads stalk down the labyrinth of hallways until they find the small gymnasium reserved for the wrestling team, with mats covering the floor. Their teams take their places along opposite walls, ready to cheer their captains on.

As the two girls walk towards the middle of the mat, Isis sweeps her foot out, tripping the blonde. Torrance lands flat on her face. Her anger was nearly matched by her humiliation...she had foolishly believed there would be some element of good sportswomanship in this fight. But it was clear now that Isis was going to do whatever she had to do to win.

Before the blonde could recover, Isis drove a powerful kick into her side. Torrance let out a yelp and rolled over, clutching her aching ribs. The brunette is on her in an instance, sitting atop her chest and straddling her. She then begins firing punches into the blondes face.

But Torrance is far from helpless. Demonstrating her remarkable agility and dexterity, she brings her legs up, snaring Isis around the head, and yanking her off. A quick shift of position allows Torrance to trap Isis in a head scissors. The brunette claws at the muscular calves encircling her neck, but she cannot pry them apart. For the first time in this fight, a sly smile crosses the blonde's lips.

But the blonde knows she cannot hope to keep her rival trapped for long. Thus, it is Torrance herself who breaks the hold, and then quickly scrambles to attack Isis. However, Isis responds with equal speed and fury.

The two then begin rolling across the mat, their legs entwined, their hands pulling at hair. Peach and bronze skin glisten with perspiration, and the room echoes with the grunts and groans of combat mixed with the cheers of encouragement from the spectators.

When this struggle finally ceases, it finds Isis firmly atop Torrance. Both girls are exhausted, but neither is willing to concede.

The brunette knows that she has to put her rival away quickly, but her own strength is fading fast. Her solution proves not only effective, but also administers a dose of humiliation as payback for having stolen their moves.

Still sitting on the blonde's chest, Isis turns her whole body until she is facing her opponent's legs. Then, the brunette moves her body backwards, until her butt is hovering over the blonde's face. A look of sheer panic strikes Torrance...and then her face is hidden from view beneath her tormentor.

Torrance's muffled cries and gasps for breath are punctuated with moans as Isis uses her hands to squeeze and punch the blonde's breasts. Torrance's body squirms in desperation, but she lacks the strength to throw her rival off of her. After several minutes, the blonde ceases to move at all.

Satisfied that the battle is over, Isis stands up. She then pulls the team blouse off of her defeated rival as a trophy of war, and the proud beauty leads her squad out of the gym and down to the registration area.

The Toros don't even bother to register, and they leave without performing. The official reason was that Torrance Shipman was struck down by a case of food poisoning. Back at Rancho Carne High, Torrance remains on the squad, but she is replaced as captain.

The Compton Clovers went on to win the competition.