Erica Durance vs. Natalie Portman by The Walkin’ Dude

It was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the night was clear and cold in the ancient town of Arkham Massachusetts. And while the wind was howling and the snow was pouring down (a veritable Nor’easter it was) the mood inside The Yellow Sign Tavern was one of exhilarated revelry. The patrons of the tavern were often a rambunctious lot, but tonight they were even rowdier than normal, thanks to the impending four day weekend and the copious amounts of alcohol they’d consumed. But perhaps the biggest reason contributing to the celebratory atmosphere was the return of Women’s Wrestling. It had been a while since the ladies had been in Arkham and it was likely to be the last show of the year so tonight’s card had been jammed to the rafters with marquee matches. At this point in the evening the card had been running for a solid two and a half hours and the crowd was near redlining.

Knowing that it was time for the main event, the Announcer stepped into the ring and spoke into the microphone, “Ladies and gentleman, it’s time for tonight’s Main Event! Normally, I’d announce the competitors myself, but we have a special guest in attendance tonight and I’d like him to do the honors.” Pointing to a spot in the front row the Announcer said, “I give you the owner of the Yellow Sign Tavern and the promoter of this league, Mr. Richard Fannin!”

The light hit Fannin and the shy promoter rolled his eyes and stood up, acknowledging the cheers of the audience. Hopping over the barricade he climbed the steps into the ring and took possession of the mike, then clearing his throat, he said, “Hey everybody. I hope you’re enjoying the last show of the year. Now I normally don’t do this, so I’ll do my best not to mess it up. Our main event tonight pits a seasoned ring goddess against an amazing new talent. And I know for a fact that these two ladies don’t get along because they almost came to blows in my office a few weeks ago, so lets hope they try to tear each other apart! So without further ado, let me introduce the first participant…at 5’ 4”…Natalie Portman!”

‘Duel of the Fates’ hit the speakers and Natalie strode through the curtain. The lithe brunette was clad in a gleaming blue- gray two piece bikini and simple black knee and elbow pads. Astute fans noticed that she was wrestling tonight’s match barefoot, a slight deviation from her typical strategy. Nearing the ring, Natalie slowly strode up the steps and ducked between the middle ropes. Standing in the center of the ring, she didn’t bother to taunt, flaunt or pose, instead letting her reputation do the talking. Natalie was one of the best technical wrestlers in the league and she knew it. When her music died down, she stole a quick look at Fannin and then toward the entryway to observe the coming of her rival.

Fannin continued, “And her opponent, making her debut tonight, she stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall, let me introduce…. Erica Durance!”

‘Let Me Out’ by The Future Leaders of the World roars to life as Erica presents herself to the locals. Sweeping through the curtain, the brunette is a stunning site. For her debut, Erica is wearing a two piece, cream colored bikini that looks to be made from latex or some other molded rubber. Regardless of material, it’s a wonderful fit. Her outfit is completed by pads of the same cream color. It’s worth noting that like her opponent, she has chosen to wrestle this match sans footwear. Her long brown hair hangs loose and she offers the audience a confidant smile and wave as she bounds to the ring. Gliding easily under the bottom rope she gets to her feet and poses one more time before going to the corner to await the opening bell. Amidst the thundering roar of the crowd the two brunettes strode toward each other. Meeting in the center of the center of the ring, they stood nose to nose, barely an inch between them.

Breaking the silence Natalie chided, “Welcome to the big time rookie. I’m going to enjoy making you squirm. You’re not going to last long enough to make any impression in this league.”

Choking back her anger at being treated like a third rate jobber, Erica whispered back, “You don’t scare me one bit Natalie. I do have to thank Fannin for providing me with a welcome mat though. I’ll make sure to wipe me feet on you after I’ve pinned your ass one, two, three.”

Unable to believe the newcomers gall, Natalie hissed, “You arrogant little bitch!”

Then she lunged forward and shoved Erica as hard as she could. Erica stumbled back a few steps but did not go down. Regaining her balance, she waited for just a second before flooring Natalie with a shove of her own. The smaller brunette landed flat on her ass, but popped up almost instantly, fire burning in her brown eyes. Approaching her foe, Natalie’s hand arced out, cracking Erica smartly across the mouth. The rookie’s head snapped back and she uttered a little cry as Natalie advanced on her. Realizing her foe was stunned from the slap, Natalie sprang into action. In the span of time it takes most people to blink, Natalie had ducked behind Erica and wrapped her up in a tight Waist Lock.

Before Erica could react, Natalie lifted her up and dumped her to the canvas with a classic amateur takedown. Erica landed hard on her chest and stomach, still held tightly in Natalie’s grip. She was gasping painfully when Natalie released the Waist Lock and straddled her, sitting comfortably on Erica’s back. Relishing the chance to embarrass the rookie early, Natalie slapped the back of Erica’s head several times, eliciting angry cries from her foe.

“You think I’m just gonna lay down for you bitch? If you wanna beat me, you’re gonna have to earn it! And judging by your performance so far, I don’t think you’ve got what it takes!” she added another hard slap to the back of Erica’s head.

Regaining her senses, Erica planted her palms on the canvas and pushed up hard. Unprepared for her rival’s strength, Natalie was bucked off her foe and sent sprawling before quickly getting to her feet. Erica was also quick to rise, assuming a low crouch as the smaller brunette rushed her. When Natalie was within arms length, Erica pistoned a knee up, catching her foe squarely in the gut. Natalie gasped as the air left her lungs, doubling over in front of the rookie. Without a word, Erica scooped her foe up and held her for a moment before slamming her to the canvas with a hard Body Slam. Natalie’s back arched with the impact and her hands rubbed the injured area while Erica planned her next move.

Staring down at her disoriented opponent, Erica ran the ropes and leapt high, bringing one well toned thigh down directly across Natalie’s throat. The Leg Drop made Natalie gag and she clutched at her throat as Erica knelt beside her. Grabbing a handful of dark hair, Erica taunted “I’ve got more than enough to finish you off Natalie. And if that wasn’t enough to prove it to you, then perhaps a repeat performance is necessary. Hauling Natalie up, Erica hoisted her for another Body Slam, but before she could drive Natalie down Natalie floated free from the slam and landed behind her. Before Erica could muster a counter, Natalie tied her up and snapped back, driving the newcomer to the canvas with a Russian Leg Sweep. The back of Erica’s head hit the canvas with a painful thud and she could only groan as Natalie pulled her to a sitting position, slipped one arm around Erica’s throat and positioned her other arm palm down on her foe’s head.

Squeezing the Sleeper tight, Natalie whispered in Erica’s ear, “Typical mistake rookie. You never tell your opponent what you’re going to do, you just do it. Let me demonstrate!”

With that she bore down hard on the Sleeper, trying to cut off the oxygen to Erica’s brain. The bigger brunette struggled wildly against the arm encircling her throat, but Natalie had the hold locked in perfectly and Erica’s struggles only ensued that she would go to sleep faster. Fighting the panic that was trying to take over, Erica put all her concentration into getting off the canvas. Groaning with the effort, she slowly pushed her way off the mat, all the while with Natalie wrenching the Sleeper. Now in a slightly better position, Erica twisted around until she was able to secure a grip around Natalie’s waist. Pulling up hard, she lifted Natalie off her feet, intent on dumping the other brunette with a Belly to Back Suplex. Against most opponent’s this tactic would have been a glorious success, but as Natalie had pointed out, this was the big time and the competitors here had seen just about everything.

Natalie had anticipated Erica’s attack and as she was hauled off her feet, she pushed off as well, adding more momentum to her jump. Releasing her grip on Erica’s throat, Natalie floated free of the Suplex attempt and landed nimbly on her feet. With Erica still disoriented from the effects of the Sleeper, Natalie wasted no time in cinching in another tight Waist lock. In the same breath, she bridged up and back, smashing the back of her foe’s head and shoulders into the canvas with a German Suplex. Believing she could put the rookie away right here, Natalie maintained the bridge, holding Erica’s shoulders to the mat. The referee had just reached two when Erica was able to force a shoulder up, breaking the bridge. Angry at Erica’s resilience, Natalie pulled the dazed brunette up by her hair and cinched in yet another Waist Lock.

Leaning close, Natalie hissed, “You should’ve stayed down newbie! Now I’m gonna have to hurt you.”

Returning her focus to the task at hand, Natalie pulled up and back, going for a second German Suplex. But Erica surprised her, planting her feet and gripping Natalie’s clasped hands tightly, effectively blocking the move. Demonstrating remarkable strength, Erica pried Natalie’s hands apart and pulled the smaller girl around to face her. Knowing Natalie was momentarily off balance, Erica voiced an angry snarl and shot forward, intent on decapitating her foe with a Clothesline. But again, Natalie’s ring time gave her an advantage and she easily ducked under Erica’s extended arm. Grabbing her rival’s extended wrist, Natalie pulled her back and whipped her towards the ropes with everything she had. Much to her chagrin, this time it was Erica who reversed, digging in her feet and pulling Natalie toward her. As her stumbling prey drew nearer, Erica tensed and sprang her trap. Lunging forward, she threaded one arm between Natalie’s legs and another over her shoulder. With one violent twist of the hips, Erica jerked Natalie off the mat spinning her in a tight half circle before driving her into the canvas with ring shaking force. The surprise Power Slam took a lot out of Natalie and she was helpless as Erica covered her and hooked a leg.

Unable to resist the opportunity to return earlier taunting Erica hissed, “Better stay down Nat, otherwise I’ll have to HURT you!”

She bore down on the pin, but the ref had only reached 2 when Natalie was able to kick out. Angry, but not disappointed, Erica rolled Natalie onto her stomach before standing dominantly over her, one bare foot placed nonchalantly on the small of Natalie’s sweating back. Catching her breath, Erica bent and grabbed Natalie’s wrists, one in each hand. Then, with her foot still planted in Natalie’s back, she pulled up hard, torturing the downed brunette with a Surfboard variant. Erica enjoyed listening to Natalie’s pained wails as the Surfboard went about bending her back and dislocating her shoulders. After an especially sharp tug, she ground her heel down and addressed her captive.

“What’s the matter Natalie dear? Can’t believe a little ol’ rookie is currently stretching your pathetic ass out in the middle of the ring? Why don’t you just give up?” She supported the validity of her argument by pulling even harder on Natalie’s captive wrists.

Angry, hurt and embarrassed (but nowhere near close to giving up) Natalie cursed, “Fuck you bitch. I’ll never submit to you!”

Energized by Natalie’s defiance, Erica gave the hold a final tug before removing her foot from Nat’s back and yanking her to a standing position. With Natalie still winded and unable to retaliate, Erica drove another knee into her belly, doubling her over.

Wrapping her arms tight around Natalie’s waist, Erica taunted, “Well if you won’t submit, maybe I’ll just toss you around till ya feel like giving up!”

She hoisted Natalie up and over, throwing her halfway across the ring with a brutal Gut Wrench Suplex. Natalie hit the canvas with an undignified splat and lay there moaning as Erica stalked her, much to the delight of the crowd. Watching Natalie struggle to her feet, Erica allowed herself a small smile before gripping her opponent’s arm and whipping her toward the ropes. Unfortunately, the earlier successes made Erica the tiniest bit overconfident and Natalie reversed the whip, pulling Erica awkwardly toward her. Dropping low, Natalie scissored her legs out and tripped Erica up with a Drop Toe Hold.

Caught by surprise, Erica fell hard to the canvas, smashing her nose and cheek painfully. Fireworks went off behind the newcomers eyes as she struggled to her hands and feet. She had just regained a sense of equilibrium when her world exploded in fresh pain. While she was recovering, however, Natalie had taken careful aim and launched a vicious heel stomp directly into Erica’s temple. Erica shrieked an agonized groan as she was sent rolling across the mat. She finally came to a stop and gingerly rubbed her assaulted head, hoping for a second to fight through the pain. This hope was in vain however as Natalie wasn’t about to give her former tormentor a break!

Approaching quickly, Natalie pulled a foot back and stomped down on Erica’s back several times, enjoying the visceral thrill of stomping the fight out of her foe. After several stomps, she worked out the worst of her rage and after taking a moment to smooth her hair back, she knelt beside her crippled adversary. Sitting behind Erica, Natalie pulled her to a sitting position and snaked her arms up and under Erica’s locking them behind her captive’s neck in a Full Nelson. Pushing down hard, Natalie leans in to address her foe.

“Here’s where it ends for you Erica.” Not waiting for a reply, she turns the other brunette over onto her stomach before sitting on Erica‘s back, turning the simple hold into a combination Full Nelson and Camel Clutch. Leaning back and pushing down simultaneously, Natalie puts everything into making Erica tap out. Grunting with the exertion Natalie gasps, “If you give up right now, I promise to at least THINK about not sitting on your face. Hold out and I’ll break your neck. And that’ll just be the beginning.”

Sweat pouring down her face, eyes half closed from the pain of Natalie’s insidious hold, Erica, spat, “Fuck you!” before resuming her escape attempts.

Blocking out the pain as much as possible, she managed to get one knee under her and then another. With another tremendous push, she was able to unseat Natalie, reverting the hold to a simple Full Nelson. But that hold was nothing to sneeze at and she needed to get Natalie off of her. Calling upon her reserves, Erica stood to her full height, even with Natalie pouring on the pressure. Before Natalie could do anything to bring her down, Erica brought her foot up and then smashing down, grinding Natalie’s toes under her heel. Natalie shrieked and released the hold, pushing Erica away. Glad to be free of the hold, Erica fell to her knees and tried to breathe, while Natalie tried to work some feeling back into her mangled foot.

Walking off the pain in her foot, Natalie stalked toward Erica, grabbing the brunette by the shoulder and spinning her around. When she saw the whites of her opponent’s eyes, Natalie fired a blistering slap that cracked hard across Erica’s cheek. Erica’s blue eyes filled with tears as her head was snapped violently back. Continuing her assault, Natalie crouched for a mere second before springing up in a beautiful vertical leap and pistoning her legs out, smashing both bare heels into Erica’s jaw. The bigger brunette went down in a heap, clutching her face while Natalie recovered with a practiced grace, standing right over Erica with her hands on her hips. A cruel smile on her face, Natalie placed one foot on Erica’s sweating cheek and awaited for the ref to count. He had only reached one when Erica angrily pushed Natalie’s foot away.

Smirking, Natalie taunted, “Not done yet huh? Good. I’ve got some moves I’ve been looking to field test. Tell me what you think of this one.” Pulling Erica up by the hair, Natalie hooked her for what looked to be a traditional Swinging Neckbreaker, but as she initiated the swing, she sat out hard, smashing the back of Erica’s head and shoulders into the canvas with even more force. The Swinging Neckbomb got an appreciative roar from the audience and a pained groan from the bigger brunette. Pulling Erica to a sitting position, Natalie sat behind and locked her legs around Erica’s waist, a classic Body Scissors. Still not through taunting, Natalie brushed the hair from Erica’s face and said mockingly, “Didn’t enjoy that one dear? Well see if this is more to your liking.”

Planting her hands on the mat, Natalie suddenly twisted her whole body sideways, rolling onto her stomach and taking Erica along for the ride. But Natalie didn’t stop there, she continued to twist, rolling around in a circle on the mat with Erica trapped between her legs. The helpless brunette was inverted again and again powerless to escape the not exactly painful, but extremely humiliating, Rolling Body Scissors. Natalie finally came to a stop resting on her stomach while Erica was inverted, her shoulders pinned to the canvas.

Realizing that Natalie was using the Scissors as an unorthodox pinning combination, the ref went to count Erica down, but the rookie managed to break free just past the two count. Furious at the newcomer’s resilience, Natalie pulled her up by the hair and whipped her hard to the corner. Smiling at the meaty THUNK Erica made when she hit the corner, Natalie took off at a dead run toward the corner before leaping into the air, meaning to crush her incapacitated foe with a Body Splash. In this endeavor she failed miserable because at the last possible second Erica rolled free and Natalie was left with nothing but thinly padded steel to welcome her. The impact was brutal and Natalie absorbed every bit of it, being launched back into the center of the ring before landing awkwardly on her side and curling into the fetal position. For long moments she could do nothing but moan and clutch her injured ribs. Erica on the other hand was able to do much more and she intended to take every advantage. Getting to her feet, she walked over to where Natalie lay and pulled her rival up with a handful of dark locks.

Sneering into Natalie’s dazed face, Erica said sweetly, “Looks like you just made a rookie mistake Nat. Let me show you how to properly capitalize on such an error.”

Taking a deep breath, she returned a favor from moments before, whipping Natalie hard toward the corner. Seconds after Natalie left her hands Erica gave chase, sprinting across the ring at her disoriented foe’s heels. Natalie was smashed chest first into the unforgiving steel and her condition was made much worse moments later when Erica plowed into her, sandwiching her between the corner and her nemesis. Enjoying the quiet retching sounds escaping Natalie’s lips, Erica let her stagger out of the corner before bending her painfully backwards, forcing Natalie’s head into the crook of her armpit, the perfect position for a Dragon Sleeper. But instead of that hold, Erica instead used her free hand to grab Natalie’s tights, before pulling the brunette up and off her feet, holding Natalie extended over her head. Then letting gravity do its thing, Erica simply fell back, completing the Inverted Vertical Suplex!

Natalie was driven into the mat, her already injured chest and ribs taking the force of the blow. Gagging and close to nausea, the smaller brunette was completely at her opponent’s mercy as Erica slowly rose to her knees. Remembering Natalie’s demeaning treatment from a bit earlier, Erica pulled Natalie to a sitting position, planted a knee in her back and grabbed hold of both wrists. Smiling sadistically, Erica pulled back as hard as she could, trying her best to rip Natalie’s shoulders from their sockets. Natalie threw her head back and shrieked, shaking her head furiously no when the ref asked her if she wanted to give it up.

Giving the hold another colossal wrench, Erica said acidly, “Give it up you pathetic bitch, otherwise I’ll tear your fucking arms off!”

Gritting her teeth, and fighting the pain, Natalie hissed, “Never you miserable cunt!”

Putting aside all other thought, Natalie willed herself to stand, putting all her strength into regaining a vertical base. Slowly but surely, she was able to impose her physical will on the larger Erica, getting to her feet, although her arms were still being twisted behind her. Surprised that Natalie had been able to get to her feet, Erica looked to derail any momentum her rival could obtain. Thinking quickly, Erica crisscrossed Natalie’s arms in front of her throat before pulling back and sitting down violently. This time it was the full length of Natalie’s back to absorb the brunt of the blow. Enjoying the chance to inflict new pain on her more experienced rival, Erica pulled Natalie to a sitting position again before locking in the Dragon Sleeper for real this time, bending Natalie’s neck to the breaking point this time. Erica’s face was nothing but one sick grin as she listened to Natalie scream.

Flipping the hair from her face, Erica taunted, “Feeling your neck begin to snap bitch? How does that feel?”

In too much pain to form a cogent response, Natalie screamed in rage and planted her feet on the mat. Biting back the agony, Natalie pushed up again, slowly bringing Erica and herself up off the mat. Amazed that Natalie was still fighting back, Erica tried pushing Natalie back down but Natalie was not to be denied. Relying solely on instinct, she managed to twist herself around so that the Dragon Sleeper was turned into a simple Front Face Lock. With the majority of the pain taken off her neck, Natalie’s head filled with a virulent rage. Wrapping her arms around Erica’s slick waist, she lifted up hard, bringing Erica up off the mat. Holding the stunned Erica above her, Natalie fell backwards, dropping Erica hard on the crown of her head. Erica’s head made a thud as it hit the canvas, her hold immediately broken.

Both women lay side-by-side, simply trying to breathe as they fought through their crippling aches and pains. The referee had reached seven on his count when Natalie finally rose on wobbly feet, staring down at her rival with seething hatred. Reaching down to grab a handful of hair, she yanked Erica up and stepped behind her.

Wrapping her arms around Erica’s throat, Natalie squeezed the Sleeper tight and hissed in Erica’s ear, “I’ll give you one thing Erica, you really hurt my neck. But I’m still standing and that was a big mistake.”

Bending her head down a bit, Natalie bit down hard on Erica’s ear and wrenched the hold tighter, yanking Erica from side to side. Erica shrieked and tried to fight free, but Natalie had the hold locked in perfectly. Twisting Erica’s neck at a hideous angle, Natalie took a sick joy in sinking her teeth in Erica’s ear, simply to listen to her rival scream. And though the hold was agonizing, Erica wasn’t one to give up a fight that easily. When Natalie removed her teeth from her ear, Erica planted a hand on the small of Natalie’s back and shoved as hard as she could. The push caught Natalie off guard and she released her hold stumbling toward the ropes. Bouncing back toward Erica, Natalie ducked low to avoid having her head taken off by a Clothesline attempt from Erica whose miss sent her stumbling forward a step.

Erica was completely oblivious as Natalie swept in behind her and locked in the Sleeper yet again but instead of simply cinching in the submission again, this time Natalie jumped and extended her legs behind her, falling to the mat on her stomach and taking Erica along for the ride! The effect of this unique ‘Sleeping Neckbreaker’ was to once again drive the back of Erica’s injured head into the canvas.

Taking a deep breath, Natalie got up and stood at Erica’s feet. Bending down, she grabbed a hold of Erica’s ankles and held them tightly under her armpits. Looking down at Erica’s pain wracked face, Natalie spat “Now you’re going to learn what real pain is like. You’re gonna feel things you never experienced in the bush league bingo halls you came from.” Not letting Erica reply, Natalie flipped her over and sat down on the small of her back, locking in the Boston Crab beautifully. Erica screamed in agony as Natalie bent her to her limits, but she refused to give up when the referee asked for her submission.

Trying to fight the pain, she clawed at the mat and began to slowly pull herself toward the ropes. She began to make her way there, inch by agonizing inch, but right as her fingers brushed the bottom rope, Natalie relieved the pressure on the hold and pulled her back into the center of the ring. When there was no way for Erica to reach the ropes, Natalie sat back down and leaned back even further, twisting her opponent’s body into an agonized ‘C’ shape.

Hearing Erica scream, Natalie laughed, “What’s wrong bitch? Can’t take the pain? Just tap the mat three times and it’ll allllllll be over!”

Hearing Natalie’s taunt through the burning haze if her pain, Erica voiced a guttural cry of rage and pulled her kegs down with everything she had left. The sudden jerk caught Natalie off guard and she was flung forward, landing in an unenviable position, her head right between Erica’s thighs. Not even truly aware of what she had done, Erica hooked her foes legs and leaned forward, trying to pin Natalie with a desperation Facesit and Matchbook Pin. Though surprised, Natalie still had enough gas left in her tank to push Erica off of her. Moments later, both ladies pushed their way up, each clutching gingerly at their sore ribs. Too angry to taunt her foe, Natalie settled for a primal scream, charging at her nemesis with claws extended but Erica wasn’t about to sit idly by and be bowled over by Natalie and when she got in range, Erica dropped low and lunged forward, wrapping her arms around Natalie’s waist. In the same movement, she lifted Natalie off the mat before slamming herself forward and down, driving her full force into the canvas with a thunderous Spinebuster.

Natalie hit with the sound of a cannon shot and she lay bonelessly on the mat, spread-eagled and looking at the lights. Getting to her feet, Erica’s thoughts and emotions were dominated by one feeling: Rage. Surveying the helpless Natalie, Erica pulled her to her knees and forced her into a standing Head Scissors. Wrapping her arms around Natalie’s waist, Erica blocked the pain in her ribs and pulled Natalie up into a Powerbomb. Holding Natalie aloft for just a moment, Erica simply dropped the brunette, letting her own momentum almost drive her through the mat. Staring at her handiwork, Erica looked out at the audience and raised both arms, a silent show of her dominance to the ravenous, bloodthirsty crowd. The multitude let her know that they were firmly behind her. Pulling Natalie up again, Erica gripped her throat with one hand. Her grip the only thing keeping Natalie from falling down, Erica held her tightly and pulled her close.

Staring into her foe’s glazed eyes, Erica whispered, “Why don’t you just stay down Natalie? If you just stay down for three seconds, this can alllll be over.”

Using her free hand, Erica planted it in Natalie’s crotch before lifting her high overhead, holding the smaller woman prone in a textbook Military Press Slam. Keeping Natalie up, Erica began to walk around the ring, holding Natalie high, all the while letting the audience drink in the other woman’s helplessness. With Natalie’s weight finally beginning to wear on her, Erica pushed Natalie up one final time and stepped forward, leaving Natalie to fall almost 8 feet straight down, landing stomach and chest first on the mat. Seeing Natalie flop over onto her back, Erica repaid an indignity from earlier on. Rather nonchalantly she placed one foot on Natalie’s sweaty face and waited for the referee to make his three count. The zebra’s hand was coming down for the final time when Natalie managed to roll a shoulder up.

“You stupid twat.” Erica whispered, reaching down to haul Natalie to her feet and set her up for a second Powerbomb.

She was just about to lift Natalie for the coup de grace when the other brunette sprang to life. Gripping Erica behind the knees, Natalie swept her opponent’s legs out from under her before rolling forward, folding her in half with a simple Jackknife pin. The surprise counter caught Erica so off guard that she almost allowed herself to be pinned but luckily she regained her senses at the last second and managed to buck Natalie off her.

Shaking her head to clear her senses, Erica stood right as Natalie was regaining her feet. Making the same mistake Natalie did earlier, Erica charged blindly at her rival. And much like she herself had countered the attack, Natalie had a plan waiting. As Erica closed in, Natalie caught her around the legs and pulled her straight up. At the height of her lift, Natalie dropped Erica back down, smashing her crotch with an Inverted Atomic Drop. Screeching in pain at the agony in her groin, Erica was easy pickings for Natalie. Stepping forward, Natalie snaked one arm over Erica’s shoulder and her other arm under the opposite shoulder, clasping her hands tightly in the middle of her victims back.

Holding Erica up, Natalie screamed, “JUST STAY DOWN YOU MISERABLE BITCH!” before snapping back to the canvas, and bringing Erica with her.

The captive brunette’s face was driven full force into the mat, her nose and cheeks being smashed painfully by Natalie’s Flatliner. Convinced Erica was at last finished, Natalie rolled her over onto her back and made the cover. The referee’s hand was less than an inch away from the three count when Erica lifted one shoulder up. Natalie couldn’t believe it! She’d thrown everything she had at the rookie and still Erica wouldn’t stay down!

Searching her bag of tricks, Natalie looked toward the corner, and suddenly a dark look crept over her face. Smiling, she pulled herself and Erica up, before whipping the other brunette into the corner. Not making the mistake of charging again, Natalie slowly approached the exhausted Erica. Drawing a deep breath to steady her nerves, Natalie lifted Erica up toward the top turnbuckle, sitting her roughly up top. Hooking her foe, Natalie climbed to the top buckle and set Erica up in a basic Vertical Suplex. Grinning inwardly, Natalie pulled up, trying to Superplex Erica off the top rope but when Erica should have sailed over her, she remained stuck on the top buckle!

Frustrated, Natalie pulled again, but this time Erica fired a desperation jab into her ribs. Grunting with pain, Natalie received three more sharp blows to the ribs, the last one finally breaking her grip. Balanced precariously on the top rope, Natalie tried to escape, but Erica would have none of it and she gave Natalie a tremendous shove, sending her sailing backwards through the air and crashing to the mat. Natalie hit with a vicious crash and lay in the center of the ring, doing nothing but breathing. Erica on the other hand was still on the top rope. Seeing the ruins of Natalie spread before her, Erica leapt off the top rope and extended a leg, meaning to drop a Guillotine Leg Drop across Natalie’s throat. And while this was a good plan, it was one that Natalie wasn’t willing to be a part of, and moments before Erica could take her head off, she rolled free, leaving Erica to land on nothing but empty canvas.

The THUD was resounding and Erica screamed aloud when she hit, hands flying to her debilitated tailbone. She was in agony and there was nothing she could do, except hope Natalie was also debilitated enough to not do anything. This was not to be however, as Natalie pushed herself to her feet and limped toward the destroyed Erica. Breathing in great tearing gasps, Natalie, grabbed a double handful of Erica’s sweaty hair and pulled her into a standing Head Scissors. Collecting herself, Natalie drew one finger over her throat, signaling the end of the match.

“This ends now!” she promised as, reaching down, she hooked both of Erica’s arms up over her bent form, clasping her own hands together above the small of Erica’s back.

With the first half of her finisher locked in, Natalie lifted Erica up, inverting the bigger brunette with her arms still tied behind her back. Holding her up for a second, Natalie fell to her knees, spiking Erica’s head into the mat with the sadistic Double Under-hook Pile Driver she called “The Star Destroyer.” Feeling rather than seeing her finisher connect, Natalie rolled Erica onto her back and awaited the three count. Faintly she heard the one, followed by the two, but oddly enough she didn’t hear the three. Opening her eyes, she was shocked to see Erica with her right shoulder inches off the canvas. The crowd roared its approval at Erica’s tenacity but Natalie just snapped. No one had survived her finisher before and now this bitch had kicked out of it in her first match?

“no….No…NOOOO!” Natalie’s voice rose from a whisper to a hysterical shriek as she pulled Erica into position for a second Star Destroyer.

She’d just hooked her foes arms when Erica broke free and surged upward, tossing Natalie up and over with a makeshift Back Drop. Natalie hit the canvas with a wet splat, but she rose to her hands and knees fairly quickly, a demented fire burning in her eyes. Those fires were abruptly dimmed as Erica’s bare heel smashed against her jaw, setting off an explosion of light behind her eyes. Erica’s desperation kick had nearly decapitated Natalie and the smaller brunette collapsed in an obliterated heap on the mat.

Realizing that if she couldn’t put Natalie away now, she never would, Erica went to work. Grabbing Natalie by the hair, she pulled the barely resisting brunette toward the center of the ring. Once there, she pulled her to her knees and into the standing Headscissors Position. Wrapping her arms around Natalie’s sweat soaked waist, Erica lifted her up high, until the small of Natalie’s back came to rest on the point of Erica’s shoulder. With her hands clasped firmly just below Natalie’s breasts, Erica put the last nail in the coffin. Ever so slowly she began to spin in a circle, picking up speed until her rotations were of a dizzying speed. Just when it seemed she could keep up this pace no longer, she did two things simultaneously. She flipped Natalie forward and off her shoulder while still gripping her around the chest and she also sat out, landing hard on her butt. The effect of this devastating move was to drive the full length of Natalie’s face, chest, stomach and legs into the mat with sickening impact. The audience was stunned at this bizarre new move, one they would soon come to know as Erica’s finisher “The Durance Driver.”

For right now though the crowd was content to chant “HOLY SHIT!” over and over again as Erica pushed Natalie’s unresisting bulk onto her back.

Knowing full well that Natalie was beaten, Erica couldn’t forget Natalie’s threat to embarrass her in the ring. Looking at the unconscious Natalie, Erica straddled her rivals waist, pinning her wrists over her head.

Leaning down into Nat’s face, Erica said gently, “I think this is a pretty good first impression don’t you Natalie? It’s good all right, but I want to make a GREAT first impression.”

With that, she hooked her calves around Natalie’s and spread her victims legs wide, pinning her down with a perfect Double Leg Grapevine. And as a final insult, she pressed the sweating rise of her breasts right into Natalie’s sleeping face, slowly grinding them back and forth as the referee made his academic count. Three seconds later, and Erica had won her debut match!

Holding the grapevine a few seconds longer, Erica finally released the hold and stood up. After several deep breaths, she faced the audience, soaking in their applause and cheers. If this reaction was any indication, she would have a very profitable run in this promotion Hearing Fannin announce her the winner, Erica looked over at the promoter and shot him a thankful grin, realizing that he’d taken a big risk putting an untested wrestler into a main event slot. Catching his eye, she mouthed “Thanks again.” Fannin nodded and seemed to be on the verge of a reply when his eyes widened and he pointed over her shoulder. Erica had just begun her turn when a foot smashed up between her thighs. Crying silently, she sank to her knees and then to the canvas, only to find herself staring into the face of an exhausted, but probably properly pissed Portman.

Yanking the blindsided brunette to her feet, Natalie stared into her face, hissing, “You think you won bitch? Well let me tell you something hon. None of these losers remember who won the match, they only remember who walked away. And that’s not going to be YOU!” With her last word, Natalie fired another knee directly into Erica’s defenseless groin. The THUD was dull but loud and to Erica it felt like the end of the world. Her normally strong legs turned to water and she collapsed on her side, shuddering at Natalie’s feet. Standing over her whimpering nemesis, Natalie hooked her thumbs under the corners of her bikini bottoms, pulling them up a little higher, then fixing the deflated Erica with a cold smile she growled, “Time for your first lesson in humility!”

Kneeling so that her crotch was hovering less than an inch from Erica’s face, Natalie allowed herself one more hike of her bikini before settling down, her damp groin pressing firmly against Erica’s resisting mouth and nose. Hands on her thighs, she began a steady rocking motion, grinding in slow tight circles, making sure to keep Erica’s features sealed against her womanhood.

Looking into Erica’s furious - but slowly dimming eyes - Natalie ground down even harder and sneered nastily, “What’s the matter Erica, never had your face cunt-scrubbed before? Well, if you don’t like THAT, you’ll probably hate THIS!”

Natalie arranged herself for a reverse Facesit, placing the full weight of her ass on Erica’s forehead. Hiking up her bottoms even further, Natalie smiled haughtily as she felt Erica’s struggling nose between her cheeks. Looking for the finishing touches, she leaned forward and hooked Erica’s top. In one smooth motion she yanked the garment free and held it aloft, waving it like a trophy.

When Erica felt the cool air of the club hit her suddenly bare chest, a bolt of rage surged through her. Getting her hands up, she pushed against Natalie’s butt as hard as she could. The desperation tactic worked well, as Natalie was caught unawares and sent sprawling. Erica rose to her knees, getting ready to tangle with her foe, who had already recovered and was charging once more. Deciding it was best to fight fire with fire, Erica brought a fist up and caught Natalie flush in crotch as she rushed in. Natalie whimpered a little cry and fell to her knees in front of Erica. Looking into her tormentor’s eyes, Erica said nothing, letting the fist she slammed into Natalie’s jaw do her talking for her! With Natalie on her back, Erica decided retribution was necessary. Quickly straddling her foe, Erica positioned herself for a Reverse Facesit of her own.

Holding her ass over Natalie’s face, Erica rubbed her backside slowly before taunting her, “Just because this my first match, doesn’t mean I need lessons Natalie, especially not from you. Let me show you how it’s done!”

Then licking her lips, Erica sat down, her perfect rear end engulfing Natalie’s face! Finding a rhythm she liked, Erica began to grind Natalie’s face into oblivion, one set of perfect cheeks demolishing another. Remembering Natalie’s indiscretion with her top, Erica returned the favor, stripping Natalie of her top and holding it over head. She would have continued to erase Nat’s face, but by then a whole host of zebras had emerged from the back, much to the crowd’s chagrin. As the officials approached, Erica gave Natalie’s weakly struggling face one more derisive grind before standing up, still holding her top.

Smiling, she said, “I’m done with her!” Then seeing her own top lying on the canvas, she stooped to pick it up before putting it back on. She ignored the mostly good-natured and disappointed boos from the audience.

She had just exited the ring and turned to start up the ramp when Natalie shouted, “Hey bitch, get back here with my top!”

Erica turned to see Natalie standing in the ring, covering her chest protectively with one arm, fury and humiliation vying for dominance on her pretty face. Smiling sweetly, Erica held the top up, motioning like she was going to throw it back. Instead she gripped it at both sides, then ripped it in two; letting the tattered top tumble to the floor.

Looking at Natalie’s rage, Erica said, “Let this be a lesson Natalie. Nobody remembers who wins; they only remember who walks away. And in both cases tonight, that’s me. If you forget it, I’ll gladly give you a rematch.”

Then she spun on her heel and headed back up the ramp, leaving Natalie to fume and begin formulating her vengeance against the league’s newest member.